Over-under for Austin could be pick 15

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It’s fitting that West Virginia receiver Tavon Austin and former West Virginia defensive end Bruce Irvin have been going back and forth regarding whether Austin will be drafted higher than Irvin was a year ago.

For Austin, some perceive his over-under spot in round one to be pick 15.  Which is the place at which the Seahawks picked Irvin in 2012.

Austin, we’re told, has been invited to the attend the draft.  He has yet to decide whether to accept, possibly because there’s a chance he’ll slide.  After all, some are troubled by Austin’s size.

Still, his quickness and elusiveness and unexpected straight-line speed have made him one of the potential impact players in the 2013 draft.  Besides, didn’t we learn after Russell Wilson’s performance in 2012 that size truly doesn’t matter?

The Saints currently hold the 15th spot in the draft.  While they are unlikely to pick Austin (then again, Drew Brees surely would love to have him), that would be the spot into which anyone picking after 15 would likely have to trade, because Austin’s floor very well could be the impact-player-challenged Rams at No. 16.

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  1. “After all, some are troubled by Austin’s size.”

    That’s what they thought about Russell Wilson…..how did that work out?!

  2. I think he could go higher than Geno Smith if no team picks a QB in the top 10 in all honesty.

    He and Stedman Bailey are the main reason why Smith is considered the top QB prospect, turning his 5 yard passes into 35+ yard gains.

  3. I was hoping the Seahawks would take him at 25, but the Percy Harvin acquisition negated that need. Now just hoping the ‘Niners don’t get him. This kid is gonna be dangerous!

  4. Wow! Can u imagine Austin added to Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham, Marcus Colston, Devery Henderson, Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory, Joseph Morgan etc. Drew Brees would never need an explanation again but the rest of the league would.

  5. I hope the Ram’s can snag him at 16. Even though they signed Jared Cook who will be lined up a lot in the slot they can still design packages for Austin and at the same time provide a great kick returner….something the team has been lacking for years.

  6. don’t forget the panthers… we need recievers and patterson is likely gone by then…. but we all ready know bout short receivers! Steve Smith the beast needs a replacement in bout 2 more years

  7. At this point I think it’s much more likely that someone trades up to snag him (hopefully my Niners) than it is that he slides.

  8. would be perfect fit for the bucs picking at the 13th. a slot WR for underneath routes between high motor (B)MW and deep threat V-Jacks. plus special team..all need for Buccaneers. go for it

  9. If Miami signs Winston, they turn to BPA every pick. It’ll be Austin or Eifert at 12. If it’s Austin then Bess is dealt on draft day.

  10. Miami has been rumored to draft high priced positions (QB, CB, DE, WR). We know Miami will not take a QB so that leaves CB, DE & WR. Miami theoretically does not need a WR. While I would love for Austin to go to Miami I have to believe they will settle on a CB or DE.

  11. With the 16th AND the 22nd picks it seems like a no brainer for the Rams to do what it takes to get this kid. Seems like the gap between him and whomever is the next best wr is gettin wider. Whatever they do with the 22nd pick you can be sure they could do the same thing in the second round.
    PS They should ask Bradford which he would rather have: another o lineman or a gamebreaking wideout.
    I’m bettin on the wr…

  12. He will be gone by the 15th pick. If he is not drafted before 15, the Saints will either draft him or another team will trade up to 15 and draft him.

    Saints Defense was pathetic last year, but they have changed their scheme and have made some personnel moves. They should improve somewhat on Defense, maybe to a mid tier Defense or ranked in the mid 20’s. On Offense, adding Tavon Austin would help solidify them as a top flight offensive threat for years to come.

    In order to trade up to #15 a team better be packing some serious trade bait, because the Saints will not give the pick away.

  13. He is the most prolific college player I’ve ever watched. (Don’t watch much…) Still.. He was able to take over a game. WR, RB, Returns.
    Can’t remeber who they were playing. He almost brought WVU back from a very large deficit in the second half. They just kept giving him the ball and he was embarrasing the entire team. Offense and special teams. If not for the horrible showing by the defense. They would’ve, I mean Austin would’ve won that game.

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fins went bizarro mode and snagged him up at #12. That would give Tanny a decent little security blanket.

  15. comparing him to Wilson doesn’t really work because people don’t want short quarterbacks for different reasons than they don’t want shirt receivers. running routes across the middle of the field at 170lbs is a risky proposition. a definite game changer though,it’ll be interesting to see where he goes and how his career skakes out.

  16. OMG, I would love The New York Jets select Austin WR, its the jets something they need, like the scouts said abt his 40 yrds dash “HOLY S*&T”.. so he played rb and wr… He would be so perfect for west coast offense the jets playing this year.

  17. ephillips122 says:
    Mar 30, 2013 2:14 PM
    Why would the Niners’ take him? Don’t they have enough WRs by now? I see Niners going RB or Corner in first round.

    9ers would likely take him due to his versatility as a WR/RB/KR/PR, especially in the “pistol offense” they run a lot. Also, there is a big need for a wideout who can get downfield fast, as well as a fast slot receiver since we currently are short (no pun intended) one TE.

    However, it seems there may be many teams highly interested in trading up to get him, and I don’t see the front office willing to pay the high price it will take to get up there. Its just not how they (usually) operate in the draft.

    Lastly, while I agree corner may be a want, a safety is a much larger need. And as far as RB being a need, no way I see that as a first round option, if even at all. Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon, and even Miller

  18. Or the Bucs could use their #1 pick and some of their $20m plus cap room on Victor Cruz. Get a proven star rather than an unproven rookie. RFA collusion alive and well in the NFL. You don’t go after my RFAs and I won’t go after yours.

  19. the guy is 5’7 170, the guy is absolutely TINY. I was excited at the possibility of the Rams drafting him 3 weeks ago, then I came to a reality: the NFC West is the hardest hitting division in football. Seattle, Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, all have defenses that would kill someone that small. So, I’m going to guess nobody in the NFC West takes a chance on him because they’ve realized the same thing.

  20. he’s a slot guy and there is plenty of evidence to suggest teams don’t value slot recievers like they do outside guys. I still think he’s a difference maker but will he go before #15? probably not.

  21. WOW! Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham, Marcus Colston, Devery Henderson, and Tavon Austin on the field at the same time with Brees at the helm? Forget about it, it’s game over! I know we need talent in other spots but if this guy is there at 15 I don’t see how you pass on him! At worst he could be nice trade bait! But with Brees arm and this dudes speed could be real dangerous!

  22. It wouldn’t bother me much to see him in a Saints uniform but we already have a damn good slot receiver in Lance Moore, I’d rather the Saints go defense with this pick or trade it for extra picks and stack up defensive players! Could possibly snag the Honey Badger if we do that!

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