RG2 says RG3 about to start running on the field


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s recovery has been described as “superhuman,” and he’s getting rehab advice from the highest office in the land (not Roger Goodell’s).

Now, his dad has updated us on the specifics of the recovery from knee surgery, saying his son will resume running on a field in the next week.

“He’s been running in the pool, and some on the treadmill,” Robert Griffin Jr. told Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post. “But they’re just about ready to take it out on the field.”

RG3 had surgery on Jan. 9, and the longer this goes, the more wary everyone should be. Griffin said last week he wouldn’t rush his recovery, which is smart, and harder to do when each milestone is so dutifully monitored.

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  1. rg3 is superhuman.. when the nurses went to put the IV in his arm before surgery, the needles broke! April Fools!! he is just a skinny fast QB who gets hurt like anyone else when they are told to stay in the game and run the ball with an obvious limp #shannahan’d

  2. hey bigbluemagoo — is that what you are covered in (blue man goo) when you get back from visiting with Eli?

  3. Whatever you do RG, stay off the turf at FedEx, for as long as possible. You heard the prez, “Protect yourself”.

    Come to think of it, playing for the Redskins you’ll have to do a lot of that. The O-line ain’t gonna do it for you.

  4. As long as its not on the Redskins field.

    Would love to see what logicalvoices would have to say if he reinjures his knee before he’s even fully recovered on that wonderful piece of real estate.

  5. For his sake I hope the field he’ll be running on isn’t Washington’s home field.

  6. Why is it that we hear more from this kids “Old Man” than we do from him? Someone needs to shut RG2 up and let the real RG3 speak for himself..

    And, is it me or is all this RG3 stuff getting out of control? I’d be happy if they just shut his dad’s mouth.

  7. RG2 is the best father a son could have. A truly great man.

    No one in the NFL matches RG3 for skill, work ethic, smarts, raw athletic ability and desire to win. That’s why RG3 is the best player in the NFL and why he’ll be the MVP until he retires. HTTR.

  8. Isn’t it amazing how nothing positive ever happens to NFL teams or players, according to PFT posting trolls?

    No owners ever make good hires, no HCs ever make good decisions, no GMs ever make good trades or FA signings, no medical staffs ever protect their players from injury, etc, etc.

    In spite of all the hatred around here, the Skins have quietly retained their entire, highly-productive, offense from 2012. They are taking careful steps, within the boundaries of their reduced cap space, to try and bolster their suspect defense. The front office has acknowledged the problem with the playing surface, and has a plan in place to improve it.

    This is a team that has a legitimate shot to be a contender in 2013 and beyond. And I guarantee Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, and Mike Shanahan are NOT reading any of what’s posted here.

  9. On the idea I have seen repeated here and elsewhere that RG3 and/or Adrian Peterson took advantage of PED’s for their amazing rehab:

    Medical science has advanced more in the last ten years than all of human history before now. The regimen of fully legal treatments is sci-fi compared to what we had merely two years ago.

    Adult stem cell therapy, if it is being used, is perfectly legal and also incredibly exciting. I sincerely hope that AD and RG3 are only the beginning of a long line of amazing and “superhuman” recoveries.

  10. RJoke2 is as much of a joke as RJoke3. Logical Voice can’t even spell Logical right, so who will listen to this clown about the most fragile player in the NFL? Just keep listening to your Beat Audio by Dr. Dre and walk around the stadiums before games getting your picture taking RJoke3, its about the only thing you are good at.

    Russel Wilson was robbed of ROY

    Adrian Peterson is the best RB in the game, and your NFL MVP LogicalVoice.

  11. logicalvoice was right on cue with the stupidity. But if you say garbage long enough you will start to believe it

  12. It’s been barely 3 months since his injury……how about not doing weekly stories about his rehab.

  13. as much as i despise current Redskin fans,

    RG3 is a stand up kid with high character.
    I hope to god he listens to his body and not these agents and team sponsored trainers.
    He should have a bright future ahead if he just takes his time.

    in the meantime, let me blast all these loud mouth Redskin fans,,

    funny you never saw a Redskin fan until RG3 came around, now these front runners are popping out of the woodwork.
    you guys have been irrelevant for the past 20 years. Your team hired a washed-up coach that has done nothing since Elway. Your owner let the GM dump his entire load into getting RG3,,, good plan, but not when the Ol’ Ball Coach’ puts him back into the game with a torn ACL…
    Now, the skins are on the fast track back to oblivion…

    Maybe the native American spirits have cursed the franchise for the blatantly racist name and logo..
    I guess that fits with all the “hail hail hail” nonsense I keep hearing. Last group of clowns that chanted that lost a world war.

