Cardinals, Washington delayed option bonus last month

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Wednesday’s announcement that Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington will be suspended four games to start the 2013 season came after the internal appeal process ended.  This means that the Cardinals and Washington knew the suspension was coming.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, the Cardinals and Washington accounted for that possibility by nudging a $10 million option bonus from 2013 to 2014.

The move protects the Cardinals against the possibility that one more violation of the substance-abuse policy will result in a one-year suspension for Washington.  Basically, he’ll have to complete the 2013 league year without another positive test or other violation before the $10 million comes due.

The adjustment reduced Washington’s 2013 cap number by $2 million, and it increases his cap numbers in the four final years of the contract by $500,000 per season.  It also means that Washington will pocket, including his suspension, $1.936 million in 2013 — down from the $12.5 million he was due to earn this year.

Depending on the language of Washington’s contract, he also could be required to pay back a portion of his $2.5 million signing bonus.

The fact that Washington’s prior deal contained no guarantees beyond 2012 suggests that Washington had committed at least one violation of the substance-abuse policy before his new contract was signed last September.  Beyond his signing bonus and a $2.5 million guaranteed salary in 2012, none of his $33.195 million deal was guaranteed.

Now, the single biggest payment under last year’s contract has been delayed.

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  1. Careful everyone, there is a smarmy little lawyer out there who might not like what you have to say.

    He likes football, but doesn’t know that much about it. He didn’t play it, and wouldn’t let his sons play it. But he will moderate the heck out of any comment he doesn’t agree with.

    He likes Roger Goodell also, and thinks he is doing a bang up job as commissioner.

    This site is not journalism exactly, but a good source of NFL info all the same, and the comments are a huge part of the site’s success.

    I am having a hard time understanding the poll numbers though.

    Keep the comments, lose the censorship. Doesn’t matter whose property the comments are once posted, censorship is when you silence the voices of the people.

  2. He really needs to stay off the PEDs or whatever it is……….Knowing the cost of repeating the violation didn’t stop him last time, it will really cost him next time. 10 Million plus the entire year’s salary and likely no other team wanting to take a chance on him.

  3. He’s a beast on the field. Hopefully this kicks him back onto the straight and narrow so can can continue ripping it up. I would hate to see someone of his ability not play because he couldn’t stop smoking weed.

    Also, good on him moving the option bonus. Taking one for the team, or is there a way for the organization to force him to move the bonus? Cause if it wasn’t forced, it shows he’s willing to try and prove to the team that he can get whatever he’s doing under control and get that 10 mil next season when he’s proven it.

  4. That’s a 10 million dollar high he just smoked.
    Add to it the impact on his next deal may be a $20-30 million dollar high.

    And people say weed is fine

  5. No, his last contract was not his rookie contract. The one he signed prior to the 2012 season was revised to shift that $10M bonus to the 2014 year. That makes his current contract his third.

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