Report: Palmer wanted to go to Tampa


Now that the Raiders have reeled in Matt Flynn and soon will unload Carson Palmer, the question becomes where will Palmer go?

Many think it will be with the Cardinals, for a mid-round pick and a reduced contract.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, those who know Palmer believe he wanted to land in Tampa, as the backup (and potential replacement) for Josh Freeman.  “Doesn’t look that way now,” Schefter observes.

But Palmer still holds the cards.  If he refuses to reduce his base salary from $13 million, he’ll eventually get cut, because no one will trade for him.  Then, Palmer can sign with whoever he wants to sign with.

Of course, Palmer possibly is tapping the brakes because he realizes that, eventually, he’ll be criticized heavily for forcing his way out of two cities in less than two years.  But if he chooses to put the pedal to the metal, he could still be wearing pewter, if the Bucs want him.

Regardless, Palmer will play for a new team in 2013.  Whether it’s the Buccaneers or the Cardinals, his team will be facing a very stiff challenge in its division.

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  1. maybe if he had a wr to throw to and a HC he woulda stayed,

    either way – hes a quitter, and washed after the knee injury

    maybe he’ll be warner pt 2 and come back to life,

    raiders shud play pryor – he can play.

    dont sabatoge him either.

  2. So basically he wants to get far away from the Reggie Mckenzie disaster cant blame him for that. Wheeler left,myers left and the list goes on and on.

  3. eventually be criticized? he should be taking heat for it already. growing up palmer was the kid that threw a fit and said he was taking his ball and going home

  4. I wish he’d retire. He’s giving Sanchez a bad name what with the USC connection and all.

  5. oh im sure he’ll kick and scream till he eventually gets there too. i cant see why anybody would want this crybaby interception factory

  6. Is this really “forcing his way out” like the last time? He refused to take a pay cut to play for the Raiders. He just plain hated the Bengals.

  7. As a Tampa Bay fan, really hoping they aren’t dumb enough to sign Palmer, not even as a back up at a back up’s salary. Instant controversy and not an upgrade.

  8. The Bucs bringing in Carson would be strange. Josh Freeman does all the same things (namely, big arm and questionable decisions), and is younger.

  9. Funny….Adam Schefter and Peter King from sports illustraded have sources saying to completely different things, one says he wanted to be in AZ and one says Bucs… hopefully this will be over today, and Palmer is a Cardinal, throwing bombs to Mr. Larry Fitzgerald.

  10. Decent QB, but not nearly good enough to constantly be whining like this. Act your age, Palmer. Not your jersey number.

  11. How about you trade him to the unemployment office, this is a mediocre qb at best that is requesting to be traded and traded void your contract and go and sign with whoever you want to sign with. No matter where you go your going to suck so good luck to whoever wants to sign this cancer in the locker room.

  12. I started out with high hopes for him but, after seeing his particular brand of drama up close, I’m ready to say good riddance.

    I can’t say I don’t see his point.

    What aging quarterback with diminished skills wants to stick around for a rebuilding season, knowing that he really doesn’t have what it takes to make a difference anyway?

  13. How does anyone care about any demands Palmer has? He’s a very mediocre QB. Sure he’d probably be a great backup, especially for a team with a young starter to learn from (despite his limitations he seems like a pretty smart guy).

    But I’m not bending over backwards to meet any sort of demands he may have.

  14. I can’t believe he is this much of a stiff – he WANTS to ride the pine opposed to complete for a job?

  15. Remember when Carson Palmer was considered a top 5 QB?

    Since then, I’ve graduated both high school and college.

  16. Yeah, but does Tampa want you, especially after trying to force your way out of TWO teams like you did?

  17. I’d love to see Palmer here in Tampa. He definitely wouldn’t be a long term solution even if they parted ways with Freeman after this year, but he’d be a good spot starter if need be and someone who can push Josh. He’d definitely be an upgrade on Orlovsky.

  18. He should be excited about Arizona. He can go try to make the Cardinals competitive with some good offensive weapons around him already and be in Arizona weather. In Tampa, he has to wait for Freeman to fail first which is no guarantee.

  19. Welcome to irrelevancy, Carson. Couldn’t help a struggling Raiders team, who can you help? Take your bank account full of money and go away quietly.

  20. Palmer does not hold the cards as you say. Reggie McKenzie holds the cards. He can hold on to Palmer until week one of the 2013 season. That’s when he would have to pay Palmer. If he holds on to him until then Palmer will not be able to catch on as a starter or back up with any one else. And for sure he will not get any where near the money he is looking for. He could also retire if he so desires.

  21. I disagree that Palmer holds all the cards. Ironically, I agree with your take on Friday that the Raiders had the power. But even if your two takes seem to be contradictory, the Raiders still have some power.

