Nnamdi Asomugha agrees with 49ers


A formidable 49ers defense has added another talented player to the mix.

The Niners have come to terms with former Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Asomugha agreed to a one-year contract worth as much as $3 million. However, the deal doesn’t include any guaranteed money, per the cornerback’s request, Schefter said.

On his best form, the 31-year-old Asomugha could give the 49ers a lift in the secondary. He played his first eight seasons for Oakland (2003-2010), establishing himself as one of the NFL’s best at his position. However, he didn’t fare as well in the last two seasons, both in Philadelphia.

Asomugha joins a San Francisco defense with a stout front seven, but the Niners struggled against the Ravens’ passing game in Super Bowl XLVII, and free safety Dashon Goldson has moved on to Tampa Bay. The 49ers, who surrendered just 200.2 passing yards per game in the regular season, surrendered 306.0 per contest in three postseason games, with Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco both faring particularly well against San Francisco in the playoffs.

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  1. “However, the deal doesn’t include any guaranteed money, per the cornerback’s request, Schefter said.”

    Wow…. the season is about Pride for Asomugha about proving himself again and staying hungry… I like the attitude!

  2. That’s cute- they both got to help break the story. Can’t leave little Schefty out.

  3. At this point the 49ers will get to about the 7th of their 15 picks and just pass.

  4. Zero guaranteed money… so it must be all incentive based then. Good for the 49ers then and hopefully it means he will be motivated and playing well.

  5. …and like a premonition or divine spiritual vision from distinguished 3rd millenium Shamans, my username predicts it all!


  6. Pass Rush makes all the difference, Asomugha should return to form. Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner look better than they are because they benefit from Seattle’s relentless pass rush. Asomugha should see a lot of improvement.

  7. “but the Niners struggled against the Ravens’ passing game in Super Bowl XLVII”
    They struggled against every team’s passing game for the entirety of the playoffs and even the last few weeks of the season. The pass rush disappeared after Smith went down and the secondary got lit up. They need to fix both areas and this signing helps.

    He should be highly motivated; he can parlay this opportunity into another big payday if he rebounds well in SF. I just want him to cover the slot guy well; if he can do that the 9ers secondary will be tough even without Goldson. I’d love to see them draft another pass rusher too, in addition to the obvious needs in the secondary.

    Another good, cheap signing by the 9ers.

  8. SF is having a successful FA haul. Scary to think what they’re going to pull out of the draft with all those picks they have this year. Yikes.

  9. one year deal and nnamdi didnt want ANY guaranteed money. hes all in and is gonna play with a chip on his shoulder. out to prove to every fan that hes not done and is still one of the best corners in the game. of course playing along the best fromt seven and one of the best coaching staffs in the league will help him a lot. the rich just got richer. bring on the hating comments! niners are all in!

  10. Lol 1 yr/3 mil? What a joke, how desperate can this guy be after he tarnished his image playing in Philly. Not to mention being burned by the slightest of names he would line up against. At least he does not have to line up against Victor Cruz twice a year. I’m glad we signed JoJo instead of waiting for this silly kid. He never does team functions and eats alone in his vehicle during team meetings and lunches.

  11. I think it is a low risk, potentially high reward move. Hopefully he’s motivated to prove people wrong. Philadelphia was a very bad fit for him and 49ers’ pass rush isn’t that bad is it 🙂

  12. “A formidable 49ers defense has added another talented player to the mix.”

    Talented when he was a Raider, not as an Eagle. Best of luck to you Nam, glad to see you back in the Bay. Class dude right there.


  13. Huge pickup for the 49ers, small contract with no guaranteed money, this is a no brainer for San Francisco. Our system fits him much better and if he sucks in preseason he won’t play, and won’t get paid. 49ers should still target a corner and/or a safety in the draft.

  14. BTC says:
    Apr 2, 2013 6:28 PM
    Does this guy do anything but chase the latest hot team?


    See all older players

  15. Another big name signing by the offseason champs!

    Rarely do Superbowl losers + offseason champions win the Lombardi the next year.

