Raiders on the hook for at least $2 million with Flynn

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As more and more teams picking in the top 10 pick up veteran quarterbacks, it’s impossible to know which teams are consciously getting out of the quarterback market at the top of the draft, and which teams are trying to mask their interest in a player like Geno Smith.

The Bills are believed to still be in the first-round quarterback fray, and it’s possible the Cardinals, Eagles, Raiders and even the Browns have been trying to throw other teams off the scent by lining up their fallback options pre-emptively.

For the Raiders, drafting Smith likely will mean keeping Flynn, since $2 million of his $5.25 million salary for 2013 is fully guaranteed.  It’s possible, then, that the Raiders also would keep Terrelle Pryor, given that he’ll earn only $595,000 in base salary for the coming season.

Still, even with the third overall pick going to a quarterback, the entire depth chart would take up considerably less cap room than Carson Palmer’s $13 million base salary would have consumed.  It’s possible, then, that the Raiders will enter the season with Flynn, Pryor, and a first-round rookie.

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  1. The Jags will take him at 2 unless the Chiefs are able to trade down. But I think the Chiefs will pick an OL at #1.

  2. Reggie will not/better not draft Geno with the 3rd overall. Trade back for ANY additional picks you can get.

    The Raiders need help everywhere. Drafting young players and developing a deep roster seems the way to go.

  3. I may be wrong too but doesn’t this trade pretty much mean they will not draft a QB early? I can see third or fourth round but why waste a first round pick on a QB when they have other needs of greater interest? Kind of like when I saw a mock draft saying the Vikes are going to select Matt Barkley with one of their first round picks……just ain’t going to happen folks

  4. Unless there is an Ace up Reggie’s sleeve, he is gonna go Defense with the 1st pick if he cant trade down. Floyd would be perfect and Millner also. We need a DT, 2 CB’s and a S.

  5. Matt flynn is just insurance if terrelle pryor fails.flynn is a great mentor of the position and an even better teacher.terrelle pryor should beat him out too but flynn is still a upgrade over the diva QB that shall not be named…palmer cough cough….

  6. To Review they choose to let DT Tommy Kelly, DT Desmond Bryant, DE Matt Shaughnessy and DT Richard Seymour all go.

    If doesn’t take a genius to figure out where they will draft early… D-Line, D-Line and more D-Line.

  7. This is great! Now we have more room under the cap, can draft a QB, that we’ll pay peanuts to, for three years, freeing the money we’ll need for extensions next year, and see if Flynn was really worth it, at no risk to us.

    He’s a beast,…… table tennis.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  8. No benefit to the Raiders tipping their hand. If they don’t plan to take a QB and tell the world… teams that want Smith won’t feel the need to trade with them…

  9. With the 3rd pick in the 2013 draft, the Oakland Raiders select Shariff Floyd from Florida! RM wants a powerful O And D line and thats where he will start building is the draft. He will get rid of Palmer, tied in Flynn and some D guys with experience, but he will be on full attack mode for the D mostly with a late O line pick or two. RM is just getting started! Just Win Baby!!!!!!!!

  10. LOL . Last mock draft I saw had Geno Smith going 4th to the Iggles . I think some teams might need to trade with the team with the third pick if they want him : ) Raiders could really use a break like that .

  11. The Raiders are going to draft a QB @ #3??

    You should be tried as a war criminal for torturing logic.

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