Report: Flynn-to-Raiders deal done


We’re confident about this one, because it’s been going down for a few days in advance of April Fool’s.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the Raiders have agreed to send two draft picks to Seattle for quarterback Matt Flynn, with the paperwork to be signed this morning.

That would trigger the next move, as they’re trying to finalize a deal which would send Palmer to Arizona for a late pick.

The picks involved in the Flynn deal are in 2014 and 2015, but the Palmer part of the transaction will be based on his willingness to make less than the $13 million he’s scheduled to make as a Raider.

Flynn might not prevent the Raiders from drafting a quarterback, but he represents a smaller cash investment.

56 responses to “Report: Flynn-to-Raiders deal done

  1. terrelle pryor is the only shot they got of being watchable this year. mckenzie doesnt wanna play him bc he wants the credit. thats why he got rid of hue. PLAY AL’S LAST PICK

  2. Hard to believe, not only due to it being April 1st but because this has seemingly been on the cusp of completion for about a week…….was really hoping for a pick this year, too…….tanding by……

  3. “With first pick in the NFL’s 2014 draft, the Raider’s select,. . .”
    “With first pick in the NFL’s 2015draft, the Raider’s select,. . .”
    “With first pick in the NFL’s 2016 draft, the Raider’s select,. . .”
    “With first pick in the NFL’s 2017 draft, the Raider’s select,. . .”

  4. HELL YEAH!!! He’s better than any of the scrubs coming to this yrs Draft. Young, NFL experience, hungry and good character.. Packer connection with McKenzie 🙂

  5. Wow. 2 draft picks. I wasn’t expecting this. With so many holes to fill on both sides of the ball, Flynn better be worth it.

  6. Noooo 🙁 i know we have russell wilson but what if he gets hurt (knock on wood) and also who’s going to call the coin flip now? He was one of the reasons why we beat the bears in OT 🙁 any other backup QB would have called tails instead of heads 🙁 im going to miss matt flynn and his elite coin flip powers…. Oh and he is a pretty good qb too. Good luck flynn you were a good teammate!

  7. In other news, The North Korean Phsycopaths have agreed to trade Kim Jong-un for Mark Sanchez

  8. Now Pete and John have become so good at making moves that they can control the entire division:

    “Ok, so we give you Matt Flynn, you give us 2 draft picks and you must trade Carson Palmer to another team in the NFC West, preferably San Francisco. Deal?”

  9. John Schneider you are the man. PC said it when it was going to be hard for young guys to make a team that is talented it at nearly every position. But next year rookie contracts run out as well as Browner and they can reload. If they can’t re-up everyone they will have probably and extra 4th and 5th (conditional pick I’m sure works out). I wish Flynn well in Oakland and I have no doubt he wins his starting job. Seattle needs to think back up QB because Josh Portis looked like Joe Webb and his been on Seattle’s roster since ’11. Anyone watched Webb in the playoffs knows that’s not a compliment.

  10. I really dont understand this move either. RM said there would be no more trading draft pics. So, why now trade away 2 draft pics for Flynn? My other question would be in which rounds of those drafts were sacrificed? It seems everytime us fans want one thing they give us their completely unexpected out of nowhere answers! I throw my hands up trying to figure out where the progression is!

  11. I’ve been a fan for 38years since I was 10 been to 3 Super Bowls I’m 2-
    This is the first offseason since Gruden took the reigns that
    I see the team heading in the right direction.
    If we can recover just one pick and 3 million from The Palmer trade
    That’s another step in a positive direction.
    Mac has dumped all our over priced contracts and got us set up for 2014 with only 8 million in dead money verses 44 expected this season.
    The win now mindset is gone, I’d rather wait and have a team that competes for years than be a one Bowl wonder.
    It’s time to find our identity and impose our will to win on the AFC
    So Raider haters beware, your going to have to find a new team to laugh at..

  12. The Raiders are taking a beating for this one, as usual, from ignorant fans. Fact is, They didn’t give up any draft picks this year. They will likely get an additional pick for Palmer, they can still try to trade down from #3 to get more picks, or they can draft a top player in that slot.

