Jaguars have three top prospects in today


The Jaguars have sufficient needs that it’s hard to narrow down what they need most in the draft.

But if they don’t go for a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick, there’s a reasonable chance their first-rounder is in their building today.

According to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars are hosting Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan, along with the top two offensive tackles, Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M and Eric Fisher from Central Michigan.

Joeckel’s the favorite to be the top pick by the Chiefs (unless they trade), which would clear the decks for the Jaguars to put the next spot up for sale.

Because of his unique skill set, and his ties to Eagles coach Chip Kelly (who owns the fourth overall pick), Jordan could become an attractive trade commodity himself.

But if the Jaguars don’t think any of the passers available this year are an upgrade over what they have, then adding a pass-rusher or a pass-protector might be the quickest way to help new coach Gus Bradley build.

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  1. Yeah jax is an awful place.
    No state income tax
    Beaches and golf all year
    Stadium has sold out since 2009
    They play on a grass field
    Got a coach and gm with a solid 3 years job

  2. Who are you calling lowly? I seem to remember the Colts only winning 1 game 2 years ago & you lucking into Luck…

    I bet they ARE hoping the Jags select them so they can get a larger signing bonus…plus, no state income tax to eat up more of their money. Go away, troll.

  3. Stadium has sold out since 2009

    Are you seriously trying to get away with that?

    Im not hatin, but come on.

    The tarps dont even make that place look full (or even close).

  4. elementary, they’ll get more picks trading back in rounds 2-4 and accumulate more picks this year an next. As for the 2nd pick, I like Bama’s CB.

  5. u guys are still and always be the afc south foster child, get back to the basement in yr cage where u guys belong!!! Luck is already better than any jags QB ever!!!

  6. Hey JA…stick to your own team. Count yourself lucky that those idiot Irsay’s fell into Manning and now Luck. BTW, none of which you had ANYTHING to do with…you are just a FAN.

  7. Big difference between selling out, which we havent for awhile, versus selling out the lower bowl to lift the blackout.

    If you think Everbank looked empty the last couple of years, wait until this year. Coming off 2-14 and not signing anyone worth note in free agency is a sure-fire committment to losing.

    Catchy marketing slogans that guilt people into buying tickets (or the team will move!!) no longer work. Bring Pro football back to Jacksonville!

  8. Hey Peyton’s Stiff Neck, you think Luck is better than any Jags QB EVER? Get back to us when Luck has thrown for 184 TD’s & over 32,ooo yards like Mark Brunell. Idiot.

  9. NOT Jordan. Please. Guy is as dumb as dirt and had a whopping 5 sacks last season.
    Against second rate competition. Damontre Moore is three years younger and three times better.

  10. “NOT Jordan. Please. Guy is as dumb as dirt and had a whopping”

    This coming from a guy who thinks Gabbert is the second coming of Unitas, Elway, Manning all rolled into one.

    I wouldnt trust your player evaluation anymore than I would trust your QB to throw 400 yards in a game.

  11. 1. The Jags could go with Geno Smith. I don’t think that the Jags are excited with either Gabbert or Henne.

    2. The Jags could go with Fisher, and put him at RT to bookend with Monroe. Improved protection would benefit both the QB and MJD.

    3. I hope the Jags don’t take DT. They just brought in two Free Agent DT’s, and also have Alualu. They also have Branch at DE, to see what he has. The problem with the Jags is that their offense is so bad that it constantly keeps the D having to go back out. I want to see an offense that can engage in Ball Control and Time of Possession. Give the D a chance to rest.

  12. @ haters


    The Jaguars haven’t blacked out a home game since 2009. Nonetheless, the small-market franchise has struggled to fill its cavernous stadium, which was built to house the annual Florida-Georgia college football game.

    Either way many teams have blacked out since 09. Jags have not

  13. “@ haters”

    What are you? A middle school girl?

    There’s a big difference between “sellout” and “blackout”. Glad you finally realized that. So, if the stadium is so cavernous, why was Jacksonville awarded the franchise in the first place?

    See what I did there? You think you’re helping the cause but you just validated tens of thousands of angry Baltimore residents when they lost the expansion team.

    Bring Pro football back to Jacksonville and then we will discuss tarps.

  14. A- you call me names on a blog post…grow up
    2- as far as the nfl is concerned – no sellout you get blackout…not my rule

    As far as the jax getting a franchise over b-more…dude, take it up with accounting.

    And by the way you got a franchise. They are called the Ravesn. They used to he the browns and I think they’ve won two Super Bowls.

    “Do you see what i did there”. Yeah. Thanks Dane Cook

  15. The NFL should not have awarded Jax a team because the stadium is cavernous? You think that is a dispositive issue? I don’t follow your logic.

    The bottom line is that 11 other teams had lower ATTENDANCE than the awful Jags in 2012. Does this mean that the average ticket price in Chicago is the same in Jax? Does this mean the Jags have more revenue than the Bears? No.

    There are plenty of things to say about Jax. The attendance argument is no longer relevant.

  16. hey jags, call me when u guys actually win something besides a top ten pick in every NFL draft, dont worry i have call waiting…………………be waiting to hear from u guys, hopefully im not old and grey by then.

  17. I’m sorry ‘Trumor’. Which team lost a home game this year to London? I agree, the attendance argument is no longer relevant- when you arent playing in Jacksonville. It becomes a mute point.

    By the way, ask the owner if the attendance argument is irrelevant because Chicago, with a smaller stadium, has less attendance.

  18. the rest of the afc south hope the jags continue with the blaine gabbert project, hes the best…………………..said no one ever!!!!

  19. Vince Young would be a perfect fit for a team needing a quarterback. … He is Motivated, Hungry and Determined to prove he can still play this game at a high level…. and that he can lead a team deep into the playoffs and possibly to the SuperBowl… Vince Young is salary-cap friendly “Low Risk – High Reward” type of guy… He’s a wise choice for the smart Team Owner/GM….

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