Niners join the April Fool’s Day parade

Earlier on Monday, former Bills linebacker Nick Barnett had a little April Fool’s fun on Twitter, proclaiming that he has re-signed with Buffalo.

The 49ers are now getting in on the action, announcing the release of the Jim Harbaugh Collection.

It’s a good-natured reference to Harbaugh’s Rain Man-habitual black fleece top and khaki pants, along with a black 49ers cap.

“I probably save about 20 minutes per day,” Harbaugh “said” of the impact of his wardrobe on his daily workload.  “I’ve cut down a lot of drag.”

The announcement includes a photo gallery, and a “shop the Jim Harbaugh collection” link that makes the gag even more obvious than it already was.

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42 responses to “Niners join the April Fool’s Day parade

  1. If these were real, I would buy them under the condition that they each came with a mask of Jim making one of his bizarre facial experessions.

  2. logicalvoicesays, you mean, IRg3?!?

    Colin is smarter with the way he runs. IRg3 would rather take a beating for a 1/10th of a yard = stupid!!

  3. Logicalvoice is the biggest fool this April 1st. I just wish he kept it limited to this day alone.

  4. logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 1, 2013 12:40 PM
    The only April Fool joke in regards to the 49ers is Colin Kaepernick’s RGIII wannabe style of play. He’s not even 1/10th the player RGIII is.


    the other way around.. RG3 just wishes he could get to the superbowl

  5. I hope when the Redskins blow this year that you will man up and accept it but we know you will run and hide…only good thing is we wont have to put up with your bs post everyday

  6. IRG3 wishes Harbaugh was his coach instead of Shanahan. That way he’d be able to play this year. Reality check: right now IRG3 is not even as good as Tim Tebow. A lineman playing QB would be a better option right now. CK7 > IRG3 24-7-365.

    Troll on, joke boy.

  7. The jokes on the them. April Fools Day is actually April 2nd.

    It seems like a lot of people are fooled thinking it’s April 1st every year.

  8. Anyone that thinks that Kaepernick has a better arm or is faster than RG3 is dumb as rocks.

  9. Bob Griffen the Turd wishes he had Kaps talent.
    now he’s takeing presidential advice on how to slide properly, good luck with that.

  10. Honestly, how long are you guys gonna let logicalvoice bother you? Obvious troll is obvious and yet every time he posts 15 people feel the need to respond. Not quite sure who’s least intelligent here.

  11. Logical Voice? Your joking right? I have read your posts before and I can honestly say I have never read anything logical about your rants or anything that would allow me to think you know anything about football….

    As a life long Redskins fan, I am very happy & proud to have RGIII on my team.. However, I can also honestly say that Colin Kaepernick has just as much upside potential, if not more, then RGIII. What Kaepernick did without having the luxury of all the first team snaps from training camp and thruout the season is nothing short of EPIC. Kaepernick will win multiple SB’s with the Niners over his career.. Hail Redskins…

  12. I don’t know why everone is getting down on logicalvoice. He always has pithy, witty (like a paper bag or a jar of pickles) comments. Plus, he always comments within five minutes of the article’s post. He must have a job that is flexible enough for him to stay on PFT virtually all day.

    Hey, wait a minute. Are you even employed, logicalvoice? Are you? Are you? Stop dragging the country down, man.

    I still think logicalvoice and benji7 are the same guy.

  13. How about, let me know when the Deadskins actually make the playoffs. I can’t even remember when that happened last.

    RGIII will start the year on IR, come off of it, and go back on it again. That’s the downside to running that style offense.

  14. I had always hoped that one year the Colts and Pats would try to play an April Fools day joke where Brady got “traded” for Manning. Unfortunately that never happened.

    Even now though we still have other good candidates. How about Peyton for Eli? Luck for Peyton? Romo for RGIII? Wilson for Kaepernik? Brees for Rodgers? I mean certainly someone in the NFL has a sense of humor?

    If not QB’s then how about Peterson for CJ2k? or Aldon Smith for Von Miller? Revis for Richard Sherman? Calvin Johnson for Larry Fitzgerald?

    All sorts of possibilities and yet no one has the guts to try and pull off a mother of all sports related April Fools Day jokes. Makes me long for the day when the Phillies “traded” Kyle Kendrick to Japan for the competitive eater Kobayashi. At least some team in some sport was willing to pull a good prank.

  15. This is funny. Glad to see folks having a good time on April Fools. When it comes to draft info, the entire month of April is April Fools.

  16. A better April Fool’s joke would have been announcing they traded their 1st and 3rd draft picks to the Raiders for Carson Palmer lol.

  17. Is it part of the April Fool’s joke that an article on Jim Harbaugh’s clothing turns into a discussion of Kaepernick and RG3 in the comments? Because that’s less funny than the original joke.

  18. Rg3 is flimsy!! 6’5 230 to 6’2 210… This is why rg3 got smacked around and ck7 got to the Super Bowl!! Logical voice your stupidity is the only thing foolish today! GO NINERS

  19. Adams35 is not a Redskins fan. CK7 also wasn’t a rookie. He also looked abysmal in the Atlanta game until they forgot to cover the tight end. Which is weird, because they forgot to cover the tight end in the Seattle game as well…

  20. taintedlombardis, You want to run that by me again? Yes I am a Redskins fan and have been for more than 30 years…

  21. logicalvoicesays says: Apr 1, 2013 12:40 PM

    The only April Fool joke in regards to the 49ers is Colin Kaepernick’s RGIII wannabe style of play. He’s not even 1/10th the player RGIII is.

    A Redskins fan with Niners beef? Well aren’t you a starved for attention tough guy. When it’s all said and done, Kaepernick will have the better career than RG3. And the funny thing is, the Niners didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get him. Keep hating, buddy.

  22. adams35, if you were a Redskins fan and had half a brain you wouldn’t make such idiotic statements. RG3 was ROY in the greatest quarterback draft class ever. Which means he might be the greatest rookie ever. Did you watch the opener? Thanksgiving? Until his knee got twerked he could have potentially broken every rookie passer record ever (in addition to the numerous he did), never mind what he also did on the ground. Heismann winner. CK7 was a reach. His measurables carried him to his draft selection, definitely not his play in college.

  23. Oops. Didn’t mean to report the comment above…stupid mobile devices.

  24. Wow, there rookie. Before you go declaring “greatest rookie QB class ever” you should do a little homework. There’s a few guys in the HoF that might argue with that.

  25. Hey 49er fans………I’m very happy about the beat-down your team gave the Packers………Check out the Packer fans on any Viking thread, the uniform one for instance, and see the arrogance for yourself……. Feel free to go on their threads, and give them some of their own medicine….. I hope you don’t need Colt!

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