Romo contract underscores importance of new deal for Rodgers


At a time when it appeared that the next quarterback contract extension would be given to Aaron Rodgers by the Packers, the Cowboys finally got their long-coveted deal in place with Tony Romo.

And with Romo, who has won precisely one career playoff game, now under contract at a seven-year average of $17 million, Rodgers’ two remaining seasons at less than $10 million per year become even more glaring.

A new deal for Rodgers is indeed coming.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it could come before the draft — or it could come before Week One.  Regardless, Rodgers will soon see years added to his current contract.

The magic number making the rounds is four year, $100 million.  And while that translates to an eye-popping $25 million annual average, adding that to the current money he’s due to make would put Rodgers in the same six-year, $120 million ballpark that marks the top of the market.

That’s why Rodgers’ deal could actually be worth even more than $25 million per year in new money.  Whatever his average will be, it’s widely believed that Rodgers will be setting a high-water mark that won’t soon be eclipsed.

Regardless of the final amount, it needs to happen.  In comparison to other franchise quarterbacks, Rodgers is grossly underpaid.  Though he has done nothing to express displeasure with his current contract, Rodgers would be wise to insist on the protection that comes from a new contract before showing up for offseason workouts on April 15.

42 responses to “Romo contract underscores importance of new deal for Rodgers

  1. Rodgers is going to get overpaid and it’s going to be hilarious watching the Packers fail because of his greed

    Should have just kept Matt Flynn and traded Rodgers to some suckers

  2. I only wish that the Packers signed Rodgers to a new contract earlier to see how Flacco’s agent would’ve stuck to his comment of wanting Flacco to be the highest paid QB. There’s no way Baltimore would have shelled out a deal close to 6 year 150 million just to beat Rodgers.

  3. How the hell can you compete if 20% of your salary pool, a pool which has to pay 51 players, goes to one player?

    Are teams getting too content having a “franchise” caliber quarterback? “Ahh, hell, we got one, just give him whatever he wants…. we may not be able to win eleven games, but we’ll win more than six.”

  4. I hope they give him at least that . Then when the team does not have any money to surround him with good players we can all sit back and laugh. They are all greedy and the fans will continue to buy over priced tickets to pay these ridiculous contracts.

  5. Rodgers will get his money, but he won’t be the highest paid when the dust settles.

    I expect the Falcons to break the bank to keep Matt Ryan long term. He’s gonna want more than what Flacco and Romo are getting.

  6. T. Nomo is worth nowhere near $17M a yr. he chokes a lot in games. Cowgirls shoulda made the playoffs the last 2 yrs. Nomo isn’t an elite QB. Rodgers on the other hand is an elite QB & is worth paying him. Cowgirls will never win a SB w/T. Nomo

  7. This is basically the same article posted a couple weeks ago. One thing you are leaving out Mike is that the Packers paid Rodgers quite well based on only 6 games experience, thats why Rodgers isn’t complaining even though you wish he would.

    As far as the jealous fans you only wish you had a qb as good.

  8. Rodgers deserves every penny he will get. total class act and team player. watched every GB play since he’s taken over. GB is a fringe playoff team without him, contender every year with him. anybody who says he isn’t worth it, or is a system player, or blah blah blah either dislikes GB/him or doesn’t watch football.

  9. “Romo/Rodgers –same player qualities” — WHAT??? Are you nuts? They’re not even close. It amazes me that two middle-of-the-pack QBs — Flacco and Romo — were able to throw the whole QB market out of whack. Baltimore and Dallas will both regret their foolishness. Meanwhile, Rodgers will humbly earn the record-breaking contract he’s going to get.

  10. I have never read some many ignorant comments in my life.. Rodgers has won a super bowl and has an MVP so… Oh yeah and look at the numbers you fools, compared to the rest of the league.. Ohh yeah that’s right he is top five in every major category. Nuff said.

  11. Coming from Baltimore I find it amusing that Flacco is at the top of the food chain. That said, Rodgers should be in the 150-175 mil zone at the very least.

