Tebow, Jets remain in holding pattern

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One of the biggest surprises of the 2012 offseason was the decision of the Denver Broncos to trade quarterback Tim Tebow.  One of the biggest surprises of the 2013 offseason has been the decision of the New York Jets to keep Tebow on the roster.

Though cutting or trading Tebow would create some cap space (he has a base salary of $2.58 million in 2013), the Jets presumably are squatting on Tebow in the hopes that someone will offer something/anything for the former first-rounder for whom the Jets gave up a fourth-round and sixth-round pick last March.  (At least they picked up an extra seventh rounder as part of the transaction.)

Things get interesting come April 15, when the Jets open their offseason  program.  Tebow undoubtedly will be there will bells on, working hard to prepare for the coming season.  Apart from the risk of an injury that could put the Jets on the hook for his full salary in the coming year, Tebow brings an inherent distraction.  Will the Jets want him around the players who, unlike him, actually have a chance of being on the roster in 2013?

It’s unlikely that anyone will trade for Tebow, and the sooner he gets a chance to join another offseason program, the better the chance he’ll have to prove himself.  So the right thing for the Jets to do would be to cut him, sooner rather than later.

With the draft coming only 10 days after the Jets open their offseason program, the biggest question is whether they’ll cut him if they can’t trade him before April 15, or whether they’ll cut him if they can’t move him during the draft.

Either way, any outcome other than the Jets cutting him would be a shock.

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  1. Jets should of let him start the last 2 games last year. Maybe , someone would of traded for him. If he won or looked have decent. Once again , not letting him play back fired for jets. Worst team in NFL right now.

  2. There is no chance, zip, zero, that he is on the roster on April 15th, for the exact reason you state. They will not risk him getting injured and the possibility of being stuck with him.

    Which is one reason no one is offering anything for him. The fact that he is incapable of playing QB effectively and refuses to change positions is the other, more important reason.

  3. The jets used this guy last year to help sell tickets and then never gave the fans a chance to see what he could do. Woody Johnson used Tebow and the fans and screwed them both with his greed.

    Now they’re screwing Tebow over again delaying his chance to learn a new system with a new team when they clearly have no intention of playing him.

    I don’t like Tebow on a personal level because he rubs his religion in the faces of anyone who watches him play but c’mon, cut him loose and let him get on with whatever he has left of an nfl career.

  4. OR, Timmy could do what Timmy does best and try to make himself the center of attention by NOT showing up for work on April 15. At that point, everyone in the media will be gushing all over him again. And don’t forget, he skipped workouts with the Broncos during the lockout so it wouldn’t be the first time he didn’t show up to work with his teammates.

  5. I think the 49ers should trade one of their four 7th round draft picks for Tebow. He’s at least worth one of those. The Jets can’t expect much more than that for not showcasing him last season. I would really like seeing him in a Niner uniform!

  6. Isn’t this the best situation right now? Nobody expects Tebow to play, the media won’t be going crazy for him. It doesn’t sound like a bad move to keep him besides the cap.

  7. “So the right thing for the Jets to do would be to cut him, sooner rather than later.”

    Spoken like a true Tebow homer, Florio.

  8. Tebow can be a good or maybe a great fullback.He got Denver to the playoffs. I think the Jets will keep him. He shown some blocking skills.

  9. Houston is the best place for Tebow. Not only will his presence push Schaub, but also utilize his personal skill sets. He could add an extra dimension much like James Casey did as fullback. The Texans have too many high character guys, that would not allow the media nonsense to tear apart the locker room. Tebow also is very much a team player, not a sish quarterback, that some characterize . The rollouts, play action and quick hit routes will play into his ability, as he’s not asked to read coverages as much, and make overwhelming decisions. I’m not his biggest fan as a qb, but he does present a unique ability to bring teams, players, and a winning attitude. He is humble enough to play multiple spots, and his will do attitude will rub off on others.

  10. There’s a video around showing new Jaguars coach Gus Bradley addressing the Wichita St. basketball team last week on their plane in LA. He asked for permission to board (he was at Matt Barkley’s Pro Day at USC) to say hello to them.

    In the video, he emphasized that the biggest thing an NFL team has to avoid is distractions. Based on that, don’t you think he’d love to have Tebow in town?

    What about the tarps, Mattsffrd? You forgot to mention the tarps.

  11. When they cut him…..Pats grab him for little more than the minimum to become H back/4th TE/Goal Line Blocker/Special Team Monster etc……he then has a long career serving in whatever capacity the Pats need.

  12. If Tebow can resurrect his career after being on the Jets, that will be an accomplishment of Biblical proportions

    I mean talk about rising from the dead!.

  13. He can run the option/spread offense for a practice team. That or moving him to full back/TE is he only real value right now. Not sure he will be in the NFL long unless he accepts a different role.

  14. Just release this kid! This is starting to seem really bizarre and beginning to wreak of some sort of animosity. Both parties need to part company immediately.

  15. Tebow is capable of rushing for 1000 yards in a 16 game season, and occasionally burning teams passing the ball. He’d be a good fit for any new age offense, and he’d make a solid backup anywhere. Fwiw, his stats through his first 14 starts are almost identical to Mike Vick’s. Both rushing and passing.

  16. I don’t understand why everyone hates Tebow? People say they want clean, wholesome role models, they get one and hate him. He won’t the AFC West for the Broncos and knocked te Steelers out of the playoffs with a PASS PLAY!! One game shy of Super Bowl. What did ever do to u people? I actually feel bad for him. These type of fans are embarrassing and shameful.

  17. Holding on to Tebow might indicate how disillusioned the Jets coaching staff was. They could not maximize his skills, yet GM thinks there may be value.

