Seahawks sidestep Clemons’ comments about gay players


Last week, Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons suggested that a gay player who chooses to expose his sexuality would be engaging in a selfish act that would divide the team.

Dominic Holden of The Stranger, a Seattle newspaper, has been trying to get a statement from the team in response to Clemons’ comments.  On Tuesday, Holden got several.

We’re not going to comment,” Seahawks director of corporate communications Suzanne Lavender said.  “You know, it’s just his personal view.”

Reminded that the 49ers aggressively denounced derogatory comments from cornerback Chris Culliver during Super Bowl week, Lavender explained the reason for the team’s silence.  “We haven’t gotten that many fan comments so we are not going to make public comment,” she said.

As Holden sees it, Clemons has attempted to bully a gay player into remaining closeted, and the Seahawks “are being complicit by being silent.”  After Holden posted his initial item on the subject, Lavender complained that the article “mischaracterized” the team’s position.  She eventually agreed to email Holden a statement.

“The Seahawks organization is guided by overall principles of acceptance and understanding that help us create a culture of respect, equality and inclusiveness both on and off the field,” the statement reads.  “It is our goal to use these core principles and our commitment to passion, character and excellence to empower change within our community.  We, as an organization and as individuals, represent and respect a wide range of human differences, personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.  We have already begun to follow-up with every fan that contacted us earlier today.”

The statement avoids the question of whether the Seahawks agree or disagree with Clemons’ statements; indeed, it comes off as a more verbose version of, “You know, it’s just his personal view.”

Holden has once again articulated specific questions on the subject that the Seahawks have not yet answered.  Whatever the answer may be, it’s only fair for Holden to keep asking until the Seahawks provide a direct answer to the question of whether the organization agrees or disagrees with the things Clemons said.

UPDATE 11:08 p.m. ET:  Not long after our story posted, Lavender responded to Holden’s question.  “We don’t agree with what [Clemons] said,” Lavender said.

89 responses to “Seahawks sidestep Clemons’ comments about gay players

  1. If he’s gay, he’s gay. If he’s straight, he’s straight. Whats the problem here?

  2. If he’s gay, he’s gay. If he’s straight, he’s straight. Whats the problem here?

    Don’t delete my comment Mike! I know it’s my own opinion and that isn’t allowed on this site! I’m sorry!

  3. Why don’t we let these guys expand their views? I want to see what dumb reason they have for the bigoted views.

    Side note: Most people who come out against gays usually end up being gay. See: Republicans and and Christians.

  4. How many of these hypothetical, what if stories do we need.

    These guys are paid to play football. I don’t care what they do in the bedroom, I don’t care about stories about their families, I don’t care if they can cook, play an instrument, or juggle flaming chainsaws.

  5. Every time you oogle over some athlete’s wife with your friends, or on the internet, you’re announcing your sexuality.

    You don’t ask straight people to keep their sexuality a secret. You just accept their straightness out of hand.

    Gay people deserve that same freedom from prejudice. Comments like Clemons’ tell gay people to keep their sexuality a secret. Why should they, when the vast majority of straight people feel so comfortable to talk about theirs?

    If this is going to divide your locker room, your locker room has problems. It’s time for the NFL and the rest of our society to grow up.

  6. Why is it we can’t seem to go a whole week without having this topic come up on PFT and in the media? If a player decides to tell the world that he is gay, that player has the right to do so. If another player says that if that happened then there would be a media circus which would be distracting to the team, that player has the right to do so. I don’t know what percentage of the fan base is sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next gay player/same-sex marriage discussion, but it can’t be a high enough percentage to warrant the amount of attention the media is giving this topic.

    I don’t care if you’re gay and I don’t care if you are uncomfortable with someone else saying that they’re gay. I just want a huge helping of NFL football and please HOLD the political agendas. We tune into football to get away from all of that stuff.

  7. What do you want Florio, the team to fine or discipline him? What Clemons said is far less inflammatory then what Culliver said in the middle of the Super Bowl hype, so its not a comparable situation.

    Players say stupid things all the time. Fans are smart enough to distinguish between what players say and what the organization believes.

  8. Grow a pair and choose a side, Seahawks. People may not agree with Clemons statement, but he earns respect for putting it out there and not flip flopping after the fact. Can’t say the same for the Seattle front office.

