Larry Fitzgerald calls 2012 “most disappointing season of my career”


Larry Fitzgerald is glad to have Carson Palmer in Arizona.

For that matter, Larry Fitzgerald would be glad to have anyone in Arizona who might be able to make this year even a little bit better than last year. Fitzgerald, the star receiver who will be catching passes from Palmer this season, said today that he’s eager to see the Cardinals do something positive after a disastrous 2012.

“I’m coming off the most disappointing season of my career and I’m in ‘prove it’ mode,” Fitzgerald said, via Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website. “Anyone who can come to our team and help us reclaim the division I’m all for.”

Fitzgerald’s 798 receiving yards were his lowest total since his rookie year, and his four touchdowns were the fewest of any season in his career. As the Cardinals went from John Skelton to Kevin Kolb to Ryan Lindley to Brian Hoyer at quarterback, Fitzgerald spent a lot of time standing by helplessly, knowing no matter how open he got, the Cardinals didn’t have a quarterback who could consistently get him the ball.

Which means that if Palmer can even be an average quarterback in 2013, that will represent a significant improvement from what Fitzgerald had to deal with in 2012.

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  1. Palmer is viewed as the quintessential quitter and Fitz has to be viewed as the most loyal player in the NFL (although he has 120M reasons to be). The irony.

  2. You just have to feel bad for Larry, sad to see an amazing talent get so little opportunities. I wish the best for Larry and hope he finds success.

  3. Whoa…reclaiming the division is a little too far bro, just get back to competitive football first and go from there. The 9ers still owe you boys a few more years of hell at least. The 9ers rotted for 9 years in this division and now it is your turn!

  4. FFB owners don’t be worried about Larry Fitzgerald.

    With the addition of Palmer, Larry looks to see increased production in leagues in which tackles count as +1 points.

  5. Here’s what I’ve learned about having Palmer as your quarterback…

    He has enough talent left to make you believe that great things are coming. Then…

    Reality sets in, and you realize that there’s a reason he’s never won anything in the NFL.

    That makes for a bigger disappointment than you’ve already experienced.

  6. You want to feel bad for Fitzgerald, that is until you see his paycheck. Palmer will be better than those 4 other qb’s, but not much. Larry just needs to remind himself about how much money he makes every time he feels bad, It should make him feel much better.

  7. Next year around this time “Larry fitz says 2013 is the most disappointing year of his career”. What did Larry fitz do to get carson I quit Palmer throwin to him? I’d rather have Skelton then a quitter WAY passed his prime.

  8. I saw Larry play every college game at Pitt. The GREATEST college receiver, and the discussion isn’t close. Then became a great NFL season. Great character, work ethic, and locker room guy. If anyone deserves a ring, its Fitz.

  9. Can’t feel sorry for a guy who chose the Brinks truck from an incompetent franchise over a chance with a team with an elite QB.

  10. Six wins in 2013.

    Big deal.

    Eight victories is stretch.

    That AZ spins the dice with the mediocre to awful Palmer shows how few top-quality NFL QBs exist.

  11. Not to worry Larry. According to your new HC you have the finest stable of QB’s in the entire NFL. They should have no trouble getting you the rock.

  12. ^^^
    some validity to this, but I don’t think Fitz anticipated Warner hanging it up so quick. Or that his replacements would be soooo bad.

  13. Why would larry want to trade to the seahawks lol???that would be like trading one losing team to the other… !!! last time i checked the niners own the west 2 time nfc west champs and nfc champs!!! and 5 time superbowl champs!!! gooooooo niners

  14. Fitz knew exactly what he was getting when he signed that extension. Great Guy BTW, hope he can win the right way by staying loyal and not bailing like Harvin did in Minny. Players like Fitz and AP give legions of fans hope by staying in small markets beset with bad luck and bad teams

  15. When Fitzgerald re-signed with the Cardinals, I thought it odd that he’d take money over, you know, winning.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that Fitzgerald will be one of those Hall-of-Fame receivers who play an entire career without a single significant reception… ala Cris Carter.
    Fitzgerald knew exactly what he was doing even before he signed the contract. He opted to become the face of a pathetic NFL franchise; one so pathetic, it gave no thought to hiring Bruce Arians as head coach.

  16. Carson Palmer might not be the quarterback he used to be, but he’ll be able to get the ball to Larry, and that alone will make them both look great.

  17. The only way Fitz will get a ring is if he has his agent ask to get him traded to the 9ers where he can rejoin Anquan Boldin. Larry is the greatest but his blind loyalty to the Bidwills will likely cost him the very thing that he wants more than money and that is a SB ring and to make it to the Hall of Fame.
    There’s already been talk about trading him because his contract is breaking the team and the sooner he wakes up and stops drinking the Cardinal cool-aide the sooner he’ll get to the Superbowl. Class act, incredible athlete and one person who I have never heard say a negative word about another player, coach, employer, or person; he’s a very rare breed!

  18. It was. Sean Smith nearly shut him out when the Fins faced the Cards.

    Plus, when he had bad QB play in 2010 he had great numbers with Max Hall, John Skelton, and Derek Anderson.

