Jackson and Kolb are likely battling for same roster spot


Here’s another reason to believe the Bills haven’t ruled out using a first- or second-round pick on a quarterback.

Though the official numbers are not yet in on the contract signed Saturday night by Kevin Kolb, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the deal worth “up to $13 million” over two years contains a minimal downside if the Bills opt not to keep Kolb on the roster for 2013.  And that’s creating the impression that, if the Bills draft a quarterback, Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson will be battling for the same roster spot — whether it’s the starter as the rookie develops or the No. 2 guy behind the first-year player.

In other words, the winner gets a Water-Pik — and the loser gets fired.

Of course, the plans will change if the Bills don’t pick up a rookie quarterback whom they hope/think/pray will become a franchise quarterback.  Like other teams picking in the top 10, the Bills seem to be putting their fallback plan in place before they find out whether they’ll get in the draft a guy who could become a franchise quarterback.

11 responses to “Jackson and Kolb are likely battling for same roster spot

  1. As a seahawk fan im rooting for jackson great dude average Qb good stop gap for a rookie to sit on the bench for 1 year. We went 7-9 when he was our starter could have went 8-8 or 9-7 if he hadn’t gotten injured for 2 games.

  2. Tarvaris Jackson is a proven winner and highly intelligent young man – no way he loses this battle. After all he is a proven warrior. (s.i.c)

  3. Draft the best player available. Saves you from reaching for a QB and getting tied to a mediocre QB till you the HC get canned because ultimately, you reached for a mediocre QB.

  4. If that is the case, then Jackson will be sent packing. The only way Buffalo keeps Jackson is if Kolb were to get injured or the QB the Bills want in the draft is not there when they pick. Otherwise, expect T-Jackson to be cut come the end of TC.

  5. As I understand it, on his way to his signing announcement, Kolb stubbed his toe and it now looks like he’ll miss most of training camp.

    If Kolb’s contract isn’t entirely incentive-based, the Bills are dumber than I thought they were.

  6. I like the smokescreen, although it’s not too difficult to see through. If Geno is there at #8, the Bills scoop him up. If not, they draft Chance Warmack there and grab EJ Manuel in the second round.

  7. Both have gotten raw deals in their careers, but I’d honestly take T-Jack over Kolb. Bigger arm, more athletic, can make a play when Buffalo’s protection inevitably breaks down.

    That said, Geno Smith or EJ Manuel is a better option than either, considering the situation.

  8. Contestants not appearing on stage receive Rice-a-Roni, The San Francisco Treat.

    Before you give me thumbs down for the smart axs remark, please be old enough to get the joke.

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