  9. Seriously, why is this an issue? A totally different issue is being implied by the media on Clemons’ comments in this case. He said he’s fine with people being gay and their lifestyles, he just doesn’t want to be on the team where the first player in the NFL comes out because of the distraction it will inevitably cause to that team. That media will only report on that team through the lens of that player being gay and not the team being good or bad at that point. And yes, this can be a distraction for a competitive team that made the playoffs last year and that is trying to get back.

    Honestly, I don’t understand the incessant focus on the issue of gays coming out while in the NFL by this website at this point.

  10. Is it Florio that deletes comments? I have had several things deleted, and they weren’t inflammatory or degrading comments, just comments. Anyway, the Seahawks are smart for distancing themselves. Let the players say and feel the way they like. Quite trying to dictate what an independent contractor can say.

  11. So let’s get this straight. First we had to just tolerate gays. Then it was mandatory to accept them and now we must also publicly agree with them and everything they say or do and if we disagree with anything that has to do with a gay person we are bad. What happened to free speech and being allowed to have an opinion Your wuss pc @ss might not agree with? It sounds like Florio is the bully here not anyone else.

  12. In his statement Clemons did not disparage gays or being gays. He just spoke his mind on a particular subject. What ever happened to the 2nd Ammendment? Did I miss it having an adendum that states that speech is free unless you say something that we disagree with.

  13. Football is full of players with limit intelligence beyond athletics, who play among the most masculine games on the planet. How progressive do you expect them to be? They grew up hearing the “g-word” used as a pejorative for weakness. Now they’re supposed to all be Oprah?

    I disagree with those who would persecute alternative genre identity, and strongly support equality for everyone. But…I think it’s kind of unfair to even ask players their opinion on this subject. It’s an utter no-win situation. And while they may perpetuate the culture…they didn’t create it.

    Players would be wise to simply refuse to answer questions on the topic.

  14. Was the first female to try out for an NFL team a selfish act? I think it would be better to say it “could be” a selfish act, depending on the player’s motivation.

    In an event, I see what the media is doing here. I heard Jim Rome the other day grilling a guy totally randomly about this, and TMZ tried to get AP to bite. It’s basically agree with the left about this issue or we will intimidate you and your employer until you “evolve” and agree with us.

    It’s better perhaps for players to just say “that’s not a subject I’m going to discuss”, though Clemons voluntarily stepped into the mess.

  15. nyyjetsknicks says:

    Side note: Most people who come out against gays usually end up being gay. See: Republicans and and Christians.

    That means most people who hated Bush really liked him. Interesting analogy.

  16. what is the worry with a gay player anyway?

    you afraid there’s gonna be some ‘unnecessary roughness’ on a ‘low tackle’?

  17. Whatever the answer may be, it’s only fair for Holden to keep asking until the Seahawks provide a direct answer to the question of whether the organization agrees or disagrees with the things Clemons said.

    Mike you’re wrong here. It was his opinion and not issued by the Seahawks. They have no obligation to agree or disagree. Do you have an obligation to confirm the opinion of every employee of NBC Sports? Of course not. The whole answer at the point of a gun is ridiculous.

    And to those commenting that Clemmons was anti gay, the original statement was nothing of the sort.

  18. Amazing how you tolerate intolerance of the “intolerants.” Clemons is free to have an opinion. I suppose he’d find his way back into your good graces if he’d rail on the Redskins’ name, huh?

  19. Gay this, gay that…everyday there’s something about gayness on this alleged “football site.” Between that and Florio deleting comments that dare not be in lockstep with his views, I feel like I’ve just about had it with PFT.

  20. @ tdub & Pittbull… Florio will delete any comment that does not agree with his agenda. That is liberal doctrine 101.

    So for the few people I reach before being deleted. Clemons is right. Anyone who comes out will be a huge distraction for their team, thanks in part to the media, who seem to think that most of us care about sexuality and shove the story down our throats. (so to speak)

    – Coot

  21. PFT will not rest until Clemons is forced to take sensitivity training for expressing his opinion. George Orwell wrote a book about this.

  22. Being intolerant should lead to a 300 game suspension. In this case just burn down CenturyLink Field so the Seahawks will be more accepting and high-minded.

  23. As i posted earlier. Look at the numbers. The chance that there even is a gay player in the NFL is EXTREMELY RARE!

  24. I think its more fishing from the reporters part, the seahawks dont have to agree or disagree with clemons views its freedom of speech and Clemons wasnt saying this from a position of hate he simply states that it would be a big distraction and it would. the media dont care about gay football players or their rights or even what effect it will have on the team they only care about how juicy this story will be for them to write about.

