Colts, Darrius Heyward-Bey agree


The wait is over. Indeed, the Colts have added a wide receiver.

The club has agreed to terms with ex-Raiders wideout Darrius Heyward-Bey, the team said Monday night. Owner Jim Irsay, who had made no secret that the club had zeroed in on a wideout, linked to the announcement on Twitter.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Heyward-Bey’s deal is for one year and as much as $3 million.

The 26-year-old Heyward-Bey caught 41 passes for 606 yards and five TDs for Oakland in 2012. He could help the Colts replace Donnie Avery, who signed with Kansas City in free agency. Heyward-Bey, who has gained 14.8 yards per catch in his four-year NFL career, was released earlier in the offseason.

Heyward-Bey is the latest addition to an Indianapolis free-agent class that Irsay already liked quite a bit.

80 responses to “Colts, Darrius Heyward-Bey agree

  1. Heyward-Bey should call Jerry Rice and talk to him on how learned to concentrate on catching the football.

    Nice pick up tho.

  2. Can we stop with Irsay signed the guy business? Grigson is the GM. Irsay just signs the check. Grigson identifies and aquires the talent.

  3. If you ask me Heyward bey alligator armed all those balls last year to conserve himself from tough hits that carson palmer and a lack of run game constantly put him into

  4. The fools of April continue. Now, wait, look at the broad picture, not just this.

    The circus of the NFL is simply too convenient.

    Ask yourselves, what is going on here?

    Money — which offers general abundance in life — has a way of creating such theatrics, perhaps, through its own mind.

    We’ve seen its workings. Now we much notice them.

  5. He has a lot of potential. And now he’s in a legitimate organization, with a solid QB. This will work out great. Go Coats!

  6. It’s very comical to watch these exRaiders who were making huge dough because Al Davis thought they were the 2nd coming of (Raider legend here)….are now signing for what is NFL peanuts.

    Any Raider fan who tries to defend the insane handling of the Raiders in the past, you aren’t a fan, you are an idiot. Reggie is FINALLY bringing stability to a franchise that didn’t know what the word meant. As a Raider fan, all I can say is, it’s about freakin time.

  7. he’s got the speed, so let’s see what a quality quarterback can do for him. If he would just work on his hands..

  8. Good deal for the Colts not to overpay for his services.

    He’s still young. With Luck throwing to him he could become the star the Raiders hoped he could be.

  9. good deal for the Colts. I’m sure peytonsneck18 has ordered his super bowl tickets by now, so I will abstain from that one.

  10. DHB just needs a little Luck! Great pick up, sorry but I’m not sorry lion fans..

  11. Good for DHB, I hope he finds success in Indy….

    He would be a perennial all pro if stick-um was not outlawed in the NFL. Please remember that he had Carson “The Interceptor” Palmer throwing him the rock.

    WOW what a horrible combo…. He who can not throw to he who can not catch. Opposing Defensive Coordinators could not sleep because they were so excited to get the D on the field.

  12. The Lions really dropped the ball on this one… Though he may not have been a perfect fit, he could have helped them out a lot with Burleson and Broyles coming off injuries…

  13. Wow..I knew some one would pick him up..Mike Wallace numbers but plays hard and more physical

  14. HUGE signing for the boys in blue!!!

    He is bigger, stronger, faster, better, and younger than Donnie Avery so the Colts offense just got even more dangerous.

    Besides, if Reggie Wayne teaches him anything about running routes it will only serve to make him that much more of a threat.

    Looks like the Colts will be back to dominating the AFC South a lot sooner than later.

    GO COLTS!!!!!!

  15. I really hope DHB does well. I loved him as a Raider, the guy is an incredible worker. He will fit right in with Indy. Unfortunately he was drafted pre-rookie cap, really wish the Raiders kept him.

