Nawrocki provides scathing assessment of Geno Smith


Two years ago, draft expert Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly created a stir with a biting critique of quarterback Cam Newton, the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

“Very disingenuous — has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup,” Nawrocki wrote.  “Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them.  Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . .  Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example.  Immature and has had issues with authority.  Not dependable.”

Nawrocki has now issued scouting reports for Geno Smith and Matt Barkley, regarded as the top two quarterback prospects in this year’s draft.  And at a time when many believe Smith will be taken before Barkley, Nawrocki calls Barkley a first-round pick and Smith merely a “top-50 pick.”

Apart from Nawrocki’s critique of Smith’s mechanics, Nawrocki adds this assessment of Smith:  “Not a student of the game.  Nonchalant field presence — does not command respect from teammates and cannot inspire.  Mild practice demeanor — no urgency.  Not committed or focused — marginal work ethic.  Interviewed poorly at the Combine and did not show an understanding of concepts on the white board.  Opted not to compete at the Senior Bowl and has approached offseason training as if he has already arrived and it shows in his body with minimal muscle definition or strength.  Has small hands and glaring ball security issues (32 career fumbles).  Really struggled handling the snow in Pinstripe Bowl (took two safeties) and will be troubled by the elements.  Needed to be coddled in college — cannot handle hard coaching.”

Nawrocki then makes a strong prediction about Smith’s future.  “Smith is a gimmick, overhyped product of the system lacking the football savvy, work habits and focus to cement a starting job and could drain energy from a QB room,” Nawrocki writes.  “Will be overdrafted and struggle to produce against NFL defensive complexities.”

Smith will indeed be drafted high, due to the possibility that his positives eventually will outweigh his negatives, allowing him to become the one thing every team needs:  A franchise quarterback.  If enough teams agree with Nawrocki, however, Smith may not be drafted as high as some would believe.

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  1. At first I read this and was like, this guy has gone too far !!!

    Then I looked at the picture above and was a bit more convinced lol

  2. Well, if he similarly blasted Cam Newton, Cam went #1 overall.

    Geno was never hurt….played every game. I’ve also heard that he asked the best questions at the Manning Passing Academy. Plus, Mike Mayock has him as his #1 QB, and I’m betting Mayock has better info of what was said/not said at the interviews.

  3. He was wrong about Cam, he was wrong about RG3, and although I don’t think Smith will be on the same level as those two I bet he ends up being wrong about him.
    Yet he speaks well of Barkley?
    Hmm what do Cam, RG3, and Geno have in common that Matt doesn’t?

  4. this guys assessment of Cam Newton was accurate as far as negatives. Don’t know why he doesn’t include any positives though it comes off as very harsh

  5. Cam probably had the best rookie year ever so if I were Geno I would take this as a complement. Obviously this guy has hidden agendas.

  6. Say what you want, but a lot of what he said about Cam Newton has proven to be true.

    As far as Geno Smith is concerned, it does not look like a good fit for Buffalo. If you are gonna reach with the first pick, reach for Nassib, and at least be comfortable with what you are getting.

  7. If he can’t handle the snow, the Bills should pass on him, unless they draft him in 1st, Nassib or Landry in 2nd, then trade Smith for proven talent.

  8. Didn’t like Cam Newton, didn’t like Russell Wilson, doesn’t like Geno Smith.

    Ranked RGIII dramatically lower than Andrew Luck last year,

    At a certain point maybe the analyst is seeing what he expects to see, not what is in front of him?

  9. If Newton went first overall, there’s no reason to think Smith won’t go in the top 10.
    I’m not saying it makes sense, just that teams have a “moth to the flame” tendency toward quarterbacks in the draft.

    The knocks on Newton will end up being true in the long run, as will the negatives in Smith’s approach.

    Leopards don’t often change their spots.

  10. Strong words. However, it’s all opinion…. except for the 32 fumbles. That’s a LOT of fumbles.

  11. “Cam probably had the best rookie year ever”

    If only that was the only thing that mattered…

  12. Wow… this guys holds nothing back… I can understand the knocks on the guys game, but the personality issues seem odd from what I’ve seen (which is limited). His vitriol towards guys like Cam and Geno seems a little over the top. To me, both Barkley and Smith had great help on the outsides (wr), but neither could do anything with it when it counted, even more so with Barkley.

