Bills to work out Ryan Nassib


The Bills are taking a close look at pretty much every quarterback in the 2013 draft pool.  It makes sense, then, that they’ll be eyeballing the quarterback who most recently played for the team’s new head coach.

According to Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550, the Bills will work out former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib.

The Bills arguably don’t need to work out Nassib, since coach Doug Marrone was Nassib’s coach at Syracuse.  But it makes sense to be complete, especially since Marrone isn’t the one who buys the groceries.

Despite signing quarterback Kevin Kolb over the weekend, it’s widely believed that the Bills are still in play for a rookie quarterback, with Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson likely competing for the same roster spot.

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  1. They should be working out Tyler Wilson. Good qb who is tough as nails. Played in the SEC which Buddy loves, but got killed behind a terrible O-line with no weapons to throw to. Give this guy any sort of protection and Buffalo would have their franchise qb.

  2. this is probably going to happen… and then he will be starter by week 4 because Kevin Kolb has proven in his NFL career that he is only good for about 4 weeks.

  3. does Vegas have odds on who will be drafted by who. Let’s face it who is kidding who. this is the guy the Bills are taking. Signing Kolb was the key, now they can pass on all of the high ranked QB’s so they can get Nasbib and add him to the rest of the Syracuse Football team that is on the team now.

  4. Agreed on Tyler Wilson. Kid is a beast. It’s unfortunate that his team went into total disarray after the head hog decided banging coeds on the sly was more fun.

  5. I’m not sure what Marrone expects to see in 55 scripted passes that he hasn’t seen in the other 5,000 plus he’s already observed…

  6. Don’t mean to be the turd in the punch bowl, but I’ve watched Nassib at Cuse and as he prepared for the upcoming draft. Honestly, I don’t know why everyone is targeting him to the Bills outside of the Marrone connection. Truth is the guy is wildly inconsistent, and not worth more than a 3rd or 4th round pick. I agree with possibly drafting Tyler Wilson and/or Landry Jones if the Bills are bent on taking a qb. There are other decent mid round prospects as well. Ideally, the Bills will go WR or O-line in the 1st, and the reverse of this in the 2nd. Give Kolb an offensive line for the first time in his career and another receiver to pair with Stevie Johnson and Kolb will be just fine. If Kolb fails, then you have set the table for a potential franchise qb in the 2014 draft. There are no franchise qb’s in this draft so stick with building the O-line and acquiring more weapons on offense. Buffalo can ill afford any more moves that set the franchise back even further as the fans have waited long enough.

  7. To those that are saying tha tthe Bills should work out Tyler Wilson, please keep in mind that they already have.

  8. This year’s QB class is very weak compared to last year which is when they should of taken a QB. We could of had Kapernick. I wouldn’t mind using Kolb as the starter with T Jax as the backup this year then drafting a QB next year. That’s what they should do IMO.

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