  16. in 2010, was there a more overrated CB in NFL history. No one outside the state of CA knew who this guy was. Then ppl kept saying “no one throws his way because he is so great”
    Sorry, but he is overrated. Good, no risk move by the 49rs here.

  17. After he played so poorly in his first year in Philadelphia, we all thought it was the system, not the player.

    But in the second year, they claimed they had tailored the system to his strengths, that they were letting Nnamdi be Nnamdi.

    He was even worse.

    He looked like he had lost more than a step.

    Throughout his stay in Philadelphia he was clearly contact averse, a terrible tackler.

    I don’t expect the 49ers to depend on him for much more than nickel packages.

  18. with all their draft picks they are probably going to trade up because there is zero chance 14(13) after the trade rookies make this team. might as well trade up and get impact players like vacaro or elam or even a guy like miliner or rhodes

  19. If the Niners can’t figure out a way to get the lights to go out again…they’ll still stink as usual no matter who they sign.

  20. I thought Mandy retired years ago.

    I guess Niner fans didn’t pay much attention to him over the last few years. Dude has declined in a major way. I was HOPING he was going to sign with the Satins so Julio Jones can torment him (again) twice a season. At least he’ll still get to do it once in the Bay 🙂

  21. He got 4 million Guar…from the eagles…so thats a 7 million payday…no chip on his shoulder, should suck as much as he did the last few years…

  22. The next dream team is in place.

    Everyone thinks thats impossible but they thought the same about the Eagles.

  23. “logicalvoicesays says:
    Apr 2, 2013 6:26 PM

    Mediocre franchise signs mediocre CB. Zzzzz.

    More Redskins stories please. #RespecttheRedskins”


    Redskins punked in the first round, 49ers in the Superbowl….

    Do us all a favor Logicalvoicesays, and please go back to your moms basement and stay focused on your Justin Bieber centerfolds and pudding pops

  24. I hope that $3,000,000 is tax deductible. Obviously a charitable donation to the delusional athlete fund. This dude is done.

  25. @calibear831 says: Apr 2, 2013 6:33 PM

    As a raider fan, I can’t wish him well anymore. . .sorry
    As a Raiders fan, wishing him well is the very least of your concerns…sorry.

  26. ‘…The Niners have come to terms with former Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha…

    Thus DOOMING the Seahawks for the coming season

    Better luck next year, Seattle

  27. 2012 Philadelphia Eagles defensive stink now on the niners, giants, and broncos. Yeah, SB for those teams.

  28. Who cares about some nobody CB who was cut by a second rate team getting signed by a team that can’t even dream of competing with the Redskins? If Asomghua was any good he’d be playing alongside DeAngelo Hall for the Redskins. HTTR.

  29. Except for the Rams, could this now be the “Dream Division” in light of the Palmer trade and the SF/SEA signings?

  30. Harbaugh will get this guy’s head on straight. This is a good (not great) pick up for the niners. After the way their secondary was torched in the playoffs, this is what they need.

  31. This is definitely an upgrade and needed by the Niner’s. The price is good. Good on the front office.

    On paper, the NFC West continues to get tougher and address issues of weakness from last year. Fun to be a fan of this Division.

  32. @49ers6rings

    Like the shamans, you are a step behind us. Life is easy when you are so vastly superior. ☺

    You’re jealous?

  33. ” I think he softens their defense if anything guy can’t tackle for his life ”

    wtf is this guy talking about? as much as i hate on the 9ers this is so far from the truth i cant even begin to explain. Aso is one of the best tackling corners in the nfl.

  34. How come the 49er’s can buy ammo, when the rest of the country can’t? There are going to be lots of buzzards flying around their camp after the last exhibition game, waiting for the scraps to be thrown out. I’m just sayin’.

