Kevin Kolb finalizing deal with Bills


Kevin Kolb is close to becoming the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

Adam Schefter ‏of ESPN reports that the Bills and Kolb are finalizing a deal tonight that will land Kolb in Buffalo.

PFT reported the Bills’ interest in Kolb on Friday, and getting the deal done would give Buffalo a player who would be considered the favorite to win a training camp competition with the only experienced quarterback currently on the roster, Tarvaris Jackson.

Kolb landing with the Bills also takes him out of play for the other teams who are reported to have interest, including the Jets and the Raiders. Oakland was believed to be considering Kolb in case a deal to acquire Matt Flynn from Seattle (and to get Flynn to take a pay cut) can’t be worked out.

After showing some promise early in his career with the Eagles, Kolb was a major disappointment in Arizona. Bills fans will have to hope his third stop is the charm.

84 responses to “Kevin Kolb finalizing deal with Bills

  1. Sweet. The Bills continue to spin their wheels by rotating quarterback after quarterback that can’t get the job done.

    Guess I finally know what circle the wagons means

  2. KK is better than he had a chance to show out in the desert. That OLine was awful, and the qb coach changed his mechanics. He has a chance to be a solid middle of the road NFL starter. With the right pieces and scheme he could be a winner.

  3. WOW – this is a great signing, now he will have some legitimate targets to throw to, instead of that crap he had at Arizona such as Larry Fitzgerald. Oh wait, I guess he really DOES suck. Another horrible signing here Buffalo. Seriously, another example of this pathetic franchise picking up other teams trash – Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, Kevin Kolb. How about actually drafting and developing a legitimate QB. Nah, I guess that takes too much talent by the GM and scouting staff to find that guy and the coaching staff to develop him.

    Another year down the drain for the Toronto Bills.

  4. No fan of any team would make this movie if the fan was GM. How can there be such organizational stupidity for ~25 years?

  5. Great news for fans of the Pats, Dolphins, and Jets!

    With this move the Bills organization is a perfect example…….Of why you can’t fix stupidity

  6. Um no this doesn’t affect Oakland at all. Palmer is under contract and if Flynn won’t take what the Raiders offer then Palmer is kept or traded and Pryor plays this season (or Smith is drafted ) either way Seattle fans if you think your gonna fleece the Raiders I don’t see it this time.

  7. There’s 2 possible scenarios for this..

    1. He really is terrible and was just a system QB in Philly.
    2. Arizona besides Fitzgerald was so horrendous that nobody could save them.. And he’s actually decent and can win some games in Buffalo.
    Either way I’m pretty sure I’ll see him under center for the Bills at some point this season. Hope he’s good! Hope…
    Go Bills!

  8. Sounds about right. Kolb has just the right amount of proven NFL ineptitude to be considered for the Bills. Maybe they’ll be able to acquire Henne and throw him in the mix too.

  9. Never really liked Kolb, even when he filled in for McFlabb, I think the Eagles won in spite of him (2 games). When the Eagles traded him away, I was glad. And when Arizona gave him such a huge contract, I was amazed. When he played the way he did, I felt vindicated, knowing all along that he really wasn’t that good of a quarterback.
    I never wanted to see him fail, it’s just that I can’t see him getting the job done. Hopefully he proves me wrong this time, but somehow, I doubt it.

  10. Isn’t Kevin Kolb a less accomplished and more injury-prone version of Ryan Fitzpatrick? Perhaps he is cheaper but I question the optimism that he could keep the seat warm and help tutor the incoming draft pick. What could he possibly offer a rookie?
    From all the playoff excitement in Western New York from a year ago, to this?
    Clearly this is the proverbial second step back in a franchise that continues to walk backwards towards mediocrity.

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is such a bad thing? Bills fans act like they had a quarterback before and this is a downgrade. Did you forget the starter for the past 3 years has been Ryan Fitzpatrick (career 28-44-1 as a starter). At least Kolb is 18-14.

    I like that they are going to have a legitimate competition, instead of having a lifetime backup (Fitz) compete against Arena Football level QBs (Thigpen, Brohm, Levi Brown)

  12. I predict Kolb will do a solid job for the Bills, right until he goes down with an injury in game 6 and is out for the season.

  13. Is this the same kind of news as that the Matt Flynn trade to Oakland is imminent?
    It’s funny that some of these guys consider themselves reporters.

  14. You ever notice all the real reporting on this site is by guys not named Florio?

    This is good news for the Seahawks. The price for Flynn just went up.

  15. Like most NFL QBs Kolb needs more than just 2 seconds to look down field for something and make a throw. The Cards didn’t start out 4-0 last year with Skelton at QB, it was Kolb until the OL almost got him killed.

  16. I thought Doug Marrone was going to be smarter than this, at least more intelligent than Galley, but this proves that he’s not !

    Well, good luck Bills with a QB who’ll play probably 6-8 games next year. This team and management will (never) get it right !

