Flynn’s a Raider for ’14 fifth and a conditional pick


The Seahawks just announced the Matt Flynn-to-Oakland trade, and what they got most of all was cap relief.

The team announced that they’ll receive a 2014 fifth-round pick and a conditional pick in 2015 in exchange for their backup quarterback. So, nothing this year other than Flynn’s $5.25 million salary off the books.

For the Raiders, getting Flynn in for what amounts to nothing this year helps, as they had a depleted stash of picks.

The Raiders lack their own second-rounder and fifth-rounder from previous trades with the Bengals and Seahawks for Carson Palmer and Aaron Curry, respectively.

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  1. Cause the last 5th rounder Oakland gave Seattle panned out so well for the Raiders..

    Aaron Curry anyone?

    Seattle likes dumping their overpaid backups on the Raiders it would appear.

  2. Matt Flynn has failed as a starting quarter back less times than Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, and Kevin Kolb. Why the hate?

    This guy has the ability to be a good QB and he deserves a chance.

  3. I actually was hoping Flynn would end up in Oakland last season, I was wrong, obviously, but I think this could be a good fit. Seahawks did a good thing by trading Flynn to a place where he could start. It was a bad luck for Flynn that Wilson was a mini-stud, but hopefully this works out well for both parties.

  4. Note to future GMs out there.THIS is how you do a deal.Excellent moves for both sides IMO.Plus the Raiders will get more picks once they trade Palmer and trade down in the draft

  5. logicalvoices is still smarting from the LOSS to Seattle in the playoffs. Clearly still in the Denial phase.

  6. Wat.

    Alex Smith set the market for shaky franchise QBs at 2013 2nd rounder.

    The conditions of that conditional pick had better be pretty juicy or I’m pissed. Hard to believe, with the bad QB draft coming up and so many teams looking for starters (let alone quality backups), that no other teams would have ponied up a 2013 5th, let alone a 4th or a 3rd.

    Obviously it’s too soon to tell, but this is looking like the first big PC/JS mistake (second, if Bruce Irvin washes out).

  7. While the price is a bit less than what I’d have like to see Seattle get (I was hoping for one third), it’s clear the front office was committed to moving Flynn now. While it’s possible his value may have gone up (especially if won a game or two in relief this year), it’s also possible it could have gone down, and they’d wind up dumping him for a sixth at this same time next year.

    It does, however, save $3 million off the cap this year, and even more next year. If this deal means they’re able to extend a guy like Chancellor, then the lack of compensation isn’t so terrible.

  8. I think this was bad thing to do cause Carson was a good QB on a crappy offence that had no line and a RB that is good when he stays healthy. How is that Carson’s fault.??????? one step forward two steps back.!!!!

  9. Most of the 2011 team is now gone, since Mckenzie arrived from GB. In the end the only “Al Davis” Player that will remain till the end will be SEBAS!!

  10. Good move for both sides.

    Raiders get good QB depth for nothing this year.

    Seahawks add a couple picks in future drafts when some of their key players will be free agents. They really didn’t need any more picks this year because they have not lost any key players and it will be tough to find spots for 10 draft spicks as it is.

  11. This gives Seattle two of the Harvin trade picks back and frees up cap space.

    Anquan Boldin was traded for a 6th round pick. Late round picks are valuable for teams with cap space to absorb contract or make deals.

  12. We heard a lot of chatter from Seahawks fans saying the Alex Smith move was dumb because it left the Niners with no back-up QB. Then a month later Flynn gets traded for less compensation. Would love to read some reaction from the Northwest.

  13. I can’t remember the last time the RAIDERS made a smart and normal trade like this, and for a starting QB too.
    Flynn will get to start: WIN
    Raiders dump Palmer: WIN
    Seahawks dump salary: WIN

  14. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 1, 2013 1:39 PM
    Seattle’s gonna regret this when RGIII wannabe flops this upcoming season. #RGIIIcannotbeduplicated


    No worries… Seattle doesn’t want to duplicate an over-rated, busted up, deer in headlights, useless QB who won’t win a playoff game… EVER…

    Hawks > Redskins (or whatever their name will be)
    Wilson > Bob Bust Griffin

  15. Logicalvoicesays is on rg3’s package, your that stalker fan that freaks players out. Haha nobody’s trying to duplicate or imitate in the nw, only excited to see your redskins again in the playoffs next year. Hopefully your field isn’t a joke, but it will be at the clink anyways.

  16. As a Raider fan, I sometimes hate being a Raider fan.

    This is where tons of nitwits will call for Reggie to be fired for this move because Flynn isn’t named Pryor.

    Get a clue.

    It’s a great move. Better if he can trade Palmer instead of absorbing the cap hit by cutting him.

    You hear that the Raiders should cut Palmer, Start Pryor and draft a QB this year.
    Really? Like quarterbacks are low-hanging apples just waiting to be plucked.