  16. Well that’s a bummer, I wanted him in Detroit but I guess we didn’t guarantee him the starting #2 wr, he would have to earn it over broyals and burrelson. I just ask please don’t draft a wr in the draft Detroit… Broyals is coming off of surgery on his acl which will make both knees having surgically repaired acls. I hear rehab is going extremely well and with new procedures the only bad this about tearing it is rehab time, its actually way stronger after you are 100%. I guess I’m a optimistic but we have other team needs, so please don’t draft a wr…

  17. Wow this is a first, Bey not described as a “bust or “underacheiver”. I wonder what has changed, oh yeah he is not property of the Silver and Black any longer.

  18. Until he starts watching passes hit his chest and then the ground. Then well see much he likes that quite a bit! 4 years with us was enough to see hes a 3rd tier at best….

  19. Hard to bet against Grigson right now. Besides, $3 million, 1-year. Minimal damage to Indy and major reward if it works out. Wayne, T Y Hilton, Allen, Fleener, Heyward-Bay. Not a bad set of receivers for Luck. Colts had the money to spend. Why not?

  20. good guy, hard worker, really wanted him to do well. but the guy just doesnt catch the ball with his hands, everything has to be into his chest. good luck to him.

  21. I think this is going to turn out to be a pretty good pickup by Irsay and the Colts. Luck is going to turn him into a above average WR…

  22. Great sign for them. Hell make a nice compliment to TY Hilton and Wayne. Plus, I think he’s already about even with Donnie Avery, but posseses the talent to be much better. If the Colts can work to solidify their TE and RB positions a little more, they’re poised to be a force in the AFC the next several years and a great challenger to Houston.

  23. Welcome to a first class organization called the Colts, Luck will help DHB become relevant again just as he did with Donnie Avery last season

  24. Good luck with DHB…decent hands but can take a hellava hit (Pittsburg, concussed like a champ)…at best 2nd tier receiver, at best

  25. The light was just starting to come on for this guy in Oakland, he’ll probably be a great addition to the Colts.

  26. As a Lions fan, I can honestly say that DHB made a good choice. He would have been a nice fit in Detroit, but he’ll have a bigger role in Indy and they’re already a good team to boot.

  27. For all of you talking about how Palmer threw interceptions DHB’s way, I suspect you didn’t see the ones that skipped off his rock-like mitts and went in the book as an interception.
    I don’t know how many, but it was way more than one.
    He’ll be good in Indy, as long as they like receivers who play like they’re wearing boxing gloves.

  28. Colts were the most fraudulent 11-5 team ever last year. Team gave up more points than they scored. Guessing 8-8 next season.

  29. 3 million for one year….not quite the 10 that he was slated to make in oakland until he got the ax.

    wish him the best, but raiders have 4 wr’s on their roster right now that have way more upside and are potentially better.

  30. *sigh* And the stage is set for Mayhew to draft another damn WR too early in the draft instead. Way to go Millen Jr.

  31. He had 5 dropped passes last year. People need to get off him,he wasn’t even close to the league leader.

  32. I totally understand the excitement in Indianapolis, who else could go from a 1st ballot HoF QB to another young stud just one year later? But the Colt’s organization has had J. Unitad (HoF) and Payton Manning (HoF) and just 2 superbowls between them. Meanwhile, far lesser quarter backs have achieved multiple Super Bowls and other organizations have achieved more success with less at the most important position in the game. DHB is a nice pickup, but he is far closer to a good special teamer than a stud wide-out. Its like the Colts’ fans don’t realize that after all Irsay’s bloated “we pillaged other team’s FAs,” you really got ok to good rotational players, that’s it.