    They also picked up one of the most highly touted QB’s that were available. I’m not saying Flynn will be great as a raider, but every year teams make moves for the backup players from other teams in hopes that their system is a better fit for said player. It’s a very logical move. The Raiders need a QB. Flynn is ready to start (having spent 4 years behind Aaron Rodgers!). Hopefully things work out…

  13. bradysababe says: Apr 1, 2013 11:25 AM

    This will be a bust … Like Cassel, and Kolb , why not draft and develop a quarterback??

    I guess you’re not a big sports fan of the Raiders or their history. The last two 1st round QB Raiders drafted were:

    Todd Marinovich and JaMarcus Russell, you might have heard of them. Both were major 1st round bust.

    In between there, the Raiders draft Marquis Tuiososupo out of Washington in the 2nd round. Yeah, that development didn’t go to well either.

    Raiders wants to renew history by bringing in veterans like Plunkett or Gannon type of QBs. But must first fix the rest of the team’s problems.

  14. Great move by the Raiders. Flynn is a good QB. I really think Seattle is going to regret this. I think they needed another year to make sure Russell Wilson is the QB they think he is and that he can stay healthy.. but I guess you need to strike when the iron is hot.

  15. Oakland just got better, fast and cheap. Hopefully Palmer will take a pay cut now.

  16. This opens the door for Pryor. Palmer’s contract demanded that he be played, now money won’t get in TP’s way. Not sold on Flynn, Pryor or Geno Smith (if they were to draft him) – QB is still a concern IMO.

  17. It’s a start, Oakland.

    Now you just need a few more offensive lineman, a durable running back, a completely new group of defensive lineman, a few linebackers, a couple corners and 1 safety. Oh yeah, and a new punter…

  18. Best of luck Flynn. Hopefully the Raiders will be smart enough to trade out of the first round and get some of their picks back.

  19. Gotta love the fact Seahawks gave the Vikings 3 picks for Harvin. Harvin, a proven, elite, and versatile player…Flynn? Played two games against AWFUL defenses for Green Bay. Raiders gave 2 picks to Seattle for a total unknown

    Way to go Seattle.

  20. Believe it or not, some in Seattle were calling for Flynn last year up til 1/2 way through the season.

    I think Flynn is going to be a great QB – finally a move that Raiders will find success with. You don’t pass for 480 yrds in the NFL and not know how to play football.

    Why didn’t they announce the picks?

  21. Poor Matt Flynn and poor Oakland. A mutual loss if I’ve ever seen one.

  22. Oh boy… these nitwits who are thinking Pryor is the answer are going to drive him out of town.
    The clamor from the fan base will undermine Flynn before he even has a chance.
    I think he’s going to end up as trade-bait.

    Unless he has an outstanding camp. And has used the off-season to learn to… you know… throw the ball.

  23. Terrell Pryor has officially been passed over 3 times now under 3 different coaching cycles/OC’s. The more noise/mess the Raiders make about a starting Qb, the Less Pryor will be worth via Draft Picks…. Why exactly are the Raiders keeping this kid around?

  24. Raider fans…how can you be upset with this? You get rid of 2 lower round picks for a qb with upside! More upside than Alex Smith(2 2nd round picks the Chiefs paid). He doesn’t make a lot of money considering what qbs get paid these days. You get rid of Palmer and his huge contract, which opens up more cap money. Lastly, you can strike gold with Flynn and if doesn’t work out, you draft a qb next year when there are qbs worth taking in 1st round. This is a win win trade IMO. Also, Pryor will be given opportunity, if he sux he sux & you move on.

  25. two picks two different years ummm kind of hard to swallow, but lets see if we can make up with Palmer trade. come on suckers line up and get your draft picks out any suckers out there (Az) ??

  26. Trading away draft picks —-doe sit sound familiar–mor eof the same crap from a sick franchise

  27. The trade is for 2 later round picks, one in 2014, one in 2015…..great job Oakland

  28. mjbulls45 says: Apr 1, 2013 11:08 AM

    terrelle pryor is the only shot they got of being watchable this year. mckenzie doesnt wanna play him bc he wants the credit. thats why he got rid of hue. PLAY AL’S LAST PICK
    You sound like the boobs claiming that Elway traded Tebow because he didn’t want his legacy overshadowed. SMH. If McKenzie thought that his best chance to win, and have job security, was to play Pryor then he would play Pryor. DERP.

  29. Trust in Big Reg!!!

    I said it before, anything higher than a 4th and I would be suspect, but that is why I am bum commenting on articles like this and not making personel decisions for a team I am just a fan of.

