Dennis Allen still has plans for Terrelle Pryor


Raiders coach Dennis Allen says the team’s trade for quarterback Matt Flynn does not demonstrate a lack of confidence in Terrelle Pryor.

Allen said after the Flynn trade became official today that Pryor could still win the starting quarterback job in Oakland if he has an impressive offseason. And even if Pryor doesn’t win the starting job, it’s possible that he’ll get regular playing time if the Raiders decide to build a package of plays using the same kind of spread offense that Pryor successfully ran at Ohio State.

“I think we still feel positive about giving Terrelle Pryor an opportunity to compete and specifically having a package of things that he can do really well and giving him an opportunity,” Allen said. “So I don’t know that there’s a whole lot that’s changed as far as the mindset of what we feel like we can do offensively.”

Allen did not answer directly, however, when asked whether Pryor and Flynn would get an equal opportunity to win the starting job in training camp, and Allen said he hasn’t talked to Pryor about the Flynn trade.

“I have not talked to Terrelle as of this moment. I anticipate getting in contact with Terrelle and visiting with him on the situation,” Allen said. “I don’t think there’s been a whole lot of change as far as what our plan is from the quarterback’s perspective. We still want to have competition. I think the more competition we can grow with the quarterback position, the better that we’re going to be. I think once we get Matt in here, we get an opportunity to really start to work with him, I think all those things will sort themselves out. I don’t really get into all that at this point in time because I think what happens is the cream is always going to rise to the top. I think that’s what’s going to happen. The great thing for us is we don’t play a game until September. When we start getting into regular-season games, I promise you, we’ll have a plan.”

That plan will probably involve Pryor spending most of his time on the sideline — but getting a few plays a game taking shotgun snaps.

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  1. Ellen Degeneres will have more than plans when Flynnsanity cools down after Pryor beats him out for the #1.

    Then Dennis Dengeres will say,

    “its a football decision, theres a lot of factors that went into it and at the end of the day Pryor gives us the best chance to win football games.”

  2. Dennis, STOP lying !! If you had any confidence in Terrelle at all then you wouldn’t have had all the “trade drama” to land Matt Flynn. You’re starting to sound like that other Bay-Area coach that missed out on his attempt to pick up Manning last year. “Alex Smith was our guy all along, we had no intentions of signing Peyton Manning !” By the way where IS Alex Smith these days???!!! “I’m not drinking the Kool-Aide !!”

  3. Pryor could win the job..he’s a student of the game and always trying to improve. I can’t see that not leading to opportunity either this year or next

  4. It’ll become more clear after seeing what, if any, other quarterbacks they add to the roster.

    Allen is saying the right things. There will be a quarterback competition, after which Pryor will be cut or traded.
    Unless he’s made superhuman progress in the off-season, I can’t see them keeping him on the roster as a project for another year.

    Certainly not for the sake of running a couple of razzle-dazzle college plays.

  5. Pryor’s alma mater is well known for their history of quarterback excellence. Troy Smith is probably the best QB to ever play for OSU.

  6. Raiders are headed in the right direction. but it’ll take time. the GM sounds spot on and doing his best in an awful situation, no talent or picks. Probably the most difficult job recently.

  7. I didn’t the Raiders were going to be much better than last year, but I think McKenzie’s got the team headed in the right direction. He’s unloaded a pile of dead wood, and if Davis’ gives him another year or two, they’ll be alright. Potentially adding a guy like Clowney next year would be a good start with the re-build.

  8. He was the number one qb prospect going into college. The talent and physical attributes are there. Now he just needs coaching. Coaching decides many careers.

  9. Funny I’d think it would be better to have a clear cut starting QB so you could concentrate on your best opportunities

  10. What a pathetic franchise!!! Do they ever learn from their past mistakes? By the way what makes you loser Raider fans think Flynn will be any good? He had 1 great game running a superior offense, something the Raiders don’t have!!

