Reid: Branden Albert not at workout Monday


Chiefs tackle Branden Albert was the only player on the roster not present for voluntary workouts Monday, head coach Andy Reid said, according to NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

“Voluntary” is the operative term here. Albert doesn’t have to be at these workouts, the first two weeks of which are conditioning-focused per the CBA. Also, it’s possible Albert could show at any time. And if he doesn’t, it’s not as if he doesn’t figure as one of the Chiefs’ five best offensive linemen — assuming he’s not traded.

Albert has already signed his franchise tender, but he indicated to USA Today in March that he wants a longer “commitment” than just one year. Moreover, he confirmed that he sees himself as a left tackle.

The Chiefs, as we know, just happen to be picking No. 1 overall in a draft that has a couple of prime left tackle prospects in Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher and Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel.

It’s notable that Albert isn’t at workouts. However, it’s understandable, considering that any injury wouldn’t help his prospects for a longer-term deal.

Also, it’s well within his rights.

13 responses to “Reid: Branden Albert not at workout Monday

  1. If that’s the biggest problem that Reid, faces this year, he should count his blessings.

  2. The Chiefs just paid Albert 9+ million dollars for 1 year. You’ll play the position you’re told to or you’ll be out the door.

  3. I know he’s on the OL and not the DL, but I cringe at any disgruntled fat guy named Albert. I’d trade him and draft his replacement if he won’t assure them predraft that he’ll play the RT spot, because the guy named Albert who was asked to switch positions on the line didn’t work out so well. #Haynesworth

  4. C’Mon B. Albert, get on the train with the rest of the team. There are lots of Good things happening for the Chiefs. Don’t be the wet blanket on our party.

  5. i cant wait unitl this draft day,, then all the Cheif’s fans will know exaclty why the Eagles have been in shambles these past two years.

    Reid will trade this pick for 2 #3’s next year and a 5’11 270lb DE that he will convert into a SS with “a great motor”

  6. It’s voluntary in the same way that after hours meetings are voluntary in many businesses. You don’t have to show up, but wait and see how long you’re employed if you don’t.
    Just a fact of life

  7. How often do we see players hold out like this and then get injured in the first 1 – 3 games.

    I think it only hurts the player not to maximize his conditioning. Not to mention having to learn Reid’s system.

    The more he stays away the less likely he’ll perform well enough to get that big contract he wants.

  8. Albert doesn’t like the small town life of kc. a lot of players don’t want to play here cuz its a small city. I have heard rumors of him partying it up in new York. chiefs miss out on a lot of good players because of our climate and their not a lot of good places to party here

  9. Another $9M cry-baby. Fat Albert should realize that he’s the player and NOT the coach. He won’t help himself by not being in shape and having a bad attitude. And, it certainly won’t help him sell himself if he wants a trade that badly. Connect the dots ….
    (Wow! How dumb can you be and still make 9 mi ?!?)

  10. I believe its been made known that the Chiefs are trying to trade him. He had to be under contract for that to happen, hence the one year tender.

    Its within his rights to not show, he’s not “holding out” by any means. And since it’s very likely that he won’t be part of this team, I for one can understand his decision.

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