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The full deal has yet to be released, but we’ve managed to pick up some more details about the contract signed Friday by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The $55 million in guaranteed money includes a whopping $40 million that is fully guaranteed.  (Again, $11.5 million of that already was guaranteed as a practical matter, since that was his existing 2013 base salary.)

The other $15 million is guaranteed for injury only.  Half becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2014 league year, and the other half becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2015 league year.

In all, he’ll get $57 million over the first three years — a great haul, but less than Drew Brees’ $61 million over three and Joe Flacco’s $62 million over three.

As one league source explained it, it’s a “good deal for Romo, but not a crazy, market deal.”

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of the Romo deal is the timing of it.  The Cowboys typically do everything big.  For some reason, however, they slipped this one into the late Friday afternoon news dump on what was for many a three-day holiday weekend.

And if there’s any doubt that the transaction wasn’t carefully planned, a video was produced by the team’s official website, with Romo and his wife and son arriving in owner Jerry Jones’ office to sign the contract.  So this wasn’t like the Joe Flacco deal, with an agreement in principle leaked on Friday and signed on Monday.  This was a contract that was fully worked out (possibly even before the report leaked of the team’s inability to use the franchise tag in 2014) at some point before Romo and his family strolled into the Valley Ranch headquarters to apply his name at the bottom of the last page.

Even then, it’s odd that the two sides didn’t wait until Monday to finalize the contract and proclaim it to the world, getting the maximum publicity and attention.  Maybe, after 17 years and counting of not getting past the divisional round of the playoffs, the Cowboys are starting to realize the only press conference that really matters is the one held the morning after the Super Bowl.

23 responses to “More details on the Romo deal

  1. teams are in trouble if Romo can get 55 mill guaranteed and 108 mill overall, all kinds of mid level QB are gona hit the 100 mill mark, the nfl is headed the wrong way, players gona be like “tony chokemo got 108, why cant i get 125 mill, teams are gona be handicapped cause of their QB’s

  2. So let me get this straight. Brady signs an extension that’ll pay 57M over a five year period. Romo signs a deal paying him 57 over 3. Yet you take issue with Brady’s deal while you haven’t any qualms with Romo’s pact. Makes no sense what-so-ever.

  3. Is old Jerrah just pulling a early April fools joke on us? Anyways congratulations Romo. At times last year you were the Redskins best player.

  4. “Maybe after 17 years… They’re starting to realize that the only press conference that matters is the one held the morning after the Super Bowl.”….. Brilliant!

  5. It’s not as one sided as it sounds, despite the fact that Romo had Jones over a barrel.

    For example, if Romo is on the roster at the start of Year Two he has to give Jerry Jones some magic beans.

  6. not bad for a guy that was undrafted, makes u wonder if people are being a little harsh this guy owns nearly every team record… thats a big deal if you sit and think about who he’s passed. Romos the poster child for they way the American dream is supposed to be..yet people haye him don’t understand the Dallas fan…

  7. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.
    Although I’m not a fan of Romo his market value in this league should be judged on one criteria….if he was a free agent tomorrow how many teams would come after him seeing it as an upgrade in their QB position ?

    My guess is better than half of all teams would consider him better than what they have on their roster and would think he could get them a better record in the future.

    Now put a pricetag on that and come up with a market value.

    The day those numbers shrink to a handful of teams that would want him is the day to question the contract he just got.

    Personally I think he’s a choke artist….but that has nothing to do with what I explained above.

  8. I dislike the cowboys just as much as any other but its scary how bad they would be without him. I know he has his share of interceptions but he is running for his life back there. The offensive line is horrible and running back cant stay healthy. The only reciever he can count on is witten. Numerous times dez ran the wrong route on a hot route which led to an interceptions. Miles Austin is constantly injured and the third reciever is a revolving door. The cowboys need to get romo some help.

  9. How many owners and real GM’s are laughing at ‘ole Jerrah right now?

    My guess is all of them.

  10. Troy Aikman never won a single game without Emmitt Smith and he had one of if not the best lines in football history. Romo has 1/5 of the line Aikman had and had never had a running game in the same league as Emmitt Smith. Need I mention the top 5 defenses Aikman had or the incredible coaching staff Aikman had. Romo is a great QB and deserves the contract. Jerry made a smart move because this is a contract Romo will need to earn. Romo basically gets 3 years to prove his worth and if he fails, he will be released or restructured. It’s basically a contract that only counts as $10 million per season against the cap with a $25 million signing bonus. To me both sides win and now the cowboys will have money to sign new draft picks.

  11. He doesn’t deserve to be paid like Brees and Flacco. His camp probably knew if he had another bad year his value might not be as high as next year. It’s a reasonable amount. Why does every new QB deal have to break a record?

  12. I guess what gets me is people act like they are forced to be fans. If you are tired of the cowboys then pick another team. Some of us are excited about are team and quarterback. The rest of you should join Redskin nation.

  13. If the cowboys invested money in their defense and made it into a good defense then romo would shine its harder to play from behind then it is with the lead, his bonehead mistakes r magnified because they r always losing

  14. Sure I guess its “reasonable” considering the market. Perhaps its the market that’s the problem. As a Buc fan if Josh Freeman leads them to the Super Bowl he’s all of a sudden totally (undeserving) going to get a $20 million a year deal. Not cause his play is worth it, but because that’s the market. It’s ridiculous/

  15. If you’re all good with winning about half your games and competing for a playoff spot without actually getting one, then Romo is your guy.

    Expect more of what he has done in the past. With his big freshly signed contract, why should Romo change a thing?

  16. First of all, if your not a Cowboy can we don’t care what you think.
    2nd, the key is to put a Team around Romo and he will blow the socks off the NFL.
    Not one of you naysayers can do your job on your back or running for your life. Romos not super human, damn near but not Superman.
    Protect the man.

  17. Glad to see the Cowboys signed Romo. I don’t like to see them in the playoffs and this helps ensure that remains the Cowboy prognosis. Combined with their absolute zero salary cap space, Jerry Jones will be elected into the GM Hall of Infamy on this first ballot. What a jerk.

  18. If the key to Romo’s success is building strong support around him, then pay Romo less money so they will have cap space to add a strong O line.

    Romo is getting paid like he can do it no matter who is around him. Besides over the years, he has had a strong O line before and still had similar poor results.

    As someone who cares about the Cowboys, it’s time to move on at QB.

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