Jets interested in Ryan Nassib, too


Syracause Ryan Nassib has multiple workouts scheduled over the next few days.  One team not on the list nevertheless has a high level of interest in Nassib.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Jets have shown considerable interest in Nassib, both during the season (when Mike Tannenbaum was the General Manager) and after the season (when John Idzik got the job).

The Jets, we’re told, scouted Nassib aggressively during his final season at Syracuse, and they spent extra time with him after his Pro Day workout, including taking him to dinner.

While the Jets may not be willing to invest the ninth overall pick on any quarterback given their other needs, they need someone who can run Marty Mornhinweg’s offense — especially if there’s any concern about Mark Sanchez’s ability to do so.

11 responses to “Jets interested in Ryan Nassib, too

  1. I love the 3-4 weeks before the draft. So much BS is flying around it’s actually fun to read and ignore.

  2. The Jets should be interested in any and every QB they have a shot at grabbing.

    If they could trade down, grab an extra pick or two and draft a kid that should challenge Sanchez, they could slowly get back to being a reputable organization.

  3. Stop bashing Mark Sanchez…..
    He’s a good quaterback but was surrounded by poor OC’s and many of the starters were out with injuries, especially last year. This year, with the west coast offense being in place, he will flourish just like he did at USC.

  4. The Jets should be interested in all the Quarterbacks out there. Also, they should be interested in a Head Coach. They will never win anything with their air bag at the helm. The organization is more interested in headlines, than actual production, and that’s their biggest problem. They should be the first to out their gay athlete…Hmm…wonder who that is? I know…

  5. The Jets need all the help they can get from the QB position. Sanchez is not an NFL starting QB in this league. Hey Mark the CFL is calling.

  6. This is just a ploy by the Jets to make one of their division rivals (The Bills) panic and waste some third or fouth round draft picks by moving up in the draft to get a player who they deperately want to draft (a player who realistically could be gotten in the 2nd or 3rd round).

    It’ll probably work.

  7. “If” there’s any concern about Sanchez’s ability to run the offense?

    Unless Morninweg plans on running the old “Statue of Li-Butt-y” play a few times a game, I’d say there’s definitely concern about Sanchez’s ability.

  8. Sanchez sucks. He sucked in college. He certainly should have listened to Pete Carroll and stayed in school. With a degree, he could get a good job, because he’s going to need one after this year. Not one team, even the CFL or Arena League, will pick this stiff up.

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