  35. LOL. Love watching Harbaugh and Baalke slowly lose a decade of top-1o draft picks and their talent evaporate, only to be replaced by aging has-beens (Randy Moss, Nnamdi, etc) and poor draft picks (that first rounder worked out great this season).

    It’s going to be awesome watching Russell Wilson and the Seahawks take advantage of Nnamdi twice a year.

    And to the guy saying the Seahawk DBs look better because of the pass rush: you can’t possibly be serious. There’s a reason Seattle started stockpiling DEs and pass rushers this offseason, and it’s not because we had some fierce pass rush (outside of the GB game). In fact, our lack of pass rush killed us against Atlanta. San Fran has a great pass rush, but Seattle really needs help.

  36. Good move by the Niners to get this guy on the cheap. Maybe now that he is away from Filthladephia he can remember how to cover

  37. As a Seahawks fan I got nothing but respect for the Niners. Nfc west is now the best

  38. Solid move personnel wise; great move when also considering the money.

    I’d like to see him get a shot at starting safety. It would be interesting to see how effective a more coverage-oriented player would do in that position, as opposed to Goldson.

  39. Asomugha was completely misused in Philly he is a man-to-man corner and Eagles constantly had him in a zone because their LBs suck. Niners should be able to use him better

  40. Now all we need is Vacarro in the 1st round -mathieu in the 2nd round & some defensive line help with the other 10plus picks

  41. The chances of teams repeating superbowl appearances is pretty slim, adding Colt McCoy and Assmongerua will increase their odds of playing for a Lombardi again next year.

  42. @ezzz2the…..I hate to tell you but he played plenty of man to man after the Eagles figured out he didn’t understand how to play zone. I watched every game he played in Philly. He just can’t cover anybody…..ask Victor Cruz or just watch the tape. P.S., DRC outplayed him during their respective stays in Philly, and DRC is one of the laziest players in the league.

  43. So funny how everyone dismisses Nnamdi since he was on a highly dysfunctional defense run by an offensive coordinator (Juan Castillo). Vick, Foles, whoever is running the offense kept turning the ball over, putting the defense right back on the field. The Eagles haven’t been a Dream Team since the days Donovan McNabb was in his prime.

    Carlos Rogers, anyone? Considered a bust in Washington, went on to make the Pro Bowl his 1st year in San Francisco with more interceptions in one year than his career total. Donte Whitner? Was considered just an average player on the Bills, a bust for the 8th overall pick in 2006. Made the Pro Bowl his 2nd year in San Francisco. Nnamdi Asomugha? We will see in 2013, but he has a much better chance of succeeding in SF under Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell than he did in Philadelphia.

  44. Overtime one thing I have learned about this sight is folks only make points about good teams (unless your a troll like) logicalvoicesays. I don’t see a lot of lower division teams being talked about. If this kid is sooooo bad then the rest of you non 49er fans should be happy not critical……

  45. @kgbdk…..how do you explain the other 10 weeks that Nnamdi played terrible?…..Juan was only the OC for 6 weeks.

  46. Bout time they address that secondary, it was torched vs Green Bay, Atlanta and Baltimore.
    Might want to sure up that D-Line since they go as J.Smith goes, when he got hurt the rest of them vanished.

  47. He only wants a ring, would play for free if gauranteed one. One year deal SF doesnt make Super Bowl, signs with Denver.

  48. To the 49er fan that said I want to see him cover a slot man. Philly tried him inside and he looked like one of the worst CB in the NFL. Put him in zone coverage and he was lost. Man to man, press coverage from the outside where he can use his strength and the sideline. Even that he has lost a step but still better than average. Ask a Philly fan who watched him for two years or other fans who watch games to see if I’m lying or not.

  49. @themackstrong – I was that 9er fan and thanks for the info; this is what makes reading comments worthwhile. I’ve been reading about him more and it looks like he won’t solve the 9ers issues with fast slot guys.

    You are right though – that is how the Raiders used him – press coverage outside. Hopefully he turns it around. Maybe Terrel Brown will move inside; Rogers can’t cover a slot guy – that much I know.