  13. The Flynn trade was just a smoke screen, the Raiders are chomping at the bit to draft this kid.

  14. Al Smith said it best: “Just win baby!” If Geno takes Al’s advice, Nawrocki and all the other critics that sniff around this time of year looking for a story to write to make a big splash will have to get in line to do interviews with another successful quarterback.

    (Besides, Nawrocki wouldn’t get paid if he told us that Geno’s breathe smelled like Skittles and that he rode a unicorn to practice everyday. We want dirty laundry)

  15. PFT: “If enough teams agree with Nawrocki, however, Smith may not be drafted as high as some would believe.”

    That is what’s known as a non-prediction. It’s like saying if XYZ happens, then XYZ will have take place.

    “Predictions that start with “if ….” tend to be non-predictions. They don’t shed any light on the topic in question. If LeBron hits the game-winner before time expires, the Heat will have won the game. They’re meaningless.

  16. Did the daughter from Homeland write this critique? She’s the most negative person I can think of off the top of my head.

    While that stuff he said about Cam has a shade of truth to it, no reason he can’t improve those areas. He was only 21 when drafted. I think Cam’s ability has been proven over the last 2 years. He’s no Gabbert, Locker, or Ponder- Which were all gone within the next 12 picks of Cam

  17. I had no idea what Pro Football Weekly was so I went and checked out their site. It looks like it was coded by 8th graders… in 1996. Ignore this mook.

  18. a little harsh coming from a middle of the road talent assessor (at best), but in a roundabout way I wouldn’t be overly shocked if he was half right.

    What did he say about Bark? I have a feeling we could all have a good laugh!

  19. People hated on Nawrocki, but the fact of the matter was last season everything Nawrocki said, ESPN’s Cris Carter and Tom Jackson called Cam out on in every segment, calling his after game press conference bogus, and how even saying the right thing doesn’t come across as genuine. Now I’m not saying that ESPN is a good judge of character, far from it. However, everything Nawrocki said about Cam unfolded last season. Not a major fan of his, but the guy calls it like how he sees it and whether he’s subliminally racist or not is up to how you want to interpret his work.
    As far as Smith is concern, the way he talks is different from RG3 or Russell Wilson. Before anyone say’s white, I disagree. Smith stumbles when talking, RG3 and Russell sounds natural in similar settings. Smith comes across as someone who doesn’t have the same football IQ RG3 and Wilson has. Also Smith stares down WR, watch any of his highlight and watch his head movement. 100% stare down from snap to pass. In those highlight or game films, rarely will you find him to make more than 1 progression, even though you can find this in abundance with RG3, Luck, Wilson, etc in college.

  20. How can you say that and still make him a top 50 pick? That review means unpickable.

    Do you think Jamarcus Russell would’ve even been picked if we knew what he was?

  21. Pretty near all of the character concerns he listed for Newton haven proved to be right on the money. I don’t think he ripped RGIII, he just liked Luck better. Nobody gave Wilson much hope of having a good NFL career due to his size. What he said about Smith is based on information he’s gotten from people who know the kid and have worked with him obviously so before labeling him as a racist who doesn’t like Black QB’s, let’s see how it plays out.

  22. “A playmaking weapon capable of carving defenses with his live arm or legs, Griffin made a splash the minute he arrived on campus and emerged as a lethal big-play, vertical passer as a junior. Still must continue to hone his passing instincts from the pocket and prove he can stay healthy outside it. However, he proved he could catapult a doormat program to new heights, has the game-changing prowess to ignite an offense immediately and could add a flair to a downfield passing attack.” This was Nawrocki review of RG3 does not sound like he dislikes him

  23. dbones750 says: Apr 1, 2013 4:31 PM

    Where’s the Barkley one?


    Right above Smith’s, if you click the link.

    I had no idea Barkley set so many misc. accomplishments. I don’t watch much college ball, but what I did see he eyeball-tested pretty poorly. Kurt Warner could teach this kid to throw a tight spiral. Maybe that’s covered under Nawrocki’s assessment that he needs to set his feet and drive the ball, can’t throw from a moving platform.

  24. Nolan rocks. Too bad he isn’t politically correct enough for you idiot lemmings. Go back to your hateful posts about Brady, Flacco, Eli etc. Morons.

