Colt McCoy on the Browns: “I’d rather stay away from that topic”

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After his trade from Cleveland to San Francisco became official, quarterback Colt McCoy said he didn’t want to talk about his time with the Browns.

Asked on an introductory conference call with the 49ers whether he really got a fair shot in Cleveland, or whether his fate was sealed by the drafting of Brandon Weeden a year ago, McCoy demurred.

I’d really rather stay away from that topic,” McCoy said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “There were some very positive, high moments there and there were also some low times. It was unfortunate kind of the way it all went down and ended, but I have no hard feelings toward those guys. I wish them nothing but the best.”

McCoy may have no hard feelings toward the Browns, but there were plenty of hard feelings on both sides in the time since the team took him in the third round of the 2010 NFL draft. McCoy’s struggles on the field made him the subject of a great deal of criticism in Cleveland, while the Browns’ handling of McCoy’s concussion in 2011 enraged McCoy’s family, with McCoy’s father ripping the team.

That’s another subject McCoy didn’t want to talk about, other than to say he has no lingering effects from the brutal hit he took from then-Steelers linebacker James Harrison.

“Obviously it was a long time ago. I’d rather not bring it up again,” McCoy said. “The most important thing is health-wise, I feel great.”

And McCoy seems to feel great about being out of Cleveland.

54 responses to “Colt McCoy on the Browns: “I’d rather stay away from that topic”

  1. Did you expect anything close to resembling class from that pathetic franchise?

    All players eligible to be drafted should order their agents to inform the Browns NOT to draft them, because they will refuse to sign with them.

    The Browns may have a new owner, but he is more worried with playing with trucks and fuel stops that his daddy built up.

    You can paint an outhouse, but it’s still going to stink, attract maggots, and be owned by uncivilized turds.

  2. I imagine Crabtree can comment for him, if you need something juicier…

    That is the class way you leave an organization, way to go Colt…

  3. Let’s be fair part 2. If you had played with the skills position talent he had to during most his career, you’d win 4-5 games a year too.

  4. I am so glad that this yahoo’s time in Cleveland is finally over. Never made it as an NFL quarterback, and never will. Has nothing to do with what was or wasn’t around him. He may have had receivers drop the ball often, but more often than that, the ball was hitting the receivers feet! LET IT GO PEOPLE!

    Just Sayin’…GO Brownies!!

  5. As a Browns fan I say good luck Colt. I still say you didn’t get a fair chance with the proper weapons to succeed.

  6. His dad already took care of that issue…He thinks Colt is an NFL starter. He’s just what the Niners brought him in for…Backup duty!

  7. “And McCoy seems to feel great about being out of Cleveland.”

    Wouldn’t you be too?

  8. Colt seems like a classy guy. Every time I watched him, he was trying to avoid pummeled from leaks in the offensive line – virtually anyone would have the same problem.

  9. In an age when ripping an organization/fellow player is the norm, McCoy stands above the rest. Colt’s always been a class act.

  10. Unfortunately for Colt McCoy, he was drafted into an organization that was poorly run and had little confidence in his ability.

    He was surrounded with minimal talent on the offensive side of the ball and was asked to win games.

    When you look across the board at the best teams and quarterbacks it’s not entirely based on the talent of the quarterback, but the supporting cast.

    McCoy showed some flashes of what he could be but when your bosses don’t have confidence in you they will use everything they can to pin against you.

    No offense to Brandon Weeden but that guy is awful. For some reason they trusted an outside guy to right the ship rather than surround McCoy with some pass catchers and running backs that had talent.

    Best of luck to McCoy, he will learn a lot from Jim Harbaugh and hopefully it translates into an opportunity starting in the NFL.

  11. Smart response. If you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say it at all cause nobody wants to hear a cry baby even though he came from a bottom 3 team in talent. That makes 2nd pick up from Cleveland this year and both seem to be class act and looking forward to seeing playoffs for first time in there career. Go Niners

  12. Has anyone in the history of mankind ever regretted getting out of Cleveland? NO!

  13. I’m a Browns fan and if I was Colt I would be pretty bitter as well. He is handling it like a pro which is something he always did while he was in Cleveland. Unfortunately, he is not the first QB in Cleveland to be mishandled. When you have zero leadership from ownership down their is no accountability and the place is run like a zoo. The team has never recovered from being out of football for 3 years and hopefully that will change with the new ownership. This guy (Haslam) likes being the best and doesn’t tolerate losing which, unfortunately, has been the culture for the Browns since ’99.

    Good luck Colt. You may not play much (or at all) in San Fran but at least you will be respected and hey, you’ve got a great shot at a Super Bowl ring!

  14. I bet McCoy sees the field this year and does well. Kaepernick, for how great he is, at some point this year will take a massive hit and go down. Maybe not for the year, but he’ll miss some snaps.

