Jason Peters says he could have played last year


Eagles left tackle Jason Peters talked to reporters Tuesday for the first time since tearing his Achilles last spring, and said he could have returned last year if not for the team’s miserable season.

I could have, but I didn’t want to risk it with a losing season,” Peters said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “The coaches kind of held me back a little.”

Peters said he’s been 100 percent since January, after a long year of rehabilitation. After the initial tear, he re-injured the same area weeks later when he fell off a medical scooter. But he said doctors told him he was not at a greater risk for a second tear now that this one’s healed.

He’s also working to get down to 320 pounds, after playing around 340 in the past. If nothing else, that’s less to drag around during the expected high-tempo practice new coach Chip Kelly will run.

Getting him back (at the level he played previously) would be a huge coup for the Eagles, who struggled last year replacing him. They tried signing free agent Demetress Bell, but he was released in February after one awful season. Coupled with season-ending injuries to center Jason Kelce and right tackle Todd Herremans, the Eagles couldn’t recover.

“It was a big difference,” Peters said about the impact his absence had on the unit. “I’m a starter. I’m the No. 1 offensive lineman in the league. Me being out there carried everyone else.”

And him being on IR dragged the rest of them right to the bottom as well.

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  1. Wow. Way to be a team player.

    Hope you enjoy running laps all pre-season, jerk.

  2. I remember when Peters was a Tight End in Buffalo and the Coaching staff decided to slide him into the Tackle position. He went from being a no-name TE to a starting ProBowl caliber LT. Peters used to be a quiet and unpretentious type of player. Now he is calling himself the #1 O-lineman in the league? Wow how things change with a little attention and money.

  3. Logicalvoicesays …. You must be scared of the “Chip Show” but HERE WE COME!
    deathmonkey41…. When Peters got hurt, he was the #1 LT in football!!! Read about it!!!

  4. the more you guys talk to that fan of the team that has been irrelevant since 1991, the more he’ll do it. just ignore him; he and his team are and have been irrelevant.

    Why would Peters come back honestly; the Eagles were easily the worst team in the league. They were lucky to beat CLE in week 1 and the repl refs gave them week 2 with an absurd offensive PI call against BAL. They easily could be picking #1 overall. Peters better off getting 100%

  5. I don’t know about “number 1 OL in the league,” but when healthy, he’s definitely top 5. He’s a dominant force out there, and losing him last year was brutal. I really hope he comes back in top form.

  6. watch both Eagles/Giants games from 2011 and tell me where you see JPP??? Peters made him a nonfactor. If you were to call JPP one of the best pass rushers in the league(which he is) you would have to call Peters one of the best OT’s (if not the best LOT)

  7. If you compare him to other elite left tackles like clady( clady not as a good run blocker peters more powerful pAss blocker) joe Thomas( peters is a more powerful run and pass blocker, joe staley( not as quick as staley but almost as fast and more powerful run and pass blocker, remarkably almost same straight line speed) , peters size sets him apart from them all because he carries the 350 lbs like a ballerina and that size only makes him a better lineman. I agree he’s the best tackle , try and prove me wrong because strictly on him not playing last year isn’t relevant. Hope he doesn’t loose any strength playing lighter.

  8. “I’m the No. 1 offensive lineman in the league. Me being out there carried everyone else.”

    Sounds like a guy who’s never going to reach that level again. Talk is cheap and doesn’t make it so. Don’t be surprised when he goes down the second week of camp and never starts another game. Those kinds of things tend to happen to humble charmers like J.P.

  9. Confident much? Geez he sounds like he’s on a mission. Saddle up behind him Shady!!!!

  10. Few things make me laugh quite as hard as Redskin fan hatred for the Seahawks. It’s a totally one-sided relationship. Redskins are invisible to us, couldn’t care less about that punching bag of a team. To us Seahawk fans, the word “Redskins” just means another easy postseason victory.

  11. for a while, no one ever heard or saw a redskins fan..
    now this bums go from being irrelavent for 20 years to 9-7 and all these loudmouths hop out of the wood work.

    Redskins fans are easily the lowest cowards I have come across. All they do is blast everyone around because they made the playoffs 1/21 seasons. That’s less than 5% fellas..

    and in case you weren’t watching, let me clue you into something.

    YOU LOST THAT PLAYOFF GAME.. not only that, but you were getting trounced the entire first half..
    FURTHER MORE your stubborn old ‘never done anything since elway’ coach ,, put your savior player’s career in jeopardy rather than playing Cousins..

    so go hail that you pigs.

  12. Just getting Peters back should add 2 wins if he stays healthy. Yes, he’s that good! Dude makes pro bowls in his off years, but when he is on, he’s simply a beast. A rare combination of athleticism and technique.

  13. If Vick’s O-line were twice as good, he could still very easily play subpar football if he doesn’t evolve as a QB and learn to preserve himself for the better of the team. Vick has had the luxury of superhuman athleticism to bail him out in the past, and he never really learned how to OUTSMART a defense. Now that he is getting older, and his youthful abilities are dwindling, he is being asked to beat defenses more with his brain, and that is something Vick is still working on.

  14. Honestly (and I hope I’m wrong on this one), I can’t see Peters being the guy we knew from 09-11. He’s 31 and coming off a serious foot injury (and that’s not good for someone his size). I’m starting to think if he’s not back to being at best 80%, the Eagles are gonna to cut him next offseason and get someone else.

  15. the eagles need to draft another OL.

    3 out of 5 of the projected starters are coming off injuries. Watkins might as well be cut.
    The eagles need another T & G. talking high quality.

    peters can play anywhere along that line. it doesnt matter what OL position we draft.

    you can never have too many OL.
    Even if everyone comes back.. teams would be eager to send draft selections to acquire those guys.

  16. It’s got to be discouraging to think that while fans are paying full price for a ticket to see an NFL game, players like Peters, are looking after their own interest and see nothing wrong with writing a bad season off.

    Forget the up tempo offense, if Kelly is going to succeed in Philly, he must ship out characters like Peters and bring in guys with character.

  17. i dont think he could have played last year… i think he is saying that in confidence.. u dont walk for months on a achilles tear.

    @dallascowboysdishingthereal… u only say he should be shipped out because he is one of the few people in the lg that can manhandle the likes of Demarcus Ware, JPP, and others alike

  18. @dlighterner13 d-bag

    Actually Peters sat out the season so that Ware wouldn’t make him look like the oldfatbuttloser that he is. Enjoy another dream team season!

    BTW your Michael Vick blow up doll is low on air. Go take care of ’em will ya?

  19. Oh look. Logicalvoicesays is commenting on yet another Eagles article. I think that secretly you are a Philly fan. It is the only “logical” reason you are always commenting. It’s Ok. You can be honest with yourself and the rest of the world. Say it! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!

  20. What is wrong with JP saying he is the Best OLineman in the game? The guy wanted to come back in December… but a losing season …and His Coaches wanted him to stay out.

    JP dominates them all Big or Small he goes beast mode on all commers… I want my starting LT saying and believing he is the best his years starting for the Eagles are Pro-Bowl seasons don’t HATE #itchesbecause he is confident in his All-Pro abilites. Welcome Back Big Bopper.

  21. Probably wanted to come back too early, the coaches were right to be cautious considering his injury. But great news that he has felt healthy since then.

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