  25. Everyone knocked him for his review of Newton, so lets take a look back.
    Cam pouts and whines when his team loses, throwing teammates under the bus in the process. Looks for the camera and celebrates with his superman thing scoring a td, despite the fact his team is losing by 30. And for all intents and purposes has shown zero true leadership skills.
    Ill take what he says a bout Geno with a grain of salt and hold judgement until I see him on the field. But I wouldn’t completely dismiss Nawrocki, he might end up being right.

  26. Nawrocki’s draft assessment of Smith is clearly written so he can say he was right no matter what happens. His positives on Smith are GLOWING. He compliments his arm strength, accuracy, touch, spin, his ability to run, endurance, and that he will play through pain.

    Meanwhile, his compliments of Barkley are…interesting. While the rest of us saw USC implode from preseason #1 to going 7-6, Nawrocki credits Barkley for “elevating the locker room,” “being a team tempo-setter” and “uplifting the organization.” He blames the entire senior season on the line but says Barkley will be fine in the pros with an “elite” left tackle. (Because those grow on trees and teams can assure themselves of having several laying around.)

  27. At least he actually has this one right. Geno is not going to be a successful QB in the NFL… Write it down

  28. cam newton is great i dont know what this dude is talking about. players want to win and when they dont some that truly want to be great get a little angry. u cant blame cam for being passionate. besides this guy is a no name. i rather read the comments to his article than the actual article.

  29. how can anyone say he was wrong (or right) about cam and RGIII? sure they both had great rookie years, but you know who else had a great rookie year? vince young.

  30. For those who said he was spot on in his assessment of Cam, please provide your evidence. Yes he had a rough start to his second year, but find a QB not name Rodgers, Manning, Brady, or Wilson who had a better second half to their season. 14 total TD’s in 6 games to 1 turnover. What? Because he pouts when his team is losing? I guess he should have been like Ray Lewis giving speeches or maybe like Derek Anderson, and laugh on the side lines. Either way, haters will find something negative.

    If he didn’t inspire confidence in his team mates, why were they predicting Super Bowls and why has Steve Smith not raise a stink about being traded. It is so easy to write a narrative of people that runs contrary to the facts and the masses will run with it.

  31. That old man needs to check himself! He’s clearly racist. And has nothing good to say. But seriously, if you think anyone of these QBs in this draft are NFL caliber talent, you’re crayola crayon CRAY! Same guys who thought Gabbert,Ponder,locker,weeden, McCoy and Quinn were legit. Smh @ you so called “scouts”…just a bunch of dumb dudes who believe they are brilliant and buy each others BS.

    But the same guys hated joe flacco and Arron Rodgers….MVPs.

  32. People can’t handled the truth.
    First of all … all rookie QBs are over-hyped. The hardest position to learn in football and you expect a kid out of college to shine.

  33. As a Bama fan who hates spread QBs, I was doubly predisposed to dislike Cam Newton. But Nawrock’s assessment, as quoted above, had nothing to do with football. It was like reading “Why I hate the popular guy” in a high school yearbook. And for all the things you can criticize about Newton, his smile isn’t one of them. Although he offered a little more actual football commentary on Smith, Nawrocki still writes more like a guy trying to draw attention to himself than one trying to tell the public about a QB’s strengths and weaknesses.

  34. Are their any African-Americans professional football analyst who can predict QB future play outside of Nawrocki, McShay and Mel Kiper? They all seem to have a blind spot when it comes to judging African-American QBs……not a race card by any means, just saying.

    If I remember correctly, they all picked Brady Quinn as the next coming of Jesus and then there was Tebow, parting of the Red Sea!.

    Where did Mcshay play QB? Now he’s an expert? Give me a break…….

  35. Nawrocki was right about Newton. He only piled up garbage time stats after the Panthers were eliminated from the playoffs. For himself, not the team. Richardson was so pissed he fired the guy who drafted him, a year and a half later.

  36. How has character concerns been proven about Cam? Because he does the superman thing after scoring a td?lol. A fake smile? How has a sense of entitlement been proven? Has there been reports of Cam being late? I’ve heard none. You guys just want this to be true. I have come to expect it from most of you when discussing a black man that likes to smile. Or frown, for that matter.

  37. I don’t believe this guy is as idiotic as to be racist in the year 2013, but I do think he suffers from “give me my dropback passer that I grew up with” syndrome.

    I would love to see assessments he put forth for Jimmy Clausen, Brady Quinn, and a few other touted classic dropback passers in relation to how he clearly has little regard for QBs out of these spread option offenses like Smith, Newton, Griffin, and Tebow.

