Monday marks start of Browns’ workouts


The Browns’ voluntary workouts begin Monday, the early start a product of having a new head coach in Rob Chudzinski.

As we noted earlier Sunday, the first two weeks of voluntary workouts are fitness-focused, as required by the CBA. There is little actual on-field football work teams can do, save for quarterbacks throwing some passes.

Browns strength and conditioning coach Brad Roll told the club’s website that these initial workouts are key for him designing the right fitness approach for each player.

“The biggest thing you have to do is look at the symmetry of their body, an overall evaluation of their body mass, and then, configure what their lean muscle mass is to their fat pounds, look at their hydration levels, flexibility,” Roll told

The goal for players, Roll said, is to “get them in a state where their fitness level puts them in a position to be as successful as they possibly can.”

These beginning workouts for teams with new head coaches may not tell us much about how these clubs will play when the regular-season games begin in September. However, the workouts are important, particularly for players who don’t have secure roster spots. The rookies have yet to arrive, and here is a chance to make a good impression on the new staff. The head coach may not be able to offer on-field instruction right now, but he will be filled in on all developments — good and bad.