QB moves could send Thigpen Seattle’s way


While the quarterback wheel spins, sending unwanted parts to other places, the Seahawks suddenly have a vacancy.

At the moment, the only quarterback on the roster is Russell Wilson, but that might not be the case for long.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, former Bills backup Tyler Thigpen is on the “short list” for the Seattle backup job.

To be fair, it doesn’t take much to lead the short list of available veteran quarterbacks. Unless someone wants Brady Quinn or Matt Leinart, one of the old Pittsburgh old guys (Byron Leftwich or Charlie Batch) or the lesser McCowns and Palmers (Luke and Jordan), there’s not a lot to choose from.

Thigpen has some run-around ability, and would be a logical fit for the Seahawks, but they’d need to invest again there. Then again, they’ve shown they can invest wisely, after drafting Wilson in the third round last year.

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  1. Backup??? Thigpen is better than half the QBs starting today. Once I hear from my- I mean I’m sure once he hears from his agent I’m sure it’ll be good news from a team that needs a top 15 QB

  2. Russell Wilson will drop off his play just like Freeman in year 2, Kaep however takes the Niners back to the Superbowl, have fun finishing behind the Rams Seagirls fans…….3rd in nfc wets ain’t that bad anymore, looks good on you guys, plus sherman’s an idiot.

  3. Works out pretty good for Seattle.

    Matt Flynn wasn’t going to start anyway, so now they’ve got even more cap space, a couple extra lottery ticket draft picks, and if they do bring in Thigpen, a serviceable back-up with some starting experience.

  4. Not that it will happen, but Colt McCoy would be a nice #2 option for Seattle. He is more athletic than given credit for. Probably would not take much to get him away from the Browns either.

  5. I like that Colt McCoy option… He would be a great compliment to Wilson and would thrive in the scheme Bevell has going, if e ever got thrown in.

  6. I also like the Colt McCoy move…Bring him to Starbucks City, but they need to add one more quality guy, whether its McCoy or somebody else…Leinart? I would consider bringing Tebow in as well

  7. I agree with brownmud. I think colt would be the perfect back.up to rw. If thigpen gets the spot, is have no complaints with that either. Id take any of em over either mccown

  8. No Matt Leinart.

    The ‘Hawks need another mobile, big armed field general who knows how to win in the NFL.

    So, in other words, Matt Leinart would be a bad scheme fit.

    After all, the ‘Hawks obviously just passed on Carson Palmer, do you think he wasn’t on the table during the Flynn trade sesh? If he’d take a pay cut to play for AZ, he’d probably work for free in Seattle.

  9. Frankly, the guy is starting material.

    Brad Childress cut him to protect “his” guy, Tavaris “TJoke” Jackson after Speilman drafted Thigpen and he outplayed Jackson in the offseason.

    KC then pounced on him where he eventually became the starter. He had 22 TDs and only 12 picks in 11 starts on a really bad KC team. The. Romeo Crennel shuffled him to Miami to protect “his” guy, Matt Cassel. He then was buried on the depth chart behind Chad Henne and Chad Pennington. He played in one game, leafing the team to a win over Tennessee before being abruptly replaced by a barely health ly Henne. He was cut and signed to Buffalo.

    Frankly, I think he’s a good QB who just needs one real shot, which is something he has yet to get.

  10. Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a quarterback. … He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the SuperBowl… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… He’s a wise choice for the smart Team Owner/GM….

  11. Should’ve kept Flynn. All the hawks did was create a need.Schneider has proven me wrong over & over & i hope he does again but i can’t wrap my head around this one. Unless they were closer to being up against the cap than i realize. With the run option exposing qbs, having a good quality backup may be necessary. Although, with only one season of run option to draw from the data’s definitely not complete. If Bob Griffin is any indication, us hawk fans are going to wish we had 2 starting qbs on this team before the season is over.

  12. Tyler Thigpen is one of those guys for whom excuses are always being made. Can’t actually, you know, uh, PLAY.

  13. How bout Vince Young?! Should happily sign for league minimum and does how raw pure talent, no way Pete will ever forget that Rose Bowl. Pete works wonders with “troubled” players and he’s still young enough we could resurrect his career and get a 3rd for him later.

    I also wanted to keep Flynn, our backup will not only get to play the whole second half of at least 4 games but he’ll also play all of week 17…Flynn coulda shined like he always has when given a chance and we would flipped him for far more than a 5th…anyone know what rounds the conditional is?

  14. For your daily dose of trivia that you don’t care about, when I wrote my novel SANDLOT, my use of the Pistol offense was inspired by what Tyler Thigpen did in Kansas City.

    See? I told you that you don’t care.

  15. Seneca Wallace back to Seattle is better than all those options….similar style, knows the area/facilities and some of the players on the team. Seems like a no-brainer to me…..

  16. VY has personal issues he needs to deal with.
    I would not be surprised for the Seahawks to find another decent QB in the draft.

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