    There is something there if McKenzie is making this move. He doesn’t make moves just to make moves. Anything to keep them from drafting Geno Smith.

    They obviously know Pryor is not the answer, so why waste a year with him starting when they can start Flynn and let him grow with the new roster and new system?

    Welcome to Oakland Matt, please lead this team and fans out of the darkness of the last decade.

  30. Personally, I’m very excited about this move. I wanted Flynn last year when he was a free agent. Unfortunately for us, we already had Palmer on our roster. I think RM is moving the Raiders in the right direction. We all got caught up in the moment of being in a playoff run in 2011 and when Campbell went down, we (I know I was) were frantic to find someone to keep us in the playoff hunt. We paid too big of a price in picking up Palmer (a 1st and 2nd round pick, come on!!!) who never really seemed like he wanted to be here. I believe in the direction RM is going and know that we still have another couple of years to wait and see the end results (hopefully Mark Davis can be patient enough and wait it out), but we are purging the overpaid and underachieving players and are in pursuit of those who love to play the game we all love to watch.

    Raider Nation is on its way back to being a force once again!

  31. Not sure I like this for the Seahawks. Flynn was a huge security blanket who wasn’t necessarily breaking the bank. Better hope Wilson doesn’t get injured.

  32. this is a very nice building block, now add more personnel with large upsides and small salaries, i like where this is going

  33. I like this trade, of course depending on what picks they gave up for future years. I think they can plug some holes with their picks this year and it will be interesting to see how Flynn can do when given a real shot.

  34. “Why exactly are the Raiders keeping this kid around?”


    My guess is that he’s still there because he costs almost nothing and they haven’t been able to find any partners for a trade.

    I’m looking for them to keep him on the roster through camp, showcase him in a couple of pre-season games, then probably cut him if they still can’t find a trade and don’t need his roster spot elsewhere.

  35. Jason Campbell-2nd round pick
    Terrelle Pryor-3rd round pick
    Carson Palmer 1st and 2nd round pick
    The Raiders front office needs an interventions. Those 4 picks could have wielded a starter or 2 and possibly a pro bowler.
    They should move Palmer for a mid round pick and go with Pryor as the starter. If they get Flynn for less than a 5th round pick then go for it but if it is multiple picks or more than a 3rd then it is a dumb move.

  36. It seems to me that Reggie McKenzie is getting a lot of flack this season that is misdirected. If he does manage to trade Palmer instead of flat out releasing him while getting Flynn this becomes a great move.

    The last 10 years with the Raiders have been pretty unwatchable either at the Colisium or at home. Horrible drafts, dead weight free agent acquisitions, and always sacrificing the future in the mistaken belief that just one more guy and the team will spring to life and resemble the Raiders from a decade ago.

    Personally I think McKenzie has done a decent job of understanding the bad situation he is in. From everything I have read 25% of our salary cap is already going to past contracts through this year. Think about that! 25% …. thats just crazy! By next year fiscal sanity will have at least been partly established and I personally hope we dont go crazy in the first days of free agency. Lets build smartly, have patience, and build a smashmouth team that resembles the city it plays in….hardworking, gritty, determined, an underdog that battles to the end. Thats the team I want. Not a bunch of overpriced, self-important scholorship jockeys who took advantage of a great owner who loved his players and wanted to win so bad at the end he did anything in the hope he could unleash his magic one more time.

    Good luck Reggie….keep at it.

  37. Pretty sure Jason Campbell was for a 5th round pick, but if it makes you feel better to say a 2nd then you’re a moron

  38. I really don’t understand the negativity about this trade for Flynn.

    Facts: Traded for a 4th rounder in 14′ and a “conditional” pick in 15′. Cards want Palmer and they are trying to work the deal for a 4th rounder. You cut Palmer’s salary off the books except for the cap hit of about 4.9 mil, you get Flynn for 5 and a quarter over 2 years and essentially get the 4th round pick back. How is that dumb? Now if you can trade McClain which I think is the next move but might be the hardest to pull off you have 9 picks in this draft while only losing a 4th in next years draft.

    The major coup would be if they can work the deal with the Rams and give them the 3rd overall and get the Rams #16, #22 and 46th picks! If Reg pulls that one off, then he is indeed the man!

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