John Schneider: Money saved by Flynn trade “extremely valuable”

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The Seattle Seahawks have built a team full of talented young players that expect to contend for a trip to the Super Bowl in 2013. One of the benefits of a young roster is that it remains inherently cheap and manageable. However, it could also force difficult financial decisions to be made when those young players come up for big contracts.

The trade of backup quarterback Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders Monday for a pair of future draft picks helped to create salary cap flexibility for Seattle in hopes of retaining their key players in upcoming seasons.

The Seahawks save $11.5 million in cap space over the next two seasons and $3.25 million for 2013 by dealing Flynn to Oakland. Seattle now has approximately $10 million in available cap space for this season with the ability to roll over any unused amounts to next year. With Seattle having several young core players that will need contract extensions in the next few seasons (safety Kam Chancellor, cornerback Richard Sherman and quarterback Russell Wilson to name a few), the additional space is a big benefit for the team’s long-term cap health. With the salary cap expected to remain fairly flat with little increase next season, the money saved could prove pivotal to accomplish those goals.

We’ve talked all along about trying to be able to extend some of our own players and this helps,” Schneider said in an interview with The Ian Furness Show on Sports Radio KJR in Seattle. “[The extra space] is extremely valuable. It just gives you that much more flexibility in terms of addressing any needs you may or not be able to address in the draft.”

Seattle received the Raiders fifth-round pick in 2014 and a conditional pick in 2015. Russell Wilson now becomes the only quarterback the Seahawks have under contract for next year. Seattle will need to likely add two quarterbacks before training camp. Tyler Thigpen has been targeted as one potential backup solution for Seattle. Chris Mortensen of reported the Seahawks plan to re-sign former practice squad quarterback Josh Portis and are also evaluating Vince Young as a possible fit as well.

“It’ll probably end up being a guy that hopefully has an upside and is also a good fit, not only for Russell, but for the rest of the offensive room,” Schneider said.

UPDATE 12:58 a.m. ET: Seattle’s interest in Vince Young appears to have been short-lived. Mortensen is now reporting the Seahawks have ended their discussions about Young and he won’t be headed to Seattle.

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  1. Schneider was on both Seattle sports radio stations ESPN and KJR today saying the same things and Crabtree happens to use the KJR quote.

    Oh that’s right, Crabtree works for KJR.

  2. Were they also trying to make sure Flynn didn’t land in Arizona?
    No Vince Young please.
    No Tyler Thigpen either.
    I like the little bit I’ve seen of Josh Portis.

  3. Its a good thing scrambling QB’s never get hurt, otherwise it would be a very long, very disappointing season for the seachicken fans who momentarily thought the Niners might not utterly destroy them in every facet of the game, twice. But now that its going to happen twice, I wonder what they are thinking?

    Hopefully, they have no hope. As its not a good thing to have hope when it is so misplaced, as the seachicken fans will soon learn, to their detriment, and to their despair.

  4. they are going to have to also give Earl Thomas a very large pay raise sooner rather than later.

  5. Best gm Seattle has ever had. Awesome moves.
    Who gonna replace trufant? Hill?
    Woodson or smith?

  6. I hope they draft a landry jones or ej manual…But I wouldn’t want to waste a 2 or 3rd on a qb.. I hope they draft the honey badger in the third and let him play nickel for a few years just incase they cant afford Sherman when he is due big money!

  7. It’s pretty tough getting rid of an exceptionally talented back-up like Flynn (and having to replace him with a cheaper back-up who won’t be as good) but the salary cap levels the playing field for everybody. It has changed the ballgame.

  8. Honestly this trade works to the benefit of both teams. Raiders didn’t give up too much, and allows them to trade away Palmer to salvage overall cap space, without the repercussions of being desperate for a back up QB if Palmer is gone. Hawks save cap space for roll over, and Raiders can salvage cap space and team without severely severely downgrading.

  9. have to wonder if seatlle can do anything to gain on the niners, and rams have moved up as well…nfc west is probably now the best

  10. The Seahawks coach and GM are just smarter than anyone else’s at this point.

    They find gems later in rounds, have enough cap space now and in the future by signing show me deals to high price and touted players and by only really being tied up into later round pro bowlers for super cheap.

    They evaluate talent extremely well,players in position to maximize potential and minimize mistakes which enables them to maximize production.

    They sign their own and instead of staying at #2 in OVER ALL draft picks(1 behind the niners) they used them smartly. Especially because of the talent many of those picks wouldn’t make the team. IMO that’s better than doing what the niners are doing because while they a lot of picks left, many won’t make the team and will be wasted.