  12. Green Bay, pay Rodgers more than Dallas overpay Romo!!!

    He’s at least worthy of a new contract unlike the 1 playoff win, no-MVP winner!!

  13. In most professions there is always someone who is essentially overpaid or at least more than someone that does the same job better. Why is it such a crime in football?

  14. Aaron Rodgers is light years ahead of Romo as far as everything that has anything to do with Quarterbacking an NFL team is concerned. Rodgers doesn’t have a solid running game to keep opposing defenses second guessing, but that’s what you get with a west coast thingy. if both were to hit the open market tomorrow Rodgers would have every qb needy team ringing his cell before he left the parking lot, and some teams that may not need a qb would still be calling him.

  15. What exactly does a man have to do get his comment published on his website ? My last 5 comments haven’t been posted and none of them contained any profanities.

  16. I wondering if this will balance out the amount he lost due to the free fall in the draft.

  17. There are 5 elite Qb’s in the league right now. With track records, with consistencies. Brady, Rogers, Brees, Manning and Manning. Following that there is the next level Big Ben, Flacco, Ryan, Romo (maybe), Schaub, Rivers .Then there are a bunch of up and comers and guys who got game – Luck, Newton, Stafford, Cutlet, Kaperdink, et al. Give me AR any day.

    So Rogers will deserve his payday – any of the top 5 almost always guarantee that their team will make the playoffs or be playing for a spot on the last weekend or two -no matter how many injuries they incur during the year.

  18. Rodgers is the best QB in football and deserves to be paid probably $25 million a year…that team w no running game and a porous defense would get steamrolled without him. He is like Manning or Brady in that he makes his WR and TE look way better than they are…and yet, paying him a boatload of money will make filling out that roster with talent cost-prohibitive.

  19. Rodgers will get over paid and the packers will find out that he cant win games bye his self. NO running game.. NO real #1 WR.. just roll players. and Finley who dont even like Rodgers and has no problem saying so. With this seasons schedule the packers got problems

  20. I refused to feel sorry for anyone making 6 million a year. he knew somebody would make more than him when he signed the contract but took the big signing bonus over a higher yearly salary. sign 1 year contracts since you know somebody will make more than you next year. but they will never do that because it would mean they would have to produce every year to get for their contracts not being guaranteed so what? the signing bonus is! not only do you get a yearly salary but a fat guaranteed check no matter what you do after. I do not want to hear any whining from cheeseheads after he gets his mega deal and they do not have enough money to sign any of their other players or free agents 3 years from now.

  21. I hope he gets a huge bonus for his role ending the Viking season in such humiliating fashion, and for making the Bears his personal chew toy for the last 3 years.

    As long as the Packers have Rodgers, the Vikings and Bear franchises are completely irrelevant.

  22. If Rodgers and his Agent were smart, they would structure the contract like the Pat’s did with Brady. The Pat’s now have money to build around Brady and win more Championships and possible SB’s. Now if they do Win, Brady can make this up (money) with more endorsements.

  23. The jealousy over Rodgers is hilarious. Most of you losers would kill for Rodgers to QB your team. You know it and cannot admit it. The fact that your idiot teams passed on him in the draft still stings pretty bad I would bet.
    Rodgers will not break the bank because he wants to win and have additional talent. You are about to see a home town discount here people.

  24. all these bloated huge money QB contracts are just killing the quality of the players their teams can afford to surround them with. At some point this absurdity must stop. How many multi millions of dollars does a human actually need to live well and take care of ones family.

  25. Signing Rodgers will get the Packers to the playoffs every year. Signing Romo ensures the Cowboys will never see a SB while Romo is there.

  26. Chitown what is a roll player? Is that someone who has to get the doughnuts? I feel like the guy on the Geico commercial talking to the kids.

  27. The CBA or whatever needs to include some sort of a ceiling for any position …. these QB contracts are getting out of hand…

    Lots of players are getting cut just to make room for these QBs to get their money.

    16 – 20 mil and nothing more ?

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