Flynn trade is expected to be finalized soon

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Matt Flynn remains the property of the Seahawks, multiple days after reports emerged that he’ll be traded to the Raiders.

But the widespread belief for now is that the trade will indeed get done, and that it will happen soon.

The two teams have haggled over draft-pick compensation, with former Green Bay colleagues Reggie McKenzie and John Schneider, now the General Managers of the Raiders and Seahawks, respectively, twisting each other’s arms to get the best possible deal.

If/when (when) Flynn becomes a Raider, the question becomes whether the Raiders will remain interested in West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith (if they ever were in the first place).  With Flynn not getting huge money and with the Raiders still lukewarm on Terrelle Pryor, the Raiders could take Smith with the third overall pick.

The other practical consequence of Flynn’s arrival in Oakland will be the departure of Carson Palmer, either by trade (with a greatly reduced contract) or by release.  He reportedly is interested in playing for the Cardinals or 49ers.  (We still think the Seahawks make the most sense, if he truly prefers being a backup on a contender to being the starter for another struggling team.)  If Palmer lands in Arizona, that’s another top-10 team that could pass on Smith.

Now that the Bills have Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson, they could be out of the running for a rookie quarterback in the top 10.

That’s three teams reportedly interested in Geno Smith and/or Matt Barkley who could be passing on passers at the top of round one, which could fuel a slide for all quarterbacks out of the top 10 and, barring a trade, straight through the teens.

Unless, of course, Shaun King of NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk is accurate in his strong belief that the Jaguars will take Smith with the second selection in the draft.

67 responses to “Flynn trade is expected to be finalized soon

  1. I am not sure why teams keep chasing these QBs. Flynn may or may not have it – he really has not had enough starts to prove much. Kolb does not deserve looks from anyone. Seriously – look at the QB situation in Arizona last season. He couldn’t even secure the starting job there.

  2. How draft picks have the Raiders thrown away on QBs? Palmer cost them a 1 and 2, Campbell cost them a 2 and Pryor a 3. They should keep Palmet and keep developing Pryor. They could use te pick for Flynn on other position s of need.

  3. I hope Matt does better than the last LSU QB that went to the Raiders.

    He’s a good kid. I wish him well.

  4. Raiders have no interest in Smith. They will swap 3rd round picks with the Hawks, and let Flynn and Pryor “battle ” in camp. I guess they really don’t have much faith in Pryor at this point. He seems like a legitimate backup. RM is drafting D-Line first with the #3 pick.

  5. If Flynn is traded to the Raiders then Palmer will restructure his contract. Once he does this he will be traded. At that point are the Raiders released from the Palmer contract and there for don’t take any hit? I also think if this happens the McClain will be cut before June so the cap hit can be split between 2013 and 2014.

  6. Carson Palmer as a backup to Russell Wilson makes little sense. The style of offense you can run changes too much with Palmer in the game for them. Makes more sense to have a Seneca Wallace-type backup to Wilson. Not neccessarily Wallace himself…but that type, a guy that run the read-option should Wilson go down.

  7. I watched him in the preseason last year from the 10th row. Not much to go on, but he has a very lax playing style. Russell beat him out in part because he was more aggressive. Not sure OAK will be pleased.

  8. I can’t say I’m IMPRESSED with Flynn after watching some highlights, but he did play decently and can hopefully grow from that. He does seem to throw similar to Sanchez, not a lot of heat on the ball, wind up seems a little slow, looks like a QB who will get picked easily.

    I do like his deep ball though, he hits WR’s in stride so that is an upside.

    We’ll see what happens if and when he comes to Oakland, and we’ll give him his due chance to win over the team, fans. I just can’t be too excited about it, but he may be way better than what I expect.

  9. Why wouldn’t the Raiders trade Pryor? It would make Flynn cheaper, they wouldn’t have an awkward camp battles with a QB they clearly have no interest in playing, and the Seahawks would have a QB that fits their playbook.

  10. As long as the pick is nothing more than a 4th rounder, this is a good trade in my eyes. They are in the second year of The rebuild and it’s a good time to take a shot at a potential qb of the future. I’d rather it be Flynn instead of spending the 3rd overall on geno smith. Trade out of the third pick if they can for more picks or draft Fisher, star or milliner and they will be on their way to a solid draft.

    Qbs drafted late are usually projects, well Flynn could start from day one. I have to trust that Mckenzie knows enough about Flynn to know he’s going to lead this team out of this rebuild.

    Welcome to Oakland Flynn, please be what the Raiders and Raiders fans need.

  11. “Now that the Bills have Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson, they could be out of the running for a rookie quarterback in the top 10.”

    Really FLorio? Totally disagree w/ your analysis. COuld easily see Buffalo take Geno. Kolb and Tavaris would just be there for insurance.

  12. Hue Jackson had the Raiders heading in the right directions for the 1st time in a decade. Then the raiders do what they do best and destroy their own progress !!! This is another example!!! Matt Flynn instead of Carson Palmer ???? Look at Carson palmer’s last year and then look at Matt Flynn numbers. Oh I forgot u can’t bcuz Matt Flynn has been in the league since 2008 and has no numbers. Get real raider nation and just pay Carson Palmer and develop Pryor just like Green Bay did Flynn .