    Considering the Seahawks are returning possibly 20 or 21 returning starters and are considered by many talent scouts league wide to have the deepest and most talented team already.

    There the second youngest nfl team, and are extremely talented. Just not fair.

    They’ve traded some draft picks for upgrades and also to pick up some future ones up who might be able to upgrade the team later, super smart move my the Hawks, but a vet backup and possibly a later qb in draft are crucial from a depth perspective from the qb position.

  11. Earl Thomas, Chancellor, Sherman and Browner all need to be re-upped this year. The one I see being at risk is Browner because Lane/Maxwell both filled in fine when he was out 4 games. Wilson’s contract isn’t going to even be negotiable for 2 more years if I know the new CB’s. Please no Vince Young JS/PC, I’d even be happier seeing Seneca Wallace is the option behind Russell.

  12. Can’t wait to watch the train wreck that’s heading to Seattle this year. Wilson was a “flash in the pan”. With Flynn gone the Seahawks are now left without a real NFL caliber QB.
    I hope they enjoyed their trip to the playoffs last year, that’s the last one in a long time.

  13. B. Browner: undrafted free agent
    D. Baldwin: undrafted free agent
    K. Chancellor: 5th round
    B. Giacomini: GB pract. squad
    S. Hauschka: waivers from Den
    B. Irvin: 1st rd. 2012
    M. Lynch: traded 4th rd. to Buf
    R. Okung: 1st rd. 2010
    R. Sherman: 5th rd pick 2011
    G. Tate: 2nd rd 2010
    E. Thomas: 1st rd 2010
    B. Wagner: 2nd rd 2012
    R. Wilson: 3rd rd pick 2012
    KJ Wright: 4th rd 2011
    P. Harvin: trade 1st rd (and mid round picks next year) to MINN

    Average age on team: 26

    Currently sitting more than 10 million UNDER the Cap.

    Tied with the Forty Whiners in Vegas odds at 5 to 1 for best shot at winning the Super Bowl.

    Yes, Im a Hawks fan. Yes I see their moves through rose colored glasses. Yes, I’m a homer.

    But anyone looking at the 3 year track record above, understanding the youth of this team and seeing the 10 million UNDER the Cap that we are sitting with, and doubts that John Schneider is doing one hell of a job is insane.

  14. Wow! … Tyler Thigpen is still in discussion and VY is not … neither is going to raise the level of excitement, but VY should see the writing on the wall with that alone!

  15. He’s right. Seahawks need cap space. This is their window. They have two maybe three years. They have built a team of young inexpensive draft picks and expensive free agents but do not have the management to sustain when their young quarterback and others come up for new contracts and their draft picks drop with their short term success. Another cycle team. Thats the beauty of the NFL, salary caps and higher draft picks to poor performers create a three tiered system. The teams with sustained success (eg. Packers, Patriots), cycle teams (49ers,Seahawks) and the chronically mismanaged (Lions,Raiders).

  16. Proof that a good GM (y’know, one with a brain) is worth their weight in gold.

  17. I’ve been thinking about this for a minute and I would like some help with this. I am a guy that tries not to buy into media driven narratives. eg, mobile QB’s are prone to injury. Other than Mike Vick and RG3, I can think of more traditional pocket QBs that have been hurt and missed games. Or Qb’s that are hurt taking hits in the pocket. Last season alone you had Gabbert, Locker, Smith, Cutler, Big Ben, Weeden, Ponder, who all missed some time due to injury. I am probably forgetting a few. But while some of these Qb’s that I named might have the ability to scramble, none regularly ran any type of offensive sets with QB designed runs. I haven’t even mentioned the QB’s that missed time last year (Manning, Campbell…). My point is, I think that it is a myth that QB’s are more prone to injury if they are running. While, there are more so called “sit in the pocket” Qbs than athletic QBs, those QBs that I named have scrambled from time to time, but were all injured in the pocket.

  18. “decon49 says: Apr 2, 2013 8:30 AM

    one playoff win last year and now they are a potential dynasty? superbowl isn’t won in march”

    You don’t make investment decisions based on past performance. You base investment decisions on potential profits/future cash flows. This would be the same way that you would make performance decisions on sports teams, which is why last year’s Champions are not considered the favorites. Therefore, the fact that Seattle won 1 playoff game last season, means nothing. It is the fact that they have a nucleus of young talent that got better as the season progressed. Your statement is wrong-headed.

  19. He then blew up Boss Hog’s illegal still at the Old Mill Creek with an exploding arrow, high fived Tom Wopat, and slid over the hood of the General Lee.

