Ravens want Suggs, Dumervil and Upshaw on the field together


When the Ravens lost last year’s leading sacker, Paul Kruger, to free agency, the original plan was to fill that hole in the defense with 2012 second-round draft pick Courtney Upshaw. But then the Ravens got an even better replacement for Kruger when they signed Elvis Dumervil. So does that mean Upshaw will be only a backup, situational player on the Ravens’ defense this season?

Not according to Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees, who said on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore that he envisions a scenario in which Suggs, Dumervil and Upshaw are all on the field together at the same time.

“He’ll be in competition as an outside ‘backer out there,” Pees said of Upshaw, via the Carroll County Times. “That’s where we’ll start him out. But the other thing is that you can’t have too many pass rushers, and we can find a way to get them all on the field now. We can scheme up some things to get all those guys on the field.”

One of the things that made Upshaw an attractive prospect coming out of Alabama last year was his versatility, and Pees alluded to the possibility that Upshaw could play more at inside linebacker, where the Ravens lost Dannell Ellerbe to the Dolphins and Ray Lewis to retirement.

“The way we teach this defense, all the [linebackers] have to know all four spots . . . I’ve always told these guys that I don’t want a good player standing on the sideline by me with a player out there on the field that I don’t think is as good because you can’t play another position. So, our guys have always learned a lot of different spots,” Pees said.

With the additions of Dumervil, Chris Canty and Marcus Spears, the Ravens will have a lot of guys they can put into a lot of different spots in their front seven. The talk from the early days of free agency that the Ravens’ defense was in big trouble looks a lot different now.

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  1. Eh, probably a draft smokescreen. It would be nice if Upshaw can slide inside, but I still think they need to take Arthur Brown if he’s still there at 32.

  2. Ravens are going to have the best pass rush in the league. Bank on it haters. Your pass rush is irrelevant. Throw in the sissy yellow towel now.

  3. Super bowls aren’t made/lost in March. I love how every pundit says the Ravens have the best player personnel and yet scream when some players leave then holler hooray when new players arrive. Make a decision and stick to it.

  4. @benroethlisberger7 troll troll troll your boat gently down the stream.

    I hope Upshaw can do a bit of inside play, he’s definitely above average LB.

  5. This just in….as knowledgeable football fans have been saying for weeks… Reports of the Ravens demise have been greatly exaggerated!!

  6. In other words, let’s all cover for Ozzie, who has swung and missed now on four consecutive top picks- Upshaw, Jimmy Smith, Sergio Kindle and Michael Oher.

    When the narrative doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, change the narrative.

  7. I heard the Ravens may play with just the front 7 on D this year. They will be getting so much pressure that no receiver will have time to get open. Could be the first hundred team sack season.

  8. I noticed Steelers fans constantly coming on our FA threads and commenting…. I wondered why they had so much time on their hands and so checked on their recent FA activity and last FA signing……March 13th-Steelers sign Bruce Gradkowski- CHAMPIONSHIP

  9. The ravens drop players every year and retool with other teams castoffs cause Ozzie knows when a good player is t being used right! Especially on defense. Everybody thinks its a coincidence that we won the superbowl after canning Cam. He is what was holding the Ravens back. Hate all you want, you wish you had this front 7, unless your San Fran lol they beasts too

  10. Sucks losing Elvis, but 12m/yr is tough on the cap. He will be awesome for BAL. I hope he has a great year with them, aside from the Denver game.

  11. Ozzie is a patient genius. All people talked about is how people were leaving. They got younger, faster and stronger! Blitz machine!!

  12. Ozzie Newsome is a genius. Stupid fans look at names and say “oh my god, they lost who?!” While smart fans see the names and the scheme and personnel and coaching and say “damn, the ravens defense just got better”

  13. This d has to improve. D line is easily better on paper. Elvis is an improvement over Kruger. Ellerbe wouldn’t have been on the field last year if McClain and Lewis weren’t injured. Cary Williams had the best year of his life and still barely outdid the offer he got last year from the ravens and with Webb coming back that’s an upgrade. Ihedigbo can replace Pollard and hopefully get less bonehead penalties. That leaves Huff and with the improvement on the line and pass rush abilities he just needs to not get burned over the top like Ed did last year.

  14. As a Ravens fan, I can’t wait for the new season to start. This team is going to be thrilling to watch…unless you are a Steelers, Bengals or Browns fan that is 😉

  15. Steelers are shaking with fear, which is understandable. Ever since Big Ben’s off the field troubles began they’ve been going downhill. A blown Superbowl, Tebowed in the playoffs, and no playoffs at all. Karma can be rough but oh, they’ve still got six rusty trophies to cling to. Welcome to Doomerville, Big Ben, population YOU!

  16. The steelers lost almost all their mighty linemen except for the injury prone 1st round pick DeCastro. Who do they have to protect the poor old limpy Ben? With the pressure coming from the middle with Ngada, Suggs, Elvis, and Upshaw – where’s he gonna hide? How’s anybody gonna run on that?

  17. Ravens fans can you calm down? Every announcement all i read us how much better the defense will be. Going from average to decent isn’t a big leap. Dumervil is a great pass rusher but just a situational player. Upshaw is an excellent run defender but provides no pass rush. You still have no inside linebackers, no safeties, and no NT unless Ngata moves inside. The team has too many holes to fill them all this off season. If I were you, I’d focus on your offense which I think will be the best Ravens offense ever. This is what will lead your team. You don’t have a top defense, so stop pretending. And this is coming from a Steelers fan. Baltimore has the 3rd best defense in the division and the 1st offense.

