Steelers host Jarvis Jones


The Steelers are hosting former Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones on Tuesday, Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said.

The 6-foot-2, 245-pound Jones notched 28 sacks in two season with the Bulldogs. The Steelers, who pick No. 17 in Round One, released veteran outside linebacker James Harrison in March. Jason Worilds, who’s the most likely replacement for Harrison on the roster, is entering the final year of his contract.

While he’s a well-regarded prospect, Jones reportedly did not run particularly fast at Georgia’s Pro Day. What’s more, he has a neck condition said to have been discovered when he was at USC. Jones, for his part, said he’s checked out well from a medical perspective.

Jones ranks No. 25 on Rotoworld draft analyst Josh Norris’ Big Board.

23 responses to “Steelers host Jarvis Jones

  1. Man, would the Steelers Nation be lucky if he’s still around at 17. I still want my Raiders to get him.

  2. Finally the report I’ve been waiting for! I hope he falls to us? But I hear that they are high on Arthur Brown here also???But he would play the ILB they think he fits better on the inside.. I can’t wait for the draft! The only other player I hope for at 17.. Is Tyler Eifert, Cordarelle Patterson or Matt Elam.. Any thoughts? And no not you Ravenator and the other Raven Trolls…

  3. He wouldn’t be a good pick. With spinal stenosis, he’s not going to have a very long career. He wouldn’t be a very good pick at #17 when there are more pressing needs. The Steelers already have two starting OLB’s. An otherOLB can be found in later rounds.

    I’d rather the first round pick be used on Tyler Eifert as the offense needs more help than the defense especially since Heath Miller probably won’t be ready at the start of the season.

  4. Can you really trust Colbert given his picks as of late. This man couldn’t even sniff Ozzie’s jockstrap let alone draft quality players like him.

  5. Yeah Ravenator is right, everyone would rather have a GM that has one total super bowl win in 1 appearance rather than 2 wins in 3 appearances. I do also find it weird that Ozzie still wears a jock strap but I’m not surprised at all that ravenator knows about it since he lives in it.

  6. LOL! That was too easy.. Your a Troll.. Go read your stories about John and Jim playing with there barbies as kids! Cheers!

  7. Jarvis Jones equals Smokescreen! He could end up being a good player but I don’t see the steelers taking him. As for the person who made the Colbert comment, all I can do is laugh…….Colberts won 2 superbowls with the steelers……another hater with a ridiculous comment.

  8. Would be a great pick up! But lets look at the offensive side of the ball in the second or third and draft da’rick reciever in the draft!!!

  9. I don’t see the Steelers taking Jones. I’m thinking either Cooper OL or Patterson WR. This draft is loaded with prospects at LB. Granted olb isn’t as loaded as ilb But still tons of guys who can be great players for the Steelers. I think they should wait for lb in the third with Simons who they hosted yesterday. Reports are he is a workout beast and has a high motor. Sounds like James Harrison to me.

  10. ravenator

    Colbert actually has an excellent track record in drafts. It just hasn’t been in the last few drafts. He has been doing it for awhile. 2 super bowl rings is excellent. Leave the man to do his work. Count on it. The Steelers will be there in the fall and ready to take its place atop the AFCN. We are not that far behind you like you think.
    As the nest burns….. Go Steelers!!

  11. People are making too big a deal about his neck. He’d played great with it at UGA. It is nothing new. If he isn’t there then I’d like to see Kenny Vacarro become a Steeler.

  12. I’ll be honest….die hard steelers and die hard DAWGS fan…..I’ve watched Double J and honestly can say….he isn’t as dominate as everyone wants him to be. He disappeared in numerous games…granted he made some crucial plays (your my boy for causing the fumble on the goalline against FL). I’m not as worried about his neck…he is relentless but when I saw him go against elite LT prospects he simply didn’t get it done…regardless tho ….I trust our Front Office…if he is the selection…I’ll fully support it!!!

  13. That’s ok, just remember the ravens will disappear from the Super Bowls for the next 11 years. So keep it up Ozzie, get another felon on your for kids to look up to. The Ratbirds will always be the same.

    As the nest burns

  14. doesnt really matter who the steelers draft. they will probably be a bust or have to leave in 4 years due to all those riduclous contract extensions. very sad to see this proud franchise crumbling. AS THE STEEL MELTS. GO RAVENS

  15. When you are on top for as many years as the Steelers has, Their is nowhere to go but down. Yes They had an 8-8 season last season. They will be back. This PROUD franchise will never melt…. As for the Ravens fan Scoobie…..AS THE NEST BURNS……Steelers nation still is strong. Go Steelers!!

  16. Jones would be an excellent pick up for the Steelers and if he falls he could be a great pickup for us. I see the Steelers going offense in the first round however. WR or TE will be the focus or maybe o-line. We lost Wallace and Miller injured. We will need some offensive production to get back to the top where we belong. We are not that far away like everyone thinks. We played well last year when everyone was not injured. A few players here and there and the Steelers will be the author of their own fates next year……

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