  50. @rymexico Philadelphia was lucky to win the first two games by a single point last year. Trent Cole had a grand total of 3 sacks in 2012. Jason Babin? 5.5 sacks in ’12. Demeco Ryans had all of 1. An effective pass rush helps a secondary by shortening the length of time they have to cover receivers. Obviously, Nnamdi didn’t get a lot of help. I’m not saying that he’s going to be an All-Pro next year, but he’s going to get a big upgrade as far as teammates go. Aldon Smith (with a healthy Justin Smith and Parys Haralson subbing for him on running downs) had 19.5 sacks just from his side alone. Ahmad Brooks had 6.5.

  51. As a Hawks fan, there’s no reason for me to smile about this move – it’s a zero risk deal for SF; if he’s even close to what he was it’s a great pick-up that will make their D even better; and if he’s not good enough, they’ve spent (and lost) nothing.

    things sure have changed in the NFC West from just a couple years ago . . .

  52. And, the winner of the Free Agency period is…Who cares…?

    When was the last time a team parlayed their “success” in Free Agency into a Super Bowl title?


  53. Meanwhile; Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer, and Sam Bradford sit at home licking their chops. This guy will pad the heck out of their stats for at least 1 year.

  54. If signing overrated players is wrong…and it gets you to the NFC Championship one year and the Superbowl the following year, I don’t wanna be right. Besides, the 49ers are made up of a ton of underrated players like Ahmad Brooks (who got picked up off the scrap heap in Cincy) and an undrafted Alex Boone, who was the missing link in what was otherwise possibly the best offensive line in football. Ray McDonald, Kendall Hunter, Delanie Walker, the list goes on.

  55. Seriously, at least 49er & Seahawks fans can agree that we pity the teams that have to come West – this will not be an easy year for the unlucky AFC division that gets matched with the NFC West.

  56. Hard to imagine Carson Palmer licking his chops behind the Arizona line. He’ll be a sitting duck back there.

    And I’m not sure how Seattle got through last year with their offensive line somehow, but unless they develop more depth, they are an injury or two from being as sack-prone as the Cardinals. I think Russell Wilson is going to get hit a lot more in the pocket this year if defensive coordinators wise up to the option, which I’m expecting. That’s not to say that Wilson can’t pass in the pocket, but he’s going to be opened up to a lot more hits as teams game plan for him.

    St. Louis got Jack Long, which was a big signing. Could make them tough to rush. Sam Bradford can be pretty dangerous when he has time.

  57. The guy that thinks the seahawks o line is weak must be thinking of the cards, the seahawks have a 2 pro bowlers and an all pro on that line, and also helped produce 1600 yards from beast. Id say, that’s a decent line.

  58. Baalke told Nnamdi he would have to earn his spot, so if he can’t beat out Rogers, Brown, and the CB they draft, then they can cut him and owe him nothing. Another low risk, high reward signing. Now who’s going to get cut or restructure their contracts. As of now they don’t have enough to sign their future draft picks.

  59. I love how all the Niners and Seahawks fan act like they’re the toast of the league now. Both of you guys were horrible for over a decade. Enjoy your success while it lasts, because it wont be long. Seahawks will own that Division next year anyway.

  60. Good pick-up by the 9ers. He will do well in San Francisco,he just needed to go back to the west coast.

    I really thought he was going to be swiped up by New England as soon as he was available. I’m glad he wasn’t.

  61. It is funny to see 9ers fans get all hyped over this. To see all the negative comments about him and the 9ers screwing up by signing him gets thumbed down. I am sure this one will too.

    You can say he was played the wrong way, that the Eagles didn’t have a pass rush, that the Eagles had an OL Coach as a D-Coordinator, or that the Eagles are dysfunctional all you want, but the truth of the matter is, he sucked when the Eagles played him in press man coverage, he sucked when there was a real D-Coordinator coaching, he sucked when the Eagles were near the top of the league in sacks a couple years ago, and the Eagles didn’t become dysfunctional til the group of Free Agents that were signed a couple years ago that was headlined by HIM.

