Redskins, DeAngelo Hall reunite


DeAngelo Hall won’t be changing teams after all.

Hall has agreed to a one-year contract to return to the Redskins, Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. reported Monday night.

The Redskins, who have had some salary-cap issues to sort through, released the 29-year-old Hall three weeks ago. He has started every game the last three seasons for Washington.

In some ways, Hall’s career epitomizes the high-risk, high-reward nature of the position he plays. He has had some outstanding games, grabbed 39 interceptions in nine NFL seasons and signed multiple lucrative multi-year contracts. However, both the Falcons and Raiders cut ties with him before he landed in Washington in 2008.

Hall, who was only 20 years old when he played his first NFL game for Atlanta in 2004, does not turn 30 until November.

91 responses to “Redskins, DeAngelo Hall reunite

  1. The fools of April continue. Now, wait, look at the broad picture, not just this.

    The circus of the NFL is simply too convenient.

    Ask yourselves, what is going on here?

    Money — which offers general abundance in life — has a way of creating such theatrics, perhaps, through its own mind.

    We’ve seen its workings. Now we much notice them.

  2. Welcome Home D-Hall. You are a consumate pro and am glad you wear my team’s color. For my money, he was the BEST CB in professional Football in the last 6 weeks of the 2012 season. Redskins are winning Lombardi # 4 next February at Metlife. #HTTR

  3. YESSS!!!!!! That made my day, I don’t care what anyone says, I like hall!!! He punched Dez Bryant n the mouth for Christ sakes!!!! What’s not to love about that? HAIL

  4. He played great in the last game against Dallas for the division. With Orakpo coming back the secondary might have less pressure with an increased pass rush. Hopefully he plays better early in the season this year. Oh well Skins need all the help they can get for cheap in that secondary. Welcome back.

  5. Welcome back D. Hall! Say what you will about the man and his coverage skills but he is the best open field tackling DB we’ve got, and he still has a nose for the ball. That performance against Dez Bryant in Week 17 on the big stage was proof enough that he deserves a spot on this team.

  6. If they signed him on the cheap like they just did Davis, this is another solid move by the Redskins. Beggers can’t be choosers with this cap penalty, and while he does get burned occassionally, they can throw him in there as a starter if need be.

    Next year the Redskins will be free of the cap penalty and can be more bold. For now, these signings to bring back established veterans and limit the number of new starters they must find in the draft shows very solid management of a very tough situation.

  7. DHall goes from making over 8 mil last year to 2 mil this year. The grown ups are in charge. HTTR!

  8. They’ve resigned Hall, signed Biggers, still have Richard Crawford & Josh Wilson……Sounds like they’ll be drafting Safeties, a RT, and maybe an RB to compete to backup Morris in this upcoming draft…Lord knows Morris needs a little help with the way he runs.

  9. He’s Back.!!!!!!!! I am ok with this move. One year contract you heard it here first he will play lights out this season. Enough to make a huge difference in the secondary because Rak will be back to help out the secondary.

  10. He really tore it up last year, I’m glad they were able to keep him. I definitely enjoyed watching Redskins games last year even though it was painful knowing that knucklehead Holmgren missed his chance at drafting him.

  11. Been a great teammate in B&G. Glad to have him.

    The way he popped Dez in the mouth *alone* makes signing him up for another campaign well worth it…

    HAIL! Welcome back.

  12. I have always been one to knock hall and wish the skins would replace him. But i must admit that last year down the stretch Hall was a different player. He played one of the best games ive seen from a corner in a while week 17 against dallas. Good move for the skins.

  13. nice, but what about logicalvoicesays? he has spent so much time telling us how the Redskins were better off without DeAngelo…

  14. Lol nobody else wanted him, so he comes back to DC(dirty city) , redskins fans were saying they were happy he got released, now watch them.say he’s welcome back, lol

  15. Well this is good news. Deangelo is welcome back. He has let up some TD’s, but at the end of the day he’s a solid corner with experience.

  16. I wish he could find his way back to the NFC South so we could enjoy watching Steve Smith utterly abuse his twice a year again.

  17. Whaaaaat NOONE wanted Deangelo “run right past me” Hall but the 4skins?!?! Well duh, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that one coming. That’s as stupid as signing Tony “my career high was dating Jessica Simpson” Romo to an extension! #shannahan’d #terrelowens’d

  18. so the skins pretty much resigned everybody save lorenzo alexander and added depth and competition across the board at several positions. next is the draft to add young talent to an already young talented team. the key will be rg3s health and that is a huge concern. but as a redskin fan and after the vinny years you have to be happy about the direction this team is heading. thank you mr snyder for coach shanahan and a real gm in bruce allen.

