Arrival of Kevin Kolb won’t keep Bills from drafting a quarterback

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Kevin Kolb appears to be the short-term answer as the Bills’ starting quarterback. But they’ll continue to look for a long-term answer.

The two-year deal worth a maximum of $13 million that Kolb has agreed to with the Bills makes Kolb the favorite to open the 2013 season as the Bills’ starting quarterback, but Buffalo has spent a lot of time this offseason looking at quarterbacks in the draft, and bringing Kolb on board for a two-year deal may just mean that the Bills want someone who can hold down the job until a quarterback they draft is ready to take over as the long-term starter.

In fact, Peter King of reports that the Bills are still likely to take a quarterback in the first or second round. King mentions West Virginia’s Geno Smith as a player the Bills could take with the No. 8 overall pick.

Bills officials are workout out USC’s Matt Barkley in Los Angeles today, and the Bills have also worked out Smith, Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones and Tennessee’s Tyler Bray. The quarterback whom the Bills know best is Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib, who played for new Bills coach Doug Marrone the last four years.

There’s a good chance that one of those young quarterbacks will compete with Kolb in training camp for the starting job. And there’s a good chance that even if Kolb wins that competition, he’ll just be a place holder for a rookie who will eventually emerge as the Bills’ franchise quarterback.

39 responses to “Arrival of Kevin Kolb won’t keep Bills from drafting a quarterback

  1. Wait….they’re thinking of letting Kevin Kolb play quarterback?

    I just assumed they needed someone to dress up in the mascot suit.

  2. The plan is to use Kolb as a stopgap until the rookie qb is ready, but things don’t always go as planned.

    Consider the situation in Arizona when they Drafted Matt Leinart high and added a supposedly washed-up Kurt Warner to their roster. I just hope for a wide-open qb competition in Buffalo this summer.

  3. Would Doug Marrone really choose Geno, the guy he crushed in the Pinstripe Bowl, with his Top 10 pick over his own guy (Nassib), who can probably be had in the second or third round? I’m not so sure.

  4. Peter King did not “report” that they are likely to take a QB in the 1st or 2nd round. He gave his opinion. Let’s not confuse the two.

  5. The good fans of Buffalo will now be eating corn off the Kolb for 2 years. In advance, sorry to you all.

  6. With rookie contracts much lower now, and the need for a top QB greater then ever, why not just take QBs in the 1st of 2nd round until you’re sure you’ve found one? Riding a bad QB for three years because you don’t want to admit you were wrong makes no sense.

  7. What is Kolb’s career record as a starter? What is Vince Young’s career record as a starter?? Which QB is still in the league???

  8. Who would I rather have between Kolb and Sanchez and Tannehill?

    I guess there is no answer. There is only another Patriots Division Championship….

    Note: I’m not a Patriots Fan…but lets be real about the state of the AFC East.

  9. Just heard a story about Kolb which makes me not quite wanna kill myself. He hunts Boar with his bare hands to get in shape during the offseason. Good skill to have in Buffalo.

  10. Kevin Kolb’s respect level doesn’t even get him a photo in an article written about him. He gets to see a possible wanna-be replacement’s photo instead. Maybe completing a handful of passes to your own team would help bring back the luster…….nah! April Fool, Kevin.

  11. They’re not gonna draft a qb. If they do then the NFL should just dissolve the franchise for being so stupd. If all they want is a temporary caretaker they already had that on the roster in Jackson. They wouldn’t waste 13 million for something they already had. Or would they?

    If Kolb is your guy then let him be your guy. If he’s not then don’t waste the time or money.

  12. Kolb will start until Nassib gets up to speed. There is no doubt in my mind that the Bills will draft Ryan Nassib. I am hoping he will last until the second round, that way the Bills can grab a Linebacker or Receiver with the #8 pick, maybe Jones/Mingo/Patterson/Austin?

  13. Please fo not pick Nassib! Please do not pick Nassib!

    To many scouts say he doesn’t have arm strength to throw ball down feild!

    Please do not select him just because u coached him!

  14. question to the “patriots fans” who come on here to trash the bills while offering no logical insight……were u still a “patriots fan” when the bills spent over a decade stomping the hell out of u? I don’t remember too many people saying they were patriots back then….just wondering.

  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick was and currently is a better NFL starter than Kevin Kolb. Head Scratcher here… now i understand the strategy behind the move moving forward, but come on

  16. The Bills are more ineptly run than the Obama Administration. Everybody knows their picking Nassib, and I mean everybody. No matter how many quarterback they bring in for tryouts, no matter how many washed-up quaterbacks they sign, they’re not fooling anyone.