    The only thing about this signing that is good is the fact that it is a low cost-no guarantee signing, but you are fooling yourselves into thinking that he will put you guys over the top, or that the 9ers will change him.

    Ask yourselves this….. Why did he only get a 1 year 3 million dollar deal if he only sucked because of the Eagles? Why did he get NO guaranteed money? Why did he visit the 9ers a while ago, leave without a contract only to return weeks later because no other team wanted him, especially with this cheap contract? It isn’t just Eagles fans or 9ers haters hating on this guy. The FO of 31 other teams know he is done as well, and even the 9ers to an extent. No guaranteed money. That is the key. They are giving it a shot. One without any risk. Hoping they can get something. That is all what any of you 9ers fans should be doing. Not thinking this is the signing that will put you over the top and that he will return to form before the Eagles because they are the reason he sucked.

  62. Sorry but this guy is slow and washed up. He was also an extremely selfish player who failed to take responsibility for his mistakes in coverage. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t like to cover. He’s just a name, that’s about it.

  63. @kgbdk….That terrible Eagles D that you pointed out just payed this guy 3 million to leave. What does that tell you?

  64. nnamdi sucks youll see…”the eagles only used him in zone blah blah blah” he got abused in man coverage repeatedly when the scheme was adjusted for his “strengths” cant tackle, slow, victor cruz fitzgerald and megatron made him their female dog, glad hes in a place that wont be back to the super bowl anytime soon

  65. He is a shell of his former self. He never came even close to being the player he was in Oakland when he was with the Eagles. The Niners are doing the same thing the Eagles did and we see where that got them.

  66. Do people not realize that this is a “Braylon Edwards deal”????

    If he doesn’t work out, HE’S GONE!!!

    The Niners, and Niners fans, do not consider this a major signing!!! It’s a bargain, a steal with no downside. He performs well, and Baalke is a genius; he sucks, and Harbaugh kicks him off the team like a boss… and no money is paid.

    (My money says that Nmandi is more motivted that ever, playing for this coaching staff and living in the Bay Area…. I think this move wil be considered genius because he pans out… but it’s genius even if he doesn’t pan out, because he’ll get cut………………)

  67. 49er fans relax. This is a no risk move and we have a ton of draft picks. Guarantee, this years draft beats last years !

  68. The guy stinks and he cant play anymore. But still not a bad deal they got him for the NFL equivalent of peanuts. Maybe they will get lucky and he only stinks outside of california

  69. stopdk12 says: Apr 2, 2013 9:36 PM

    this guy is always looking for a short-cut to a superbowl ring… says a lot about him.


    I’m not a fan of his or anything, but try reading up on the guy before you make a comment like that. He does more for charities than 20 NFL players put together. Seriously.

  70. Not wanting guaranteed money only speaks to the character of the man.

    All the fools who think he can’t play will learn quickly how wrong they were.

    Good Luck Nnamdi.

    Go Raiders.

  71. “However, the deal doesn’t include any guaranteed money, per the cornerback’s request, Schefter said.”

    What! Someone ought to become a reporter and explain that. It makes NO sense. Sure, he wants to play and risk a career ending injury for no guaranteed $$ . LOL.

  72. Love how the iggles fans leave out the part of having a O-line coach clearly out of his depth as a D cord but hey blame your problems on Nnamdi. Bet the iggles have a top 3 D this year now. In the NFC east that is. Wait who am I kidding? No they wont

  73. “this guy is always looking for a short-cut to a superbowl ring… says a lot about him.”

    Which is why he stayed on a struggling Raiders team year after year without a complaint?

  74. Mediocre human being posts another mediocre comment….nothing out if the ordinary here.

    Good low risk move by the 9ers.

  75. It doesn’t matter who played in the SB last year. Neither team truly should have been there but that happens sometimes. Flacco won’t have Boldin to bail him out and Kap will either get figured out, hurt, or both.