  17. He’s not another Fitzpatrick.

    Fitz had a weak arm and piss poor accuracy…he was horrid on long throws, and teams didnt worry about him going over top of them.

    Kolb has the arm and accuracy, but he’s fraile and needs to be given time and good receiving options to maximize his abilities.

    Buffalo has some weapons on O, and a good line. After the draft, I think they get even stronger and Kolb plays well.

    Kolb at least has the ability to be a good QB, Fitz never had the physical tools.

  18. No wonder the Patriots win their division every year and them only play Home Playoff games..The division is a joke that is not funny any more.

  19. The Raiders currently have the cap space to retain Palmer, and can drop him after the draft if they choose. And Hubris Jackson isn’t there to make any lame trades. McKenzie will continue his low-balling, dumpster-diving roster moves without blinking.

  20. To all my fellow Bills fans who were happy to see Fitz get cut, I said it then: be careful what you wish for….Everybody happy now? Like Mama Cass sang: “And the beat goes on yadda dadda dee…”God it sucks being a Bills fan.

  21. I’m cool w/ this. Kolb was absolutely thrown to the dogs in AZ. No running game and no blocking, he won’t have Fitz in Buffalo, but outside of that in AZ, what makes Buffalo a worse situation? Again, if Chandler can come back in a timely fashion, and now this opens the Bills up for a playmaker in round 1 at a skill position, you could have 3 solid targets for him instead of the 1 1/2 he had in AZ. Buffalo just needs to play solid D and not make which ever QB starts bail them out time and again. It’s not as bad as some armchair GM’s are making it seem.

  22. Not trying to piss in anyone’s cherrios here but Kolb couldn’t beat out Skelton in a QB competition. I wouldn’t just ink him as the favorite in this one either. That said hope he works out better for the bills than he did the Cards

  23. The Bills will still be drafting Nassib, whether or not they do it in the first or second round is the big question. Nassib may or may not make it out of the first round. I guess It depends If any other team has him rated high on their QB list. Marrone knows everything about Nassib, his strength’s, his weakness’. He also knows whether or not Nassib can be molded into a Franchise Quarterback.

    As for Kolb… Most likely we will see Kolb or Jackson regardless whoever the Rookie may be. Nix will probably give the Rookie QB time to catch on and soak up whatever he can while one of the 2 veterans play out this season. Seeing how Kolb played when he was with Philly gives me hope. How he played in Arizona makes me shudder. There is no telling which Kolb we will see once he puts on the Red, White and Blue, but I guess we will see soon enough. One thing I do believe is, that if It is between Kolb and Jackson for the Starting spot, Kolb will prevail. I doubt we will see Corp on the Roster past week 2 of pre-season. Early prediction: Starter-Kolb, Back-up- Nassib, Third QB- Brad Smith, Cuts- Jackson and Corp.

  24. Why all the Kolb hate? He brings something that a Bills QB hasn’t had in a long time… a winning record.

    Cardinals started 4-2 last year with him at QB and then he got hurt. What was their record after that with the garbage QB’s?? 1-9. Can’t blame them though when they had nothing helping them at RB… Kolb will have Spiller and Jackson.

  25. Really don’t get this, oh wait the Bills got there few hundred million for renovations. No need to win or spend on real players. You only truly need a QB to win in this league, the Bills are a contender with a QB but we’re soul sucking jerks. God I hate this franchise, argh.

  26. As a Dolphins fan, I do not like this move. Not that I am worried about Kolb dominating, but mad that the Bills will not reach for a QB in the 1st round. I was hoping they would which would have meant 1 more player on the Phins board falling to 12.

  27. I dont think kolb is as bad as ppl make em out to be. Cardinals o line was worst in NFL. Guy hadnt really had a legit shot. We shall see

  28. The Bills game is becoming secondary for the last 13 years as I drive up and support this team. If they close down the Niagra Falls strip clubs over the border the stadium will empty.

    The management is totally responsible for the bad nucleus and they are the root cause.

    The Pats are the Pats and will be good for another three years until Brady’s demise. The Dolphins are getting better with a Young QB upgrades in WR LB TE and CB in free agency. The Jets are the Bills equal.

  29. Kolb’s success came in Philly in a west coast system and is what B-lo is installing, so it could be worse, plus all this guy has to do is hand the ball to Spiller and Freddy Jackson and he will be fine. Arizona was such a mess on offense almost no one could be successful in those circumstances.

  30. The Bills have one QB, who has a chance to make the team, on the roster. How is signing an additional guy to the roster such a bad thing? They needed to sign someone and Kolb has starting experience, so not a bad signing at all.

  31. Cards fan here. (And yes… there is such an animal.)
    Kolb was/is a flighty QB, that ran (always to the right, for some odd reason) as soon as he felt pressure, real or not. (And with the terrible OL, it happened a lot.) Didn’t seem to have pocket presence and the injured sternum was a serious injury. He had said it could be career-threatening.
    Good luck to him and Bills… based on last two seasons – you’re going to need it.