    If Palmer chooses to play hardball, the Raiders have no motivation to release him before week 1. If Flynn comes in, Palmer is suddenly 3rd string and won’t see many reps. His options come week 1 will be significantly less than if he agrees to restructure with a new team willing to give the Raiders at least a pack of gum.

  22. Send the big boob back to where he came from–Since Hue said it was the best trade in the history of the NFL –maybe we could just get out 2 pick back—Hue did say it right? So let’s see if he is willing to back it up

  23. It’s not like he’s forcing his way out of the Raiders. It’s not his fault they signed him to a horrible contract. Teams cut players all the time, why should he do everything he can to get every penny?

  24. Palmer knows better than to do that because the Raiders can squat on him and keep him until final cuts giving him no chance to learn the offense of the other team. Stonewalling doesn’t sound like a wise idea.

  25. If Palmer forces himself to the place he wants to go a second time, he might be a genius. Note to all NFL players, be smart with your money and you won’t need your pay checks so badly to pay off your “bling,” and you can force your way out of 2 cities too.

  26. What a quitter these guy had my respect when he came to oakland, now that he found another loop hole to leave the team that pulled him out of Cincinnati..Thanks we got Matt now out of all this

  27. Who cares what Palmer wants. Quitter. Hope he gets cut, and no one wants him. (Some goofball team will bring him in though for more than he’s worth.)

  28. Why should Palmer agree to redo his contract? If he holds to that contract they’ll have to cut him and then he’s a free agent who can go wherever he’d like to go and that point he can negotiate his own deal.
    Face it Oakland, Palmer’s still got you by the short and curlies.

  29. Lets be honest, he wanted to go to the Patriots like every other player. Unfortunately it’s a 53 man roster so we can fit everyone. Get ready for the Patriots to win the next 5 Super Bowls .

  30. Just retire you bum, or let us get something in return for your rubber arm interception prone arse. Does Tampa even want a quitter like you?

  31. Though Palmer’s QB skills are certainly FAR superior to Freeman’s, Palmer’s diva like actions with his past 2 teams is quite alarming!

  32. Tampa is looking for a backup and potential starter if Josh Freeman doesn’t work out….so Palmer would be a nice addition to the Buccaneers, if the price is right!

  33. he wants to play for the pewter and red…haha that just doesn’t sound as good as “silver and black” “black and gold” “green and yellow” etc.

    They really need to change that pewter color.

  34. “But Palmer still holds the cards. If he refuses to reduce his base salary from $13 million, he’ll eventually get cut, because no one will trade for him. Then, Palmer can sign with whoever he wants to sign with.”

    If he isn’t cut until the week before the first week of the season (and the Raiders can hold him until then), then it will be hard to find a suitor.

    Just because he will be cut, doesn’t mean every team in the league will be looking to sign him. He’s also going to be viewed as a quitter, so some in league circles (those that are borderline contenders that might have a bad year) may not want him around.

    As the season nears, his options become more limited. His best hope is to be traded by the draft. Since his contract is bad, he can basically choose where he wants to go now.

  35. He cant play, so why not go where there are no Taxes and maximize the ridiculous money people have thrown at you for being a mediocre QB? Of course he wants Tampa.

  36. Tampa won’t trade for Palmer and he wouldn’t start, although he’d be a very capable backup for the Bucs and would be probably be the best available QB to push Freeman.

    Palmer would be an instant starter in Arizona, however, so that would likely be the best landing spot for him.

  37. Greedy prick wants to go to Tampa because there is no State income Tax in Fla, plus he sucks now anyway, is he going to threaten to retire ?

  38. So…basically…The raiders in the last two years have traded away FOUR draft picks (including a couple high draft picks!) to get Matt Flynn.


  39. How does this make Palmer a quitter? He has a contract for $13 mil in Oakland. If they want to honor the contract, he’ll play there. If the Raiders want out of the arrangement, they can cut him, or trade him. I think you’ll find every other player in the NFL has basically the same arrangement with their team.

    The real question, given the current state of the Raiders, is what player wouldn’t take this approach?

  40. Quitter. Someone who doesn’t know what he wants anymore. One minute says he wants a westcoast team then he wants to play for a contender, then we hear that he wants to go play for Tampa Bay..Palmer, Tempa is on tue Eastcoast side..just sayin!
    Whatever team gets him; I hope the fans there DONT welcome him..Remember fans, we pay top dollar for quality football. We have a say coz without our support there’s no NFL. Don’t get this dramma queen

  41. oh im sure he’ll kick and scream till he eventually gets there too. i cant see why anybody would want this crybaby interception factory

  42. The Cards don’t need anybody who don’t want to be here. If Palmer comes “with attitude” he will find himself backing up Drew Stanton until the Cards can find “the guy”. BA doesn’t give me the impression that he is into babysitting any spoiled brats and will show him the door as he has already done with better players for no reason other than they were a part of the Whisenhunt/Horton regime
    and he wanted to clear the air. The Cards have done their time coddling over-rated, over paid, prima donnas and fans aren’t feeling very charitable!

