Cardinals cut John Skelton


Just seven months ago, the Cardinals named John Skelton their Week One starting quarterback. Now Skelton is out of work.

The Cardinals announced on Monday that they have released Skelton, who started 17 games for them in three years after joining the team as a fifth-round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

Although it’s rare for a quarterback who’s only 25 years old, who’s inexpensive and who has experience as a starter to get cut, this move is not particularly surprising. Skelton is probably the fourth-best quarterback on the Cardinals’ roster right now behind Drew Stanton, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Lindley, and he would become the fifth-best if the Cardinals acquire Carson Palmer.

And so Skelton is now without a team. Suffice to say, unlike 2012, in 2013, there’s not going to be a team willing to make Skelton its Week One starter.

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  1. When you’re the 4th best QB on a roster that lacks a QB, your NFL career is likely over.

  2. No surprise. Time for them to move on. Although he showed some potential in 2011 and had like a 6-2 record as a starter with the 4th Quarter comebacks, he could never put together a complete game.

    The blowout in the second Seattle game showed how much he lost his confidence.

  3. Skelton is probably the fourth-best quarterback on the Cardinals’ roster right now behind Drew Stanton, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Lindley, and he would become the fifth-best if the Cardinals acquire Carson Palmer.

    Wow, that is a SAD group of QB’s.

  4. So, their solution to qb is find other quarterbacks who either….didn’t start or struggled? From what I hear they keep talking up qbs that noone has ever see do anything special.

    Bruce Arians said that the qbs at the combine didn’t make him say “wow”, but who out of this bunch that he has now did?

    I’m a Packer fan, but I don’t mind rooting for the Cardinals, (even though they beat us in 2009), if I were them, I would take Geno Smith if he’s available, guy with mobility and has a big arm. Is he worth the 7 pick? Probably not, but he can learn, and contrary to popular belief, you DON’T need to start him his rookie year.

  5. “Skelton wasn’t the opening-day starter in 2012. Kolb was the starter.”

    Skelton was the opening day starter, but went out with an ankle injury. That gave Kolb the starting job until he got injured a few games later.

  6. On second thought, they were competing for the job when Kolb got hurt last pre-season in the HOF game, which made Skelton the starter by default, before he lost the job again to Kolb, then he got hurt.

    Got it?

  7. I liked Skelton – the big arm, cool under pressure. However, I think he had both a bad line, a non-existent running game, and Whisenhunt never was good at all for actual hands-on coaching of players: developing them, instructing them, etc. He just put them out there and told them to play.

  8. I dunno. Skelton was awful, but Lindley was worse. I expect Lindley to get cut in short order once Carson Palmer is officially acquired, so I guess it’s a moot point anyway.

  9. meandragon says: Apr 1, 2013 6:33 PM

    Skelton wasn’t the opening-day starter in 2012. Kolb was the starter.>>

    Yep, Skelton WAS the opening day starter in 2012, VS the Seahawks. I was there. He went down late in the game with an injury, then Kolb came in and led the Cardinals to a win. Kolb stayed the starter for several weeks until he got hurt and Skelton came back in. Misery ensued for the remainder of the season.

  10. Apparently he refused to switch positions to Left Tackle, where he projected as the Cards Week 1 starter in 2013.

  11. I’ve never seen two less accurate QBs than Skelton and Lindley and that’s saying something considering some of the QBs I have seen the Cardinals roll out since Neil Lomax went out in 1988.

  12. I am starting to think that not one of these QB’s coming out in this years draft will start this season. I am willing to bet that even if some of them are taken in the first round, that they still sit on the bench this season, soaking up as much knowledge as possible. The only one that looks close to play at the NFL level is Barkley, he comes from an Offense that is similar to some NFL Offenses. The thing is, Barkley doesn’t have the athleticism needed to get the job done. So we will see QB’s like Flynn, Kolb and Palmer starting regardless which QB’s are drafted.

  13. I like Bruce Arians. The fill in last year was admirable. I give him a lot of credit for bringing Luck along.

    His reward…. No OLine, Carson Palmer and a division with the Hawks, Whiners and Rams.

    Right now, its not good to be Bruce Arians.

  14. Hey magicman, did you know I am Canadian, and can make fun of us a little? And actually we do say it quite a bit, at least comparatively to Americans.

  15. If any coaching regime could turn a six foot six QB with a cannon for an arm into an accurate pocket passer it would be the Pats. And thats coming from a fin fan.

  16. Let’s keep this guy’s time with the Cards in perspective.

    Before the 2012 OTAs and training camp, Whishenhunt relegated Skelton to an afterthought after drafting him (in 2010 to focus on Derek Anderson after the last minute retaliation cut of Matt Leinart and in 2011 after the last minute acquisition of Kolb). Without the benefit of Whisenhunt’s special QB development training, Skelton managed a 7-4 record as a starter during his first two seasons although as expected without any in-depth training, he played hot and cold. Then last season with Whisenhunt;s special QB development and training that Skelton finally got in the OTAs and 2012 training camp, Skelton posted a 1-5 record and looked amazingly as bad as another graduate of Whisenhunt’s special QB training, checkdown Matt Leinart. Looks like Whisenhunt has ruined another QB’s career.

  17. Why don’t we “suffice it to say” that you hav e not completely examined the raiders or the browns qb situation.
    My money says they have plenty of spots for a starting qb.

  18. The trail of messed up QB’s by Ken Whisenhunt adds another to the list.

    No O-Line, no running game, no QB development. Only Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald & Anquan.

  19. A buddy of mine played in this guy’s softball league, and apparently everybody hated the guy. Guess you don’t have to be good to have an ego.

  20. Best of luck to Skelton. A hard worker who is a nice back up option. He’d do great in Pittsburgh as a backup. The horror continues in AZ. At least if we get Palmer we won’t have the worst QB in football anymore.

  21. Congratulations JOHN SKELTON!! You’ll probably go to a real team now, with a real offensive line, and get a raise because your out of your rookie contract. He probably feels like he was released from prison.

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