Foles insists he can run Chip Kelly’s offense


You’ll have to forgive Nick Foles if he sounds defensive. But the Eagles backup quarterback insists he can run whatever offense new coach Chip Kelly wants to install, even though no one wants to believe he’s a fit for any degree of read-option.

Whoever’s the quarterback of your team, you build your offense around them,’’ Foles said, via Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News. “I feel like I can go in and run anything. I’m here to compete. Everybody’s here to achieve the same goal and that’s to win.’’

Of course, Foles isn’t the traditional mobile player of some of the other options, such as Michael Vick and Dennis Dixon.

And while people will want to put Wednesday visitor Geno Smith in that group, he’s not nearly as much of a read-option threat as some would make him out to be.

Foles doesn’t accept that he can’t, or that he is an odd fit. Even though the coach that drafted him is gone, and the new one runs a style not suited to his physical traits, the Eagles weren’t going to give Foles away a year after using a second-round pick on him.

There’s different kinds of quarterbacks,’’ Foles said. “You play to the strength of whoever your quarterback is. . . .

“I understood when I got here that [pro football] is a business. I’ve known Chip. I knew him in college. Played against him several times. He knows me well. He’s studied me. So there was a relationship. It’s not like I’m going into a situation where we don’t even know who each other is.

“I feel comfortable. I’m excited Excited for the opportunity to compete.’’

Even if he’s not competing on equal footing.

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  1. They used a third-rounder on Foles, not a second-rounder.

    You know what, if Foles is the best quarterback out of the current crop–not the best fit for Kelly’s system–then the coach should adopt his gameplan to better suit his strengths then to find a QB that suits the coaches’ plan.

    Isn’t that how you coach offense, anyway?

  2. here we go with the redskins punks. I’d call you front runners but they have 2 playoff wins in the past 20 years.. These kids started yapping when they went 9-7 and lost their franchise QB.. so it’s not even front runnig,, it’s “almost gooding”.
    Way to be fellas.

    Look at the real deal. The #’s.
    Believe it or not, Foles ranks in the top 10, & even 5, in some categories for a slew of ALL TIME passing records.

    give him a committed running game and he could develop into something special.
    Not saying he is the next elway, but he definitely does not suck.

  3. As per post above, Foles was a third round pick, not a second.

    The Eagles do not currently have a starting quarterback so why he’s being referred as the back-up is beyond me.

    Not sure I truly believe Kelly is going to pick the best guy – which would be Foles – but by all representations, he has said, he will form-fit to the best player.

  4. I want to see Foles with a fair shot. Last year, as a rookie, he was thrown into a horrible situation, with perhaps one of , if not the worst O Line in all football. Now Peters is back (best tackle in Football) Herimans is back, Jason Kelsey is back. Draft one of the two best tackles in college and lets see what Foles can do.

  5. I dont know if he will run the read option. He might run a fast paced version of the spread offense that New England runs… last time I checked Tom Brady wasnt very fast with his feet….

    Grant it, I think a guy with a little mobility like Aaron Rodger would be perfect… those guys dont come around too often (how did he last to pick 24)

    But I like Foles a lot more than Vick and Dixon… A LOT more!

  6. First, I don’t know what Chip Kelly’s offense is – like he has a patent or something. Second, I like Foles – he makes quick decisions and gets the ball out in a hurry. Not the strongest arm in the world or the fastest in the NFL, but I think he can play. I would much rather see him as the face of the Eagles than Vick…

  7. Lol @ all time passing records. Careful there, you’re just setting yourself up for heartbreak.

  8. Foles deserves a fair shot. He was thrown into a bad situation last year with a lame duck coach, without his top 3 offensive lineman, without his best wide receiver in Jackson, without LeSean McCoy for 4 games or so, without Celek and Avant for a game each. No one succeeds in that type of environment. One thing is for sure, Foles will pick up any new offense a lot faster than Vick will.

  9. If Kelly feels Foles is the best man for the job he will design an offense that fits his skill set. Foles is 6’6″, processes information quickly, has a strong accurate arm, and good leadership skills. He is also the slowest QB in football this side of Tom Brady.

  10. Chip Kelly’s respect for Foles’ game is well documented.

    So is his stated intention to design an offense around the strengths of his players.

    Everyone likes to point out that Foles didn’t win games for the Eagles last year, but the Eagles defense (and Bryce Brown’s inability to hold on to the ball) was the problem. Foles moved the offense up and down the field.

    I’m sure he’ll get his shot.

  11. Nick Foles is not the best option, not even by a long shot. Vick is still the best quarterback on the roster and its not even close. You people that want Foles as the starter probably wanted Kolb too. How’d that work out? Vick took a beating and still had the team competitive, with a completely unbalanced team. If Kelly calls more of a balanced game you will see the Vick of 2010 return.

  12. radzil says:

    Lol @ all time passing records. Careful there, you’re just setting yourself up for heartbreak.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    He’s talking about Pac-12 records in college. Nick Foles was a really good college QB, but he never got much press because he was on some pretty bad Arizona teams.