  76. He should be motivated? Dude a truck load of money from Philly and stunk up the joint! Don’t whine about the scheme,either you can Ball or you can’t! Can’t tackle,can’t cover and simply is not mentality engaged in the sport. The Man has ZERO love for the Game,he’s in it for the loot and it shows.

  77. Well, look who is promoting themselves as a dream team now. Oh……it’s the classless and tactless 49 ers. News flash: Nnamdi Asomugha is washed up. He’s no Champ Bailey, and he has nothing left in the tank.

  78. Sorry San Fran, no way Nmandi asked for an incentives only contract. That was the best he could get and he made sure it would be positioned that way publicly as to not make him look like he stunk up the joint the last few years. Do you really think he took several weeks to decide on a landing spot because he wanted an incentive based contract???

  79. I am sure Nnamdi is a great humanitarian and should be applauded for it. However, as a football player, he is soft, a step or two slow, and not very smart. He also shies away from contact. He is a front-runner. He is eccentric. AND, worst of all, he stands there, on the field, and looks at others like they made him screw up, like they are the problem. He blames everyone but himself. 2nd to Darrelle Revis? HAH!! I love how all you left coast fans think this guy is so great, all he needs is a pass rush. All he needs is a heart! The eye in the sky does not lie. Are you telling me that the NY Giants receivers are so much better than NFC West receivers that Nnamdi will be SO effective against Russell Wilson? New nickname for Nnamdi. WEST COAST TOAST!

  80. What you Philly morons don’t get is guys seem to play the best to their abilities when they go to the San Francisco 49ers. That’s what the best coaching staff in the league will do for you.

  81. seaeagle707 says:
    Apr 2, 2013 6:28 PM
    Welcome to the City by the Bay. Ready for a big, big 8 – 8 season? You betcha!

    Just like last year when we were supposed to go 6-10 because 2011 was just a fluke. You my friend are retarded.

  82. jvibottomline says: Apr 3, 2013 9:32 AM

    What you Philly morons don’t get is guys seem to play the best to their abilities when they go to the San Francisco 49ers. That’s what the best coaching staff in the league will do for you.
    You can have the best coaching staff in the world but that won’t make Nnamdi’s legs 5 years younger. I’ve seen a bunch of ppl on here making excuses for why he failed in Philly… it was the inept coaching staff, the scheme, the lack of the pass rush, and the terrible talent around him. And those all may be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that Nnamdi was, himself, horrendous. In every situation. On every down. Yes, he was a square peg in a round hole during his first season. Then the scheme was tailored for him, and he did even worse. He was horrible in zone coverage, he was equally terrible in man-to-man. He attempted to bump players at the line, then they would just blow right by him. It may be a low-risk deal for the 49ers, but there is no “high reward” in this equation. Nnamdi can’t run anymore, and he plays a position where you need some sort of recovery speed. Unless you’re planning to move him to safety, he has ZERO value as a corner. San Fran fans can call us “morons” all you want but I watched every single snap of Eagles football the past two seasons, and I can tell you, without a doubt, that Nnamdi Asomugha does not have the ability to play corner at a high level anymore. That’s the reality. He’s done. But if you wanna fool yourselves, like we did in Philly, that it was everyone else’s fault but Nnamdi’s then go ahead.

  83. raideralex99 says:
    Apr 2, 2013 11:38 PM
    Well there goes the 49ers season … Nnamdi has never played for a team above .500.


    You don’t see the irony do you.

  84. Let’s n not anoint this guy yet, Niner fans. Let’s hold him accountable and make him live up to his potential, even if it is not what it once was. He’s obviously not a dummy and can still contribute at worst, but perhaps he can be pushed back to quality/good cb play.

  85. After losing the Super Bowl, 9er fans are looking to grab at any straw that they think will get them over the top.
    Best of luck 9er’s but I don’t think this is what you need.
    The amount he signed for doesn’t really matter if he can’t cut it.

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