    You could even throw in Gabbert for the drop back thing because for some reason people confused that offense he played in as more of a passing offense rather than another variation of the same thing the unconventional running guys helmed.

  38. He might have over stated it but all the points he made on Cam seems to have been correct.

    Cam may end up being a a great quarterback – but all those issues seemed to be hurting him this last year.

    As for RG3 – Nawrocki’s critisim of RG3s play was mostly correct – but RG3s strengths were so good that it easily compensated – until he was hurt.

  39. If Smith cannot handle the elements, then he is certainly not a good fit for Buffalo. Come November and December, Western NY can be a pretty volatile place to play football.

  40. You can rip Nolan Nawrocki all you want, but the bottom line is, he’s been more right than wrong on his evaluations in the past.

    Yeah, he’s no Joel Buschbaum, who was the best ever at this job, but he’s as good if not better than Mel Kiper, Jr.

    Look, Geno Smith is going to be over-drafted because there are teams desperate for a QB. Smith was hot and cold last year, and Nawrocki’s assessment of his fumbling problems remind me quite a bit of Daunte Culpepper and his one-fumble-per-game career average. Most teams don’t want to spend a top draft pick on a QB with those kind of problems.

    Geno Smith may turn out to be a fine pro QB, but for every RGIII (whom if I recall correctly, Nawrocki did not offer similar criticism), there is a JaMarcus Russell, for every Andrew Luck there is a Matt Leinart. It’s a crap-shoot, and Nawrocki is giving his best assessment. I wouldn’t bet against him.

  41. bart3976 says:
    Apr 1, 2013 4:36 PM
    I pray this Nawrocki doesn’t turn out to be my father-in-law someday.

    Why? Are you black?

  42. circuscivics says: Apr 1, 2013 4:56 PM

    For those who said he was spot on in his assessment of Cam, please provide your evidence.


    Exhibit A) Cam Newton gets legally knocked to the ground, all be it rather hard, and kicks Tommy Kelly in the face like a little punk after the whistle. It’s those sort of things that are being discussed about him more these days than anything he’s done on the field, and for good reason.

    I could go on all day here. The guy is a primadonna and will never be a champion with his “look at me attitude”.

  43. Real world assessment. Deal with it. Too few actually criticize these days. He may be completely off but at least he has the courage to speak up. And he was dead on about Cam. Doesn’t mean the players have to stay that way

  44. this guy writes evaluations on hundreds of players every year…For the most part pft is pretty solid….the draft is such a crap shoot that this guy can be spot on, ot all wrong…he is just giving his opinion…nothing more nothing less….but I agree with him that barkley will be a better qb in the nfl.

  45. Tom Brady Kicks Ed Reed on the growing…. But we All know it was and accident because its Tom Brady. Peyton Manning ALWAYS yells and curse at teammates on the field… No biggie it’s PM, he a Leader. Jay Cutler puts his hands on a teammate during the game. No problem Jay’s just a fiery guy… Cam Newton on the other hand, the sentiment is “who does this arrogant Hip Hop #¥€€@ think he is.” Did I get that right America? Or better yet White America.. And someone find a insert where he trashed his teammates! I would loved to see or read it… Ya probably can’t

  46. Dude called Matt Barkley a cross between Drew Bress and Colt McCoy… um… there is a hell of a lot of distance in between those two. I’d take a lot of this guy’s stuff with a grain of salt.. not to mention he looks like an extra from American History X

  47. As a WVU fan, I have to agree that this analysis is right on. Past analysts should not matter when discussing Geno Smith. He is a mental midget. Everything has to align perfectly for him to have success. Weather especially. He has no fire or passion. Isn’t it an indictment of what the NFL thinks of him with the Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn, and Carson Palmer deals? Smith is a 4th rounder at best.

  48. If you read PFW’s negatives on players, you’d think every single player in the draft sucks

  49. I’d like to see if he wrote a review of Ryan Leaf to compare how he writes up personalities of white @ssholes compared to black @ssholes. The personality review of Newton seems spot-on in retrospect, let’s face it the guy seems like an @sshole. Nawrocki isn’t bashing athletic talent on Newton, or comprehensively on Smith. He writes a measured review on Barkley’s athletic talent but raves on his intanglibles. Let’s face it, Barkley has been a stud QB since freshman year of high school and comes from a tradition of USC athletes. Kid has probably been molded to the spotlight where players like Newton or Smith weren’t. Geno Smith reminds me of Akili Smith.

