Rodney Harrison thinks Pats got it right with Adrian Wilson


From time to time over the past few years, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison has explained that his former teams needs to add a player like, well, him.

Finally, he thinks they have in Adrian Wilson, who was signed by New England after being cut by the Cardinals.

“Adding him, the veteran leadership, the presence, the respect factor, he’s a guy that’s a terrific blitzer, and a physical presence,” Harrison told Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald.  “I think he can come in especially during nickel and dime situations, and come down [close to the line] and play that second linebacker position like I did.  He’s physical enough to help out in the run game, but he can also cover tight ends. So he can be that guy next to [Jerod] Mayo who can come in and really make a difference in that nickel and dime package. . . . It’s a fantastic move.  I think he’ll help the Patriots immediately.  I think he’ll hold people accountable.”

But what about Ed Reed?  Many believed that Pats coach Bill Belichick would make a beeline for the now-former Raven, who signed with the Texans.”For what the Patriots need, they don’t need Ed Reed.  They need an Adrian Wilson,” Harrison said.  “They don’t need a free safety that can intercept balls.  They have that.  Devin McCourty is that Ed Reed [role].  He doesn’t have that name behind him.  But he is developing into a young safety.  They need a guy like Adrian Wilson who can really give them versatility in those nickel and dime packages.  He’ll help that secondary right away.”

Harrison recognizes that Wilson has lost a step, but he’s at a point in his career where every player loses a step.

“The one question he’ll have to answer, will he be a full-time, every down safety?” Harrison said.  “Can he cover in open space?  Will he be able to cover the deep half of the field?  That’s a lot of questions.  But I’ll say it again, I think this is a good move for the Patriots.”

For a team with an offense that has been good enough in recent years to win another Super Bowl, Wilson could be the guy who helps make the difference on the defensive side of the ball.

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  1. Adrian Wilson only joined the patriots so he can visit Tom Brady’s house and use the heated toilet seats. hey Tom, can I come over? I will bring some of Peyton Manning’s papa John’s pizza

  2. Have the Patriots ever made a move that Rodney Harrison didn’t endorse with full, near-sycophantic enthusiasm?

  3. Kudos to the Patriots — Adrian Wilson was a beast with the Cardinals year in and year out. He’s a leader, a thumper and still one hell of an athlete — anyone see him clear that 66″ bar on YouTube can attest to that. Phenomenal.

    Wilson still has some juice – credit to New England for landing him. They’re going to be that much harder for my Steelers to deal with.

  4. Agree with every word of Harrison’s quotes. I know BB has always ran the team looking toward the future and while it has made them the best team of the decades hey haven’t had that same complete team look since 07′, but I get the feeling he is finally pushing all of his chips in the middle now to ride out his final 3-5 years with Brady and Wison as his guys to go out in a blaze of glory.

    Trying to be a realist when looking at this team, but, Very good (and young) versitile Lb corps, veteran hard hitter enforcing the middle, good corner in Talib we can feel comfortable to match up on opposing team’s #1 wr freeing up help getting pressure. If Jones (and McCourty in 2nd year at FS with a full offseason at that position) makes leaps and bounds in his second year this D reminds me a lot of the early 00’s dynasty defense. But development is the key here.

    Difference in those teams is the offense is waaaaaaay better and can take some pressure off the defense. Brady really seems to be taking his last years by the balls too, working out with Hernandez and Amendola soon at home. I’m pretty excited about this new “all in mentality” and again as a realist I can see this team getting at least one more SB before Brady Wison and BB ride off into the sunset together, with the possibility of finishing off a 19-0 season, the have the mentality to do it they won’t rest key guys down the stretch and the 07 year will be a good lesson to look back and learn from. And after their run is finally over there is still a very good young talent pool left, in a perfect world JMD would take over as coach and Mallett would stick around to take over for Brady but I highly doubt the latter. Wishful thinking on all of this I know but is it too far fetched? I think not too far fetched, they are defiantly not on the decline.

  5. I really hope all the players stay relatively healthy this year. I don’t want standings to come down to injuries to significant players this season.

    The AFC would be an awesome battle between the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, and Texans. All probably still battling for playoff seeding into the last week of the season.

    Most of these teams seem to be making the right moves to stay competitive. I question Houston for still not adding(or even trying to…) add a receiver. But if they can keep that defense and running game going then good for them.

