Martin Mayhew knows the time is now for Lions


Martin Mayhew went from a Plan B free agent during his playing days to a Plan B general manager when the Lions tossed Matt Millen out the door.

And he knows that if things don’t turn around quickly, he’s going to be looking for his own Plan B for employment.

Mayhew admitted there’s a greater sense of urgency around the Lions camp this year, the kind of thing that occurs naturally when your team goes 4-12 the year before.

“Let me just say this,” Mayhew said, via Anwar Richardson of “When you win four games, you better have a sense of urgency about it. Certainly, I had a great sense of urgency about this offseason, but I wouldn’t categorize it as not having a great sense of urgency in the previous offseasons.

“I just think we came into it with a great sense of urgency about getting better.”

Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz are a sparkling 22-42 as a GM-coach tandem, with the 10-6 record in 2011 their only winning season.

Even if only subliminally, that’s why they were so aggressive pursuing running back Reggie Bush and a number of other free agents, because they know they won’t get many more chances if they don’t win soon.

15 responses to “Martin Mayhew knows the time is now for Lions

  1. I’ve heard all the lame answers from the Lions about what happened last year. Does the owner clean house if the team repeats it?

  2. They’ll be competitive that’s for sure. They have a good enough core to push them to be a tough game against any team. Kinda sucks for them they’re in the NFC. They were a team close to the Bengals last year but an easier schedule and conference plus the ability to win close games put Cincy in the playoffs.

  3. They started with an 0-16 team and have made them very very competitive. Almost all of their losses last year were by less than one TD. They will get it together, without a doubt. They have had some very bad luck with a few draft picks that they were praised for picking in the first place by all you media types. But, yes, I believe if there isn’t some more improvement this season some changes are in order.

  4. They have made some nice moves this off-season, but I would not expect a drastic improvement…I do believe 8-8 is possible, however.

  5. take it from the original NFCBeast the NFC north could easily be the most competitive division in football if Detroit ever gets it together.

  6. In the name of all that is sacred and fair, when are Detroit Lions’ fans ever going to catch a break? I’ve been in that stadium and that is one of the loudest places in the NFL when they’ve got it going correct.

    Hoping they turn it around.

  7. If you’re a GM and the time isn’t always “now” then you probably aren’t doing a very good job.

  8. Of course the time is now but with the lions totally wasting last years off season and the voids they have to fill on both lines I don’t see then being an above.500 team next year. So good bye front office lions will be back in rebuilding mode again next year.

  9. Mayhew has done a good job of upgrading the talent on this roster, but if the Lions don’t make the playoffs this year my guess is he’ll be out.
    And he will be taking Schwartz, Cunningham and Linehan with him.
    They survived the league wide coaching purge last year but not this year … 8 and 8 won’t cut it.

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