  18. Realistically it could take a few games for the new players to all get on the same page. But the pieces do look good so far.

    Browns and Bengal Ds look pretty good too.

    And it is comical for a Steeler fan to try to mock any other team’s draft considering their own recent draft results.

  19. I’m not sure that I would move Upshaw inside. It seems ort of a waste when you consider how well he set the edge against the run last year (graded out as profootballfocus’ 2nd best 3-4 OLB in stopping the run, apparently the only Raven who could last year) and he will only improve as a pass rusher with more reps. Even though the Ravens’ base d is a 3-4, they run enough different looks to where all 3 guys should still be very much involved at that OLB/DE position that all 3 can fit into.

  20. I’m not a Ravens fan but damn I think they retooled their team better than what it was last year. figure you get Webb back, healthy Suggs, add the underrated Canty, Spears and Huff, that’s a solid D no matter how you slice it. I bet they draft Teo or Elam if either is available in rd 1 and don’t count out Mathieu in a later round.

  21. This new Ravens team will be better statistically on offense and defense than last years team. I don’t know if that will translate to a repeat as that is very tough to do but they’re definitely gonna take the AFC North again. The browns aren’t there yet, the Bengals can’t seem to advance past the wild card, and the steelers are going down the toilet quicker than last nights Whataburger.

  22. The ravens will not make the playoffs next season and fluko will have the worst season of his career. Oh and the ravens will ask him to take a pay cut !!!

  23. I still think u guys should draft a corner at either of the first three rounds..its nice u get webb back but coming off the second acl injury, u don’t know if he will ever be the same player he wants was.. moveing a guy like upshaw to inside would be a foolish move when he set the edge really well last year and will only get better..it does seem like your d is shapeing up really good to make a deep run in playoffs. .it would be great to see skins and ravens host the superbowl this coming year..

  24. And Mario Williams was supposed to put the Bills in domination mode. You can’t just sign big names and expect them to gel together in off-season blabber paper championships. An injury plagued Steelers team with no playmakers on the field took it to Baltimore twice. When healthy,this young Steelers O-line and Roethlisberger’s improvisation skills will school this Baltimore’s defense all around the field. It’s a no brainer.

  25. Of course they will all be on the field together.

    Because everyone else on last year’s defense has already left the team.

  26. The title of this story should be they have no choice to start all 3! Flacco ‘s contract wont hurt us.. Highest paid Quartbacks for the next 3 years. 1. Flacco 62m 2. Brees 61m 3. Romo 57m Soon he will be 2 after Rodgers.. But least 2 out of the top 3 will be worth the paycheck.. Can anyone name the one who doesn’t? My bet is the QB that couldn’t beat out Tyler Palko at PITT.. Who was that?

  27. Steelers fans are in serous denial. You have no running back, no reeivers, Miller is done. Little Ben will spend most of the season in a wheel chair on the sidelines by the time the Ravens D smacks him around!!

    Your team will be lucky to win 4 games in 2013!

  28. Can any of them play quarterback? Can’t wait raven nation realizes they signed jump ball king to a 120 million dollar contract.

  29. Steelers fans are in serous denial. You have no running back, no reeivers, Miller is done. Little Ben will spend most of the season in a wheel chair on the sidelines by the time the Ravens D smacks him around!!

    Your team will be lucky to win 4 games in 2013!

    Charlie Batch will be the rat birds twice …fine by me.

  30. Hey Ravens fans… How the hell you gonna score points with your defense? You still got to turn the ball over to that struggling offense. Flacco has no one to throw to… And we all know when he is pressured he goes Wacko, interceptions fumbles etc. 120m down the toilet for the next 6 years… Enjoy your super bowl because you will never see another one with Flacco as your quarterback.

  31. First it was Ravens will never win a Superbowl with Flacco now its the Ravens will not win another Superbowl with Flacco and next it will be the cant win 3 superbowls with Flacco it will never stop no matter what haters wont allow it.

  32. Lol…. I love how the steeler fan mantra was “ravens will never win a Super Bowl with Flacco”. Now it’s “wont win another one with Flacco” lol … i can tell alot of thought webt into that…so simple minded!!

  33. offensive struggles you say? cant handle the pressure you say? lets see….2012 playoff run…11 tds 0 turnovers close to 900 yds passing and close to 120 pts scored. hmm…looks good to me. oh..the 2 highest point totals cam against the two top defenses they faced. please know what you are talking about when you post. go ravens

  34. How about them Penguins! I mean this doesn’t affect Raven fans since there in Maryland! Hey who does Maryland fans root for in the NHL? Since you have no ties with D.C. … All you Raven fans were Redskin fans before 96… And your older siblings are still Colts fans… Skins will have a better record than Baltimore.. And the burgh wins the North while Ben throws all over your weak secondary! I mean Whacko is only 3 years younger than Ben.. But we are so old! Lets go Pens!

  35. I’d like to see some of these picks packaged to move up and draft a LT. Oher is better on the right side, and KO needs to stay at LG.

  36. Steeler fans are jealous man you can see it in every post…Big Ben’s body and shoulder is fried from taking punishment we all saw him turn into a pick machine last year. You have no running back and your biggest WR pick up was Plax. The OL cant protect anyone. Aside from Timmons and Woodley who are still good your D is made up of old Keisel, old Foot, old slow Ike Taylor, your safeties are old and injury prone, and your other DB William Gay is terrible!!! Oh and you still have no cap space!!! Hahahahaha SMH

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