  50. I thought the same thing about Cam Newton before that year’s draft. The cheesy smile and “entertainer” mentality rubbed me the wrong way. For what it’s worth, I sat in on a clinic where the WVU OC was talking and he heaped a lot of praise on Tavon Austin while taking some subtle jabs at Geno Smith.

  51. The Raiders already have there starting quarterback in Matt Flynn. A quarterback who threw 6 touchdown passes against the Detroit Loins a few years back. when the Packers went 15-1

    The Kansas City Chiefs could draft Geno Smith at #1 and have him compete against Chase Daniels as the back up quarterback to Alex Smith.

    Ricky Stanzi hasn’t even played in a single game since he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Alex Tanney was placed on the IR for something about a broken arm so we really didn’t even see how he could do could be added to the practice squad or even released. The same way with Ricky Stanzi. But one of them will be a insurance player in case if one of the Quarterbacks ends up getting hurt.

    This would be the best move for the Kansas City Chiefs to draft Geo Smith #1 overall pick and have him battle Chase Daniels as the starting quarterback job.

    But in the end. 1 or 2 quarterbacks could be released before its all said and done.

  52. Kelly was trying to twist Cam’s leg to injure him. It’s a fight or flight response.

    I also love how you say you can go all day, and only mention one thing.

    Everyone’s evaluation of Cam is in a vacuum. Only looking at the raiders game or the giants game.

    The people Cam associates with, including teammates, coaches, and fans, have not a bad word to say about him. He sometimes gets upset because he expects greatness out of himself and everyone around him.

    I’m glad he’s the quarterback of my favorite team and we can soon expect more greatness that he displayed during his rookie year and the second half of last year.

  53. “People hated on Nawrocki, but the fact of the matter was last season everything Nawrocki said, ESPN’s Cris Carter and Tom Jackson called Cam out on in every segment, calling his after game press conference bogus, and how even saying the right thing doesn’t come across as genuine.”

    How much of that has actually affected Cam’s performance to the point where you wouldn’t want him on your team?

    Even if he sees those things as right, they’re pretty irrelevant, and when he brings them up for the third year in a row about the top black QB prospect, that’s called a pattern.

  54. Let’s get the facts straight, “Nawrocki” is short for “Grand Klan Dragon” and secondly, the guy is trying to make a name for himself since prior to Cam Newton the doosh didn’t exist. If he keeps making his annual “hate on the top black QB” every year statement then he’s bound to get attention whether it’s through infamy or the top “51-50” candidate for admittance to a mental institute. Keep this clown off the grid………….. If he’s got ANY skill set at all then he would be critiquing other positions also. He’s only attacking the big names.

  55. Hell the Vikings over reached in drafting Ponder at #12 overall even though he can’t throw more than 15 yards down field. Somebody will over reach this year, it always happens.

  56. Nawrocki was dead wrong about Newton. The only thing you have against him is the touchdown he scored and celebrated afterwards when his team was down by a few touchdowns. What else do you have? I don’t think there is much, thats why everyone is using the same example. They say he pouts after a loss. Is the qb supposed to be happy after a loss?

    The perception of Newton more often than not comes down to a race thing. Most people here will deny that, but it comes through loud and clear in your comments. The things that people complain about with Newton, would be praised with someone like Jay Cutler. For instance, if Cutler is yelling at his teammates, he’s a fierce competitor. If Newton does the same thing, he’s a poor leader. If Newton throws into double or triple coverage, he’s dumb and can’t read defenses. If Cutler does the same thing, he’s a gunslinger. I don’t think its racism although Nawrocki comes off like a closet racist. I think it is irresponsible reporting from a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing and its shown the past few years.

  57. Honestly its hard to tell which QB’s are going to excel and which ones will bust at NFL level. But Nawrocki sounds like the type of guy that read a book of stereotypes (mental toughness & capacity, desire and ability to lead) from the 70’s and applies that his critiques. I remember thinking his comments were racists about Newton. ESPN is like the dumpster of sports coverage, so I guess this type of thing is expected.

