Fred Davis gets $2.5 million for one more year with Redskins

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Last year, tight end Fred Davis made $5.446 million for one year with the Redskins.  This year, he’ll make less than half that.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Davis will earn $2.5 million for one more year with the team, in the form of a non-guaranteed $1 million base salary and a $1.5 million signing bonus.

Given the tepid free-agency market and the season-ending Achilles tendon tear suffered by Davis during the 2012 season, the numbers aren’t surprisingly low.  Now, Davis has a chance to prove that he’s healthy and effective and hit the market again in 2014.

22 responses to “Fred Davis gets $2.5 million for one more year with Redskins

  1. There is no better motivator than getting paid. As long as he stays healthy he’ll have a break out season and be in position to get the big bucks.

  2. It would have been nice if Seattle and his former coach at USC would he brought him in. Zach Miller is solid but Anthony McCoy drops too many passes.

  3. Hey newmarketmaulers. When you pay for legal representation you are declaring yourself legally incompetent and placing yourself at the mercy of the court. I suggest you wake up to your role in court

  4. Why is it that it seems like without Al Davis setting the upper end of the market with idiotic contracts, salaries seem to be leveling off or dropping?
    Could he have knocked the system out of whack single-handedly?

  5. the skins will be back on top of the NFC East again, giants are in decline, cowboys over paid for romo, and the eagles are rebuilding. HTTR

  6. Mark my words Bruce Allen is turning water into wine down at Redskins Park. It says alot about your team when key guys take less pay to come back instead of going off into the abyss. They know skins are building a contender. HTTR!!!!

  7. Way to go Florio! We here in Washington already knew the amount the Redskins gave Davis when he resigned last week. Not only are you guys pretentious and incorrect with your reporting but you’re late with posting stuff people care about.

  8. logicail(sp?)voicesays, evidently can’t read. Davis got a one year deal. What makes you think the Skins are going to be ready for a playoff run this season? Optimism is good, but reality trumps it every time. You’ve got a QB coming back from a major injury. Every team in the league knows that. He will be a special target of every D you play. Sound nasty? Urlacher wasn’t a fan favorite because of writing sweet nothings to opposing QB’s.

  9. It appears other teams fans are really concerned about RGIII’ s status. As they should be. He’s going to be back, wiser and stronger. Hail.

  10. How great would it be if in every sport players played yearly for a contract??? The better you are, the better you get paid at the end of the year. They would always play at their highest level knowing they won’t make that $$$ unless they do! Yes, I know it’s never going to happen and it’s very fantasy football-esqe but why not?

  11. A bit more than a week ago, Fred Davis promised to make any team that failed to sign in free agency him regret its oversight.

    Then he signed with the Redskins. So now there are something like 31 teams to whom he owes payback.

    “Basically any team that ever had a chance to get me, and they didn’t, they’re gonna regret it,” Davis told ESPN 980′s Sports Reporters on Monday. “Because if I play against them, I’m gonna be better than the tight end that’s on their team. That’s my whole goal, is to be one of the top tight ends in this league. And I know I can.”

    The thing is, promising to be better than basically every tight end you face is a pretty big promise. But Davis said his health — and his 2012 Achilles injury — won’t be an issue.

    “I’m way ahead of schedule,” he said. “Some people say it takes 10 to 11 [months], but I really feel after talking to my doctor, he said I’d probably be a seven-month guy….I’m feeling really good right now, I’ll tell you that. And by the time August comes, I know definitely I’ll be 100 percent.”

    Serious about rehab. Serious about improving. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, that court thing.

    “She assaulted me first,” Davis said, again delving into his never-ending legal battle over in-club drink throwing for who knows what reason. “That’s what people don’t know. The whole thing is blown out of proportion. And even after I poured the drink on her, she even attacked me afterwards. The whole thing is blown out of proportion, as far as her feeling like she’s the victim. I’m not gonna get into it, but the bottom line it’s not what it seems, know that.”

    I feel like I finally understand why public figures say “sorry, I can’t talk about that” when sports radio programs ask them about ongoing legal issues. Because if they start to ad-lib, they might eventually say “even after I poured the drink on her,” as their lawyers bang legal encyclopedias into their faces.


    “That was definitely something that happened two or three years ago, which is something that would never happen again, I’ll tell you that,” Davis went on. “It’s making me look like the bad guy. People don’t know me at all, they have no idea what happened, and they can make you look bad. Any publicity ain’t always good, and I feel like this doesn’t represent my character at all. As far as that decision-making, that was definitely something I made as a younger NFL guy, but as far as now, I’m 27, and I feel like the only thing I’m worried about is football…People trying to extort you for money, that’s what you’ve got to watch out for.”

    Davis also promised “my lawyer days are over.” Seems like a solid idea.

  12. Let’s not forget this guy is one toke hit away from a year at home.

    Great job by his agent to get less than 1/2 of what he was paid last year. Oh wait…Does he represent himself for negotiations too?

  13. Now I know why he didn’t sign with the Bills. They probably offered him a cheap 3 Million dollar contract a year for two years and he thought it would be better to remain with a decent team with the chance to make good money next year. I’m a Bills fan but I’m all for seeing the Redskins succeed, as long as it’s not against my team.

  14. Good move by the Skins. Fred will prove he is one of the best TE in the league and then get a big contract. Good job Bruce/Mike!!!


  15. Seaeagle is an idiot. Should RG3 be afraid to play because he’s coming off an injury? When you play football it’s just a matter of time before you get injured. Brady came back from an ACL. Peyton came back. Vick has come back from concussions. It happens. RG3 won’t be on the field alone knuckleheads. Garcon, Morgan, Davis, Hankerson, Moss and Morris led the 4th highest scoring offense last yr (5th in yards).

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