  14. H2O and CO2 disagree with RG2 and RG3.

    Maybe we should ask 2for5 what he thinks.

    Bestof7 and 30love conclude, the answer is, duecegame.

  15. “The front office has acknowledged the problem with the playing surface, and has a plan in place to improve it.”

    They sure do, they’re having the grass ripped out and replacing it with concrete.

  16. It will be nice to see RG3 back, but it’s a team sport. Don’t you Washington fans want to see your TEAM win?!?!

    Manning and Romo are just waiting to hand out a beat down in that division.

    SEATTLE had to come from behind to win that playoff game! COME ON!!! BUCK UP!!!

    Pull for your team!!!

  17. skinsfaninnebraska says:
    Apr 1, 2013 3:52 PM

    Isn’t it amazing how nothing positive ever happens to NFL teams or players, according to PFT posting trolls?


    While my “illogical” comment earlier was purely directed to the illogical poster here, who happen to be a skin fan, I guess I can understand why you’re taking things personal.

    We can all agree that we post things here based on what we read HERE. See, you may categorize yourself as a “real” skins fans as opposed to just illogical posters who just like to “troll,” as you put it, because you are stating facts versus their asinine assumptions. But you have to now understand that people talk garbage about the skins and their fans because they do a lot of that as well.

    FACT: The Redskins have been irrelevant for approximately 2, count that TWO, decades until their post season appearance last year. And yes they do show a lot of promise, but that is just it, a whole lot of promise!!!

    Let me explain that to those who may not understand. The skins, as an organization and as a team, has not done anything remotely close to being described as successful in the last 20 years. So for posters, skin fans to be exact, to state they will win it all, is just asking for it!

  18. IRG3 is a joke just as rg2 is one too!! redskins need to be flushed down the nfl toilet bowl

  19. When you’ve done zip for two decades, getting a bit of a sniff of success, can be euphoric, almost like “winning it all”. I know I felt that way when we “won” Mike Holmgren as HC. I was like, “FINALLY, a chance!”

  20. ad28bestever says: Apr 1, 2013 3:59 PM

    …Russel Wilson was robbed of ROY.
    Yes. Wilson was so robbed, he finished 3rd. 40 out of 50 voters voted for someone else – RG3 (29) and Andrew Luck (11).

    Apparently, someone also robbed him of one “L.”

  21. For the record, I never said anything about “winning it all”. I said “a shot at being a contender”. There’s a big difference.

  22. hey macwoman… do you kiss your dad with that mouth. all these 4Skin fans are so sensitive! about as sensitive as running on a busted mcl/acl when u clearly should be sitting on the bench #shannahan’d

  23. wow are we gonna hear about his first jump since the injury? his first cut? his first full contact practice? might as well tell us when he flatulates and what he is eating for dinner.

  24. who cares about a rg2 or IRG3, rg3 needs to take a page out of Lucks book and just play and go about it in a professional manner instead of being a diva

  25. RG3 isn’t a diva you tool, and he doesn’t ask for this coverage and all the stories, it’s the media doing what they do. Also, if all of you are so mad about having to hear all the stories, and seeing all the stories posted on this site, why waste your time reading and posting?? I know, because most of you are 13 year olds on spring break with nothing else to do and zero knowledge of football. Stop wasting your time, and quit using the excuse “well, we are doing this because logicalvoice is obnoxious so apparently we need to be as well.” Not all of us Skins fans, in fact most of us aren’t like him. If you’re not a Washington fan, just skip the article and quit your damn complaining.

  26. I stand corrected, you did not say the skins will win it all. Just the other skin fans who’ve already claimed the skins as the off-season champs, again, like they did last year.

    My point is, stop claiming anything. Everyone, I mean, everyone is a contender, especially before a game is even played, until they stop winning during the regular season and don’t even make the superbowl. But I guess, everyone’s entitled to dream.

  27. I like RG3 and I hope the kid has a complete recovery and can stay healthy enough to have a good career.

    It will fun to watch some of the idiot fans however have all of their bold predictions go into the toilet. Unfortunately for them it’s a team sport and Dan Snyder and his coach make foolish decisions.

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