  13. fine trade for Flynn now trade down in the draft replenish the picks you gave up and get Jarvis Jones

  14. People are doubting Flynn when nobody knows how he will be in a season. The logic used is that he couldn’t beat out Rogers or Wilson and is a back up. 90 % of QB’s in NFL wouldn’t beat out those two. He has been a professional waiting for his chance and Oakland is going to give him one. The first year probably isn’t going to be pretty with the rebuild in full swing but I am sure he looks better for a 3rd or 4th round pick than any rookie in this class for a 1st.

  15. Oakland should just draft and develop Jordan Rodgers.He would be worth a late round draft pick. He may end up just as good if not better than his brother.

  16. I cant imagine the seahawks could get much for flynn,
    He is a grossly overpaid backup who everybody knows is either going to get traded or released.

  17. At least there is an upside with Flynn…you know what you’re getting with Palmer and Palmer would 100% be gone after this year anyways so why not cut him, get Flynn cheaper, and see if he amounts to anything? If not then you can draft from a much better QB class next year. I like it, assuming they don’t give up too much.

  18. IMO, trading for Flynn gives Terrelle Pryor the best chance to win the job. The way Flynn’s contract works, the Raiders are not obligated past this season. The same way the 49ers set up Alex Smith’s contract. For Kaepernick to take over in 2013. Pryor is putting in work. He will be the QB. Watch

  19. This is the second year of the rebuild?

    No – this is the first year of a rebuild. Last year Reggie tried to make a push for the playoffs and failed miserably.

    Anyhow, I would say I don’t understand why Matt Flynn is getting this attention but I do. Reggie McKenzie and the Packer connection.

    I’m a Raider fan and I am very unhappy with this move. Matt Flynn is an average QB at BEST. I don’t want him on the Raiders and would rather keep that draft pick and commit to an actual rebuild. I thought Reggie was done trading draft picks?

    Either way – I never thought they would consider Geno Smith. It’s either Floyd, Milliner or Star for the Raiders.

  20. I think the Raiders will give up a late round pick where they planned to draft a QB, give Flynn a 3 yr deal with a signing bonus to reduce this years salary with the 3rd yr backloaded to either restructure if he does well or cut him if it doesn’t work out.

  21. C’mon Reg –Dont wait any more draft picks–give it to TP –It just cant make much difference this year anyway so give him a shot —–

  22. I wouldn’t trade Flynn away! He’s not costing anything and this team is barreling towards te Super Bowl. If something would happen to Russell, wouldn’t it b nice to have a back up of that caliber??

  23. not even taking into account the finances. it’s as simple as, one of these guys wants a chance to start and the other is content being a backup. they both think they’re probably better than they are, but at least with flynn it’s on the field instead of in his pocket.

  24. Seahawks don’t need any more late picks, Carroll even said it would be hard for him to see many more guys on the team from the draft this year – raiders fans will be surprised when this is done – Seattle wouldn’t be haggling over a late round pick.

  25. Flynn barely lost the competition with Wilson and might have begun the year as the starter had he not hurt his elbow prior to the last preseason game. He will be an upgrade over Carson Palmer and is clearly superior to Pryor. He may not be the guy to take a team to the Superbowl but the Raiders are not going to the Superbowl.

  26. All I have to say is that Flynn couldn’t beat out jamarcus Russell at LSU! If its true they are trading for him is a sad, why not give give Pryor a hole season too see what’s he has to offer, I bet it would be better than 4-12, as raiders season tickets holder I just don’t understand all these packers rejects that RM is picking up!

  27. I think they clearly want Pryor to start and have a good plan B in case he sucks bad Flynn fíts better than Palmer in this scenario and in the process save a couple of millions in cap space.

  28. You guys do realize that the GM and coach don’t have the luxury of having another throw away year. They will get fired…. So they had better do whatever they can do to field the best possible team. If the GM has a 5 year plan he should include move money in the plan.

    That’s why they won’t be satisfied with Pryor at QB. They better not. If they do they could be sending out resume’s next year.

  29. Great move by Reggie McKenzie. Flynn has potential, he may thrive in our system and now Reggie can either take Floyd in the first and then a CB in the 3rd and OL in the 4th, throw in a WR And a RB and another CB or S with the compensatory pick and the Raiders may be very competitive this season. Also while Newman stayed in Cincy, Reggie is looking at CB’s Mike Jenkins and Tracey Porter and 1 or both may land up in Oakland too. LB’s are set, a DT and a pair of CB’s and the Oakland defense may just shock the world.

  30. I have a feeling the same thing that happened with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick is going to happen with the Raiders. Flynn will get the start then lose his job to Pryor. This gives us Shariff Floyd this year and most likely a solid qb next year.

