Coleman signs Saints deal, sends it in

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Yes, Kenyon Coleman will be a Saint.

We reported on Friday that Coleman will be jumping to New Orleans from Dallas, for his third tour with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.  As it turns out, Coleman took the weekend to reflect on the specifics before putting his signature on the deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Coleman has now signed the contract and will be sending it to the Saints via overnight delivery.  The Saints will have it tomorrow, we’re told.

Unless, of course, it’s another April Fool’s Day gag.

8 responses to “Coleman signs Saints deal, sends it in

  1. To be more accurate, Friday you didn’t say Coleman will be joining the Saints, you inferred that he had already joined the defense. The other reporters who quoted you took it the same way I did.

  2. If he wasn’t good,do you think Payton would want him? But to answer your question, in the right system with the right team(Saints of course). I think he will add a lot to help out the defense. I follow/research our players,and from everything I have gathered,he will be a great addition. WHODAT!!!

  3. He’ll be a 1st/2nd down role player. Good at stopping the run. Just another body for the D-Line, don’t expect spectacular stats from him

  4. hoops737 is right, but consider these observations from my Saints site:

    * Coleman was flagged only 3 times from 2009 to 2011. In addition, Coleman has only been penalized six times in his ten year career. In 2011, he was penalized once for 5 yards in the 16 games he played. In 2010 he was flagged twice for 23 yards, with no flags against him in 2009.

    *In his last full season, 2011, Coleman posted a stop rate of 85% against the run while allowing only 1.9 yards per play. On the 33 plays that went directly to him, he stopped 28, 7 in the backfield.

    *Playing against the pass in 2011, he posted a 100% stop rate, as all 6 of the plays that came at him were stopped and he only allowed an average of -1.5 yards per play. On actual completions, of which there were 2, he stopped both plays, again a 100% stop rate.

    Suffice it so say Coleman has some good properties. He should be a decent backup who doesn’t record many mistakes.

  5. Coleman is a defensive lineman that will turn 34 this month. That should tell you that he doesn’t have a lot of tire tread left. His prouctivity is in decline and he missed time last year with an injury (torn triceps)

    Keep expectations low. Perhaps Coleman can help saint defenders learn Ryan’s new and rather complex defensive scheme.

  6. Coleman and Butler are good players and good guys. They are not the problem. Rob Ryan is the problem. The players do love him but his schemes are overly complicated for the smartest players in the NFL.

    There’s a reason why he’s never been to the playoffs in 10 years as D-Coordinator. He’s also had only ONE top ten defense in that time span. I do not get why the hype continues for this guy.

  7. Truecowboyfan, Maybe you should refer to stats given by mcgyver. He makes EXCELLENT points. This guy is one of,if not the least penalized player at his position.And we may not agree on teams,but as football fans,we all know penalties,can lose a game for you.Not to mention he stops plays,period.He may be older,but he can help the younger guys learn how to tackle without getting a penalty.Granted I don’t know a lot about him,but I do know that the Saints would not sign him if they didn’t think he was worth it.And maybe Ryan didn’t have a top ten D,because he was not coaching a top 10 team.Or maybe we will be disappointed as Saints fans.But either way I support all our players and coaches unless they show me I shouldn’t (ex:Greg Williams).So time will tell. WHODAT!!!!

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