  19. big blue –

    what is blue man goo? is that what you get from Eli when you are done visiting with him?
    that is nasty.

  20. Peytons Neck, not quite true. A few DC fans were really down on DeAngelo, but the usual opinion was that D Hall is good at times, just inconsistent, and that he didn’t come close to playing worth his super high contract.

    Almost any DC fan will tell you we’d prefer to have Hall on the roster, just for a much much much lower price. Looks like that’s exactly what the Skins made happen. Smart signing. Especially considering there are few other places we are going to find a decent corner who we can afford, and who is ready to play NOW. Plenty of good draft prospects, but few if any can be expected to be game ready by week one.

  21. I’m glad Hall came back, and this comes from someone who watches Redskins games religiously. He was really good last year, and a majority of the plays you guys think he blew coverage on weren’t his fault, it was the Safties who were out of position and allowing them to go over top, not D Halls fault, but we also had both starting safties out last year. Hall is a ballhawk (ask Jay Cutler), and is one of the best open field tackling corners in the league. And the job he did on Dez in week 17 showed how good Hall is. People are going to underestimate the skins secondary because of last year, but with Orakpo adding more pressure to the qb, both starting safties coming back, and I’m guessing a few young kids from the draft, the Redskins only weakness, isn’t going to be much of a weakness anymore

  22. Haha to funny the same people that were screaming for joy when the Redskins cut Hall are in here talking about how great this signing is. To bad the Patriots already got Talib the guy you really wanted. Patriots are going to win the next 5 Super Bowls All the Redskins have now is a never been QB with no knees no draft picks and no cap room.

  23. Flavordave in the mothuf&$!ing house, boys! Chip Kelly and the Eagles are on a World Domination Tour 2013 and there ain’t nothing anyone can do to stop it!

  24. Dream Team.

    LOL j/k that moniker still belongs to the Wish-They-Were-Colts, who will probably win 5 games this season after they let all their good players go, and scores of ineffective suicide attempts will take place as their wish-they-were-colts fanbase watch Andrew Luck pass for 40 TD and 4000 yards, while their QB is the highest paid, and gets them bounced from the playoffs 1st round….AGAIN.

    And nothing of value will be lost.

    And it will prove that Indy has the most insecure NFL fans in the world. And their team should try out LA, because Indy is a terrible city, with terrible fans, who should learn what its like to not have an NFL to support, like true LA fans.

  25. OK I’ve just about had it as a fan of this football fiasco called the Washington Redskins. Pretty much tired of the negativity that eminates from this organizatin. This isn’t football, it’s a joke and not a funny one at that. And then there is logicalvoicesays. Obviously an idiot who thinks that this is all ok and this team is the best thing since sliced bread. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY? Enough already.

  26. So he has more than 10% of his picks (4 against CHI) in one game?

    Even skins fans i know think he sucks

  27. D Hall is a starting CB in this league. Shut down 2000 + yard Dez Bryant when it mattered and has had a few Pro Bowl seasons.

    I can remember all the free agents we used to sign and they didn’t fit the plan.

    We are signing our own. 2013 will tell.

    We’re not assembling a dream team.

  28. Not a big Hall fan but I admit this was the best they could do with the cash cap. 1 year deals pulled off for Davis and Hall at discounts are shrewd moves. They literally have their entire East champ team returning sans Lorax on Special Teams, getting some key pieces healthy on D and will add some nice depth in the draft (and hopefully a starting FS), all after back to back $18m penalties.

    Suck it Mara! Suck it Goodell! I know you’re beside yourself.

    Bruce Allen has already earned his keep.
    Shanny, time to protect your QB.

    Skins future is awfully bright!


  29. marionbarber24isgod says:
    Apr 1, 2013 10:39 PM
    Good, just one more year Dez can abuse him.

     The photo CLEARLY shows him BURNING the weak Boys!

  30. He was re signed for two games- the Dallas game, and the OTHER Dallas game. His sole function is to keep Dez Bryant under control…. If Bryant does like last year’s two games, Redskins will be a-ok.

  31. It is what a Smurf leaves on Eli’s back when he is done.

    Happy Hall is back. We one 5 out 6 NFC East games last year with him so all of you Cowgirl and Gstring fans who are happy that he is back I hope the results are the same this year. Heck it would have been 6 out of 6 if Madoodoo Williams hasn’t let Cruze run right past him. Yes, that play was on the safety not Hall.
    Hopefully, we address S in the draft.

  32. Hey macwomack his screen name says big blue magoo. So to answer your question blue man goo is apparently something your subconcious cant stop thinking about.

