Linebacker Daryl Smith leaves Rams without deal


The St. Louis Rams brought in former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Darryl Smith for a free agent visit on Tuesday but Smith left town without a deal.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, no deal between Smith and the Rams appears imminent and he is expected to take more visits. Smith has spent his entire nine-year career with the Jaguars and been remarkably durable during his time in the league. Smith played in at least 14 games in each of his first eight seasons before a groin injury sidelined him for most of last season.

Smith posted at least 97 tackles a year in each of his last three full seasons with the Jaguars. The Rams are looking for help and Smith could be plugged in as a starter if he ends up in St. Louis.

6 responses to “Linebacker Daryl Smith leaves Rams without deal

  1. Serious question? How is the fan base in Jax? The stadium always looks empty, and it appears like an event to attend, much like the art museum or fashion show. People don’t always look interested. Is there a good following there?

  2. I knew we wasn’t going to sign him..
    1. He old. We young.
    2. He coming off a hurt season.
    3. We still haven’t redid no contracts..

    So until we do #3.. FA players. Being signed.? NO SIR.. Signing our Draft picks.? Cap Hit.?

    We will see.

    WRs, OL( Guard ), FS/SS, OLB, CB, & RB.. All are still needed.

  3. Daryl has been best def player on every jags team for past 10 years.He will be missed but jags are going to youth, at the expense of large veteran contract s. Jags games are a blast.The fans are passionate and hang on every play. I stand in the Budzone for the entire game. Don’t question another fans commitment. Come on down to the sunshine and enjoy the vibe.We’ll be young , you may even win the game….

  4. I’m not questioning other fans. There is always negative statements from the media and possible blackouts. I was really wondering. I know there is smaller numbers in terms of city size, but it gets good support in other sporting events.

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