    Kolb wasn’t too bad in 2012, but every QB underachieved behind that line.

  19. Unfortunately, it only gets worse this year, Larry. The Cardinals have done nothing this off-season to help their team and you know they will have another below-average draft. Why you resigned is beyond me.

  20. Oh, and we have rings. It’s too bad you can’t share the glorious feeling of winning one, Larry. That must suck. But hey, at least you’re paid.

  21. Probably the best of the best character wise in the NFL. Man I wish he had come home to Minnesota instead of staying with Arizona. Hope they get him some help there, hard to beast it when every gameplan is “Stop Fitz and we win.”

  22. Cardinals have the best WR and the best fans in the NFL. Gotta love Fitz, and the birds will come back strong in 2013.

    Remember trolls, they were 4-2 (with one OT loss) with a healthy Kevin Kolb last year. Thanks in advance for underestimating them next season, that’s cute.

  23. Fitzgerald deserves everything that has happened to him so far. He’s had a good career, but i lost just a lil ‘espect for him when he threatened to leave if a). the Cards didn’t trade for Kolb, then b). criticized Kolb once he inevitably proved he was inadequate…

  24. Fitzgerald chose to stay in AZ and max his paycheck instead of going to a team that has consistently been in the playoffs over the last decade.

    Pats, Colts, Steelers, Ravens just in the AFC alone would all have been happy to pay him well, just not the cap killing deal he has in AZ. There are at least as may NFC teams he could have gone to and had a real chance to be in the playoffs every year.

    No sympathy at all for this guy.

  25. That’s been the Cardinals motto for the past 40 years – “We’re hoping for ‘average’!”

  26. Larry is one of the good guys. His loyalty to a ship without a rudder is commendable. I feel very bad that the career of probably one of the best WRs to play the game is going to be a footnote in the history of WRs because the franchose couldn’t build a decent team around him.

    Larry, I totally respect your loyalty but if you want your career to amount to something besides money, cut your losses and sign with another team.

  27. Sorry Larry. Think you are great, but Palmer? He was finished when his knee was shredded. All that is left is hope……

  28. No doubt Fitz will do just fine with Carson and significantly improve over last season. Quality WR and Person. Wish him only the best and hope that he competes at the highest level when going up against SF, St. Louis, and all the other teams they play against next season, except the two games against the Seahawks.

  29. Thank you deleting my comments … what I can’t figure out … Why?
    No swearing words … Just my views … I guess my calling down JaMarcus 4 years ago and him proving me right was too much.
    Delete in 3 … 2 … 1.
    I guess now I know what it would be living in a communist country … Thanks PFT.

  30. Could be the greatest receiver of all time if it were not for his poor QBing after Kurt Warner. Palmer will definitely get him the ball.

  31. Cardinal fans sound suspiciously like Raider fans when they acquired Carson, look how that turned out for them. But hey, you can still hold your head up high, its not like you made Mike Brown look like a genius.

  32. All this bashing of Palmer is curious. Nobody came out of Cincinnati a winner, and the 4000+ yards he threw for last season are way beyond what all the Cardinals QBs threw for combined.

    Both Palmer and Fitz could be rejuvenated this year.

    The Cards problem last year was just an incredibly impotent offense. Against the Falcons, Matty Ice threw FIVE picks and no TD passes, yet the Cards lost. Pathetic.

    Palmer will be an improvement over every QB we’ve seen around here since Warner. That might be all Fitz needs. And perhaps 2012 1st-round pick WR Michael Floyd will finally show up.

    And we might even use our Pick #7 on one of the fine O-linemen up for grabs this year. That would be a novel consideration.

    Having jettisoned Kolb, Whisenhunt and GM Rod Graves, don’t rule out the Cards showing some surprising improvement. The fact that they are in the no-longer-laughed-at NFC West isn’t going to make it an easy task.

  33. Whereyaat that’s cute. Bet we will be saying that freauently this year as the disappointment build. Guess you forget Seattle’s dropped passes in the endzone. Pats shanked kick. Or how about the miraculous fumble in the dolphins game when the receiver just dropped the ball without being touched. Yeah that was almost 1-5 and the consensus was that the 4-0 start was an even bigger mirage than 2011 Buffalo. Most importantly you may want to remind yourself about you

  34. Whereyaat That 4-2 team was a few minor miracles away from 1-5 and you seem to forget losing key defenders along with the DC that carried the brunt of those 4 wins in the first place. Arians likely isn’t the savior there. The colts took advantage of scheduling.. emotion and that one kid they call Andrew Luck but go ahead and think a division title is so within reach. Very bad division fornthe pick 6 king to try to reboot his career

  35. And you thought 2012 was bad! Now you got the biggest wash-up quitter in the NFL! The only way you go to the Super Bowl with Palmer is if you buy a ticket.

  36. Bad quarterback play was a symptom of the offensive lines inability to block. They almost got Kolb killed. Until they address that they will continue to waste the prime years of a great player in Larry Fitzgerald.

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