Torrey Smith shrugs at Ravens’ changes


When the Ravens traded receiver Anquan Boldin, receiver Torrey Smith said, “This business is BS at times.”  Smith has since expressed trust in the judgment of G.M. Ozzie Newsome.

On NFL Network, Smith elaborated on the changes the team has made less than two months after winning the Super Bowl.

“[W]hen I first came in they cut [tight end] Todd Heap, [receiver] Derrick Mason, [running back] Willis McGahee — three great players,” Smith said.  “We ended up in the AFC Championship with me playing as a rookie, [cornerback] Jimmy Smith playing a lot as a rookie.  It was a bunch of guys they plugged in.  It has happened before and we bounced back fine.  It’s weird having been there, having seen it and built these relationships, it is completely different, but you just have to trust them. They don’t know make moves without having a plan.  It is starting to play out for everyone to see.”

Smith isn’t worried about the fact that he now has been bumped to the top of the depth chart. “It doesn’t change for me,” Smith said.  “Obviously Anquan is gone, he was like a brother to me, obviously a great mentor.  Him gone is going to be tough.  My job doesn’t change.  My job is to catch the ball and when it is a running play, go out there and block I don’t feel like I am taking on any more of a load.  Just going to go out there and play my game.”

To the extent that the changes trace to quarterback Joe Flacco’s monster contract, Smith isn’t ready to distribute blame to the guy who distributes the football.   “All you see is that one person got paid, you don’t know how it works or how the money is spread out,” Smith said.  “All you know is that he has been paid so you just assume all these guys who have been let go is because of Joe which is unfair to Joe.  That is not the case at all.  He has a very salary-cap friendly deal, at least for this year.  So it was clearly a move by the guys on top.  More than anything you have to trust in Ozzie.”

It’s the smart thing for Smith to do, in part because it’s the only thing he or anyone else on the team can do.

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  1. He knows they were lucky to win the Super Bowl last year. Good but lucky. He also knows they have zero chance of winning one this year. Smart man… Doesn’t really fit in with the other ravens.

  2. Why is he denying that Joe dropped a fiscal stinkbomb on the team’s cap? Oh, must be nervous about getting hit by the Oz.

  3. This dude will change his tune after getting trucked by Clark over the middle a few times. I can hear it now:

    “Enough with the lollipops Flacco, I’m getting killed out here. Now I see why McGahee hated you.”

  4. Joe is gonna destroy every one of your teams for the next decade and you idiots are to stupid to see it. You don’t get it, he’s already accomplished more in 5 years then all but two other QBs in history have. I mean like buck showalter said about my birds. They’re are no flukes in 162. The kid wins games, big games! On big time stages. He’s FIVE YEARS IN! I mean you all cannot be that dense to actually believe that Joe Flacco isn’t worth every penny he’s getting. And at least admit that the guy can play, and has constantly proven all of you tards wrong, every year….sorry plenty of “bad QBs” have good defenses and don’t consistently win like Flacco. It’s nonsense. Learn a little something

  5. While Torrey was finishing his last year at UMD, there was an article in the Washington Post that talked about his life and how he got there. Being a PSU alum I knew nothing about Torrey’s game, but wanted the Ravens to draft him, due to that article. He is a class act and couldn’t be prouder he is a Raven.

  6. Gotta love you Torrey Smith. Ozzie has gotten rid of the AGING DEFENSE and the big mouths . This defense will be awesome. The “jump ball” offense will be replaced by BLAZING speed. And saying Romo is better than Flacco is like saying Jay Leno is a better running back than Adrian Peterson. If JERRUH hadn’t given Romo WAY far more than he deserved the Cowgirls would only be $24,000 under the cap.

    By the way….do the Steelers have any players left on their roster….Oh I forgot….they have that fat guy with the bad shoulder who always throws interceptions at the ends of games lose. If they finish 8 and 8 again it will be a miracle.

  7. Smith is nothing but class. I’m a Jets fan and I love this guy. The way he handled his brothers death was amazing. Good luck T.S., you’re the man.

  8. Interesting title for the article considering he did nothing like that. He was acting a true pro. As far as the depth chart I already thought he was on top for one of the two receiver positions.

    crownofthehelmet it’s not likely Clark will see him over the middle, that will be Pitta territory. More likely Clark will be about 5 yards behind him trying to keep up.

  9. There is no way romo is better than flacco, 11 Td’s in the postseason to no interceptions. Romo has been to 1 playoff game and is a choke artist….this isn’t even a conversation

  10. In Steeler news, the Gatorade jug cleaner’s contract was restructured to make room for the heinz field tarp runner outer. The field tarp guy has been in a long dispute with Steelrs management about his cap figure of $24,000 which is really hurting the team.

  11. In other news the steelers signed Plaxico Burress. Talk about a splash! Say, what are the gun control laws like up there?

  12. Smith is a class act for sure. I thought it was classless to try and pressure him into bad-mouthing his qb over his new contract.

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