  25. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Apr 2, 2013 10:15 PM

    Side note: Most people who come out against gays usually end up being gay. See: Republicans and and Christians.


    Side note #2: most people who generalize entire groups of people are generally idiots.

  26. Florio I LOVE this site and the dialogue it creates!! That being said ( and i realize this is a very slow media time but come on… This article is nothing but a truly pathetic attempt at a ” sports story” Chris Clemons has done nothing but be a model citizen and absolute leader for a top five ranked defensive unit!!! He simply is a team first guy and is trying to say ANY distraction is in fact a DISTRACTION!!! NO MATTER THE TOPIC!!! Quit using his good name to get some good posts going!!! And I have personally had over 50 posts deleted which I believe is you doing exactly what it is your accusing Chris of!!! Really respect your work but this time I believe you should call Clem up and apologize!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  27. Another bland, generic, pampering response from the nfl machine. There has to be a book full of these types of responses. Garbage

  28. Schmiggles nailed it. If your straight you can talk about sex, sexuality and women all you want and noone cares but if a gay person tries to do the same thing they are dividing the team.

    Just know for all of you bigots and fence sitters the day will come in the future where you will be looked down upon like the same people who opposed civil rights because of the same uneducated and innocuous views about people of different racial background. Of course you will pretend you were in support of gay rights all along or repent just like the southern democrats did back in the 60’s & 70’s.

    If you have a problem with gay people then you are an insecure & spiteful person that will always look for joy in other people’s miseries.

  29. You sheeple make me sick. Everyone must march to the tune of political correctness. The Obamafication of America is happening. Just remember, the last time a populace blindly followed the political leadership a lot of people were exterminated. Those that choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Idiots.

  30. Why do people even CARE about this issue? It’s like when the joint gets passed at a party… if you don’t smoke, nobody cares. What… big bully football players are afraid of the showers?
    A buddy of mine got a hard one in the shower after basketball practice back in the late 70’s and was walking around showing it to me and the other teammates yelling “the Monster is loose… the Monster is loose”. We all just howled. Today some idiot would be filing a lawsuit for being a victim of something.

  31. If I am reading this players comment correctly, and I believe that I am – what really is the problem? This man implied (stated) whatever, that an “outing” type event would disrupt the locker room. Any one who honestly feels and/or believes that it would not is being completely naive. Such a pronouncement would reverberate around the entire planet ad naseum. If that is not “disruption” I don’t know what the hell is.
    Wake up people. Players, permit me to suggest that you do what gay atheletes are doing already, keep your business to yourself. Things should not be the way they are – but they are. It is called “current day reality” and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Do you – really?

  32. Why is this even a dammed issue is right !!! I come on here for football information Florio, not some social comments from a guy we’re not even sure if he said it or not, it’s all conjecture…..guess it’s time I quit frequenting this site and go back to John Clayton and Don Banks, I won’t have to see social crap being spewed all over their website !

    Dam !!

    Now go ahead and delete this post, Mike !

  33. He is commenting about the circus atmosphere a player comming out woul bring to the team. Not everyone wants to play for an organization like the Jets. Right or wrong the media is honing to be all over something like this. BTW the Patriots will win the next 5 Super Bowls.

  34. The number of comments on this post (including mine) is exactly why the media is going to keep making a big deal out of it. Florio gets clicks, television gets ratings, and we get to hear about stuff other than football.

  35. jvm127 says: Apr 2, 2013 10:24 PM

    So let’s get this straight. First we had to just tolerate gays. Then it was mandatory to accept them and now we must also publicly agree with them and everything they say or do and if we disagree with anything that has to do with a gay person we are bad.


    To help you realize how bigoted this sounds, try removing the word gay and replacing it with one of the following words and see if you still think it is an acceptable statement:

    Christian, Asian, Policeman, Laywer

    Yes, you have to tolerate those that are different from you. Yes, you should accept them. Yes, publicly disagreeing with someone over what amounts to who they are is poor social behavior.

  36. Why should the Seahawks dignify some reporters inquiries which are only designed to cast the team in a negative light? The reporter knows full well the Hawks embrace diversity. This is liberal Seattle after all.

