Palmer dines with Cardinals executives in Phoenix


In what could be a sign that the next quarterback domino is about to fall, soon-to-be former Raider Carson Palmer was in Arizona yesterday.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Palmer had dinner with Cardinals executives last night.

There’s no word as to whether it was one of those Chip Kelly dinners in Arizona that goes on for hours and hours, or whether the deal is 95 percent done.

But clearly they seem willing to work with Palmer the quarterback, as long as he’s willing to work with them on his contract, as they’re no more interested in paying him $13 million than the Raiders were.

29 responses to “Palmer dines with Cardinals executives in Phoenix

  1. Don’t kid yourselves. Palmer is not making a Warner-like comeback. Palmer never had the heart.

  2. Palmer may not be what he was, but Fitzy has got to screaming for this deal to go through. His talent is getting wasted and Palmer would be a massive up grade from the last 2-3yrs. Get him cheap, invest the first 3 picks on OL and get some vet help in FA. Palmer will be enough.

  3. Carson wants to set up his ‘Cornhole’ Tournament before making any commitments.
    It was a huge hit in Cinncitucky.

  4. Well atleast Fitz will have his fantasy value back!! And when was the last time the cardinals had a run game? Edgerrern James?? Emmit smith?? The cards are close to being for real, adding a solid QB and hopefully next add a legit RB and they’re back in the mix. Personally after watching cam newtons play fall off so much after his 1st year, I want to see kaepernick and russle Wilson do what they did again. Kaepernick has no touch and has no timing he’s a scramble and bomb kinda qb, I think.he’s.real Lucky he runs a 4.3. Russle Wilson shocked me and I’m sure everyone else with his play. .Peterson docket Washington are all studs on all 3levels of D…now go get a RB!!

  5. FICTION: Palmer is washed up.
    FACT: Palmer threw for over 4,000 yards in basically 14 games last year (got hurt early in the 15th). He was actually on pace for 5,000 for like 2/3 of the season. Good completion pct and ypa as well. He did this despite a sub-par offensive line and a very young, raw receiving corps.

    FICTION: Palmer only amassed those numbers in “garbage time.”
    FACT: Palmer only had like 130 more passing yards in the second half of games this season than the first half. That’s for the entire season, not per-game. The garbage-time stats argument is not based in reality.

    FICTION: The Raiders dumped Palmer.
    FACT: Raiders wanted to keep him at $10 mil. Palmer saw the roster teardown and decided he’d rather move on than stick around for whatever it is we’re doing.

    FACT: 2012 Raiders scoring defense ranked 28th.
    FACT: 2012 Raiders rushing offense ranked 28th.
    FACT: 2012 Raiders passing offense ranked 8th.

    Bottom line: Don’t listen to the hate, Cards fans. Palmer is still a very, very good QB.

    Just fix the o-line and Palmer to Fitzgerald will be an exciting combo. May even make sense to swap first-round picks with us as part of the deal. Say our No. 3 pick for your No. 7, 2nd rounder and 6th-rounder. Something like that. Could get you a bigtime QB and one of the top two LTs in this draft.

  6. Looks like everyone hates this deal. Here’s what you can expect from Palmer in AZ:

    4000 yards, 25 TD’s, 17 INT’s, and probably 6-8 wins. Fitz will likely have 1200 yds and 10 TD’s.

    Haters gonna hate. Carson has 2-3 decent years left. I, as a Raider fan, don’t think he quit on the Raiders. He’s simply tired of playing for bad organizations. Cincy? Oakland? The only question here is why AZ???

  7. There is something not right with this QB. He is not the type of a player that will lead a team out of its losing ways. The Cards have to come up with a better plan if they want to compete in the NFC west.

  8. Funny seachikens fans complained about being trolled yet chawk12thman and maybe 2 others are the only ones that don’t constantly spout off with stupid crap and the number of loudmouths seems to be ever growing. I would die laughing if AZ completely rolled the hawks.

  9. Oh btw spideysdog.. they beat you with Kolb…. let that settle in for a bit and save the it was week 1 excuses. The superior team should come away with the win opening week.

  10. Palmer adds 1-2 more wins than last year. Nothing more. Coincidence that Bengals make the playoffs the year after Palmer leaves….think not. Cards are just setting themselves back further running with him. Enjoy last place in the West.

  11. FACT: Palmer didn’t make into the endzone in his last five games, throwing a grip of interceptions the whole while. He’s not and has never been the leader that Oakland needs on the field. I’m just glad the show’s almost over. Step on it, Reg! Get this guy outta here.

  12. As a Raider fan, I wouldn’t mind Palmer staying if he would take a pay cut. That contract was a huge reach at a time the team was desperate. Then changing the whole offensive scheme……disaster. It’s time to send him on his way and get a draft pick or 2 and reduce the payroll.

    Thanks for the help, Carson, but things just didn’t work out.

  13. The whole raiders team should retire Palmer had crap to throw too, McFadden can’t stay healthy off line no good, def NO GOOD I wouldn’t take a pay cut again either to play for a crap team like the raiders

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