  33. The difference is we’re paying him as a#2/#3 WR, and less pressure on him, win win for him and the colts

  34. Ha ha ha ha ha. This was irsay’s “big” signing? He is a number 3 or 4 on most teams. Peytonsneck, this is the worst fa signing this year. HB is simply awful, and Avery didn’t break a grape last year. The colts are laughable. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


  35. Wrong choice for the simple fact that wayne is #1 we know this ,I dont see him beating out ty hilton for that #2 spot because ty has the same speed with better route running and hands so its like he choose to be a #3 instead of the #2 he would have been in detroit

  36. It is kind of intresting reading the nice things being said by Raiders fans about DHB coming to the Colts as opposed to reading some of the posts from the team in Baltimore about their star players leaving and acting like they are a better team with out them. Saying they are over rated and washed up. Word of advice though, don’t drink the Kool-Ade

  37. Everyone talking bad about his hands should have watched Donnie Avery and TY Hilton this past season!! They were tied for the worst drop rate in the NFL. Heyward Bey had a season comparable to Victor Cruz this past season as far as drop rate goes.

  38. Was really hoping this guy would make a visit to Mass… Mike Jenkins and Donald Jones really arent going to cut it.

    Good signing for the Colts, and def. an upgrade over Avery.

  39. So let me get this straight…. Peytonsneck claims that Andy is better than reigning OROTY RG3, and DHB is better than Garçon? I think you ought to share your drugs with everyone else because clearly you are taking too much. Either that or you are just a hater. Don’t hate man. There is plenty of room on the RG3 Garçon bandwagon bro.


  40. Peytonsneck18…. he is better than Garcon? You can not be that stupid. He would make a good backup to Garcon, but he is nothing but a 3rd or 4th option and a starter on special teams. You obviously know nothing.

  41. Lol yeah andysneck Luck is better than rg3 and his glass knees second shredded knee 6’0″ 200lbs trying to fun in the nfl he’s gonna miss m
    ore games than Vick whos the same size minus the glass knees! I’ll take Luck who’s very good running when he needs to over rg3 coming off his second knee rehab! What is even more funny is the fact that he shredded his knee cause of the FEILD LOL!!

  42. Nobody touched him and he folded like a lawn chair! They say his rehabs going good I even heard the term “super human” but let me ask u this whats so super human about shredding your knee without getting touched? Nothing super human about it makes him very injury prone having glass knees and all LOL!! Skins u better hold on to Cousins cause you need him to play after rg3 becomes rg3 knee surgeries!! LOL

  43. I’m amused by all of those Raider supporters who keep spouting the “he’s such a hard worker and such a good guy” when trying to defend DHB. The reality is that Bey came into the league with great triangle numbers, but game tape and a scouting report which showed a poor skill set when it came to the mechanics of playing the WR position, i.e. bad hands and very little idea of how to run routes. For goodness sake, DHB started 11 games as a rookie and yet he only totaled 124 yards is receptions. ELEVEN YARDS A GAME!!! Bottom line, Bey was a draft day mistake. Happens all the time. Now admittedly, it doesn’t happen as often in the top ten, but it’s not unheard of. Bey’s number 7 overall spot seems to be especially cursed with fellow workout warriors Mike Mamula and Troy Williamson preceding him as number seven choices. I’m surprised that DHB got as much money from the Colts as he did. When Laurent Robinson was signed for way too much money last year, at least it was on the strength of a season when he scored 11 TDs. Eleven TDs is DHB’s total after four seasons in the league.

  44. @coltsaddict
    RG3’s recovery is what they are referring to as superhuman. Do we really need to explain to people about what Andrews wrote? He had a knee surgery in college and it wasn’t done as well as Andrew’s operation. Not that difficult to understand. Good luck with the cast of characters the colts have and a less favorable schedule. Colts go 6-10 this year.


  45. First class organizations don’t have their owner pose with a Lombardi trophy like he is some lunatic. That is exactly what first class organizations DON’T do.

  46. @Andylucksneck did u not read my post?! I said that i heard ol glass knees rehab is going good that i even heard the term “super human” but i guess your right he don’t play no where near a.super human level! I bet he’s gonna retire after 6 injury plauged seasons. His glass knees are not cut out for the types of hits he’s gonna take not to mention the feilds he has to play on LOL!!

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