NFL mandates locker-room cameras for in-stadium viewing

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I think we’re gonna need a bigger towel.  Especially if Visanthe Shiancoe is still in the league.

NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman announced Wednesday at the 2013 IMG World Congress of Sports that the league will require all teams to install cameras in locker rooms this year.  The goal, via, will be to show home-team footage captured before the game and at halftime to the fans in attendance at the stadium, either on video boards or via a smartphone app.

Fans won’t get anything that would compromise the home team’s strategy.  The home team will have the discretion to decide which footage to use, and whether to include audio.

The obvious goal will be to give the folks who pay for tickets something they can’t get at home, making it more likely that they will pay for tickets.

That’s one of the biggest challenges the NFL currently faces.  As the in-home viewing experience becomes more advanced (and, more importantly, cheaper), the NFL needs to come up with ways to make fans want to be in the stands and not on their couches.

50 responses to “NFL mandates locker-room cameras for in-stadium viewing

  1. Just pre record it in August for the whole season, no one will know. Thats how bland most of this junk is anyway.

  2. I don’t see this idea as one that would be a big selling point to bring fans in to the stadium. Honestly, how many teams across the league really have trouble selling out consistently? The ones that immediately come to mind are the Jaguars, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Chargers, Rams, Bengals, and Bills. Am I missing any other teams who don’t sell out every home game?

    I’d say the problem lies with those six teams and their respective cities, not something the NFL has to deal with league-wide.

  3. What will they show at Browns games during halftime when the team normally sobs quietly in the locker room?

  4. There goes the NFL mandating again…

  5. …and now players and coaches can be fined for using profane language and hand gestures in the locker room. It’s a million dollar idea!

  6. I dont get stabbed, shot, mugged, spat on, or threatened on my couch. That is why I watch at home. Oh, I don’t have to pay for parking, walk a mile, sit in a little seat with my knees in my chest, over pay for everything, no replays, and just plain usually unjoyable experience once the game starts.

  7. Call me crazy, but maybe if the games didn’t cost people their life savings to go see, they wouldn’t have attendance problems. Either way, I am sure they will try anything and everything before they lower prices.

  8. Doesn’t interest me at all, and certainly won’t make it any more likely I would go to a game.

  9. As we’ve all said ad nauseam, the way to get fans in the seats instead of staying at home is to lower the prices, not add features no one wants in order to justify the prices.

    I do not think “value added” means what Roger Goodell thinks it means.

  10. Sorry NFL but this will make zero difference if fans buy tickets or not.

    Now if you cut ticket prices, stop chargwa $30.00 at Met life Stadium to park a car and charge $5.00 a beer instead of $10.00 then maybe you will see some improvements in attendance.

    Oh, and keeping the football we are all use to seeing real football and not powder puff that also will go a long way.

    The league has no one to blame but themselves. They have priced themselves out of the market.

  11. And if this doesn’t work, the league will go to its Plan B: Placing cameras in the cheerleaders’ dressing area…

  12. Now that I know that I can watch clips (possibly without audio) of the team in the locker room getting lectured by the coaches I will be buying season tickets!

  13. Didn’t the Eagles already try that with their cheerleaders once and get in trouble for it?

  14. cooklynn17 says:
    Apr 3, 2013 4:40 PM
    Sorry NFL but this will make zero difference if fans buy tickets or not.

    Now if you cut ticket prices, stop chargwa $30.00 at Met life Stadium to park a car and charge $5.00 a beer instead of $10.00 then maybe you will see some improvements in attendance.


    You do realize all the prices you just listed are solely the choices made by the officials who run the stadium and not the NFL, right? The NFL only has a say in ticket prices, not the cost of parking or concessions at a game. If your gripe is over charges like those, take it up with stadium management, not the league office.

    Having said that, I agree that adding footage of players in the locker room on jumbotrons is not something fans are clamoring to see. And the league should only be worried about the small number of teams who struggle to sell out their home games. Cities like Baltimore, DC, New York, Philly, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, and most of the rest of the league have never had issues with selling out their home games.

