Carlos Rogers received only partial salary guarantee on April 1


49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers is due to earn a base salary of $5.5 million in 2013, under a contract that looks a lot better now in light of the recent developments in the free-agent market.

Contrary to reports that the full amount of the salary became guaranteed on April 1, PFT has confirmed that only $1.25 million of the base salary is now guaranteed for skill and salary cap.  That same amount has been guaranteed for injury from the time Rogers signed the contract last November.

It means that the 49ers could choose to put the squeeze on Rogers at some point before September to give up some of his $5.5 million salary.  Sure, he’s guaranteed to make $1.25 million this year.  To make more than that, however, he may have to agree to take less than $5.5 million.

Next year, Rogers’ salary jumps to $6.25 million.  In 2015, he’s due to earn $7.25 million.

In other words, regardless of what happens in 2013, he’s destined to face a salary squeeze in each of the following two years.

20 responses to “Carlos Rogers received only partial salary guarantee on April 1

  1. I think if Nnamdi proves to have anything left in the tank, Rogers will more than likely get the boot.

  2. He will be replaced, I’ve seen this dude get progressively worse since making the probowl. They should and I’m sure they will draft secondary help, he’s starting to loose a step.

    Side note doesn’t he look like the alien from ” Enemy of Mine ” movie, his teeth and skin color I swear that’s him. Look it up. Lol

    And before you say anything racist I’m an of mixed race with African American and not at all racist.

  3. He got 6 picks his first year with niners!! He was great in 2011!! But last year he kinda fell off and showed stronger receivers punk on him.. Only got 1 pick!! Can’t live off 2011 tho… Draft!

  4. Dude was a beast in 2011!!! He had a down year in 2012 but he will be back in 2013 especially since he has more competition with Nnamdi there now!

  5. Rogers get beat regularly. Sure he can hold is own when pass rush is getting home but so can any corner. Not saying he’s terrible because I watch him make some solid plays and good passes defensed. He is just not a top tier CB. Brown looks far better from what I watch but maybe I’m wrong.

  6. I have a strong feeling Owners and GMs are gonna start getting paid. We just might see the “collusion” cap, drop in the next few years. Sorry D. Smith.. you got you ass kicked!

  7. Niners need to nail this draft. JH find at least 2 actual cover CB, SS, FS, NT, and then start adding depth at WR, T, G and across the entire D-line.

    Best move by far was trading for Boldin who is a great run blocker, and reciever.
    Worst moves is a tie between letting Ted Ginn go a PR and KR against the Hawks in 2011. Hell if he doesn’t go down and is replaced by a horrible Kyle Williams maybe SF has another SB.

    Sopo is a big loss too. Him, and Ray McDonald are vastly under rated

  8. The writing is on the wall. If the front line and those linebackers fall off and put the pressure on the corners…49ers may be exposed (Rogers & Nnamdi)…badly

  9. For being a top ten pick, dude sure under performs.

    When he did not get the huge contract after his oe good year, he has reverted to under performing.

  10. Silly 9er’s fans. You threw the Carlos signing in the skins fans face, but we did warn you about “Stone Hands” Rogers. I’m still amazed that he was able to catch 6 picks in 2011. The one pick last year is more of what I expect from him. He really burned a bridge with the skins organization when he left talking sh*t, but next year he will be lucky to have half of what he will earn this year.

  11. Used to really hate the Cowboys in the 90’s when they took our spot as the best team in football. For the last decade, I’ve found myself feeling sorry for all Cowboy fans. Your owner is great. Your GM is horrible. Sad that they are one and the same…Who needs an O-line anyway…
    Go Niners!

  12. Well, now I know I replied to the wrong post. So to reply to the correct one, Baalke is proving to be a genius. Nothing like a bit of competition to keep everyone on their toes. Think Carlos may have a year or two left in the tank but if not, thanks for the last few.

  13. Last year the Niners fans were bragging about what a steal Rogers was. Now it seems like they are ready to kick him to the curb.

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