  37. time2speakup says: Apr 2, 2013 11:02 PM

    If I am reading this players comment correctly, and I believe that I am – what really is the problem? This man implied (stated) whatever, that an “outing” type event would disrupt the locker room. Any one who honestly feels and/or believes that it would not is being completely naive. Such a pronouncement would reverberate around the entire planet ad naseum. If that is not “disruption” I don’t know what the hell is.


    Chris Clemons had a very public and very messy divorce. Many other players have had disputes (in some cases very violent ones) with their spouses play out in the media. So any distraction that they caused with their sexuality didn’t destroy the locker room. Applying that same level of consistency for gay players is only fair.

  38. Florio, the LGBT world already has plenty of thought police and crusaders. We could use a sports commentator without a social agenda though.

  39. Ugh, you can’t debate low IQ. I might as well bash my head against the wall repeatedly and expect people to accept everyone for who they are. I’d get about the same results.

    I guess I must be crazy to ask people to treat others how they would like to be treated. I do wish though that some of these “hardcore” angry football fans would espouse their views in a certain area of Venice Beach. For those who know I don’t have to say anything else.

  40. freedom of speech allows him to say whatever stupid nonsense he feels like spewing.
    comments on this are not posted or removed for no particular reason usually…..that is if disagreeing with the writer not a particular reason.

  41. Just another push to force acceptance of the morals and values of the vast minorities sexual behavior. Logically, if you support the so called “gay” freedom to let other people know what they do in bed, it would also be true for the opposite. How absurd would it be for a player to “come out” straight? Sounds ridiculous, right?

    Could you imagine “coming out” being pushed at your current job? It would never happen. I know of no person who as ever claimed that they were mistreated because they like to F men. This is a non-issue and shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation because it is not essential to the quality of anyone’s life.

  42. players sexuality shouldn’t be any of our business. Just because an individual makes a statement doesnt mean it is the view of his employer, thats an absurd assumption for fans or the media to make. Im sure the Seahawks do not agree with his statement but at the same time who are they to put clemons on an island by publicly calling him out, making him feel he’s not allowed to have an opinion.

  43. jvm127 says: Apr 2, 2013 10:24 PM

    So let’s get this straight. First we had to just tolerate gays. Then it was mandatory to accept them and now we must also publicly agree with them and everything they say or do and if we disagree with anything that has to do with a gay person we are bad.


    To help you realize how bigoted this sounds, try removing the word gay and replacing it with one of the following words and see if you still think it is an acceptable statement:

    Christian, Asian, Policeman, Laywer


    Except none of those groups – by their very existence – are engaging in unnatural acts…

    I don’t who does what as long as it doesn’t affect me but don’t act like the groups are equal to gays in a rights discussion…

  44. The numbers show that the posters are strongly in favor of the don’t ask and dont tell rule for the Seahawks. Hum that is a big change for this group unless someone in the past has been padding the thumb results. Ha Ha Ha

    Please don’t delete

  45. Thanks to all the gay bigots, we may soon see the first “married” couple play in the NFL! I hope it’s with the Steelers.

  46. The only and I mean ONLY interesting part of this article is the plethora of response’s. You have the far right, the far left, believers, non-believers, tolerant, bigots, gay, straight, male, female, smart people and Ravens fans. The list can go on and on. The point is whether you agree or disagree, you still get to say what ever you want as long as you aren’t affiliated with the NFL. Ain’t America great?

  47. I see his point. Comming out shouldn’t have to be a media spectacle. It should be something that ppl just find out about a person by them being themselves.

  48. Any time any NFL player makes his personal life a media sensation (be it a perceived positive or negative reason), it is disruptive to the team. Look at what hosting the NFL/HBO series has done to several teams over the last decade. Why do you think so many coaches and GMs reject the opportunity to host the show? Think about
    Ben Roethlisberger’s Rape issue, or Sherman’s purported Adderall issue, all of these were distractions and disruptions to the preparation, and focus of professional athletes striving to play at a high level.
    Clemons states that his comments it aren’t about being gay, they were about deliberately making a player’s personal life bigger than the team and sport, the distractions the media would bring to the issue and the disruptions such would cause at a time when everyone should be focused on conditioning, training and playing football.

  49. Clemons is 100% right. The gay player would be selfish in coming out. Football is about the team first. The team does not need these type of distractions. It can divide the locker room and prompt further reporting by the huge biased liberal media. The gay player is making his issue bigger than the team.

