Saints owner Tom Benson steps down from three league committees


New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is relinquishing some of his influence by stepping away from some of the league’s most influential committees.

According to Nakia Hogan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Benson is stepping down from roles with the league’s Finance Committee, Audit Committee and Compensation Committees to focus on other endeavors. Benson wants to focus on other ventures in New Orleans including Benson Tower and the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans.

Benson announced his decision to step down during the owners’ meetings in Phoenix last month. Benson had served on the Finance Committee for more than 20 years and had been chairman of the committee three times.

14 responses to “Saints owner Tom Benson steps down from three league committees

  1. The optimist in me says he stepped down due to age and other responsibilities, and that a similarly league-minded owner will take his place. The pessimist in me says he stepped down because The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person threatened the Saints with more arbitrary penalties for crimes without definition “proven” without evidence, and that an owner designated by one of Goodell’s cronies will take Benson’s place.

  2. Lol @ the people talking about bounties that were never proven. It was pay for performance. On a side note, use a little more brain power to come up with something better the aints. Really…you can only handle removing one letter. Smh

  3. Some people will NEVER grow up – the negative syndrome is how they get their rocks off.
    The man made more money than any of you will ever see in your life – he is a very sucessful business man and he has rights to be on or off a committee if he wants to for whatever reason- none of your business. Go climb a tree and join the rest of the monkeys – appears you have no life anyway.

  4. Stepping down because he’s older than dirt. He needs to get ready for the fight between his 2nd wife and granddaughter for control of the empire when he kicks the bucket. Lot of issues to decide.

  5. abreathofsanity says:
    Apr 2, 2013 3:29 AM
    Uh oh, i smell turbulent times for new orleans aints.
    Tell us oh wise and thoughtful one, what could be worse than last year’s debacle of having the league’s worst defense in history and having to fight the entire year through the fraudulent bounty accusations without a head coach?

    One must not speak out of turn when one’s team is in the cellar such as yours is ‘mam.

  6. Could this also be in retaliation to Goodell and the changes he seems to be doing to ruin Football as we know it? Anyone can say,”I’m stepping down to focus on other things.” It’s usually a blanket way of politely saying, “I no longer support the changes going on and will no longer be a part of it.”

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