Lotulelei gets full medical clearance

Getty Images

On the heels of a declaration from Utah team physician David Petron that defensive tackle Star Lotlulelei’s heart shows “no evidence of dysfunction” and that the muscle performed “consistently with that of highly trained athletes,” Dr. Josef Stehlik has given Lotulelei full clearance to “participate in professional athletics without restrictions.”

Stehlik concludes that the abnormality that prompted Lotulelei to be sent home from the Scouting Combine without working out “was likely transient, possibly resulting from a viral infection.”

The release from Dr. Stehlik, a copy of which PFT has obtained, will be given to all teams, along with copies of the tests he has taken.

Though that’s encouraging for Lotulelei, doctors surely took another close look at the player when he returned over the weekend to Indy for the customary medical re-check performed on any players with red flags.