    The only question that is left is will they panic like a rookie Texas Hold ’em poker player going all in with pocket 2’s and trade up to get him when they can easily grab him in the second or third round.

    Doug Marrne is an amateur and in way, way over his head. I know Buffalo has a losing tradition and all, but it’s still better than the “winning” one Marrone built at Syracuse (if you can call a .500 record “winning”).

  17. question to the “patriots fans” who come on here to trash the bills while offering no logical insight……were u still a “patriots fan” when the bills spent over a decade stomping the hell out of u? I don’t remember too many people saying they were patriots back then….just wondering.

    Excellent…excellent point. Short memories also when the Dolphins beat then 20 X in a row…. oh wait, was that the bills?

  18. Hey, Buffalo…if you don’t want Kolb, we’ll take him back in Philly in a heart beat. He was the prefect QB for our West Coast offense…

  19. I think the Bills are missing out, by not playing TJax. Look, he was not that bad in Seattle, and we did win some games with him, some really hard fought games. But Carroll wanted more experience on the field and so we got Flynn. Then in the end, the raw recruit from college, got the job. Go figure.

    But to continually dis TJax, when he hasn’t been given an honest try, does nothing for him, or Buffalo. Nobody knew about Brady either, till he got the chance. So give TJax the chance.

  20. Do they really expect Kolb to be able to play in the swirling winds of Ralph Wilson stadium ? It says a lot that the Chiefs & Andy Reid didnt make a run at Kolb….Alex Smith or not, this was supposed to be a Reid guy.

  21. If KK, was such a Reid guy, why did he literally beg his way out of Philly? He was very fortunate that Arizona was willing to front some big numbers for him, numbers he couldn’t get as Vick’s understudy.

    I don’t see Reid, as ever making an offer to the Cards, for Kevin.

  22. I have to give it to the Bills here. I was wondering how they were going to figure out a way to pass on all of the 1st round QB’s they have been looking at so they could take the guy they really want which is Nasbid. Well this will do it!. Now they don’t need to take a QB in the 1st round. Well played Buffalo. Ain’t going to help them win, but well played

  23. And if Mo Lewis never knocked Bledsoe out of that game maybe you’d never hear Tom Brady’s name for years to come. That was simply a lucky break, nothing more. So the Pats lucked out with that one.

  24. Kolb’s contract says it all: $ 13 million MAX over 2 years, which averages out to $ 6.5 million maximum per year if he reaches all incentives. What that should tell you is that they expect him to come in and win the starting job this year, but end up being the back-up next season.

    Why is that the expectation? Because they’re going to draft a rookie who won’t be ready to start this season, but should be ready going into next year.

    Who is that likely to be? Unless the Bills draft a QB at # 8 (Smith and Barkley are the only logical choices there), given the number of teams that need QBs who are drafting ahead of them in Rd. 2, there’s a very good chance that a number of QBs, like Nassib and Glennon, etc., will be off the board before they pick at # 41. With the Bills having only 6 picks in this draft, Nix is unlikely to want to pay what it will cost to trade up ahead of those teams, so I would expect him to look at someone who has the physical tools, but will need a full season to develop. You can look at who is in this year’s draft class and get a pretty good idea who might fit that description.

    There are two reasons why the Bills ended up with Kolb rather than Fitzpatrick. Fitz refused to restructure his contract so that it would be like the one Kolb is getting, ie. Kolb is contract is more in line with that of a 1 year starter/1 year backup. And, Kolb actually has a somewhat better deep ball than Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick’s inability to throw the ball deep seriously restricted the offense and hurt its capabilities.

    Kolb may be no savior, but, given that he will have a better offensive line and running game than in Arizona (or even Philly when he was there), he has a chance to at least be a competent starting QB if he can stay healthy. If the Bills can get a couple more receivers (one in the draft) for him, this could be a genuine opportunity for him to finally fulfill his potential.

    Given the money, however, TJax will get his shot at beating out Kolb–pretty much because both will be playing for one job. If he can do it, fine. If not, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to have TJax (or Kolb) backing up Kolb (or TJax) for a year while the rookie carries a clipboard and learns how to be a starting QB in the NFL instead of getting his head beat in out on the field, making mistakes and losing winnable games.

    Signing Kolb won’t keep the Bills from drafting a QB, but it may change who they will draft. And, it may allow them to use the # 8 pick to get fill one of the holes in their roster with a much better prospect than they would get if they were married to taking a QB at # 8, which they aren’t now. But, don’t just assume this means they will take Nassib–they might, but it might very well be someone else entirely.

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