  50. I havn’t lived in Sea-Town for about 5 years, but my guess is it’s still a pretty liberal city, I would shut your mouth Chris if you knew what was best for you!! Just an idea!!

  51. Why would anyone really care about Clemon’s comments on gay stuff? For that matter, why has it become the responsibility of the employer to either support or dispute an employee’s personal beliefs? That person’s personal beliefs are his/her own and no business of the employer, the media or any Joe-blow on the street. Mr. Clemon’s thoughts on sexuality don’t rule my personal beliefs and any ‘celebrity’s’ beliefs should not have a bearing on any other person’s beliefs. If they do, that person is a weak sheep and unable to stand for their own, personal feelings.

  52. Chris Clemons is just saying the NFL isn’t ready to turn tight ends into wide recievers.. ie what Tom Brady and the patriots did to Wes Welker.

  53. Ironic it is that those who complain of bullying and intolerance engage in it themselves. Agree or be pressured, bullied, and forced into brainwashing classes until you say i agree. meanwhile LBGT are free to call straight ppl breeders and rednecks simply because they’re straight. Nothing like a biggot calling someone else a biggot.

  54. Is anyone who frequents this site surprised by Florio’s stance on this? Just about every article has a “he should have said …” or “what he probably meant was…” Florio puts words in someone’s mouth in almost every article.

  55. This recent influx of chatter has taken me back. I went to an eastern PA powerhouse highschool in the mid-late 90’s. They’ve won a couple state championships in the last decade or so. It does not surprise me that this has become a serious “issue” in modern day football culture, as it already existed long before the media started leeching it. During my tenure, The North Penn HS football players took great pride in giving all of the scrawny, defenseless, bully-target types “gay oriented” nicknames. Thank god I was freinds with 2 of them or I would have gone through a living hell rather than freindly jokes. My nickname was “sniffer” (because I had allergies, so in their “description” I “sat outside of the pile of naked dudes on top of each other, sniffing everything”). Yes, they prepared detailed backstories for everyone, it was absolutely pathetic. Wouldn’t have been so bad, but the coach ENDORSED it. He outed two struggling youths to the team itself, their childhood ended that very day, and they were forced to relocate and find a new school (coach Beck got a slap on the wrist and a raise 2 years later). This is not a modern day issue, it is incredibly deep seeded in football culture as early as middle school. Just like 96% of footballs integrity problems today. CULTURE COMES FIRST! You can not stress this problem at an “NFL level”, until you’re ready to fix it at a “grade school level” first.

  56. I love football but the media coverage is just garbage. Stick to stories that relate to football. I guess we all support this garbage by chiming in on it and getting worked up while boosting their page views.

    Perhaps we fans should boycott garbage media coverage? If you see a story link not pertaining to league transactions or player movement rumors, don’t read it.

  57. A perfect examples of the media trying to create hype where there is none. Clemons stated his opinion as is his right. Wow, the media is incessant on trying to promote it’s agenda, give it a rest.

  58. I don’t agree that being gay is right. Now with that said I also don’t have the right to judge another person for what they chose to do in their lives. If a player is gay that is their right whether you agree or not. Again it is not our place to judge and we have to treat each person with the respect they deserve.

  59. There is nothing bigoted about that view, if a player were to come out, it would be a distraction unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

  60. What’s wrong with players having opinions on the subject? They still have free speech right? They can disagree with a person’s choices right? The team doesn’t have to agree with them right? Mike is just like all the other liberal media. Freedom of speech as long as you are saying the things you agree with, right Mike?

  61. I thought the whole point of our government setup was that there were no labels? You just are who you are. But they have made it the opposite:


    I find it all nauseatingly hypocritical that our powers to be continue to engage in all this nonsense in the name of bigger government, more taxes.

  62. It’s a civil rights thing, everyone else is just worried about their team getting distracted. Some things are more important, like basic civil rights. The gay person has a right to come out just as he has a right to remain mum on the issue. Clemons says it would be a distraction, while that’s true, that shouldn’t be the reason it doesn’t happen. Just a little shocked by some of these reactions on here. There were people against integration of color in sports and those people came down on the wrong side of a civil rights battle. Florio doesn’t have to mute his opinion just because you guys agree with Clemons and the Seahawks.

  63. Mike, what your telling people is to stop believing what they choose to believe. Your telling people they can’t have religious beliefs and your telling people that the first amendment doesn’t apply to them.