  11. Tim tebow’s career killer was/is his lack ability, not a formation or set of plays. Just so we’re clear.
    It seems that with the right coaching, Pryor might turn into a decent qb.

  12. Its to push and make TP want it more. If its Flynn i will support 100% as well. I just want a QB that can make “it” happen and be consistent when taking the other half of the load and opening up lanes for the RBs with the passing game

  13. So, check it out. April Fools!

    Carson Palmer was traded to the Cardinals.
    Matt Flynn was traded to the Raiders.
    Colt McCoy was traded to the 49ers.
    John “Still Better Than Sanchez” Skelton was released.

    QB needy teams find ways to entertain us. Especially on April Fools day.

    It’s too bad the Cardinals didn’t wait two days to trade Kevin Kolb.

  14. Pryor will never get a shot unless Flynn gets injured. They wasted a ton of money and draft picks on Palmer because they didn’t trust Pryor. Now they throw away more picks to get rid of Palmer and more cash to sign Flynn.

    These moves aren’t exactly a ringing endorsement of Pryor’s prospect as a pro QB.

  15. I think McKenzie is doing the right things in “cleaning house”. A portion of the Raiders’ roster was overpaid, including Carson Palmer. However, I do not believe that Dennis Allen is the right head coach who can produce wins even after the wrongs of the past have been righted. Dennis Allen appears to be indecisive and I will qualify my remark with a fact. The Raiders had a pretty decent offense under Hue Jackson. They could run the ball with the best of them and the passing game was at least adequate. Dennis Allen came into town and changed the scheme by to the westcoast offense by hiring, Gregg Knapp. Knapp’s offense was a dismal failure so, Dennis Allen fired him. This offseason, Dennis Allen hired an offensive coordinator who likes the “power run” and more “down-the-field” passing (Raider-Ball). In the meantime, the defense still sucks (Dennis Allen is supposed to be a guru), although in his defense, he does not have the personnel to execute a sound defense. I think the Raiders will suffer at least two or three more years of losing before the mess of the late Al Davis is cleaned up.

  16. I think Flynn will be a good QB, maybe not amazing….but serviceable with the potential to be even more. I’m pretty confident that he will beat out Pryor for the starting job, but I like that the coaching staff has decided to implement a package of plays for Pryor regardless. The kid may or may not have what it takes, but he works his arse off and never complains. He hasn’t said anything about any of this drama. So maybe if he doesn’t win the job this year…they give him some opportunities anyway and see what he can do while he gets a little real time experience. Plus I think mixing in a different look once in a while for a few plays might be able to help the team. Either way, we should have a very clear picture of what we have in the stables after next season….which means a very clear picture of what we need to do in next year’s draft….which has some more realistic franchise QB options. We will have to wait and see how it goes….but I like the plan. At least it appears that we are trying to operate with a little foresight for a change.

  17. Good to see Pryor with a chance, & Kolb too… everyone except for Tebow, who has actually won games including playoffs lol. The NFL never changes, always tough to accept something different. The funny part is the mobile QB has been successful in the CFL since I was a little kid. Forward thinking:)

  18. I am not sure NFL types can think beyond their own experience. Wow, good thing they are not the world leaders.

  19. I’m still amazed he ran low 4.3, that’s a big guy to move that fast. If its even close competition and I was the coach if start Pryor. Cut him loose

  20. Not that I would expect an American to understand anything beyond their own state borders. I am not sure most know where Canada is on the map lol. Careful because time can change the course of power. Look at the history of the world, ignorance is never received well by the people of the world.

  21. It’s amazing how many people think they know more than the NFL scouts/coaches. Seriously if Pryor showed any signs of being a starting NFL qb … do you actually think they would not give him the opportunity to start especially in pre-season.
    What i dont understand Reggie is throwing in the towel this season … why not let Pryor play. What’s the difference 0-16 or 2-14.

  22. Let’s see…you main competition is Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Alex Smith….and you bring is Matt Flynn?? Gun fight…meet butter knife.

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