Geno Smith visits Philly

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Either the Eagles are genuinely interested in West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith or they’ve hatched one hell of a smokescreen.

Several weeks after a group including coach Chip Kelly, G.M. Howie Roseman, and even owner Jeffrey Lurie made the trek to Morgantown to watch Smith throw privately, Smith is in Philly to meet with the powers-that-be for a second time, according to multiple reports.

This time, it will be a visit only, not a workout.  Generally, workouts may occur only at or near the player’s campus.

The Eagles hold the fourth overall pick in the draft.  There’s a chance Smith won’t be there at No. 4, if the Jaguars take him at No. 2 or the Raiders take him (or trade down) at No. 3.

If the Eagles decide they really want Smith, they’ll possibly have to transact a little business with their former head coach, Andy Reid, who holds the No. 1 overall selection in Kansas City.

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  1. The Eagles will draft Geno at number 4 and a new era will begin. Philly is the greatest city on earth. The fraud RG3 has got no answers for what the Eagles will throw at him


  2. Coincidence that he was in KC Monday and now in Philly. Maybe the two teams have already traded the picks.

  3. Geno would probably be a decent choice for them as he is used to running a faster paced offense. However, I don’t think QB is Philly’s biggest problem.

  4. Smoke screen. The Eagles are never this overt about anything. They would not do anything to publicize their interest in a player who may be taken ahead of where they pick. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by having him “visit” if there is real interest. His visit means nothing as he is not deciding whether or not to sign with the Eagles, and add to that he is not working out and nothing adds up to them having a legitimate interest. They know right now if they want him or not, I would say they do not.

  5. I hope not. Good Kid. Not anywhere near worth the Number One pick in the draft. I just can’t see why they don’t give Foles a shot with a restored and healthy Off. Line. In my opinion, he was thrown into the fire last year at the worst possible time. Was he not playing with one of if not the worst Off. Line in all football? Was he not a Rookie.? Did he not have some impressive starts? One of the best 2 off linemen will be there at #4 bolstering a now much improved line.

  6. Clearly a smoke screen. No way Philly holds onto Foles when the QB market was at its height to only draft Smith a month later.

  7. I don’t care how many players the Eagles sign and draft they won’t go anywhere without a QB. However, is Geno Smith the answer?
    Since Andy left Philly ( the greatest city ) cheestake sales are way down.

  8. Please GOD I pray we don’t waste te #4 pick onthis guy!! I don’t want him even if we trade back in the 1st. In any “normal ” draft, he would be anywhere from the 5-7th prospect. I’m not thrilled with who have now I’ll grant you, but drafting this guy high up is an insult to the football gods! JUST SAY NO TO GENO!!!

  9. Were probably trading our first, Foles and a late round pick to Big Red for the no. 1 overall pick. I think Foles has so much potential but not in Chip Kelly’s offense.

  10. Iggles are in desperate need to repair the O-Line, Peters coming back would help. Lost two starting corners. Geno may be be a great fit in Chip’s offense but so may Vick. Lots if work to be done in South Philly.

  11. Philly better get all the QB’s they can find because with that old and bad offensive line they’re going to need them.

  12. Using the 4th overall pick to draft a QB that many highly respected experts (Mike Mayock, for instance) see as a late first round value at best in a weak QB draft year, would be a substantial gamble by the Eagles. Giving away additional picks to move up and draft him #1 overall, with so many holes on the team, would be a reach that could prove to be disastrous.

  13. I agree with fnslide, there is no way Foles is on the roster after the draft. Reports are that the Chiefs contacted the Eagles earlier for Foles, and it makes sense that Reid would want the player he drafted to backup A. Smith.

  14. If the Eagles want Geno they will get Geno. Thats how we roll. And theres nothing you can do about it.

  15. All the experts only factor the qb he is. They dont factor the system he will be in. Geno Smith is perfect for Chip Kelly’s system. He is sumwhat accurate, fast and a quick decision maker. Everyone thinks that Philly is a rebuilding team and is going to be 6-10 at best. Yes are defense is somewhat rebuilding but our offense is in tack and a little better than average qb away from being a dangerous offense.

  16. Been saying Jags is a real possibility for a two weeks plus now. Everyone was just acting like there was no way they’d draft him. You guys know them saying nice things about Gabbert and giving him a fair chance was just coach speak right? They’re drafting his replacement. It’s a done deal. I’m willing to bet even this weak rookie class of QB’s could beat him out too. As long as it’s Geno/Wilson/Manuel… hell maybe even Nassib and Dysert.