    And I see no reason why he can’t run the read option. He ran a form of it at Arizona and did very well. He reads defenses, and he’s mobile enough to get out of the way and make the throw on the run.

    I hope Chip Kelly gives him a real shot.

  13. Foles cannot possibly be as bad a Vick has been. Blame the line, the play calling, the offensive system, the defense…global warming…whatever the Vick supporters are using this week.

    Foles as a rookie was head & shoulders better than the turnover machine. As a ROOKIE not as a guy that was in his 9th year of starting. Foles got rid of the ball faster, he checked down to other receivers, he set up protection…all the things that MV7 cannot do.

    Any fan that understands football knows that 2010 is long gone & the latest version of MV7 is as good as it gets.

    Foles deserves his shot to start, the kid proved he can play last year & with a year under his belt & approaching it as the starting QB (meaning he gets 98% of the first team reps) starting in training camp, our chances are much better with Nick than Vick.

  14. He couldn’t even run A. Reids playbook…. This dude is trash and so is Vick. Cry eagles Cry….

  15. phelbin, so did Colt McCoy and Colt Brennan. College stats don’t mean much. Foles is the best QB on the roster and deserves a shot. But don’t go hyping him up yet. Just wait and see how the camp bake turns out.

  16. I agree Foles played better with less yes he put up 20 points every game i believe vick couldnts do that. I really like what I seen in Foles but I think Kelly wants to go in his own direction. Foles was Andys toy not Chips he wants to install his game plan not settle for something else. Yes he was politically correct and said all the right things *clap clap* good answer good answer but who honestly is going to get there one chance at coaching and settle saying ok i will do what you want with the team not what i want.

  17. Chip Kelly isnt gonna run Oregons exact offense in the NFL… hes said it himself many times. Itll look more like New Englands offense. Theres a reason he hired a traditional offensive coordiantor. The Eagles offense will have alot of shotgun formations with multiple receiver and or tight end sets. Hes not a one trick pony shoving “the wildcat” or one particular system down everyones throat… hes an adaptable football mind. Hes innovative… which is why old minds are having a difficult time predicting what hes gonna do.

  18. If Chip Kelly didnt want Nick Foles the Eagles wouldve taken the trade package the Chiefs gave up for Alex Smith to add even more young, new pieces. Theyre rebuilding… they wouldve taken a high 2nd and change for a QB they allegedly didnt want.

  19. Just cause it was reported Andy Reid said he would trade for Foles does not mean he even made an offer. Alex Smith might have been AR’s first choice and even if he wasnt I doubt he would have offered that for Foles.

  20. If you look at the type of QB’s that the Eagles have signed so far Vick, Dixon, and Kinne in addition to the QB’s they have looked at in the draft Smith, Manuel, & Scott it looks to me like it would be almost impossible for Foles to make it in this offense. I think if they draft one of those guys Foles is traded by the end of the draft. I like Foles, but the reality is that he’s not going to be able to run the read option which appears by the QB’s they have and are interested in that’s the direction they are going. I think Foles has the chance to be a good QB, I just don’t think it will be here. When you hire Chip Kelly I think you pretty much take a traditonal pocket passer out of the mix. I know he said he would tailor his offense to whomever was the QB, but early indicators would say that’s not the case.

  21. Foles is definitely the best QB on this roster, and if Chip Kelly is being real that the best QB will be the QB and that he will tailor the offense around the personnel, then I expect Foles to be the Eagles starter and for the Eagles to run a spread up tempo style like the Pats did last year.

    First off, Foles did better than Vick with less talent around him. Lets look at some things Foles had to work with….. 4 of his 5 starting O-line injured. The Eagles #1 WR in D-Jax injured. LeSean McCoy, who is arguably the best player on the offense out for the majority of his starts.

    Second, Foles was a rookie, starting a little over midway through the year when the team was pretty much done and already quit. Vick is a 10+ year vet who worked with the 1st team all offseason, and was in the offense for 3 years.

    And even with all that, Foles’ YPG, completion %, QB rating, and interception ratio were all better.

    Lets not forget that the D was also giving up an average of 33 points per game in Foles starts.

    Foles has a better QB rating, completion %, and interception ratio than Andrew Luck, and if Foles had as many attempts as Luck, he would have thrown over 4000 yards too. Yet everyone is all over Luck.

  22. In the face of public opinion, I will say this, Dennis Dixon will get his chance to legitimately start for an NFL Team. Chip Kelly will see to that!!! Mike Vick has Kelly’s respect because of his ability, that’s all. Why else would you think Vick stays on the roster. Foles unfortunately, has Kelly’s respect but his skill set could be best served on another roster as we flip his acquired draft pick into our very own defensive stud.

  23. Com’ on Foles keep it real bro. If you and Chip Kelly were in a foot race, my money is on Chip.

    I don’t know why but I find it easy to pull for Foles to succeed. Seems like a good kid but unfortunately this college offense will not be a good fit for him.

    Let Foles go to a team where he fits the offense better and I think he will make it.

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