  43. cue the rolling stones “you cant always get what you want” lol
    he wants to play for less money for a winning team yet he goes to AZ ?
    not saying AZ is the worst but new coach , new system gonna be a while b4 they get to be a winning team
    see ya palmer
    don’t let the couch hit you on the way out !

  44. “drindt says: Apr 1, 2013 11:41 AM

    Funny….Adam Schefter and Peter King from sports illustraded have sources saying to completely different things, one says he wanted to be in AZ and one says Bucs… hopefully this will be over today, and Palmer is a Cardinal, throwing bombs to Mr. Larry Fitzgerald.”

    Or more likely to the guy whose covering him.

  45. Palmer MUST lower his contract, so even though he might get traded and he’s not in control of his own fate, he can say NO to lowering his contract to whoever he wants too.

    He’s not a $13MM QB, and if he gets a new contact, it’ll be about $6MM (less than half)

  46. Tyler, Palmer is nowhere near as good as Freeman. 5-6 years ago he was but not now.

    I don’t blame him for quiting on either team. Both teams are the dregs of the NFL. He stuck it out for the Bengals and in the end they stabbed him in the back and traded him to the only team that was worse.

    I would welcome him as a backup in Tampa. The thought of Dan-O going in if Freeman gets injured gives me nightmares.

  47. I don’t blame Carson. Tampa has a QB that somehow is always labeled “a guy with potential”. Besides being 6’6″ and a big arm, Freeman is terrible. Everyone on the inside knows it. Tampa won’t resign Freeman as he is about as good as he will ever get, and that is not near good enough for NFL caliber QB’s. Lotta guys are tall and have live arms. Takes way more than that, and the Tampa brass are well aware that they overreached on him.

  48. mjbulls45 says:
    Apr 1, 2013 11:31 AM
    maybe if he had a wr to throw to and a HC he woulda stayed,

    either way – hes a quitter, and washed after the knee injury

    maybe he’ll be warner pt 2 and come back to life,

    raiders shud play pryor – he can play.

    dont sabatoge him either.

    Kurt warner never quit on a team he actually was a class act and a team player. Even when he got benched for Eli manning he told them to stick with Eli so Eli wouldn’t lose his confidence. Kurt and Carson should never be compared in the same sentence. One is a future HOF and the other is a professional quitter.

  49. Exactly how is it that Palmer is “forcing his way out” simply for refusing to take a pay cut after the team trades for a guy to replace him? That’s some impressive rhetorical gymnastics, Mike.

    Besides, it’s the Raiders. Nobody should have their reputation harmed by wanting to leave the Raiders.

  50. Being a Buc fan, as crazy as it seems, I would not mind Carson coming in as a back up. IF Josh was to get hurt, I much rather have a QB in as a replacement that has had some success in the NFL than a qb that does not even knows he had stepped out of bounds in the end zone when he started for the Lions. Schiano said he wanted competition at every position….just make Freeman pay closer attention to details….

  51. I don’t want Palmer. Why do they want a 33 y/o QB? Just draft one, for the love. That’s how you get a QB for the next 10 years. You draft one. You don’t pick up the scraps from around the league. You draft a QB, develop him, and hope he turns into something special. And when you draft a guy that doesn’t work out, YOU DRAFT A NEW GUY. This is so typical of the stupid, wrongheadedness of the Cardinals front office. Palmer is not the future. He’s a bandaid. I want hope for the future. A young QB gives that hope. 33 y/o QBs don’t.

  52. Carson Palmer wants to go to Tampa.

    That’s fine, Carson. Spend a little of your well-hoarded wealth and buy a freaking plane ticket. That’ll get you to Tampa. Maybe you can rent a car while you’re there, drive an hour or so up to Orlando, and visit Disney World. They’re big on fantasies there, just like you’re big on the fantasy that you’re an NFL-capable quarterback.

  53. I’m no Carson Palmer Fan but Palmer didn’t want to stay in Cinci any longer which you cant blame him.It was time for a change for both parties BUT the only way Palmer was getting out of Cinci was if some team stepped up and offered a First round Pick…Here came the Raiders! That was his only out and like usual the Raiders were and are still a mess (No disrespect Raiders fans just the truth) so his only to ever have a chance to play for a winning team in his last few years is to Not offer to restructure his contract with the one of the worst teams in the league right now so he can try to get on a team that at least has a Playoff shot.That’s the only reason he is doing it and I don’t blame him.It was retire or play for Bengals or Raiders.I would do it too.Common sense to me.Get the H*ll out of there because this is your very last chance.

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