Adam Jones sued in Ohio for unpaid Las Vegas judgment


It’s been six years since Adam “Pacman” Jones’ notorious “make it rain” moment in Las Vegas, which resulted in the shooting of Tommy Urbanski.

Urbanski, who was hit four times and paralyzed, received a $13.4 million judgment last year against Jones.  But Jones hasn’t paid any of the money, which has prompted Urbanski to attempt to recover a portion of Jones’ NFL salary.

According to Michael O’Keeffe of the New York Daily News, Urbanski has filed suit in Ohio, seeking 25 percent of Jones’ earnings in 2013 with the Bengals.

Given Jones’ other creditors (including the IRS), Urbanski could have a hard time getting much of anything from Jones, who is due to earn $750,000 in 2013, $1.2 million in 2014, and $1.35 million in 2015.

It’s highly unlikely that Urbanski will ever get the full $13.4 million.  And it looks like he’s going to have to scratch and claw to get anything.

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  1. There’s no way Jones can afford the $13.4 million, and the dude doesn’t need that much money either. If I were Jones, I’d appeal to get the judgment lowered to something that’s actually reasonable for both parties. Maybe $1 million?

  2. Key line in the Daily News article–“Garnishments are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis in Ohio.”

    Put agents and lawyers behind other creditors, and see how fast these judgments get paid–or at least see how fast some players find themselves without representation. In fact, Urbanski should file suit against the agent and lawyer(s); after all, why should they get their pay off the top while he has to wait?

  3. $13.4 million for ‘making it rain’ is not at all a just punishment.

    It’s unfortunate that Urbanski was injured, but it wasn’t a reasonably foreseeable result of ‘making it rain’.

    Urbanski was just going after the deepest pockets and the jury sympathized.

  4. Wait…did Adam Jones shoot him, or did one of his friends?

    I might have had sympathy for this guy that got shot at one point…until he made an illogical money grab.

  5. This ruling still blows my mind. This makes as much sense as suing a player who scored a game winning touchdown that led to a loss for the other team, which then sent a devastated fan on a shooting spree….okay maybe that is a stretch but why is Jones at fault when he never pulled the trigger? Because he was the NFL player with some money and a bad rep…

  6. If Adam Jones thought taxes were bad, wait until he finds out that every paycheck he makes until the day he dies will be garnished.

    Not in the way he thinks, either.

  7. This guy will have money problems for the rest of his life. No matter how long he plays.

  8. What a role model

    They should siphon off a (very large) % of what he earns at source. No doubt he’s done something very clever with his house as well (like sold it to his wife for $1) – they should repo that.

  9. Makes nearly a million in 2012 and hasn’t paid a dime to a guy he put in a wheelchair? This guy is a piece of crap and should have to live in a box until he pays the full $13.4M.

  10. Oh ya, he’s really turned his life around. SMH.

    Once a turd, always a turd. He’s a Bungole through and through.

  11. He should be docked 100% of his salary until he’s settled his debts. And the NFL should take the lead on this. They scream safety yet when a man is shot 4 times by a player they turn a blind eye, disgraceful.

  12. The bad part of all of this is Adam didn’t do a damn thing to the guy. Adam was just the richest guy there so this guy got the jury to give him a pitty judgement against Adam. Adam should be fighting this in court with all the energy he has. Sorry the guy’s paralyzed but it wasn’t at the hands of Adam Jones. Go after the person who did this to you. Not the richest guy in the crowd when it happened.

  13. What he is being sued for did not occur while he was a Bengal, so get that out of your minds first of all.

    Secondly, it still blows my mind that throwing money up in the air could cost you 13 million dollars. That judgement is such BS. What about the guy that pulled the trigger? You know, the one ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE for the shooting???

  14. He’s a Bengal now and he has been for a while.

    Mike Brown signs turds like him because they play for cheap and losers like you support him.

    Flush the turds and Mike Brown.

  15. Mike Brown must have banged JoeToronto’s mom or something. I’m as big a Mike Brown hater as anyone but you, my friend, take the cake. You have to have some kind of personal beef with this guy. I’ve never seen one person focus on a team and comment on EVERY SINGLE post about them in the most negative fashion. Has to be the most negative person on PFT.

  16. i love how people can make statements about people banging other peoples moms but my non inflammatory statements are removed 98% of the time

  17. I use this site less and less due to the constant stomping of my comments.. its almost laughable how the most benign comments dont get posted.. that and the fact that notre dame is listed as if they are their own sport. its not 1989 and nobody gives a crap about ND

  18. I agree with all the other people here saying he jsut happened to be the richest guy in the room.

    How does that comment overwhelmingly get “thumbs down?” It’s the truth!

    Someone in his supposed entourage shot this guy, not Jones. Unless he’s the parent or legal guardian of the person that did it, how the heck is he responsible for the actions of another adult? That’s trash! And if you guys could get past the Bengals crap you’d see it too…

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