  58. i did not know he wrote this about scam newton, but everything he said was 100% correct. he said nothing about his ability, just about his character. scam is a diva who thinks he is bigger than the nfl as noted by some of the pro bowl players in his rookie year calling him out. people are going to make this a racial thing because it stirs things up or they are scam fans and got offended as most scam fans do when criticizing one of the most overrated players in the NFL, but it was correct, like it or not. though if he wrote something like this about RG3 then i would dissagree, he is a good man and great for the league. racism is racism, even black people are racist against thier own kind being “cornball brothas”.

  59. funny how people are criticizing this guy for what he writes about black qb’s, which im sure there was no intention, yet go read the scouting report for every white reciever coming out of college to the nfl and tell me if there is a difference in opinions for white recievers

  60. kinggw says: Apr 1, 2013 7:40 PM

    “The perception of Newton more often than not comes down to a race thing. Most people here will deny that, but it comes through loud and clear in your comments. The things that people complain about with Newton, would be praised with someone like Jay Cutler. For instance, if Cutler is yelling at his teammates, he’s a fierce competitor. If Newton does the same thing, he’s a poor leader. If Newton throws into double or triple coverage, he’s dumb and can’t read defenses. If Cutler does the same thing, he’s a gunslinger. I don’t think its racism although Nawrocki comes off like a closet racist. I think it is irresponsible reporting from a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing and its shown the past few years.”

    What are you talking about here? Jay Cutler has been compared to Jeff George (negatively) his entire career. No one overlooks his faults any more than Newton. It certainly is not a race thing for most people. Cutler has been called a poor leader plenty of times, so you might want to use a different example.

  61. 32 Fumbles??????

    Are you kidding me … how offensive any player who fumbles that many times can even been considered a first rounder is beyond me.

  62. I sense a race card controversy coming (although I don’t agree with it).

    It better have a decent grade on EJ Manuel to prevent that.

  63. By no means do I want to allow facts to get in the way of anybodys race bating politics, but this guy was spot on about Cam Newton. Ever wonder why Cam did an about face once he joined the Panthers? He is a totally different person (in public anyway) than he was at Auburn. That review may have had a positive impact on him.

    As far as RG3, most of his review that I read was based on his on the field tendencies.

    I love that it is racist if he likes Luck over RG3, calls it like he sees it with Cam Newton, but voting for Obama because he is black is just fine.

  64. Cam Newton is well liked by his teammates and coaches. He has attends Steve Smith’s and Jordan Gross’s charity camps both years and does his own local charity events. He is back at Auburn working on getting his degree where he has been playing intramural basketball as well as attending Auburns (horrible) basketball games. He pouts when he loses but I find that no less offensive than seeing Julius Peppers laughing and smiling while getting blown out. has never as pointed out above — thrown his teammates under the bus. Sits at home and challenges people via Youtube to play Madden football on Xbox. Really, his big flaw that MATTERS is he lacks touch on short throws. Carolina will be fine with him at QB. But if you really hate Cam and believe what Nowlricki wrote, then please come to Charlotte and go over to the practice field and tell him and his team when camp starts. The practice field is right by the stadium and they walk to and from so you can get your chance. Or as Steve Smith tells the local press lots of times on people like you…”I have a Jersey and you don’t, so go ahead and criticize while sitting on your couch”.

  65. He was dead on about both Cam and RG III. Both had ego issues and had legitimate issues coming out of college. And can had great season, teams adjusted, tough second season. RG III had great rookie season, did get hurt, teams adjust, I’m betting average second season. That’s why mobile qb’s start great and then become mike Vick. Figured out and now average.

  66. For people that are saying BS to the critique on Newton pre-draft. What about the lap top theft that had him thrown out of Florida? What about the allegations of his father demanding six figures for his son to play at Mississippi State? Being called out by other players for being a prima dona at the Pro Bowl? Called out by his #1 WR, Steve Smith, for not acting like a leader? Called out the year before by Ryan Kalil and Jordan Gross for his lack of leadership. Or the ESPN interview where he referred to himself as a “lion” and trying to “get everybody on my level”. What about Rivera having to talk to Cam behind closed doors about his demeanor? What about Cam’s struggles last year and then the team having to simplify the offensive scheme for him to succeed? Sorry, all of those examples pretty much go to supporting the critique from Nawrocki of Cam Newton. Physical talent with a prima dona attitude. Show me the examples of other rookie or young QBs that behaved the same way. How many other starting QBs have that many incidents that can be called out? Not that many.

