New York Super Bowl committee wants free labor

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The most expensive city in America is looking for free help.

Good luck with that.

According to Peggy McGlone of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Super Bowl XLVIII host committee wants 15,000 to 25,000 volunteers to help put on the event.  Workers must attend a training session, submit to a background check, and serve at least two shifts of three to four hours each from January 25 through February 3.

Ed Jackenthal already has signed up, along with “thousands” who have agreed to provide no-cost labor.  “Part of it is pride, representing the franchise and representing the region,” Jackenthal said.  “New Yorkers get such a bad reputation, but we can be as warm and courteous as the next person.”

Being warm and courteous is one thing.  Being suckers is another.

As the Super Bowl becomes a bigger and bigger event, generating more and more millions of dollars for a wide variety of for-profit enterprises every year, why should anyone help the effort for free?

Maybe the New York thing to do would be to refuse to be taken for fools.  The Super Bowl host committees line up free work because they can.  If the people providing free work realize that the folks they’re serving can afford to pay for the help, the volunteers would no longer have to.

So if folks in the Big Apple really want to show off their civic pride, they should engage in the ultimate New York activity by giving the host committee the finger.

69 responses to “New York Super Bowl committee wants free labor

  1. they should engage in the ultimate New York activity by giving the host committee the finger.


    How bout I just give them two. Dueces.

    Anyone that participates in this without getting something out of it is a fool.

  2. the city is already absolutely raking it in for having this event; the hotels are making a FORTUNE on their 2 star crap rooms, the restaurants are killing it, and the taxes on it all goes to the state and locale. Um i think they can afford and should be paying this “volunteer” labor.

    Yeah the SUper Bowl is cool and sure people will still do it for free but lets not pretend the Super Bowl is a friggin SOUP KITCHEN food drive for the needy. Its a capstone event for a league that makes $10 billion a year. There’s a reason cities are fighting tooth and nail to host a SB every chance they get.

  3. Free labor for billionaires? Congrats to all the idiots who volunteer. If you want to show that New Yorkers are warm and friendly, then volunteer for something worthwhile.

  4. Supply and demand. If thousands of people would enjoy the experience without getting paid what the problem?

  5. Wow, talk about the richer keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. I sincerely hope that no one does this for free. Out of 8+ million people in NYC alone, and being that it will be held in NEW JERSEY. they will have 25,000 nitwits in a blink of an eye. I just hope they get what they pay for. That is pathetic and something a 3rd world country warlord would be doing. How pathetic.

  6. that’d be like some multi-billion dollar company deciding to ask its employees to come in on weekends to do janitorial work for free so the company doesnt have to pay for cleaning. why would anyone do that.

  7. Work for free in a blizzard Super Bowl. What a great idea. Perhaps Emperor Bloomberg could compel his minions to do so. At least no one will be harmed by ordering a large soda.

  8. If people wanna do it, it’s their perogative.

    If they don’t, then they’ll be forced to pay people to do it.

    It will work itself out. They’re not forcing anyone to work for free.

    I don’t see the problem here.

  9. New Yorkers will sign up in hopes of seeing the game. Will probably wind up working in the parking lot.

  10. I already donate 16 Sundays, Mondays, and some Thursdays to the cause. Now you want me to shovel your trash? Nah, I’m busy those days whatever days they are.

  11. All I can say is that this committee must be filled with a bunch of scum buckets. Work your ass off and make them a ton of money for free? Get real clowns.

  12. I don’t see how volunteering is being a sucker. Then again, that kind of thinking is right in line with just about everything on this website.

  13. If you get a free ticket and it could help with a job resume I don’t mind them trying to get free help.. But if it has no added benefits then why bother

  14. Is this an unusual request? Do other host cities typically ask for thousands of locals to provide free labor to work in advance of the big game?

  15. We had this in the UK for the Olympics. You wouldn’t believe how utterly stupid some people are.

  16. Suckers in Green Bay? We get $10 an hour to Shovel snow from Lambeau. And we get a piece of paper known as “stock” for the low low price of $250.

  17. Every city needs volunteers to pull off these big events. They have to guarantee the league millions of dollars in free goods and services. The city will get back millions in revenue and publicity. There were well over 20,000 volunteers in New Orleans last year. And in any city that gets a Super Bowl the story is the same. I volunteered to drive Goodell from the airport but they wouldn’t let me get that gig! There are close to 10 million people in greater New York so getting free help will not be a problem. If you don’t like it, don’t volunteer. Problem solved.

  18. …people just hating because the superbowl is going to be in a ‘regular season’ environment…
    they’ll be plenty more ‘stories’ like this up until (and probably after) the ny superbowl.
    get over it.