  31. The real issue here is the fact that Al Davis had this team so far upside down with contracts that Reggie McKenzie had to jettison so many players with absurd cap numbers to try and get a full team under the salary cap with some level of talent. If you think he should be able to do this in 2 years, you’re an idiot. It’s going to take 4 – 5 years to clean up the mess. If Reggie gets fired by Mark Davis before then, it’s going to be the old version of Al Davis all over again. It would put you another 5 years behind. Take your lumps now and let Reggie do his thing.

  32. You are 100% correct Tony—That’s why I say it cant hurt to give TP a chance–this are going to be ugly this year anyway for just the reason you articulated—someone above says if Reggy doesnt do it now he will lose his job –I doubt mark davis is that shortsighted –we need to stop trading draft picks and try to get a team together but do it mindful that Al destroyed the team with the the legacy of not only poor players but even worse–financial ruin—-It’s going to be a few years Raiders fans–get over it……

  33. The domino effect. Flynn to the Raiders. Palmer to AZ if he restructures or gets cut. If I was AZ I wouldn’t trade picks just wait till Palmer is released then try a sign him.

  34. Palmer will not be to AZ as Warner was to AZ. Don’t plan to buy Super Bowl tickets yet Cardinals fan.

  35. Flynn has the talent to get a 6th round pick in return. Anything more than that is absurd… kind of like the bounty that the Seahags paid for him in the first place after having seen him play two games against terrible teams with nothing to play for.

    However, it being the Raiders, they’ll give up a 2nd rounder for him.

  36. Anything more than 5th rounder is too much for Matt Flynn. The Raiders are clearly in rebuilding mode and trading away future players for a mid tier QB is not the best thing for the future. I just can’t see Flynn being the Raiders QB for the next ten years so why give up quality draft picks for him? The only way I can see it happening is if the Raiders gave up this years sixth and next years sixth.

  37. This may not be a popular thought with New York fans but Sanchez was good enough to get the Jets to two (2) AFC Championship games when the Jets gave him support. Now he must be replaced! Really, Why? The Jets have cap issues so all they can do is draft and pray that they get the right players to turn things around.

    Give the QB support and draft a young QB and pray that things work out. You know today is the ‘Resurection Day’ (Easter Sunday)

  38. He may never be Aaron Rodgers, but he could easily be Matt Hasselbeck. If I’m the Raiders, after the Russell flop and trading away the future for Palmer, I’ll take a Matt Hasselbeck for a 4th rounder in a second. They don’t need a superstar; they need someone to hold things together so the young players can progress. Flynn can do that.

  39. Wow a lot of raiders fan want to tank the season with Pryor stinking it up. Flynn can read defenses, something TP stinks at, and Palmer wants out of that sinking ship fast.

    I’d keep Flynn if I was the Hawks, and watch the crappy QB play from the Vikings, Cards, Raiders, Jets, Jaguars, Bills, and Titans drive up Flynn’s price

  40. Like it really matters, The Broncos will owne this division for the foreseeable future.

  41. The Jets let an opportunity to salvage their future slip through their fingers. Despite all the talk of their demise, they could have at least fielded a competitive team if they found a way to get this deal done.

  42. Call me crazy or whatever you want but I think this is a good move. We can have Kolb and Jackson compete and have our QB we draft stand back and learn. Somewhat like Miami did with (Moore and Leftwitch last year….but Tannehill performed better than new Head Coach expected). If you watched Hard Knocks you’d see this. This could happen with the Bills this year. Who knows I like this move

  43. Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a quarterback. … He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the SuperBowl… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… He’s a wise choice for the smart Team Owner/GM….

  44. The Flynn contract will be signed upon completion of his “pirates and skulls” tattoo sleeve so he fits in

  45. People are really overlooking Geno going to the Jags. Seems like he’d fit their new OC who was at Miami the past few years. They gotta know Gabbert is trash too, new GM, new coach, new uniforms, new logo, gotta be a new QB right?

  46. Ohh the idiots on here with little football knowledge including some of my own Hawks fans , please for the sake of the game STOP perpetuating this notion that the Seahawks are a read option dominated team.

    They run it less than 7 times a game!!!!! Who in their right mind picks up a qb based on then being able to do that when it CLEARLY rarely used it and wasn’t relied upon. They have a passing qb in Wilson who happens to run sometimes and frequently uses his legs to extend plays in order to pass..

    Wilson is a pass first qb, he reads Coverages, goes through progressions, he studies film like Peyton (big name hate to name drop but many say this who know him) and he is a spread the ball around guy. Stop continuing this idea of him being RG3 or Cam Newton, they run over twice as often as him. TOTALLY DIFFERENT styles.

    Wilson is more of a Steve young type qb thank mike Vick.

  47. Alright I’m tired of ppl down talking Flynn if you guys really wanna know why Flynn didn’t win the job over Russell Wilson I believe he hurt his shoulder and Russell came in and balled and won the job just like what happen to Alex smith and the 49ers if you go back and look at the games he started in Green Bay he balled lets give the man some kinda credit he’s much better the Pryor … I think this would be a good pick up for the raiders . Us and drafting QBs never work out so drafting geno would be a risky move lets fix the defense

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