Alex Smith says Chiefs can win right now, go from worst to first


On the first day of the Chiefs’ offseason conditioning program, quarterback Alex Smith made it clear that he thinks this team — this team that went 2-14 last year and earned the first pick in the NFL draft — can win in 2013.

I think that’s the case for every NFL team, and if it’s not the case, it’s a problem,” Smith said. “We’re trying to win right now. I think that’s the great thing about the NFL. You’re out there and there are very few perennials. It’s a battle every single year. You can go first to worst, worst to first. There is so much parity across the league. That’s the mindset here, that’s for sure. If it’s not win now, then that’s a problem.”

Some people may think Smith is crazy if he believes the Chiefs can be contenders this year. Then again, those same people probably would have said Smith was crazy if he had said at this time two years ago that the 49ers would be contenders. At that time, the 49ers were coming off a 6-10 season that got coach Mike Singletary fired, and most people viewed the 49ers as a rebuilding team. Instead, Smith led the 49ers to a 13-3 record in 2011.

Will Alex Smith lead the Chiefs to a 13-3 record in 2013? Probably not. But he’s right that if “win now” is not the mindset, the Chiefs have a problem.

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  1. If by win now he means squeak out 8 or 9 wins and possibly be a wild card, I couldn’t disagree with that. No way they beat the Broncos for the division barring injury though.

  2. Mr. Alex Smith is right.
    The Kansas City Chiefs, led by the genius Mr. Dorsey and the best head coach in the AFC, Mr. Andy Reid, have methodically assembled a team that will own the AFC for the next decade.

    Mr. Andy Reid finally has a class organization to support him, and a classy fanbase that actually knows football.. He has swindled the most underrated QB in the league. A QB that has never been given a top 10 WR, a top 5 RB, or the same system for more than 2 years in a row.

    The Raiders will never compete.
    The Chargers have squandered away their talent.
    And the Broncos are led by a over the hill QB, who’s neck will give out any day, and a defense that is S L O W.

  3. I don’t know about first but i certainly wouldn’t take them for granted. Denver did have a buttery soft schedule last year so I wouldn’t be shocked if KC makes it tough on them

  4. Sure they can. It happens every year. But Smith and Reid have proven with other teams they aren’t the best at their jobs. I’d expect 8-8 year.

  5. He’s right. There is no reason it can’t happen and it isn’t like the Chiefs are lacking the talent. And they are in a very winnable division. Only the Broncos are really clearly ahead of them.

  6. Peyton Manning has the AFC West tied up for the next two years or so. Chargers and Chiefs fight it out for the wildcard spot.

  7. It happens just about every year it seems. Some hopeless team goes from worst to the playoffs in a single season. Last year it was the Colts.

    Irregardless, what in the world do people expect him to say? Don’t get your hopes up, folks, we’re gonna stink?

  8. I seem to recall a few seasons ago the Chiefs had a young, aggressive defense and an awesome running game. They won the West, lost to the Ravens in the opening round, but everyone thought they were a team to watch.

    A couple of injury-plagued seasons and some sub-par QB play later, they still have a lot of those pieces in place. If KC does turn things around this year and compete even for a Wild Card, would it really be that much of a surprise?

  9. Well sure they “could”, but not with the types of moves they have been making and all of the types of moves they “should” be making to try and set up that kind of a transition. If they want to go from worst to first, it sure looks like they are blowing that opportunity to me.

  10. alex please put down the blunt. your obviously still suffering from concussion symptoms.

  11. It must be embarrassing to be a Chief. Not only do you get to play in that dump called Arrowhead Stadium, but you also get to see tickets to home games being sold on Stub Hub for $9.

  12. I sure hope your not a 9ner bum because if you do look at your own stadium, and also are fans don’t shoot other fans, and while we are at it we do pay our light bill and Arrowhead never go’s black by the way your team came all the way to Missouri to look at Aldon Smith you couldn’t find anyone at UCLA are USC pretenders made it all the way to the show just to have your coaches little brother kick your but and you have the nerve to talk trash trolls in Santa suits!

  13. Chiefs are solving a lot of problems very quickly. The draft will simply add to this effort, and I think many people will predict a second place finish this year. A wildcard spot would be just fine for this year…looking up for next.

  14. @Iknoweverything , ummm okay Smith has had Gore his whole career. Do you know who Frank Gore is and what calibre of RB he is? Easily a top 5 RB.

    Granted A S has had a rough hand of cards dealt him from day one. He is a class act but he’s only ever flourished under Coach Harbaugh and Urban Meyers.

    With that, I hope all of your wildest dreams come true.

  15. There are so many Chiefs haters and fake fans on here posting that it’s ridiculous. Chiefs will be a top contending team and will win it’s division. They have made alot of good offseason moves. Getting rid of Cassell was the best move. Picking up Alex Smith was ok but not great. I personally like Geno Smith. So keeping Albert and picking up Geno would be my move. With him you don’t need a great line but a good one and keeping Albert would provide that. There are alot of players being over looked in this years draft. So hopefully the Chiefs can cash in with some sleepers at draft time to fill some spots.

  16. Im predicting KC to end up 8-8 .. They dont have a bad team at all, just didnt have a QB to lead the team. With the addition of A. Smith AND Andy Reid, the Cheifs have a bright future.

  17. @kcmoney93 KC is in a division with Denver, San Diego, and Oakland. You’re saying KC is going to beat Payton Manning and the Broncos? You’re crazy.

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