    I wish Colt luck, the Browns are a terrible excuse for a franchise.

  15. Colt is a likeable player, but did he think he was wronged in both cases? The NFL is about production, no matter how bad the coaching, supporting cast, or organizational framework. What don’t these guys understand? If the system was fair, every player could become a Free Agent upon entering the “workforce”. Then, like all, he could choose where to go and look for employment. Instead, decent athletes go to the worst places, that can severely derail a career. For that I feel bad.

    As for the Harrison hit. Did he really believe it was illegal? I was at the game, and the hit was hit fault. Keep your head up at all times, they teach that in pop warner. Colt only got recognized further, because the league continued its witch hunt for Harrison, making Him the poster child of bad hits.. It’s football fellas, if you don’t want the fight, get out before the bell rings.

  16. I’ll admit, the Browns have been a mess for a long time, but the way people comment on here, you’d think Colt was a lock for the Hall of Fame and the only thing that stopped him from becoming the next Joe Montana was the fact that the Browns drafted him.

    Give me a break.

  17. Colt McCoy has all the attributes that you want in a franchise quarterback except Size and Arm strength…This kid was a great role model but to say he never got a chance is just wrong,he is and always will be a solid #2.I just hope he doesn’t carry the mindset of Drew Stanton and thinks that some team should devote a whole season to him as a starter to find out he’s a Tommy Maddox.I wish him the best of luck and kind of hopes he proves me wrong someday.

  18. Colt McCoy has lucked into a great situation. Regardless of what you think of him, Harbaugh knows how to coach QBs and how to game plan against the weaknesses of his offensive staff.

    McCoy should work his butt off to impress his coach. If he does, he will be starting some where in few years.

  19. lionsdraftguy says:
    Apr 3, 2013 7:21 AM
    And now you’re in San Francisco, playing under the dirtiest coach in the most classless organization

    This makes the third time in 3 days you have commented about the 49ers being classless. Have you bothered to read ANY of the news about your beloved Lions? With half the team being busted for smoking marijuana, to pile-driving players after the whistles and kicking guys in the crotch? Sure man, Suh and Schwartz and co. are THE epitome of class in the NFL…

  20. Another Browns fan here. I still think it was messed up how Colt was treated and thrown under the bus when Weeden was drafted, but he’s handling everything like a pro. I thank him for giving it his all because no QB would have been able to do anything with the offenses he worked with in 2010 and 2011.

  21. Colt will like playing Under Harbaugh much more…I love Colt… he has some flaws, but he did show some flashes in Cleveland, he also struggled, but thats what happens when you play early most of the time….The thing is though, Scott Tolzien has been in SF for two seasons and at this moment has the leg up on Colt for the #2 Job. I think we will see Colt battle his butt off for a backup role. Tolzien is developing though…

  22. Colt McCoy is a classy guy, he’s just not an NFL-starting-caliber quarterback.

    5 NFL coaches who know what an NFL quarterback is and looks like drafted(too high) , coached, and evaluated him (Homgren, Shurmur, Chilly, Norv, Chud), and decided that he is not.

    Say what you will about the Browns’ franchise and its ineptitude in its current form, or how that impacted Colt’s development, and that is all fine.

    The bottom line is that he couldn’t produce as an NFL starter and doesn’t have the physical tools to be an every-down QB.

    But boy, is he classy.

    And for sure, keep trashing Cleveland – this site encourages it – its almost a rite of passage. Childish, really.

  23. I’m a Browns fan.

    Colt never got a fair shot here. Not even close. I hope he gets one somewhere else. Nah, he doesn’t have a rifle strapped to his shoulder, but neither did Montana – a lot of people forget that – and the kid’s a leader and he’s a class act.

    He was never given a single halfway-decent weapon during his time with us and for a guy that was as hard-working and classy as he was, he deserved a better chance than he got. I sure woulda liked to see what he coulda done if they gave him Trent in the backfield and drafted a WR instead of a 30 year-old rookie.

  24. Colt,

    Welcome to the greatest franchise in the history of organized sports. With the legacy of 5 super bowls, the greatest owner of all-time (Eddie D), the greatest HC of all-time (Bill Walsh), the greatest player of all-time (Jerry Rice), the greatest QB of all-time (Joe Montana), the greatest everything of all-time, basically…I think you’re in good hands with us. Welcome to the red and gold, brother.

    Also, If I read another detroit lions fan trash this great franchise on here Im going to puke. What a joke of a franchise. Barry Sanders wishes he wouldve been a 49er, lmao.

  25. LDG will prob hang himself when Harbaugh wins a superbowl. Seems to be what his day revolves around. Never seen him comment once on a lions post. How convenient #FakeFan

  26. Colt has always seemed like a good guy, but he can look good by passing on the opportunity to slam the Browns because he knows that his “daddy” will do the dirty work for him. If Colt would tell “daddy” to sit down and shut his cake hole, it would be better for everyone involved. Unlikely though, since his dad craves the attention and never met a camera or microphone he didn’t love.