  67. Maybe he’s right about Geno, maybe he’s racist. But what I cant fathom is how he boosted Matt Barkley. The guy who in his best season (junior) had an unreal O-Line and a stud WR in Woods. Once adversity kicked in this year (playing with a bad oline) he completely flopped. Maybe hes a good leader but that noodle arm and inability to overcome adversity will be his down fall. Remember these QBs will go to a team with nothing the real question is how will they play with a crapy supporting cast, most likely not good. But IMO Smith has a higher chance of prospering and lead a bad team than Barkely. If I was a GM I’d take EJ Manuel and develop him, if my owner said Barkley or Smith. Im going with Smith easily.

  68. All part of growing up and life these guys are just doing it on a national stage one day the light bulb goes on for everybody. Now what they do with it after that is up to them

  69. Like any of you know Cam Newton. You are basing your opinion on misconceptions and BS 3rd person stories. Don’t judge a person until you know them.

  70. This is an example of PFT taking something completely out of context to make a story. The scouting report for Smith is not nearly as bad as they are making it out to be and he actually had a lot of positive things to say about Geno Smith. They just cherry picked the negative comments and put them all together like it was a big rant.

    This is a non story.

  71. How did I know everyone was going to make this issue racial, rather than purely football related?

    And the things he said about Cam couldnt be any truer. He nailed him with every critique he said!

  72. To anyone who thinks Nawrocki is racist, go read in the PFW book what his positives are for EJ Manuel. He praised Manuel’s intelligence, work ethic and leadership. Contrast that to what he said about Tyler Bray’s intangibles, which was scathing. He called Bray a “punky pocket passer”. Mayock has Manuel rated as his second QB and it sure looks like that’s a good pick.

    I wasn’t stunned on Nawrocki’s opinion of Newton because I’ve always thought (and still do) he was too slick and narcissistic, but I’ve never gotten that vibe from Geno Smith so that one does surprise me.

  73. This is exactly what this guy wants. Say things over the top and watch all of the fools scream and shout about this and that. Nice job. You got exactly what you wanted. This guy follows the same playbook of Skip Bayless, Rob Parker, and the rest of the media types that can’t get enough of themselves. It’s hard to take people like this seriously if they are right or not.

  74. Geno Smith is a very talented quarterback, but, like most young quarterbacks, he’ll need some scrubbing and polishing before he really breaks through. It really all depends on what kind of situation he lands in.

    If history has shown us anything, it is that drafting a quarterback with a high pick is ALWAYS a gamble. Geno has the most upside of any QB in this year’s class, and if you’re going to gamble on a QB, gamble for biggest return you can.

    As for his “fumbling problem”, this is a three year (plus change from his freshman year) starter who rarely missed a game. He played in an offense with an EXTREMELY fast tempo (mostly no huddle), and clocked in 245 rushing attempts and 1465 passing attempts throughout his college career. In that context, I think his ball security issues are somewhat mitigated, especially considering that WVU had no elite linemen, nor a quality running back (unless you count Tavon Austin on the rare occasion when he lined up in the backfield) during his entire career.

    Nawrocki’s non-prediction is little more than a smear designed to draw attention, page hits, and controversy. He does it every year; it’s to be expected and dismissed accordingly.

    I know the current fashion is to expect young quarterbacks to instantly be Pro-Bowl quality players (Kaepernick, Wilson, Griffin, RG3, Luck, etc.), but I regard the current run of instant-success QBs as a fluke. In other words, I believe we’ve witnessed an exceptional and rare group of young men who have defied extreme odds individually and as a group. You won’t see this type of success-explosion every year from here on out; I can guarantee that.

    Give Geno his three seasons to make something of himself. He has the tools. I say his chances are good.


  75. I do not see the big deal. Who cares what a guy who never made it to the NFL thinks? I mean Geno Smith will be drafted and just by walking up on the stage will accomplish what Nolan did. Same with Barkley . Nolan you are not Rush or Skip . They are at least creative in what they say even if we hate them . Nolan simply is trying to keep his name in the news because outside of the draft we have no clue who he is. Nolan is a low budget Skip Bayless

  76. Typical, that many would go straight to the racial remarks. America’s number 1 excuse when somebody says something they don’t like or don’t agree with…call the person a racist. Nawrocki was spot on with Newton and anybody that says he wasn’t is a moron. Who knows if he’ll be right on Smith, but I sure don’t see anything special at all about Geno or his game.

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