  17. They will not move up, but they may draft him at 4. I think the ‘visit’ is to further see what his personality, film room and communication skills are like.
    If Chip Kelly likes his arms, legs and thinks he can read defenses, then I dont know why they wouldn’t draft him. Just because hes not the protype of a Pro-Style offense, doesn’t mean he cannot run Chip’s offense to the best ability.
    As far as I am concerned, the Eagles currently have the WORST QB of the division, Eli, Romo, and RG3 are better than Vick/Foles…

    Would Russel Wilson go in the third round now if they ‘redrafted’? Just because Mike Mayock says late first round, doesnt mean its his ceiling.

  18. I would love Geno in Philly with this system, but picking him at 4, is a bit high. Philly should trade down and pick up more depth in the draft. It’s loaded with depth and can help propel this team forward.

  19. Just DON’T do it Howie! Pick an area that you truely want to sure up first. The true talent in this draft is in the Offensive Line and there are quality pass rushers out there. Here’s a chance to get us great at one area and having a great offensive line would be a good starting point. Don’t reach for Geno unless he’s hanging around in the second round.

  20. No smoke screen here, conspiracy theorist.

    Chip Kelly is all about the offense and is at least considering drafting Smith. If you eagle fans think Kelly is going to try to build a dominating defense, then you are delusional enough to believe the eagles will actually win a super bowl one day. Ain’t happening!

  21. dolphins4 says:
    Philly better get all the QB’s they can find because with that old and bad offensive line they’re going to need them.


    Old and bad oline?? Peters is only 31 and the #1 LT in the league when healthy (which he is now), LG Evan Mathis has rated as #1 at that position for the past 2 seasons, C Jason Kelce is 25 and was playing great until the knee injury, RG is the only real question here and Herremans can move back inside from RT to solidify that spot. And as much as i hate when they take olineman 1st round, i think Fisher or Joeckel depending on whos available will be picked #4 to play RT for a few seasons before taking over at LT.

    To me that doesnt sound bad at all. And I dont know why you assume theyre old? Some of the best Olineman in football play amazing well into their mid 30s

  22. You’re all missing the obvious.
    If Geno comes to Philly, his real job would be at Geno’s Steaks.


    just some South Philly humor there..

  23. People a QB is the only position I would pick at #4. Take the best QB and start the new era. I can’t hate on 42 td’s and a 70% completion rate.

  24. How can some of y’all want Geno Smith? I say Star Lotulelei is the way to go. I honestly do. With an Athletic Freak like Cox and a Monster like Star would make this D-Line FEARSOME for years to come. To be perfectly honest and call me insane. But I’d be more scared of Cox, Star and Trent Cole more than I would be scared of Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins first arriving to Philly before they even played a down. I understand those would say Floyd because he’s disruptive and he has more attitude, and it’s tough and fast coming off the line. But Star is similar but better. I love a player that’s Versatile. We can switch him in and out ANYWHERE on the D-Line. Whether It’s LDE/RDE, NT/DT. He can play the Whole line. He can switch in and out with Dixon, Cox, Isaac, and Thornton. I seer him mostly switching in and out with Isaac. Remember Isaac is NOT an every down player. He’s aging and needs a breather every few series. So, our Starter Star comes back in and dominates. I feel that if we draft Star Lotulelei, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, and RG3 would wet and crap their pants before even having the ball snapped. It’s one thing to have a good secondary, but what good is a good secondary if your whole entire D-Line is getting trucked? We have Dixon to put at NT but I don’t trust Dixon. Nothing against Dixon. I just don’t pay him any attention. But everytime I do hear about him or research him, He’s hurt. Thornton is okay but he doesn’t strike fear like a Suh or Wilfork. Star Lotulelei does. I see it. If he can bring that domination to the pros, the skies the limit to what the Eagles can accomplish offensively and defensively. But I have the gut feeling that Kelly is gonna play the role of Mr. Innovator and draft a offensive player. I don’t mind a O-Lineman. But O-Line can be patched up with a free agent. O-Line is not that bad. We don’t know IF our O-Line is really that bad because 3/5th’s of our Oline was on the IR. So, I have this opinion and analysis and I’m gonna stick right by it. You do know that our D-Line been getting trucked over the past 2 seasons right? And It still got trucked when Babin got Cut. Babin was a great Pass Rusher, but he left open big ass gaps where a Hummer could drive on through. Graham is good. Curry is a toss up, he obviously doesn’t fit the plans. So, if we been getting trucked it’s time to get a stout dude to place in the middle to disrupt everything and make it hard as hell for the opposing O-Line. On top of that he’s versatile. He can switch in and out with Isaac and switch to DE for a few plays. We have an Athletic freak on the Line with Cox. All we need is a stout dude to stop the run and wreak havoc once the ball is snapped. Star Lotulelei is the WAY TO GO! Draft Star!!!!!

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