  15. You aren’t going to fill the stadium in Florida or the Chargers even if you get Jesus for the halftime show. As for the Rams, Bengals, and Bills put a decent product on the field on a consistent basis and they will come.

  16. Probably so they can sell more advertising. You don’t actually think they will let you view 15 minutes of locker room footage without commercials do ya?

  17. This is so stupid. I’m now less likely to buy tickets to the games if they are going to show crap like this.

    Goodell, you want more butts in the seats? Do this

    1. Make concessions cheaper and I mean knock 2-3 dollars off everything.

    2. Make tickets cheaper.

    3. Stop telling refs to call every single hard hit as a penalty.

    4. Help make lines shorter.

    5. Have more fan drawings and interactive things that fans can either pay or do for free at halftime or before the game.

    I’ll guarantee the above things will help attendance 10 times more than this stupid idea.

  18. …and watching a bunch of half-naked pudgy guys run around in towels is NOT going to drive me to buy a ticket. Lowering ticket, parking, beer, hot dog, etc., prices will get me in a stadium. Locker-Room Chat will not.

  19. There they go, trading on the success of the MikeRobReport. Will he get anything from it? He no doubt will have more of a chance rushing for 1500-yards per year.

    Can’t you just see it, its December, a cold drizzle is falling, and on the Jumbotron guys are walking around in a heated locker room. That’ll sure make the fans in the stands feel all warm and fuzzy.

  20. Is the NFL heading down. Rules rules rules, suspensions, fines, bounties, drug use, players in trouble lack luster attendance, not the NFL I connect with.

  21. Shiancoe, through no fault of his own, was “overexposed” a few years ago during a locker room scene, I think involving Mr. Wilf giving away a game ball. It was during the Childress era.

  22. They say this will ONLY enhance the “At the game”
    experience… then on the other hand say…
    “as a smart phone app.”

    Sorry, but don’t need to be at the game to use that.

  23. How about giving season ticket holders free pre-season games and then they’ll want to be in the stadium.

  24. Or, they could leave the audio on in the locker room, but only run it through a for-pay website. And then charge $1 gazillion dollars for which Coach Belichick would instantly pay.


  25. This idea is not really horrible as much as it is pathetic. Really? This is going to drive attendance?

  26. The at home experience passed up the stadium experience when televisions got bigger and better, and it became clear that you really didn’t need to spend $125 to get beer spilled on you by a slobbering drunk.

  27. and you don’t think FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN won’t demand access to this footage?
    it’s only a matter which network will air the audio first, and claim a disagreement on whether it was allowed too

  28. You could let me IN the locker room at halftime, still wouldn’t mean you aren’t charging too much for tickets, parking and concessions. Also, the full price pre-season for season ticket holders is an insult to your loyal customers – especially when you cut the price 50% for the NON-season ticket holders when nobody wants to buy them (Cleveland). Where was my 50% refund, Randy? Or getting rid of PSLs and any value they held (Cleveland) for the people who funded the Factory of Sadness. Where’s my refund, Jimmy?

  29. If you want to encourage fans to attend games then lower the price of beer and food…Thats all you need to do people. The locker room cam is a worthless gimmick, that’ll only show players sitting by their lockers.

  30. Oh yeah, and they have to figure something out with all those commercials if they want to attract people to the stadiums. People really have no idea how many commercials there are until your live at a game and 20 minutes goes by, and all you’ve watched is a punt and a fair catch.

  31. You think they would realize lowering ticket prices would be a great move. Let a naked guy get flashed up on the screen in front of a bunch of kids means lawsuit big time. This is a dumb idea.

  32. This is a horrible invasion of privacy for the players and coaches. And it doesn’t matter who controls it, there would still be footage on tape to be edited and heaven only knows what could happen to it. Now HERE’S a cause De Smith should be all over…but no, he’s too busy trumping up fake outrage over a nebulous collusion claim.

  33. Is it just me or does it seem like the NFL is focusing more and more on the entertainment side instead of the actual sport. I personally never cared what was said in lockerrooms, I don’t know about others but I think once teams know they’ll be on the tv players and coaches will calm down some of the stuff they say.

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