  19. Here’s a plan: Get hired and then steal everything you can get your hands on.

    Of course this comment won’t show up on the page because of the gestapo that work for PFT won’t allow it.

  20. What’s the controversy. If the Super Bowl was held in my State, I’d help out just knowing I was part of the experience. Call it Pride or call it stupid. I don’t care.

  21. Clear you’re not from around here, Florio.

    NYC Marathon has thousands of volunteers every year along the course… are they all suckers too? When Sandy hit, thousands of people volunteered to help clean up devastated areas… are they all suckers too?

    Just because YOU think everyone within 40 miles of NYC is some greedy money-grabbing soulless jerk, we who actually live here know better.

  22. Are the workers for the SB committee not getting paid?

    Watch out – Mara may plant the seed in the SB committee’s head to penalize NY Giant’s season ticket holders who don’t agree to do this for free. Mara has been very good as of late at advocating for other parties be penalized for doing nothing wrong.

    Typical corporate BS move – make a boatload of money by hosting the SB, and propose a plan that would ask those fans that already pay too much for tickets to work for free. The fact that they would even ask for people to do this as charity is nauseating.

  23. There is only a couple cities that should be in the rotation for this game, starting with Nola who put on a better show with the lights off than NYC will do with them on. Include Miami in the rotation.

    In fact, most fans shouldn’t want this game because the home team never makes it there.

  24. I think it’s great when there’s a lot of snow that needs to be moved last minute and tons of fans show up to lend a hand. The SB is not a weather emergency, however. It is a major profit generator that is years in the planning. They have more than enough time to make sure that they have all the workers they need to get everything done. If they want to bring in volunteers that can do things like show people around and run messages, and in return let them stick around for the game (don’t even have to give them a seat, just let them hang around and watch the game and/or enjoy the atmosphere), then I’m all for that as well.

    What they’re looking for, however, is for thousands of people to come in and do for free what most other events would hire people to do. It’s not exactly like the NFL is hurting for money and wouldn’t be able to afford to have the SB without these volunteers. It would be nice if they simply brought in some high school and college kids, senior citizens, and people who are unemployed and gave them a chance to earn a little money. I understand that this isn’t a new thing, but times are tough for a lot of people. It just doesn’t seem right for a business venture that’s making so much money to ask people to volunteer when there are so many people who could use a paying job. Volunteerism is great; but maybe save it for helping out schools, cleaning up neighborhoods, helping out at homeless shelters, etc. Private enterprises can pay for their own workforce…especially ones as successful as the NFL.

  25. So not only does the NFL get money from the people to subsidize stadiums they also want free labor at their events. At least they didn’t ask for money for the privilege of working the event.

  26. No doubt New Yorkers can be as Nice And Friendly as any. but i would wonder what a budget would be for all those people before the commitee decided to pocket it… if they can pocket it they should have to donate it to make it come full circle… I heart NY

  27. The PGA Tour does this, the Bowls do this, racing does this. It is not uncommon at all. In fact, on the PGA Tour, not only are the volunteers not paid, they pay for their own shirts.

    In exchange for a very small amount of work, you get to be a part, albeit a very small part, of something special.

    I guarantee this has been done at every Super Bowl. Why are singling out NY?

  28. It’s funny to hear the media complain about ‘free’ anything when they pay nothing for most of their NFL swag. They are comp’d for almost everything, with per diem paying for all of their expenses plus free admission and primo seating. I wonder how much the media volunteers to help in return for all the freebees they receive.

  29. 20,000 x $8.00 per hour = a heck of a lot of money times how many shifts and how many days total plus if on wages it means insurance and deductibles for the government not to mention paperwork costs.

    Seems like a good idea to me if the idea of hosting a Super Bowl is to bring money into the host city.

  30. Have fun with those snow shovels suckers! Make sure all those rich people seats are nice and clean!

  31. Sure let me sign up right away not. So they wanna charge me triple for super bowl ticket triple for beer triple for food. But work for free is there sumthing I missed

    Take 300 off my Super Bowl ticket I will do it oh wait it’s another lottery drawing for tickets nevamind

    If people do it they are idiots. Not saying I need 400 to do it but how bout everyone who does it gets a party thrown for lunch and a few football players come thru to meet them nothing wrong there The business still gets tax deduction n u look good in media n press. Win win

  32. The money should be donated to the empire relief fund or something that has to to do with rebuilding from Sandy. Since these people want to work for free anyway lets make sure it doesn’t go un recognized.