    First will you come out and support a ban on sharia law? Which has you executed for being gay or multiple things you do just being a woman? No because your a leftish mouthpiece. You will only trash Christians who don’t agree with you.

    Second, if everyone is so supportive of gays and marriage then why when it was left to THE PEOPLE OF BLUE STATE CALI IT WAS STILL SHOT DOWN? Please tell me that one.

    Third and last. If the opinion on gay marriage changes, which it may and in some states has, it should be left to the states and people to decide. These things take time. You can’t force it or you’ll create more hate then acceptance like your already doing.

    Oh and one more note, the way you changed what Clemons said to fit your agenda is sick. He wasn’t trying to bash gays, just pointing out how losers in the media like you would fond over the gay players every move and make him the next Tim tebow, getting media coverage for who they are and what they do outside the sidelines not on the field and look how well the headlines wars worked for the jets. Stop being a bigot and stop trying to creat a story when there isn’t one. Do some investigative journalism and find a real problem in football or our country or in this case a story that fits your sick bigot agenda

  64. Explosionsause

    Then why do we have to lose our opinions if floral doesnt? Because you agree with him? You see the Idioticness in this. He is trying to science all those who don’t agree with him and its wrong. Most people are trying to just get him to report fairly on the subject and not be sich a Bigot

  65. I wonder if the Hawks aren’t a little concerned about which gay Head Coach will come out first and the backlash from that.

  66. Most NFL players won’t appreciate a player making it all about them. Take Tiki Barber’s last season with the Giants. They didn’t like it, yet he didn’t come out as gay. He just kept going on about his retirement.

  67. I support gay marriage and rights but It really has come to the point where gay individuals are allowed to express anything they want or care too but straight individuals appear to have no room to express their own opinions. Clemons’ comments were not harsh by any means, he’s right, if a player came out , it would bring an Armageddon of attention to the team that would be both positive and negative, but nonetheless distracting.

  68. Explosionsauce, its not about a guy coming out, its about the affect of production in the business place. There is a reason youre not allowed to have your cell phone at certain places, production. There’s a reason for no fratenizing at the work place, production. I agree with Clemons.

    In all cases, straight and gay, keep your personal business to yourself. At the end of the day, answer to who you must answer. What is the “agenda” of making it about ones self, yelling from the rafters “colored flag lover” here? They are trying to push the agenda into every area of life.

    All that believe this is cool, just wait till someone gets knocked out in the locker room, for the perception that “mark” was looking at his junk. If women reporters file suit, just wait until a player takes advantage, and files sexual assault. Pandoras box is going to explode on this subject, and I hope it does, to prove its stupidity. You think the concusion thing is irritating, just wait
    until this sparks separate showers, bathrooms, etc.

    You may be cool with talking, hanging out with, shopping, cracking a joke or two with someone gay, but, there is a segment that doesn’t want someone eyeing up their cheeks when then not looking. Don’t believe me? Ask your wife or girlfriend how she Feels about being viewed that way.

  69. this again ? the dead horse keeps getting beat and beat and beat. this nation gonna be softer then toilet paper very quickly. smh

  70. Regardless of what anybody’s position on this topic is, I think it’s funny that Holden feels that Clemons is bullying yet he turns around to bully the Seahawks. When the Seahawks give him their initial response, Holden is not satisfied and bullies them until he gets the answer he wants.

  71. The First Amendment does not shield Clemons from press coverage of his bigoted comments, or criticism from those he insulted. We all have First Amendment rights, and troglodytes like Clemons can expect vigorous pushback when they trash the LGBT community. Get used to it–the days when toxic jocks could run their mouths without accountability are over.

  72. The Stranger is well known in the Seattle area as an extreme liberal publication that wears its miltantly pro-gay agenda on its sleeve. They regularly publish hit pieces on individuals and organizations that disagree with their views so them characterizing Clemons’ words as “bullying” is a rich irony (pot meet kettle).

    I hope the Seahawks stick with their stock “his views are his own and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the Seahawks organization” response, which seems more than appropriate in this situation.

  73. Does anybody seriously deny that a player coming out on the Seahawks would face a hostile environment? The tepid response of the management makes them complicit in such a violation of the civil rights laws. Just so we’re clear.

  74. Clemons is simply pointing out the fact that if a player comes out, the media (like Florio types) will overwhelm the team and locker room to cover this not so remarkable announcement. Which will distract their attention from playing football.

    It’s a legit concern and Clemons didn’t say he was against having a gay teammate.

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