  17. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Raiders. I always liked the fact that, when they were a more dominant team, most of the players were very chippy, played the game of football the way you envision playing. I really hope this works out for them. As a Bills fan, I’m happy we have Kolb over Flynn, simply because I’m not entirely sold on the fact that Flynn is the real deal and more of a system product from GB, Kolb’s stash of weapons are a bit more consistent then what Flynn is walking in to. Raider fans will surely remember all of the “Wannabe’s” that have played under center the last few years. Andrew Walter, Aaron Brooks, Bruce Gradkowski, the list is long and painful. It was a great trade for both teams and the Raiders have a chance to really come out on top even if Flynn just amounts to a game manager (If Fitz had the tools Flynn does, he could have been A. Smith 2.0). Now, that scouting team needs to earn their paychecks, value with those depleted picks and you can hit that upswing a lot quicker.

  18. Who is he throwing to? Who is blocking for him? Unless they get a 3rd round pick for Palmer than I don’t see why you trade for Flynn. They should have just gone with Pryor and made this year a rebuilding year which it was going to be anyway whether Palmer or Flynn were the QB.

  19. Well, we got Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman in the 5th round of the draft. So, I’m pretty stoked. The last time we traded a player to Oakland, Seattle did pretty well in the deal.

    I’ll just keep trusting John Schneider. Every move he makes has people laughing at him for the first few months, and then doing everything they can to copy him by the next offseason.

  20. Yet you paid a 1st, 7th,and a 3rd, for a headache and a bad case of reda$$.

  21. Raiders were in a tough spot with an overpaid QB who didn’t want to be there through a rebuild. Getting Flynn for as little as they did was good, but getting a pick for Palmer is even better. McKenzie deserves some serious props for making the most of a tough situation. Now he needs to work out a trade down from #3, get a couple more picks and he’s good to go.

  22. I wonder how much Flynn had to do with Wilson’s success? Backup QB’s are very important and often overlooked in football. They impact the game without playing. I think Charlie Whitehurst is a bad starting QB and a great a clipboard QB.

    You have to be pretty intelligent as a backup. It is the reason why some guys stick around for 15 years in the NFL and other guys fizzle out. Mark Brunnell , Bruce Gradkowski, and Charlie Batch are perfect examples of this. They provide veteran leadership and additional coaching. This is why players like Vince Young don’t last long in the NFL. Once their starting QB time is over the NFL has no need for them.

  23. Seattle got exactly what it needed. Trade his salary and got mid to late picks in return where Schneider has hit with many guys like Sherman, Wright, Chancellor. Don’t try say we got robbed because I remember hearing that when we all knew what Aaron Curry was and Seattle got a steal for him for a 5th rounder. Not saying Flynn is that same type but our GM is making the right moves for our team and yours looks to be doing the same.

  24. logicalvoicesays says:Apr 1, 2013 1:39 PM

    … #RGIIIcannotbeduplicated

    You’re right. There is no other QB in the NFL who’s tooling around with a shredded knee in a wheelchair .

  25. Flynn was great to watch when he was a Packer. I was very surprised when he wasn’t the starter last year. Definitely curious to see how well he does in Oakland.

    And, man, if Flynn does do well? Raiders got him for a STEAL.

    Might want to pick up some offensive linesmen in the draft though, guys. Just saying.

  26. Shows you how much Hawk fans know. They thought they would be getting a #1 or at worst a low #2 for Flynn but everyone else knew better. So Petey got hosed by the Vikings on TJoke, hosed by the Packers on Flynn, hosed by San Diego on Whitehurst…….luckily Wilson fell into his lap because Petey’s not very good at evaluating QB’s himself.

  27. phadedwun says: Apr 1, 2013 1:44 PM

    Cause the last 5th rounder Oakland gave Seattle panned out so well for the Raiders..

    Aaron Curry anyone?

    Seattle likes dumping their overpaid backups on the Raiders it would appear.
    Seattle just signed that overpaid backup last season, did they not? Curry was definitely a waste, but McKenzie didn’t make that deal. And since the Seahawks haven’t spent that Curry pick yet, we have to wait and see if it works out for Seattle.

  28. Good trade but not a great trade. Flynn going into his 6th yr. as a back up has only started 2 games and played the entire game. Its pretty much what Pryor has except he has 1 start and this will be his 3rd playbook in now his going to be 3rd year. They both lack starting QB experience and stability is all. There are very few QB’S that are the Rodgers, Brady’s, or Breezes in the NFL. They all went through the refiners fire before becoming elite. To compare QB’S on body of work when not given a chance for continuity or experince to establish themselves is ignorant football knowledge. To me, in a rebuild mode, you sell high and buy low while giving up no draft pics would have been the great deal. But this can still work with pics for Palmer. So good but not great deal, yet!

  29. Palmer’s huge contract and his refusal to restructure it forced this deal. Nothing wrong with competition at the QB spot bit we still need one more QB to fill the roster. As long as we can deal Palmer for a mid to late round draft pick, the Raiders will come out ahead on this deal. Slowly but surely, Reggie McKenzie is changing the culture in Oakland. It’s about time!

  30. Amazing how you geniuses can see the future. The conditional pick could go as high as a 1st for all you know. With hardly any roster spots open, we got picks in future years. Expect us to unload more 2013 picks in trades during this draft too.

  31. goraidersgospurs says:Apr 1, 2013 1:46 PM

    I wish people would comment on there own team!!!

    No way! Knowledge of an honest outside opinion is what keeps fans REAL!

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