  6. 19 – 0 season? You’re totally delusional.

    The Pats defense, which was absolutely pathetic last year, is going to morph into a strength? Why, because they re-signed Talib (who could blow up at any point) and an aging safety?

    On 4th and 4 with the game on the line Brady wouldn’t/couldn’t outrun a 300+ lb Ngata. Threw it to no one instead. Be prepared for Brady’s skills to go precipitously downhill at some point. Maybe not this year, but sooner than you expect.

    If they played in any division other than the weak AFC East they wouldn’t even be in the discussion. Dream on, but don’t make your superbowl reservations just yet.

  7. Still and always will be the best team in football. The Patriots are gods among men. There is not a team that can compete. Redskins have a gimp at QB, Steelers don’t have a team Ravens have a Mark Sanchez clone they just paid 20 million a year. Wake me up for the Super bowl when we expose the option QB offense for the joke it is.

  8. So you’re telling me the guy is going to be 34 this year and he hasn’t lost a step along the way? Ya, and video taping didn’t help the Patriots win a few Superbowls either, so much that Goodell just destroyed the tapes for the fun of it.

    To bad that Wilson didn’t get a ring with the Cardinals because now it appears he’ll never get one.

  9. Rodney is right with his points, but I think he skipped a very critical reason to Wilson’s signing. Wilson will be used to counter QB’s who use the read-option.

  10. So let me get this straight…Rodney Harrison (former Patriot) likes the Patriot signing? The hell you say! What are you going to report next? Teddy Bruschi LOVES the Amendola signing?

    Pats blow. Move on.

  11. Ya, and video taping didn’t help the Patriots win a few Superbowls either

    No rule against taping defensive signals prior to 06.

  12. I have lots of respect for Adrian Wilson and watching him play in the NFC West was a treat. But two years ago he started his decline from elite level even though he made the pro bowl on his name that year. I think this past year nearly all of the secondary plays from Cards were made by Rhodes and Petterson.

  13. All they need now to win another Super Bowl is to have more illegal game tapes.

  14. Rodney’s been pretty critical about the Patriots lack of a hard hitting defense since he’s been in broadcasting.

    Apparently most of these snarky commenters aren’t quite the football experts they think they are.

  15. “Can he cover in open space? Will he be able to cover the deep half of the field? That’s a lot of questions…

    Like, can he do a better job of covering Mike Wallace than he did in ’11, when he got beat for a 95 yard completion (the longest in Steelers history)?

    “Harrison recognizes that Wilson has lost a step, but he’s at a point in his career where every player loses a step.”

    Next question.

  16. Who is this “6ball” Chucklehead? “Signing Woodrow Wilson would be an improvement” really? Do we not see how well they did (defensively) once Talib stabilized the secondary taking on #1 receivers?

    It never ceases to amaze me when turd burglars like “6ball” say something so stupid (even trying to be funny).. This person sounds more like a Pat hater and that’s all it is.. When will this idiotic behavior stop? If you are going to post here you may want to have a real clue as to what you’re posting about and, especially, the sport you’re posting about!

    And “Jrcoop”… He’s covering in the middle of the field (on Nickel & Dime situations especially as a “Hybrid Linebacker” just as Harrison said in the artciel that you apparently didn’t read) and the article specifically mentions covering TIGHT ENDS! Mike Wallace is NOT A TIGHT END!

    We wonder why cultures outside of the US think we’re a bunch of idiots, fools and lazy unemployed food stamp abusers! hahahaha

  17. In case you didn’t know Wilson tore his bicep in the preseason 2 years ago.he played through it.He will be solid.

  18. @hinksonri

    The quotes in my take were Harrison’s, so yes I did read the article (by the way smart guy, spell check that word next time).

    I wonder why we allow people from other cultures come to our country and become unemployed food stamp abusers.

  19. Wilson adds toughness and depth. For any one who watched the Patriots last season a little more closely, you would have noticed how Talib stopped the bleeding. He was what got them the #2 seed and a home AFC Championship game. When he went down vs the Ravens, Baltimore took advantage. A healthy Talib gives the Pats a good secondary. Now if he goes down, McCourty can move to corner, Wilson plays strong safety while Gregory/Wilson can play free safety which they’re more suited for anyway. Arrington is ok to cover the slot but he constantly gets beat on the outside. he can not start at corner.

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