  33. The volunteers need to take advantage of this “opportunity” now. Once teams/the league realize how popular it is for people to “participate”, they’ll start charging a fee, not to mention charging for the “privileges” of parking and food/beverages. Hasn’t anyone read Tom Sawyer and how he got his friends to pay him in order to do his chores?

  34. I SMH when the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee called for volunteers given that so much money changes hands for the event.

    All that manpower would’ve been cost prohibitive for the host city. Remember, the festivities go on for the whole week prior to the Sunday game.

    But…it’s kind of smart when you think about it. We had volunteers show up in droves for a chance to be ambassadors for the city and they were well prepared and did a fine job.

    And I’m sure they got to keep the T-shirt.

  35. The way big management thinks nowadays is sickening. The super bowl is a HUGE money maker, yet you still want people to work without showing them gratitude and a paycheck ?

    Unfortunately theres idiots out there that will do it just to get into a super bowl… what a shame

  36. I’m a New Yorker and just graduated with a sport management degree. Struggling to get a full time job, but I would be a “sucker” and do this. It’s an opportunity to do something unique and gain experience. Stop being pessimistic. If anyone can post the link to apply it would be appreciated.

  37. I see many potential problems with this. You decide to go to the game next year and end up dropping 1500$ At the game it is nearly impossible to get any service or assistance because the “workers” are not getting paid and only signed up to attempt to catch parts of the event.
    Also I am sure these people will be thoroughly background screened and given inadequate training. That does not mean these people are qualified to work help hosting an event like this. This only means that they are not likely try to blow up the stadium.
    Finally, you can be damn sure that the NFL does not intend to pass along even a small portion of their savings in labor cost on to the customer. So why should paying customers have to deal with the high probability of worse customer service and less professional employees just so the NFL can turn a 505 million dollar profit off the Super Bowl instead of the only 500 million dollar profit they would have made without this program?

  38. Theres a big difference between people volunteering in a city recovering from a natural disaster, and helping save a few bucks for billionaires.

    Dont get that subtlety confused roadtrip…

  39. I have read a lot of posts here who are blaming the League for being greedy. The title is “New York Super Bowl Comittee wants free labor”. That is not the League….it is the comitte that did the work to get the game played at Met Life Stadium, and the comitte charged with pulling it off.
    Sounds to me like they are worried about running over budget….
    I would find it tough to work all week for an event that rakes in as much as The Superbowl, and not get jack for doing so.
    Nobody rides for free (at least I think that is how the line in the RATT song goes)
    At least give these hard working folks the chance to watch the game for free or somthing.

  40. Hats off to the brilliant comment of giving a ticket to every volunteer. That’s 20-25,000 tickets at $2000 per.

    Since it’s a for-profit, private entity, the NFL should give compensation for labor, but the word volunteer means do it or not.

    Waiting for someone to say it was Rex who suggested it. Or Woody.

    Stick to your vast knowledge of football.

  41. So then when something goes wrong like another blackout, everyone will blame the NFL AND NYC for not staffing the biggest event of the year with paid employees.

    Or even better, how about a huge snowstorm the day before the Super Bowl (which yeah happens in February in NJ all of the time) and none of the volunteers show up to shovel the snow!!!!

  42. I’ve always admired those who’s focus is acquiring money and goods, they are called capitalists. I’ve never admired those who’s focus is comparing themselves to others, they’re called jerks.

    I’m not volunteering, but some folks get a real kick out of it; good for them.

  43. This is stupid. Maybe if they offered SB gear or something in place of money then I would say they have a chance but no one would just work for free I don’t care what the event is. Give me two tickets to my favorite team home game and I would say ok or a chance to meet the players in the SB with autographs. That I would work for free for

  44. Having the host committee asking for volunteers is nothing new. As Tampa has hosted about four Super Bowls in the last number of years, this is part of the process. Why New York should be treated differently than any other city is interesting. Cities during their presentation to the selection committee have to project how many volunteers will be available. I find it funny that any other city asking for volunteers is not news, but if New Yorkers are asked to show civic pride by volunteering it is deemed an insult.

  45. it’s gotta be a lot simpler to ‘hire’ 15,000 volunteers than regular employees when you’re talking about one or two days. i would feed them and offer significant souveniers and mementos. then they’re still volunteers but compensated. noone is getting a seat off this. how many people could you get in the dome for a viewing party? well, i guess that’s not happening either.

  46. Why not at least take the money they would have paid them and donate it to charities to care for the needy. Would give the volunteers a worthy cause to donate their time to, and benefit the community at the same time. Would seem to be a win-win, considering how much money the Super Bowl brings to town.

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