  32. I love all this Bills bashing. These comments suggest he will be the starter. They’re drafting a QB. Kolb is a backup. If he starts its just for 4-6 weeks until whoever gets drafted is comfortable. Marrone is no Gailey.

  33. This move ensures the Bills will have one of the first picks in next years draft. Pure strategical genius.

  34. Cardinals fan here.

    Kolb is not bad. He’s just made of glass.

    People forget that he had an excellent first 4 games of the season last year. Problem is he was out for the season from week 5 on.

    He’ll be injured before week 6. Bank on it.

  35. 4-0…4-2 however you want to look at it go back and look at the context of those 4 wins. All 4 were mostly on the D with 3 of them coming from last second gaffes by the opposing team. That is why he isn’t getting a ton of love on top of the durability issue. He still has some potential if used right and protected but I would be cautious to herald this as an upgrade

  36. Being a Bills fan I agree that this deal does absolutely nothing for our team. It is funny though that fans from other teams pile on about how bad the Bills are when the reality is if your team didn’t win the Super Bowl this year than your team blows also. All that matters is winning the Championship. The only fans talking smack to anyone should be Ravens fans.

  37. Insurance policy in case Nassib isn’t there in round 2. From that standpoint, a good move. A bad move from the perspective that Kolb is horrible.

  38. Another team Kevin Kolb can steal money from. Is there another player who has done less and made so much money.

  39. Someone called Kolb “Alex Smith 2.0” I was thinking that Kolb could do an Alex Smith and turn out to be a decent QB with the right coaches and system. he’s shown some promise in the past. If you remember right, it wasn’t until harbaugh came in and gave him the right system that he became decent. Marrone might have the right system for him. At free agent Quarterback, there was no possible option of signing any QB that would make anyone happy. As long as they don’t pay him more than 1-2 Million per year, this is not a big deal and low risk situation.

  40. Buffalo fans…. Get ready for the second coming of Rob Johnson. You keep hearing of potential …… Everyone in the NFL has it.

  41. I can’t believe the Kolb Sweepstakes story is ending. The feel good story of the off season. I truly believe that the Bills have solidified their position in the league now.

  42. A once proud franchise has now hit rock bottom. There is no way the “powers that be” have the best interest of the team in mind. Time to fire Nix, before this career back up signs.

  43. The Bills continue to confuse me. As a Cleveland fan, I have a lot of respect for Big Ben’s game. Have you seen that o-line? Ben gets hit over and over and STILL makes plays. I am willing to blame some of Kolb’s failure on the line, but not all of it. Ben Roethlisberger gets pounded and finds ways to win (most of the time).

  44. This means no playoff again!!!! The Bills will take a bust of a D man & take Nassib with no arm strength?!

    The Bills should trade up to pick either Barkley, Smith or a top WR?

    Why is Buffalo such a train wreck of an organization??????

  45. I don’t have a problem with this signing. Kolb was a +4 or so in the PFF rankings last year despite the worst OL in football and one of the highest rate of dropped passes by his receivers. He was accurate with his throws, far moreso than Fitzpatrick, though clearly not all world or anything.

    People are burying the Bills for this but what other options do they have if they don’t think Geno Smith or any of the other guys is worth a pick at #8 or isn’t a future franchise QB? Do you want them to burn an early pick with a complete stretch like other teams have done? If not, then who else in the available market can they get? Nick Foles? Colt McCoy? Matt Flynn? Options are slim.

    If Fitzpatrick and that offense can score a lot of points as the Bills did many times, than Kolb can too. Use the draft to shore up other needs, maybe get a QB in rd 3 or 4 or just wait until next year when hopefully a better option presents itself. We obviously know from the recorded call with the TB GM that they are aware of the need to find somebody, but frustrated that options aren’t really available right now that they believe in.

  46. Look, heres the reality, Nix put all his eggs in Fitzpatricks basket when they signed him to a long term deal. That failed miserably and should have cost Nix his job. That’s besides the point now. They wanted to keep Fitzpatrick at “their” price, Fitz balked and left. They still need a veteran guy and Kolb is far and away the best option where things stand now in free agency. I highly doubt he was the Bills first choice.

    I would not be shocked if they do not take a QB this year as it is a below average group by most people’s accounts. They can load up on playmakers and maybe a guard. I’m sure that’s unpopular to say but it may be true. Even if they do take a young QB, I do not believe it will be in the first round. They’ve blow it two years in a row not taking one, but again, that is on Nix for trusting Fitzpatrick. They let Wilson, Kaepernick and Dalton slip by for guys like Aaron Williams and TJ Graham. When you make large mistakes in the draft and miscalculations on players you have, it sets you back years, if not decades.

    The Bills had no choice but to sign Kolb. It is what it is, sadly.

  47. The only reason why u keep hearing reports that Nassib is going to Bills is cause the no mame coaches that were hired no him!

    Nassib according to scouts doesn’t have arm strength to throw long ball down feild?!

    Who wants to make a bet Bills do not make playoffs again?

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