  27. He was a 3rd round pick! The problem has always been that a guy with the skill level to be drafted in the 3rd round (yes, Seattle caught lightening in a bottle with Wilson) should be considered a back up. He was a 3rd round pick that was put in a position to be the starting QB, but with a team that didn’t have the talent around him to hide his shortcomings.

    Now he’s in the position he’s built for, being a back-up on a team that if he should be called upon to play has enough talent that it all isn’t going to be on his shoulders.

  28. coossqualler: say hello to all your friends in the dawg pound. don’t forget your hard objects to throw at opposition players or fans. some of the nicest people I know live in Cleveland, but you are not one of them.

  29. The Cleveland media is a lot like the evil emperor from Star Wars. They’ve spent the past 3 years trying to create some type of rift between McCoy and the Browns organization and for 3 years both sides have been ignoring them. I might not have liked some of the things Shurmur did as coach but the fact that he never aired the teams dirty laundry in spite of the media gave me a lot of respect for the guy’s handling of negative situations.

    Colt McCoy is a rarity in the league. He came in a 3rd stringer who wasn’t supposed to play and was thankful for the opportunity. He got the starter job and was thankful for the opportunity. He got benched and was thankful for the opportunity (and unlike his backup) did everything he could to help the team and the new starter and on his way out he had nothing negative to say despite the Cleveland media trying to take one last chance at getting him to. Its just sad that his time with the organization (and probably his entire NFL career) will be remembered by a feud created by the media that was actually between his dad and the former president of the organization. The kid pulled off some amazing Brett Favre like moments in 2010 (the comeback against the Jets comes to mind) and that’s what he should be remembered for. San Fran is in good hands in the backup QB department. He’s got a lot more upside than Smith did because he doesn’t think beyond the current game or trying to be something he’s not.

  30. I wish Colt only the best. It was giving someone NO TOOLS, and telling them to build a picinic table. His stay here was a joke. He had nothing to work with.
    the running game was lead by a “me” guy, Payton Hillis, and the recievers were so bad none of our best recievers would even have been a #2 on another roster. I wish him all the best as he is a class act and a team guy. My Browns were just a grease fire. He’s going to shock some people if he gets a shot.

  31. Waxthat, the best franchise in sports in Pittsburgh. With the legacy of 6 super bowls, the greatest owners of all-time, The Rooney Family, the greatest HC of all-time (Chuck Noll),soon-to-be Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Cowher, the greatest players of all-time Joe Green, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount, Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, Rod Woodson, Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, and the list goes on. Colt is in good hands with a good organization, but never get it twisted with the Black & Gold.

    Im not the Detroit fan, so your shouldn’t puke at this, its simply the truth….LOL.

    But, I do respect the 49ers for what they accomplished. Since they did have Montana, who came from our great city.

  32. you say …”Struggles on the field”>..

    considering his receivers were at the bottom for holding on to the ball… (look it up for 2011).. he still finished 8th in the AFC for pass completions ! And if I remember right he also BEAT the Patriots that year AND the New Orlean Saints. AND he had no RB to speak of.)
    If you want to bring up how he did in 2012, obviously the 49ers understood what Cleveland did to him… (NO reps with first team starting in training camp, and thru the season).. so when Weeden did get hurt, you expect him to SHINE?

    Wake up. He is smiling ear to ear. CLEVELAND is a death to any major player. Obviously… 17 starting QBs since 1999.

  33. What I want to know is when he left Cleveland did he fly Royalty Express and was the captain of the plane a cute blonde woman?

  34. Colt is a good guy.

    For those of you who state he never got a fair chance, you simply don’t know what you are talking about.

    For those of you who state that he wasn’t surrounded by enough talent, he had one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in the NFL.

    Lets pretend that there isn’t hours of videotape showing that wide receivers were wide open downfield and Colt simply never pulled the trigger because he didn’t have the arm strength to make the throw. Lets pretend that’s the case and most of the comments on this thread are accurate.

    Lets pretend that Colt got a bad deal in Cleveland.

    Facts sometimes get in the way.

  35. Wow! I can’t believe all the cleveland haters. I mean c’mon, they are not very good, yes. But for gods sake.. All of you people are why I never watch football outside my own home.

    P.S. I know ALL you guys are better, smarter, faster, stronger, and know way more than I ever could or will about football, just because your favorite team is better than my favorite team.

  36. Wow lions draft guy called the niners classless….he is what i like to refer to as a “homer” ,slanted points of view with no real clue about his own team,how many arrests have they had,and let me guess Suh really didn’t stomp or kick anyone….come on man get a clue….yep the Lions are just full of class….what a homer.

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