    Perhaps with an innovative head coach. Something Jets have lacked since Prarcells

  18. Like it or not, Tebow wins games. The Broncos sucked without him and when he came in, he took that same team to the playoffs. People say that the team had a good running game and defense forget that they royally sucked until Tebow came in. He looks horrible, he’s bad in practice, but somehow, he gets it done. Since most everyone has written him off, the Jets will probably have him starting this year.

  19. Cut him and Sanchez and try to create a real NFL team. The Jets are the laughing stock of the league.

  20. The Jets should have given this kid a shot. What did they have to lose. They suck anyway. They probably would have won some games.

  21. The Broncos were lucky to back into the playoffs with tebow when they lost their last three regular-season games to end the year, then they got lucky against the Steelers and got crushed by the patriots. That means he lost four of the last five games he started for the Broncos, tell me again why people call him a winner? If you break down the tape of him playing, he’s a terrible quarterback. If it wasn’t for the religious angle, most of his fans wouldn’t care about him at all.

  22. They just need to cut him. He’s an absolute lousy player and is worthless on the trade market. No team in their right mind would give up anything for him.

    Some pathetic team will pick him up, but he has little to no chance of making the final 53 on any team.

    Time to think about the Arena league.

  23. The only reason the jets are keeping him is so that another team can not show them how to use him. they are afraid of him going somewhere else and being used properly. the whole organization is a joke

  24. As a long time browns fan, I would not mind seeing them acquire Tebow. You have to admit that Tebow is a great overall athlete. He is young and teachable. Based on all of the quarterbacks that they have brought through the door, why not! He beat the Steelers with a great pass a couple years ago in the playoffs. He could be a used in a variety of offensive positions. Give him a chance Browns!

  25. The Tebow conspiracy theory lives on…the “he just needs a chance” stuff is a joke. He has a chance every time he practices, every time he’s in a meeting and is asked “what do you think?”. No NFL teams is going to sit their best player at each position, period. Maybe their plan for him failed, maybe they thought he’d emerge, maybe they thought they could mold him…bottom line is he didn’t work out. As for the Broncos, a new regime is never going to risk their career lengevity on inherited goods/philosophy but with their players and their philosophy.

  26. Bit presumptuous saying that Tebow has “no chance” of being on the roster this year. Here’s the ten bucks, Great Mysterious Michael, put down the crystal ball and take off that ridiculous gypsy drag costume.

  27. Jeez, why is everyone worrying about where Tebow will land. We all know what his plans are for the future. It hasn’t been announced yet, but Tim will be named the head cheerleader for the Wichita State basketball team. The university felt he did such a great job speaking to the team after the opening weekend, they offered him the chance to do that full time which means not only men’s hoops, but also women’s, men’s and women’s soccer and selected other sports.

  28. The Jets don’t owe Tebow a damned thing. He got paid over 1.5 million last year to smile and answer stupid questions. The guy is the only scrub in the NFL with his own private Jet.
    He’s under contract and they’ll keep him or release him when they’re good and ready. he had opportunities last year and did nothing with them.
    He can cry all the way to the bank, church or the Arena League.

  29. The reason we are still talking about Tebow is because he won games. If he comes in for Denver and they continue to lose, miss the playoffs and never beat the Steelers, no one would be talking about him now.

  30. Give him a chance? He failed in practice and was passed over by a third stringer. Defenses figured out his weird non-QB style of play

  31. There should be a trade between the NY Jets and the Carolina Panthers. Tim Tebow for Jimmy Clausen. Straight up. No draft picks are involved. This is a win..win situation for both players and both teams. Its not likely to happen but should.

  32. I am pleased to see multiple Browns’ fans say bring him to Cleveland. We here would like nothing more than to have Tim Tebow in Cleveland.

    As for the private jet; he does fly private but I believe a friend flys him to his speaking engagements so they do not cut into his training time. It is an in-kind ministry contribution to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

  33. I’d trade Flynn for Tebow. I think Flynn is going to be a decent starter, and I’d love to see what PC could come up with to actually use him. Tebow could also win a couple games if RW got hurt, especially handing the rock to Lynch, and maybe RW could show him how a modest christian acts.

  34. Yep, they’re in a holding pattern. Tebow is holding his bible while Rex is holding his feet.

  35. Let’s face it, Tebow embarassed the Jets on Thursday night in 2011 so the Jets made it a point to waste him away on the sidelines and as punt protector in 2012.

  36. I never understood why the Jets never used on short yardage goal line stuff. I think he gives defenses fits down there and I think he can score touchdowns.

    Better I guess than having Sancho tackle himself down there………

  37. Matt Prater and that defense carried them to the playoffs, don’t be silly. Tebow was comical for 3 qtrs and would somehow manage to make some plays in the 4th qtr to win games.

  38. Not sure if you remember watching the playoff game against the patriots, but it wasn’t Tebow who didn’t show up. The defense played like complete garbage. Peyton Manning would have lost that game.

  39. Who knows, maybe this OC will actually, you know, try to actually use Tebow the way the first OC said he would.

  40. Morningweg will lean towards Sanchez…I do not see any reason why Tebow does not win the #3 QB job. McElroy was a Rex Ryan Hype Promo… His NFL shelf life is dying..Come September, Tebow will be on the 53 man roster and Mcelroy will be practice squad

  41. Any other articles about what teams are doing with their third string QBs? The sooner he gets to another team and gets to play, the sooner he will be exposed as a lucky fluke, the sooner we won’t have to read articles about him.

  42. wrenches2pipes says:Mar 31, 2013 1:36 PM

    Mr. Florio, great headline.The Jets have been in a holding pattern for 44yrs.

    Translation: I still have 31 teams left to choose from who I’ll root for this season.

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