  20. It’s funny reading the bandwagon 49er fans trying to disparage the Hawks…
    It’s like they can’t down enough 40’s to wash away the memory of that week 16 drubbing they received last year…42-13 wasn’t it?

  21. Wow – seahawks fans really are loving football right now, arent they – and they should. They have potentially two maybe three good years to look forward to but this is what happens when mediocre teams collect a few years worth of talented inexpensive high draft picks and pay a crop of free agents.

    Unfortunately, (for the Seahawks) the 49ers are peaking the same way at the same time. Its great for the rest of us who love football however, this Kaepernick Wilson rivalry with two smash mouth defenses will be exciting to watch for the next few years and then we’ll find something else as you both fade back into obscurity once your young stars demand payment, your free agents become too costly, and the draft picks arent so high.

  22. As a Hawks fan, I’m ok (not thrilled) with Thigpen as a backup. In no way shape or form do I want Vince Young. For those Seahawk fans liking Josh Portis, all I have to say is that he will most likely never play a down in the NFL. If he still considered “too raw” at his age, I don’t really want him on the roster. Get Thigpen and draft someone in the mid rounds.

    BTW, I think the 49ers made a great move in getting McCoy as a back-up. Smart on their part…

  23. Wait until these low paying contracts expire. Seattle will need all that extra cap room. I do like what Seattle’s GM is doing with that team though. Crazy to even suggest the word dynasty when talking about the Seahawks, but they are legit and headed in the right direction.

  24. If this provides 10 million in relief to Seattle…..

    What does it do to the CAP STRAPPED Raiders?

  25. ducksflyhigh says:Apr 2, 2013 1:07 PM

    Dennis Dixon is out there, quality and cheap. Darren thomas is worth a look too.


    Isn’t Dixon on the Eagles roster now? I liked him when he was abackup in Pittsburg, but I don’t think he’s availble anymore.

  26. monkeyhateclean says:
    Apr 2, 2013 12:20 AM
    Its a good thing scrambling QB’s never get hurt, otherwise it would be a very long, very disappointing season for the seachicken fans who momentarily thought the Niners might not utterly destroy them in every facet of the game, twice. But now that its going to happen twice, I wonder what they are thinking?

    Hopefully, they have no hope. As its not a good thing to have hope when it is so misplaced, as the seachicken fans will soon learn, to their detriment, and to their despair.

  27. circuscivics
    Your statements about pocket QBs getting hurt more often than running QBs are true but here is the problem with that. There are significantly more pocket QBs than running QBs. Just statistically there are more of them to get hurt. But on a percentage basis, there are more running QBs that are going to get hurt. The pocket QB does fall prone to one injury more than the running QB. The pocket plants his opposite foot as he follows through and passes, leaving that lead leg vulnerable to knee injuries. The turf won’t give when the foot is planted. The running QB takes more hits to the knees but his foot is rarely planted.

  28. dennisatunity

    I admitted that the fact more QBs are hurt in the pocket may be a function of more pocket QBs.
    (“While, there are more so called “sit in the pocket” Qbs than athletic QBs, those QBs that I named have scrambled from time to time, but were all injured in the pocket.”)

    I just think that it is a fallacy that you are more prone to injury, as a QB, if you take off running. At least if you do decide to run, you tend to see the hit coming and you can protect yourself. And I believe that is the key. You have to protect yourself when you are about to be hit. In the pocket you are more likely to get hit without seeing it, or taken down awkwardly.

  29. I see a lot of jealous non seahawk fans on here.

    Guess I can’t blame them.

    It’a a good time to be a seahawks fan, or a 49er fan.

    Although you 49er fans are going down this coming season.

    Go Hawks!!!!!

  30. “johngaltwho says:

    Unfortunately, (for the Seahawks) the 49ers are peaking the same way at the same time.”


    I have to disagree with your assertion that the 49ers and Seattle are peaking at the same time. It is more convincing that the 49ers have already peaked. Many of their core guys (starters) are approaching 30 or on the wrong side of 30. Frank Gore 29 (30 in May), Patrick Willis 28, Vernon Davis 29, Justin Smith 33 (34 in Sept), Bolden 32 (33 in Oct) Joe Staley 28 (29 in Aug), Carlos Rodgers 31 (32 in July).

    While Seattle has Brandon Browner 28 (29 in Aug), Chris Clemons 31, Mike Robinson 30, and Red Bryant 28 (29 in Apr). They have acquired Avril who is just 26 to step in for Clemons. Seattle got better as the season progressed. I don’t think both teams are on the same trajectory.

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