  33. i wish i could visit Eli. by the his name is actually pronounced Eli 2x superbowl MVP, 2x superbowl champion Manning. Get it right 4skins fans… macwoman… be more of a lady when you comment. there are children that go on this website. you’re someones mom, sister or aunt… act like a lady and not some trashy mouth cornerback (dhall) #shannahan’d

  34. Skins are making real smart moves considering the cap money stolen from from them by an owner in their own division. They have the best QB in the division if not the league, they will go far in the playoffs HTTR

  35. Not to make excuses for anybody but every non-skin fan has to realize, this is all they have. Illogical is, more than likely, not hugged enough and picked last at the play ground. Ranting about the skins and their world domination is the only thing that hides these wounds and makes him happy. So, excuse him. Please, lets just give him this, we’ll all be better off.

    But for the rest, I really don’t know. How many times will they have to go through the “we’ll win it all” prediction and experience the failure at the end of the season before they learn?

  36. For the cowgirls fans with a short memory, the above pic is from thanksgiving this past year. You guys failed miserably at an onside kick which DH recovered and took all the way to the one yard line where he downed it instead of scoring. Is he not merciful!?

  37. What is with all these crude comments not being caught by the moderator? I get some pretty vanilla stuff censored, I can’t believe all this “goo” crap is being posted. Immature babies.

  38. At first, I was going to ridicule the Skins for re-signing him. But, then I saw he’s only 29 years old. I thought he was in his 30s for some reason.

    Plus, they got him for $2M instead of $7.5M. Good for them. If they’ve proved one thing it’s that their front office is acting more like a real football team than in the past.

  39. This is not a bad signing in any way, shape, or form. Regardless of what you think of Hall, he was unarguably the best CB on the team last year (yes, the other guys are/were horrid). Add in the fact that every single time he got beaten deep, he didn’t have the deep coverage (M. Williams did), and it becomes impossible to blame him.

    The Redskins’ CB situation was TERRIBLE, and while an upgrade for Hall is needed to make the secondary great, this is a great value signing. If the ‘skins can get better safety play (Rambo, anyone?), Hall + Biggers + a draft pick should make them competitive. Not great, but competitive.

  40. Redskins fans talked all this smack about Hall saying they wanted him off the team yada yada now they all of a sudden embrace it? LOL… Sheep

  41. Hall is a ballhawk (ask Jay Cutler), and is one of the best open field tackling corners in the league. And the job he did on Dez in week 17 showed how good Hall is.
    I completely agree. That said if we can fanagle some cap space and bring Winfield in too we would have the 2 best tackling ball hawking corners in the league…

  42. Lol just a dry joke about the above macwomack post. I think blue man goo DOES com from Feelmy Manthing! Couldn’t help it. It was TEED up waiting for someone to swing

  43. I guess redskins fans have a short memory. In basically a game and a half dez had 12 catches for 216 and two td’s so I’m really not quite sure why he would be mad or scared about hall coming back. When hall hit him in the chin like a bitch dez shredded him all night and into game number two till he hurt his back. Mind you there was no miles in week 17 he was the only pass catching threat. I can’t wait till all you retards shut up with your 6-10 record next season

  44. Redskins fans knew Hall wanted to come back and we wanted him back but at the right price. He knows the system and can teach the youngin’s. He wanted to see if anyone would overpay for him…as did we. Most Skins fans are happy he’s back…he played his football best 2nd half of last year. Hall will not be playing safety. Hail!

  45. More interesting that no one else really looked into signing him. Hall is a self touting jerk…great team for him to be a part of again.

  46. marionbarber24isgod says:Apr 1, 2013 10:39 PM

    Good, just one more year Dez can abuse him.


    You mean like he did the last game of the year, with the playoffs on the line?

  47. Dez Bryant and the rest of the EAST receivers are licking their chops! DHALL did shut down BRYANT in week 17 but we all know that was a fluke an off day for Bryant no way does it ever happen again, hall can’t carry Bryant jock, hall is WAY out of his league when he across from Bryant WAY to much talent for hall to handle! Can’t wait for the boys vs skins games!

  48. to all the fans of the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles let me say this, and you can try to argue it : 5-1 in the NFC east..

    okay, and your point?

  49. thesmartestmanever says:

    Apr 3, 2013 1:24 PM
    to all the fans of the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles let me say this, and you can try to argue it : 5-1 in the NFC east..

    okay, and your point?


    No argument there. As a matter of fact, the skins can take all, mark that, ALL of the regular season games they want from the Giants, as they have done, but I will take a Lombardi Trophy over that.

    That’s my point smartman!!!

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